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June 21, 2011


The Wizard

Give it to me PAPA !!!!!

dj moonbat

Roscoe Parrish....Who is one of my all-time favorite "Non-All Time Great" Canes.

Posted by: Hurri | June 22, 2011 at 08:04 PM

What a great category! Roscoe should definitely be way up there in the Non-All Time Great nominations.

You know who's prolly my Non-All Time guy? Tremain Mack. That guy single-handedly won us a couple games with blocked kicks, back when the victories were few and far between.


All Papa Cane (Not his "News". Will post that as he does)

Update On New Canes: LB Denzel Perryman will wear #52 and will report next Tuesday along with DE Anthony Chickillo and K Matt Goudis.

Update On New Canes: OT Taylor Gadbois, RB Kevin Grooms, and DL Jalen Grimble all report on Tuesday.

Update On New Canes: LB Eddie Johnson, CB Dallas Crawford and DE/LB Ricardo Williams are all in. Report on Tuesday.

Update On New Canes: Punter Dalton "Auto" Botts is flying in Monday night and reports on Tuesday. Kid has a monster of a leg. Boomers.

Still Waiting For NCAA Clearinghouse: S Thurston Armbrister, LB Antonio Kinnard, and DL Corey King are waiting for approval.

Avery Johnson de-commits from LSU. So who is his leader? He is Patrick (Johnson) Peterson's brother.

orange 'n green in the vein

Tavadis Glenn signed a LOI and never qualified if I recall correctly. Could have used him if he had gotten the ACT score for his GPA needed too.

orange 'n green in the vein

LSPoo must have asked for 10 out of the 40 grand back since the former PJ left early. Or else they only put up 30 instead of the whole 40 in casino chips this time for Avery in order to recoup the loss.

Sarasota 'cane

Is anybody from in/around Bradenton? And know where are good places to live?

Posted by: Loco | June 22, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Did you hear about the new zoo they're building in Sarasota? They're gonna put a fence around Bradenton! Man I love that joke!

Bradenton has a huge gang problem right now and it's hard to say what is a good neighborhood anymore. I would live in Sarasota and commute if I had the choice. I used to work at Tropicana and live in Sarasota and the drive was not bad at all. 30 minutes door to door with the stereo cranking the whole way.
North Sarasota from downtown to the airport is pretty sketchy as well. Anything near Tropicana or the Desoto Square Mall is to be avoided at all cost. Those are the kinds of places where your neighbors will steal your stuff and then come over and help you look for it!

Go 'canes!


Papa Cane - From Saban To Golden: It looks like former 4-Star DL Darrington Sentimore, 6'3" and 273 lbs, is transferring to Miami. Stud. Will redshirt.


Here's Sentimore's profile from Bama site:

"OUTLOOK: Darrington Sentimore could challenge for playing time along the Crimson Tide defensive line with a good 2011 spring practice ... a strong and agile prospect that gained valuable experience on while playing in 11 games in 2010 ... gives the Tide another pass-rushing threat in long yardage situations ... has nine career tackles and a forced fumble.

2010 (FRESHMAN): Sentimore played in 11 games and totaled nine tackles ... forced a fumble and registered four quarterback hurries. San Jose State: Recorded two tackles and forced a fumble in his first career collegiate game. Penn State: Came off the bench and tallied a quarterback hurry. Duke: Came off the bench to tally three tackles, including one for a loss of a yard. Arkansas: Came off the bench but did not tally any statistics. Florida: Came off the bench to record one solo tackle and two quarterback hurries. South Carolina: Assisted on one tackle against the Gamecocks. LSU: Came off the bench to record a solo tackle. Mississippi State: Came off the bench to assist on one tackle. Georgia State: Came off the bench to record a quarterback hurry against the Panthers.

2009 (FRESHMAN): He redshirted during his first season at the Capstone.

HIGH SCHOOL AND PERSONAL DATA: A highly regarded defensive lineman, Sentimore signed on with the Crimson Tide after an extremely productive high school career at Destrahan (La.) High School ... a four-star recruit ... a member of the Rivals250 ... rated as Rivals.com's No. 13 defensive tackle and the No. 7 player in Louisiana ... Scout.com lists him as the No. 23 defensive end while ESPNU has him as the No. 20 defensive tackle ... Rivals.com also ranks him as the fifth-strongest defensive tackle in the nation ... a SuperPrep All-American and the No. 41 defensive lineman (tackles and ends) according to the publication ... also rated as the eighth-best player in Louisiana by SuperPrep ... first-team All-State by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association ... on The Orlando Sentinel All-Southern team ... No. 79 on Scout.com's Southeast 150 list ... recorded 120 tackles, 47 tackles for loss and 16 sacks as a junior in 2007 ... notched 78 tackles and six sacks as a senior in 2008 ... coached by Steve Robicheaux ... chose Alabama over LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Miami (Fla.)."


sota cane

If they do play a 3-4 I see ricardo Williams having a good career. Chick will def have a great year but I'm also excited bout all 4 linebackers we signed. Which will be at wlb..son? I kno perryman will man the middle. Also any news on the northrup visit today?


