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June 19, 2011


Chi Mia 'Cane '98

No way...

Happy 'Pa Day to all Canespacer 'Pa's.


Enjoy the stories family!

Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | June 19, 2011 at 10:51 PM

BDC...FYI I know U were trying to help out but U cannot post stories from pay sites on the blog. U can read them and then summarize them for the blog but not copy and paste copyrighted material verbatum.

Legal issues.


No way...

Posted by: Chi Mia 'Cane '98 | June 19, 2011 at 10:59 PM



I read them and I appreciate it.

Soup has a good point
Chris and Rudy at ITU are real touchy about anyone reprinting their site content.
Some of the other sites are pretty sensitive also.
I have been e-mailed by Chris so many times I told him to stick it and cancel my subscription.

Post inside info in your own words and you should be fine with the sites, soup and anyone else.
I know the readers love the info you brought.


#11 Gionni Paul will be better than his papa ranking, this I'm almost certain of.

#4 Dorsett may be too high, he has the talent but U receivers don't seem to kill it as true freshmen. plus we will be running a lot more and he has a couple more experienced guys to beat at receiver for playing time.



Solar...what's the link for The Solar Zone again?


The solar Zone


soup check the robbie green clip the guy kills


80 yrs old huh?

The Florida Marlins are expected to name 80-year old Jack McKeon their next manager, multiple league sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney late Sunday night.

Edwin Rodriguez unexpectedly resigned Sunday with his team in the midst of a 1-18 June, frustrated with his last-place club after less than one year on the job.

Rodriguez was in his first full season as the Marlins' manager. The Marlins would not have made a change if Rodriguez had not resigned, a team source told ESPN.com's Jayson Stark.

"It's been extremely frustrating for everyone," Florida president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said. "I think everyone here knows what is going on -- the way we've played, the way we've performed. It's tough on everyone, especially (Rodriguez).

"He communicated with me early this morning that this was something he was thinking about, and when I got to the ballpark we accepted his resignation."

Swimming Deeply In The Red
The Marlins entered June in great shape at nine games above .500 before plunging into the NL East's cellar with what may turn out to be a historically dubious stretch:

Worst win pct. in month
MLB history (min. 20 games) Team Win % W-L Month
1988 Orioles .043 2-11 April
2011 Marlins* .053 1-18 June
1916 Athletics .067 2-28 July
1982 Twins .103 3-26 May
1943 Athletics .103 3-26 August
1972 Rangers .115 3-23 Sept.
* - 9 games left

powered by

McKeon last managed in 2005, also with the Marlins. He retired after that season, following a three-year stint with the Marlins that included both a National League Manager of the Year award and a World Series title in 2003. McKeon won both after also taking over the Marlins during the season and eventually leading them past the Yankees for the franchise's second championship.

McKeon has a career record of 1011-940 in 15 seasons as a major league manager. He would be one of only six active managers with at least 1,000 wins.

Rodriguez became interim manager June 23 of last year after Fredi Gonzalez was fired. He was given the job permanently five days later, becoming the first Puerto Rican-born manager in major league history. Florida went 46-46 under Rodriguez, who had opened the season as the Marlins' Triple-A manager in New Orleans.

"This was an extremely frustrated, proud man," Beinfest said. "This kind of caught us a little off guard. I know there's been a lot of speculation, everything, but this is not something I thought was going to happen today."

The Marlins fell to 1-18 in June with Sunday's loss to the Rays. They were 32-40 and in last place in the NL East, 12.5 games behind the Phillies.

The Marlins' recent slide can be attributed in part to the struggles of ace Josh Johnson and shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Johnson, who led the NL in 2010 with a 2.30 ERA, has been on the disabled list since mid-May with right shoulder inflammation.

Ramirez, the anchor of their lineup, is batting .204 with four homers and 17 RBIs after spending two weeks on the disabled list with an injured back.

Beinfest said the team would move quickly to bring in an interim manager.

"So we can move ahead with the business of playing baseball and trying to win games," he said. "When you have a change like this, with a popular person, I think it's tough on a lot of people. You just need to go play baseball, and that's first and foremost."

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Big Daddy Cane

cool guys...sorry

Da U N Houston

I think Dorsett, Grooms (return game) and one of the LB's make impacts this year. Golden has to realize that SS and RB will be gone next year and has to get teh otehr guys some quality time (not just for next year but b/c they can play as well).

Kind of disappointed on OP's ranking since he was there for the spring, figured he should be ranked a little higher.