A very good college baseball coach!

Head Coach Tim Corbin is coaching his ninth season at the helm of the Vanderbilt baseball program.

During his tenure Corbin has turned the Commodores into a national power and taken the program to unprecedented success with six straight NCAA tournament births.

Tonight Vanderbilt eliminated North Carolina at the College World Series with an easy win by the score of 5-1 against the Heels. The commodores will face Florida on friday.


canechic - na, they won't fire Morris .. I think they let him walk when he wants

but he better damn well fire his assistants and bring in some that will help him tremendously like Turtle, Gino and Lazer did if he wants to be able to walk away when he wants

Morris doesn't win those titles with Miami without what those 3 assistants did while at Miami - period

On a side note, I still crack up every time I think about what Lazer did while at Gulliver Prep back in '05 after a loss to Florida Christian

If anyone doesn't know, Lazer dropped his pants in front of the whole team, showed his junk off and asked them if they had a set of balls (while pointing at his), or if they had a vajay-jay

orange 'n green in the vein

I was about to say, unless the info I see is wrong this transfer will be a (RS)Jr next year because he already burned his RS season at Bama.

A little undersized for a DT right now, I'm becoming more and more resigned to the fact we're going to be playing a 3-4 with every passing commitment and still no space eater to be seen. Fortson might be the last great UM DT if he stays healthy if things continue like this which will suck because nobody used to churn out the great interior linemen like UM did during the last three decades.


"Tavadis Glenn, wasn't He the kid that got thrown out of the Gaytors "Friday Night Lights" because He threw up "The U" after owning another player in one-on-one drills? I want that kid on my team"

Posted by: The Wizard

Yup, that's Him, hopefully He can still be a Hurricane...




If anyone doesn't know, Lazer dropped his pants in front of the whole team, showed his junk off and asked them if they had a set of balls (while pointing at his), or if they had a vajay-jay

Posted by: Six | June 22, 2011 at 10:17 PM



OGV, correct me if I'm wrong, but do transfers get 1 season extra to redshirt since they aren't allowed to play the following season because of NCAA transfer rules?


^^ If not, Papa Cane may have misspoke or misheard


Marlins lose...by one run in the 10th....again. Stinkin' Fish!

orange 'n green in the vein

No OC, you're wrong. They have to sit out a season unless they have a degree in hand while going to a school who offers a grad program their current one does not offer (the Wake Forest DB transfer this year I believe can be used for an example of this), barring that, if they have a redshirt available, they are allowed to use that as the redshirt year as they sit out, if not, it counts as one of their five-to-play-four years of eligibility.

In this case, his sophomore year is going to be spent sitting out under the latter scenario.



Loved Scoe' was a dynamite returner WHILE Hester was here. Was fearless as a receiver. Can you imagine TB3 taking that same blast from Stanford Samuels that Roscoe took?

They'd still be vaccuming Benji up from off the Doak, to this day.

cheap jerseys

On the other side of 75 on University Parkway, lots of places to live

Just south of that is Fruitville Road and then Bee Ridge Road


TMack was before my Cane prime, but I've heard of his exploits. Also liked James Jackson.


Sarasota 'cane and cheap jerseys - you guys think this is pretty accurate? my post for Loco at 02:31 PM today?

I used to frequent the Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Siesta Key area a lot for about 4 years. I'd always make sure to roll to the Broken Egg at Lakewood Ranch to see Vitale or First Watch at Lakewood Ranch as well .. have been down to IMG quite a few times

I didn't really go too far into Bradenton, other than Pirates spring training games, but from what Sarasota 'cane was saying, I've heard the same as well in certain parts of Bradenton ... there are some pretty good Mexican restaurants down there though in Bradenton, no lie about that


Old Skool, solar, anyone else with a sense of humor about movies but also appreciate the work of it - you gotta check this movie out





That was good stuff, I loved the crow getting snuffed.


Wassup Fellaz....Nice Stats....Keep Up the Good Work....

12%er 4 Life......oh and here is the Tavadis Glenn info



tho thru searching I found out he also had gon on record and saying he got into some racial issues with Milford Prep. he left the school none the less and that is all I know of him to date....


and No I dont consort with this site Im a loyalist....I only blog with U....


Sarasota 'cane

Six your advice was spot on but just to let you know you were not even in "the real" Bradenton! People from Manatee County who live in Lakewood Ranch do not say that they are from Bradenton, they say they are from Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota.
Bradenton has some incredibly nice waterfront property, but the smell from Tropicana and the crime problems in the city take away from any positive aspect of living there. With Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota being so close there's no reason to put up with the shortcomings of the city of Bradenton.
Beside that Dr. Beach just rated Siesta Beach in Sarasota #1 in the nation!

Go 'canes!
Go Siesta Key!!

Old Skool

Looks like Avery is angling to become the next Yogi Berra. Here's his quote from today's Sun-Sentinel.

"I have not decommitted," Johnson told Nee. "Not at this point. My recruiting is back open. I am wide open to every school. Things may change but I am still committed to LSU."

Old Skool

Thanks Six
Somebody was having some fun.
I believe there's another variation, re-cut or derivation out there on the web as well


I hope they don't give Mr Johnson the time of day, bad family period


Sarasota that is funny it is like we say.....we live in Seminole County Apopka.


No OC, you're wrong.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 22, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Gotcha. My mistake. I was actually thinking of the example U used, and got a little mixed up.

I dunno what Papa Cane is talking about then. Maybe misspoke or misheard, like I said before. He never did respond.

Also, Papa Cane this morning: "I would not come even close to WR Avery Johnson if I were a Head Coach. "committed but wide open? What is this? A bidding war?"

^^ Agree with that 100%


Papa Cane - Welcome To The U: Vincent “Vinny” Scavo, new Associate Athletic Trainer and Head Football Athletic Trainer. Great addition.


I guess Sean Spence is working security for Wiz Khalifa?!?! LOL


28 seconds in.


Solar Zone Hit of The Week
Big Wave Girls with Ballz of Steel.


Next time you are listing inspirations and role models check out Bethany Hamilton.
She had he arm torn off at the shoulder by a Tiger shark and she went back out overcame her fear and surfs again. 2004 ESPN ESPY winner Best Comeback Athlete


Behind the Facemask: Brandon Linder

"Protecting the quarterback is a big thing. It’s what you work out for; it’s what you do everything for. Going over the plays, practicing, it’s what it’s all about. It’s something you should enjoy doing, because that’s your guy back there.

I hold myself to such a high level, that even when I make a good play, if I don’t think it’s a good enough play for me, I get upset at myself. I critique the littlest things, so I’m disappointed with myself even after some good plays.

Competition is what fuels you. If you have no competition, you might start slacking. Competition keeps you on your game. It makes you do the extra stuff you need to do.

When I was six years old I played baseball, but when I moved down here it was just football. I was about seven years old when I started playing football.

St. Thomas Aquinas is a great school. I played little league when I first moved down here, and one of my dad’s friend’s older brothers went to St. Thomas, so my first year down here, me and my dad went with him and his dad to a game. I remember watching Sam Young and a bunch of other guys play, thinking how big they were, and then I went to school there and became one of them. I go back there in the spring just to say hello to everyone. It’s a great place with a lot of opportunity.

I remember when Coach Golden was hired. We were sitting at the awards banquet when Kirby Hocutt came in and told us it was Al Golden. We didn’t really know who he was. I remember the first meeting with him; the guy said what we needed to do and what was going to happen. Everything’s changed, from the workouts, to the eating, to the grades and study hall. There’s a lot more accountability in all the little things, and I think that’s going to take us far.

I didn't think it was a difficult transition at all. Everything was starting over, so we were all on the same playing field and level. You just have to start listening to what’s new and what you have to do and forget about all the old stuff.

We are all a team, especially here on the offensive line Me, Shane (McDermott) and Mongo (Jonathan Feliciano) got a house now and everyone’s over there all the time. The line is definitely coming together. We have cookouts, we got an inflatable pool, and it’s a lot of fun.

You go through camp with these guys, you go through everything with these guys, and you become brothers. Especially classmates, you pull toward each other because you’re going through the same thing together starting off new. I, Shane, Jonathan, Jermaine Barton, Seantrel Henderson, and Malcolm Bunche, we all went through the same thing at the same time, and you do it all together. We’d do anything for each other.