Can't wait to see Crawford get a crack at corner



Any more news from camp?


Grimble,Paul, Chick, Crawford,Finnie, Grooms, Perryman & Johnson Should all see the field this year. The rest need to reshirt.


I think the ones that play will see the field this year, and the rest will redshirt.


I agree with Herbieibis... the more kids we can redshirt...the better.

(Of course, none of THEM feel that way.)

How many days till tryouts? C'mon, we need some FOOTBALL!


Loco...that's why U get paid the BIG bucks.



Loco... you are truly a genius...


Ibis has 8 new recruits seeing the field this year. I think we added 17 total after transfers and late additions to the 2011 class. So that would be just under half of the new recruits playing and the rest redshirting.

That typically sounds about right but in a transition year usually more youngins play under a new coach and some of the old "dead wood" gets to hang out on the sideline with the coaches.


Solar - LOL the horseback riding mom - difference here is I am the competitor moreso than Heather. Everyone would think the opposite when I would stand at the rail and watch her classes. HA HA I tell them, I let her share my horse


In no particular order, Dorsett,Finnie,Pierre,Paul,Scott, and Smith see the field this season just because they're already on campus. Chick sees the field because He's probably the most College ready out of the true frosh. I think Perryman is College ready, but I think He sees the field to spell somebody, and on special teams. Unless Golden has other plans for Benjamin and Miller, then I see Grooms getting some playing time on STs as KOR or PR...


Behind the Facemask: Allen Hurns

"There was never a time I didn't want to go to practice football. I ran track and field in high school my 10th and 11th grade years, but my heart was always in football. Just football. My uncle played for New Orleans, and he was a coach at Miramar. I was playing when I was almost five, and since then, I always played quarterback until the 11th grade when I started playing receiver.

Everybody knows Carol City has a good football history, but it's been tough recently. When I was there my 9th and 10th grade year, we only won three or four games each year. Junior year, we won eight games, and my senior season, the second game of the year I hurt my knee and didn't really play. It was depressing, because at first I thought I would lose my scholarship. Some of the schools stayed with me, some took them away. I finished up school strong, graduated early, and enrolled in the spring. It taught me a lot of things and I met a lot of people.

Competition is one of the reasons I came here. I always loved the school growing up, but some people doubted me coming here because I they had so many receivers. I always loved to compete, I felt like anywhere you go you'd have to compete. I love it, I compete in the weight room, on the field and in the classroom. I'm always competing.

Playing football has given me an open mind. I've been playing football since I was four, and I've always had a passion for the sport, I've never lost interest. I always wanted to make my mom and dad proud.

My jersey number is now No. 1. All my years playing football, except my 9th grade and freshman years, I wore and loved No. 1. My uncle wore it. I asked Coach Golden if I could have the number, but I told him he didn't have to give me it, that I'd work for it. He gave it to me, and I know I'm going to make him proud.

The best catch was my freshman year at the Spring Game. It was fourth down on a two-minute drive near the 20-yard line. I made a first-down catch that put us in position to make the game-winning field goal.

The best receivers are Andre Johnson and Chad Johnson. They are my favorites. I like the way Chad plays, he's fun. I watch a lot of film; Coach McDonald has film on everybody.

When I was six years old, I won my first Super Bowl championship (in Pop Warner) and I was proud. I got to play at the Orange Bowl, and I won MVP. It was a great feeling.

Sophomore year I plan on doing big things on the field. Last year, I played, but it wasn't major, just mostly special teams. This year I'm becoming a leader, and I'm not young anymore. I'm ready to step up and make big-time catches and big-time plays.

Coach Golden came in here and changed everything around. He's pushing us harder, and he wants us to do right. It's not hard, if you do what he asks, he puts you in the best position to succeed.

I knew the U was where I wanted to be, watching the games on television. When I played at the Orange Bowl it was big, because watching them play, I wanted to be here. I love it.

Coach McDonald is a funny guy. Real funny. He teaches us a lot of things, and is a great teacher. He's on top of us with everything that we do. He shows us a lot of film. Anything we need, he's there. He makes everything fun.

My family is very supportive. My mom and dad come down at least once a week. My mom always brings me snacks, washes my clothes and all that (laughs). I have one older brother and he comes to the games as well.

We are all in this together. Everyone pushes everyone else. There's no turning back now.

I was raised to always respect an adult, no matter what. My mom told me you have to show respect, because you wouldn't want anyone to disrespect your mother or your parents.