My hobbies are fishing and hunting. That’s my life, I grew up doing it. I grew up in the woods and in the water. My dad introduced me to it when I was really young. If the world ends, I can still survive (laughs). For me, it’s a way to clear my head. I’ve been going to the Keys every weekend, fishing, diving and all that. I catch everything from dolphin, tuna, Wahoo to spear shooting snapper and grouper. It’s not lobster season right now, but in August it will be. I have my own underwater camera, so I make my own movies while fishing. Over spring break, I went to Shane’s house and we went fishing on his boat, with his dad. About three weeks ago, we went out to Isla Morada Humps down in the Keys. It’s about 300 feet of water, and we caught an 85-pound amberjack that took 45 minutes to fight.

I’ll never forget my coaches at St. Thomas. Two of the big ones are Coach Smith and Coach Connolly, the line coach. The things they’ve done for me, the opportunities they’ve given me. That’s why I am where I am right now.

Art Kehoe is a great guy. When Coach Stoutland left, we didn’t know who was going to come in. Coach Kehoe came in, and he’s such a fiery guy, a great teacher. He’s such a great guy, he’s always on top of us with our schoolwork and study hall, and he’s a lot of fun.

This season is going to be a big one for me and the team. With the new coaching change, we’re going in there trying to prove everyone wrong with everything they’ve said. I’m excited to see the hard work we’ve been doing and how it’s going to pay off. I’m excited.

My family means the world to me. I always knew I was coming here, but one of the reasons I picked Miami was being close to my family. I go home every weekend, and once or twice during the week too. Especially during football season and during camp, you’re grinding the whole week and you need to recharge your batteries and kind of get away. What better place than with family? I’ve got a bunch of friends at different places, and a lot of them are miserable that they can’t come home all the time, so I don’t take it for granted.

I was raised right. My mom and dad instilled great habits in me, good morals. I think it goes back to the hunting and fishing too, when you do all that kind of stuff, it helps to make you humble. Through the whole recruiting process, I didn’t talk to anyone, never answered my phone for the media. I was doing my own thing. I was raised humble, and to never showboat or anything like that.

I always want to be a good person, and a hard-worker, being out there before and after everyone else. Someone you can count on. A great family man. That’s the legacy I want.

Tradition is the reason I came here to the U. I grew up watching them and going to games, with guys like Michael Irvin coming to talk to you, with Willis McGahee running ladders with you at practice, Reggie Wayne working out with us, who else has that? It’s a blue-collar, hard-working factory, and that’s what I love about it. That’s me.

Playing football has given me a great opportunity. I started playing when I moved from Orlando in 1999, and I played every year since. I always had to play with older kids because I was heavier. After my freshman spring in high school, I started getting looks from colleges and thought I could do something. It just blew up after that, and I was able to come to Miami."



^^ I like that kid even more now after reading that.

DallasTX Cane

Solar Zone Hit of The Week
Big Wave Girls with Ballz of Steel.


Next time you are listing inspirations and role models check out Bethany Hamilton.
She had he arm torn off at the shoulder by a Tiger shark and she went back out overcame her fear and surfs again. 2004 ESPN ESPY winner Best Comeback Athlete

Posted by: solarcane | June 23, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Current movie out, Soul Surfer, about her story. Not a great movie by any stretch, but it is a great story.


Sarasota 'cane - ya, that's what I was hearing about Bradenton .. some nice spots on the water - BUT - a lot more not so nice spots ... although those few Mexican restaurants I've been to down there were worth it. There's one located off of 43/301 right before you get to the S.Tamiami Trail/41 ... used to hit it up every time I was over at Ellenton

I think I'd say I was from Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota as well if I was down there, haha

I had a g/f that had a house down on Siesta Key, no more than 1 minute away from the main parking lot that has those tennis courts ... we'd roll down further to those little private entrance beaches near the village, or head south and go to Turtle Beach

Did you see that Ft. Desoto was rated #1 family beach as well? I don't know how you really differentiate a family beach opposed to a regular beach - b/c I'd still put Siesta Key at the top for family beaches as well, but I guess since there's so many people that go there at once that it can be not so family oriented at times

Siesta Key though at around 6pm or 7pm when the sun is setting is awesome

Big Daddy Cane

WOW...."Critics refer to John Blake as the 'Black Santa'...UNC's Butch Davis knew this reputation and hired him anyway."



Travis Benjamin makes #8 in Top ACC recievers according to ESPN's Heather Dinich:

"Earlier this morning we looked at how each team in the ACC stacked up at the wide receiver position. Now we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 players in the league at that position. This was a tough list to narrow, as there are easily more to choose from. Several programs have more than one all-conference candidate on their roster, but here’s the final verdict, based on past production and future potential:

1. Dwight Jones, North Carolina: He’s 6-foot-4, 220 pounds and has big-play capabilities. Last year was a breakout season for him, as he had 62 catches after having just five in his career prior to 2010. He had 50 catches in his final eight games, and four 100-yard receiving games, including eight catches for 233 yards against Florida State.

2. Jarrett Boykin, Virginia Tech: The senior has averaged 17.26 yards per catch in his career, the third best among returning ACC receivers. He needs just four catches to become the program’s all-time leading receiver.

3. Conner Vernon, Duke: The junior led the ACC in pass receptions last year (73) and finished third in pass reception yardage (973). He has 128 career catches.

4. Donovan Varner, Duke: He finished fourth in the ACC with five receptions per game and is the league’s active career leader in receptions with 146. He has had seven 100-yard receiving games.

5. Danny Coale, Virginia Tech: He averaged 18.8 yards per catch last year with 39 for 732 yards and three touchdowns.

6. Kris Burd, Virginia: He ranked fifth in the ACC in receptions (58) and seventh in yardage (815). He has 96 career receptions for 1,277 yards.

7. DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson: As a true freshman last year, Hopkins finished ninth in the ACC in receptions with 52, the most by a first-year player in school history. He averaged 12.3 yards per catch with four touchdowns.

8. Travis Benjamin, Miami: He had 43 catches last year for 743 yards and three touchdowns. His career average of 17.1 yards per catch is third best among active ACC receivers with at least 30 catches.

9. Bert Reed, Florida State: He ranks second among all returning ACC receivers with 141 career receptions. He had 58 catches last year for 614 yards and two touchdowns.

10. Willie Haulstead, Florida State: He had 38 catches for 587 yards and six touchdowns. He averaged 15.5 yards per catch."



Justin Antweil tells Heather Dinich "sleeper wide receiver in the ACC is UM's Davon Johnson. With new regime and Al Golden he will break out."


Sarasota that is funny it is like we say.....we live in Seminole County Apopka.

Posted by: canechic | June 23, 2011 at 08:02 AM

LOL! a big difference - I remember


CGNC- it is!


i saw the other day on Denzel Perrymans fb that he took a photo with Ray Lewis. I guess Ray was their on Goldens behalf to speak to the current Canes these are the tweets after Ray had a talk with them..
JFutchCincoOcho Jordan Futch
Wow Ray Lewis just blessed us Canes...Time Waits For No Man So Dont Waste No Time

RIP_ANT_45 eduardo clements

B34STMODE_ CJ Holton
Just heard the greatest message ever from #RayLewis

Cane78Boy Jermaine Johnson
After hearing Ray Lewis only one word to discribe this man....... BLESSED

UMB99M Marcus Forston
Great message by #RayLewis

UMB99M Marcus Forston
"I win the game in practice, so that when the lights cut on I'm ready to dance" #RayLewis

UMB99M Marcus Forston
"The eye of the hurricane sits in my heart" #RayLewis

adjohnson4 Aldarius Johnson
#RayLewis love the word WOW

GrindMode29 Jojo Nicolas
Very thankful to be able to gain knowledge from one of the greatest... #RAYLEWIS

UMB99M Marcus Forston
"Pain don't last forever" #Ra

GrindMode29 Jojo Nicolas
RT @UMB99M "The eye of the hurricane sits in my heart" #RayLewis --- This one was one of the powerful things he said

UMB99M Marcus Forston
You have to lead and serve. "Best message of the night. #RayLewis

millertime_6 lamar miller
Just got a great word from #raylewis!!!!

GoldenAl Al Golden
Super Bowl Champion, All-Pro & First Ballot Hall of Famer that came back & talked to our team today: Ray Lewis #UpholdTheLegacy


Siesta Key though at around 6pm or 7pm when the sun is setting is awesome

Posted by: Six | June 23, 2011 at 01:14 PM

Been there, done that. So true!


UMB99M Marcus Forston
"I win the game in practice, so that when the lights cut on I'm ready to dance" #RayLewis

There IT is right there.


RaizeCane: "I win the game at the tailgate, so when the lights cut on I'm already in a trance."

From one great player (Ray Lewis) to another great fan (RaizeCane).

I'm jus sayin'...

Sarasota 'cane

Siesta Key though at around 6pm or 7pm when the sun is setting is awesome

Posted by: Six | June 23, 2011 at 01:14 PM

Been there, done that. So true!

Posted by: SOUP | June 23, 2011 at 03:49 PM

The Sunday night Drum Circle at Siesta Beach from 6:30pm-??? is a spectacle! If you plan to visit Sarasota leave on a Monday in order to attend this "gathering"! Your inner Jerry Garcia will not be disappointed!! (Bring something to "drum" on!)

Go 'canes!
Go Siesta Key!! (Born and raised on Siesta Key near the old Fish Market on the north end of the island!)

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