Former Hurricanes who currently play in the NFL are always around. Everyday I walk into the weight room, I see at least 10 NFL players working out. On the field, they do the same work-outs we do. It's always nice to see people that have accomplished so much come back and show love. It's nice. At first, it's amazing seeing these NFL players. You see them, you smile, and you just watch. You think how much you wanted to meet him, and now he's right next to you. It's great having them around. All the NFL receivers come in and talk to our receivers as a group. I'm cool with all of them."



Off Topic: Ryan Dunn of Jackass passed away this morning in a car crash. He was a hilarious person, and a great human being. Was just on Minute To Win It on Saturday night playing for charity.



IM BAAAAAAAAACK...........Happy Belated Fathers Day to all.


Loco...that's why U get paid the BIG bucks.


Posted by: SOUP | June 20, 2011 at 11:31 AM

Loco... you are truly a genius...

Posted by: roachcane77 | June 20, 2011 at 11:31 AM

That's what four years of schooling gives you, no more knowledge about the future than anybody else has

Although I have to say that my prediction will probably be the most accurate.

Unless Al Golden sees this and wants to screw me over by not redshirting somebody who doesn't play...


Ohio - I went back a few blogs and saw you mentioned about a laptop being stolen. I bought a DELL for my daughter in December and it came with lo jack pre-installed. If you contact Dell, they may be able to help you.


Ohio - I went back a few blogs and saw you mentioned about a laptop being stolen. I bought a DELL for my daughter in December and it came with lo jack pre-installed. If you contact Dell, they may be able to help you.

Posted by: raizecane | June 20, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Ya, this laptop was from 2008, so I doubt it, but my parents are calling Dell today to check if they can do anything.


raize how was the cruise?


Via theUfootball.com - CORAL GABLES, Fla.— Sophomore running back Lamar Miller and senior wide receiver Travis Benjamin have been named to the College Football Performance Awards Special Teams Watch List for the 2011 season.

Benjamin was recognized as a punt returner, while Miller was included with the kick returners.

Miller is listed as one of 38 on the preseason list for the 2011 CFPA Kickoff Returner Trophy, while Benjamin is one of 35 punt returners to watch for nationally.

Last season, Miller ran back eight kickoffs for an average of 26.8 yards per return. His best return came at Ohio State, where he ran back a kick for an 88-yard touchdown against the Buckeyes.

Benjamin has shared punt return duties in each of his first three seasons with the Hurricanes, turning in a career-best 11.3 average as a freshman in 2008. Last season, he led the Canes in punt returns (23) and punt return yardage (106) and recorded the team’s only punt return for a touchdown in a 79-yard return at Ohio State.

Last season, Leonard Hankerson earned Miami’s first-ever College Football Performance Award as he was the recipient of the 2010 Elite Wide Receiver Trophy.

The 2011 Canes will open their season on Sept. 5 at Maryland. The 8 p.m. game will be televised live on ESPN.


IM BAAAAAAAAACK...........Happy Belated Fathers Day to all.

Posted by: raizecane | June 20, 2011 at 01:06 PM

OH HELL, the Captain has returned from his voyage. Musta run outta Rum?


"Coach Golden came in here and changed everything around. He's pushing us harder, and he wants us to do right. It's not hard, if you do what he asks, he puts you in the best position to succeed."

Solar and Canechic...NOW how can U say NOTHING has changed with these players and this team???

macjones de Albuquerque

It seems the Sin City Armani suit wearing Wise Guys still have a wee bit of faith in yoUr Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes. Get the fUc! oUtta' here.

The Canes open as a - 3 road chalk in their initial A.C.C. encoUnter with The Turtle. Say it ain't so, bUbba good ol' boys.

I believe I jUst may take a short road trip to sUnny Vegas come the weekend of Labor Day and lay some SERIOUS Benjamins down on yoUr Hurricanes! 4-bloody R-E-A-L!

I just prey tale, that that ' I played the game " dUde out in Tampa/St. Pete's doesn't tout Albert's squad against The Turtle.

Otherwise, all bets are off! Simply because that dUde reighns down too mUch N-E-G-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y on the Cane football and or baseball programs. If U-all know what I mean, Eh. oUch.

Bon jour


Don't we have a home and away with Kansas State the next 2 years?


Big Daddy Cane

OL MVP Hope for UM Offer

Joseph Gammon 6'2'' 275 pounder from Memphis, Tenn.

Big Daddy Cane

DT to camp at Miami this weekend

Michael Minns from DWYER...6'1'' 270.

Big Daddy Cane

DB says he's been talking to Miami lately

Crevon Leblanc 5'9'' 165 4.45

Big Daddy Cane

LB enjoyed Miami camp

Jamie Willis is a standout LB prospect from Fort Meade High and he spoke about his interest in Miami and more.


Big Daddy Cane

Enjoy the brief updates my friends!


LOL, mac is back... (with mac-speak.)

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: macjones de Albuquerque | June 20, 2011 at 04:06 PM"

After literal years of research and development combined with untold hours of computer programing I am pleased to announce a working prototype of the all new macjones translation program is finally reliable enough to release to the public and it's inaugural translation of his last post reads, and I quote;

"Vegas favors the Hurricanes over the Terrapins by a line of three points.

I am of the opinion of traveling to Las Vegas to make a wager of some substance on the odds being offered for the Hurricanes to cover.

If Six picks the Hurricanes to win aforementioned football contest I will refrain from betting due to his negative attitude causing less than peak performance to be displayed by the Hurricanes' football and baseball teams.

Good day hep cats."

OK, I still need to iron out some of the bugs in the programming apparently.


Enjoy the brief updates my friends!

Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | June 20, 2011 at 04:55 PM

Well done! Once U read it U can condense it and say it in your own words.


OK, I still need to iron out some of the bugs in the programming apparently.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 20, 2011 at 05:23 PM




Soup I refrain from judging the course of this team until at least the 5th game of the season.


Solar and Canechic...NOW how can U say NOTHING has changed with these players and this team???
Huh? I don't remember saying NOTHING has changed, where did that come from?

We already knew Golden is in the process of changing everything around before Hurns pointed it out. Golden told us that the day he got here.
Every player on any team is going to say his head coach is doing a wonderful job that's part of buying in, and being a team player.
That wasn't some kind of revelation.

We can all see we are headed in the right direction.
Every season since Omar had a blog we had guys saying 12-0 isn't out of the question.
And it wasn't, we just never wanted it.

What has changed is Randy Shannon broken man that he is,is sitting on his azz doing nothing at home getting paid by UM rather than sitting on his azz in his office doing nothing getting paid by UM.
No Randy is a positive.

I did say Jacory is immature. I didn't say he isn't bigger and stronger, and therefore changed physically.

Let's wait til we get to 4-0 and see how the staff keeps these players grounded and grinding.
They don't get full of themselves and fall apart in ACC play then we know we got some Canes over here.

I know you are as giddy over Golden as Capt Optimist was over Randy his first year.
There is nothing wrong with a little cheer leading for the home team.
I'm as big a fan as I as ever, and a big fan of Golden.

I feel a fact that is, the projected talent of the upperclassmen on this team should win the Coastal in their senior year going away,regardless if Randy or Golden was coaching.
If we win it will be all because of Golden, nothing to do with the fact the seniors and juniors were better than everybody else in their conference this season.


nice work!


Canechic...I understand your position.

Here is my W/L prediction. I am still think UM could go 8-4 or 10-2 but I am still at 9-3 for now:

Date Opponent / Event Location Time

09/05/11 at Maryland

09/17/11 vs. Ohio State

09/24/11 vs. Kansas State

10/01/11 vs. Bethune Cookman

10/08/11 at Virginia Tech

10/15/11 at North Carolina

10/22/11 vs. Georgia Tech

10/27/11 vs. Virginia

11/05/11 vs. Duke

11/12/11 at Florida State

11/19/11 at USF

11/25/11 vs. Boston College

12/03/11 vs. ACC Championship * Charlotte, N.C. 8:00 p.m. ET


Solar...Slow times at Ridgemont High. U know, I know, that U know about the art of kicking the ant pile.


UM just landed Leesburg High receiver D'Mauri Jones, who is 6-4, 190. He looks like a big receiver that can go get the ball.

Receivers Coach McDonald visited him at his school during the spring, and the Canes offered Jones soon after that.

I like these recruits and the recruiters!


New committ according 2 canesport. 3* wide receiver D' Mauri Jones. Love the way UM is snatching up middle tennessee & marshall's top prospects! Just jokin soupster. I'm gonna trust the process lol

Big Daddy Cane

Thanks SOLAR and SOUP!

Big Daddy Cane

Guys the internet is abuzz with rumors of a Jelani Hamilton commitment to THE U.


Big daddy..confirmed on rivals

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