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June 19, 2011



Solar I drove past the service this afternoon for the young man. My heart goes out to his family.


Behind The Facemask: Lamar Miller



June 21, 2011

They are stories of perseverance. Stories about growing up, becoming men and being a part of a family. One-by-one, we hear from them. These are the Miami Hurricanes...

25 Things You Don't Know About Lamar Miller

I like to dance a lot of time, just to have fun. My favorite artists are Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross.

I like to cook for my mom when she’s tired. It depends on what I buy, but I like doing steak and shrimp. I love spaghetti, lasagna, and all Italian food. I don’t know how to make it, but my mom does.
I like to play video games too. NCAA and the NBA 2K’s are the ones I play most of the time.

I just got a Twitter, but I like Twitter better than Facebook. Half of the people on Facebook you don’t even really know.

I have a sister; she’s three years older than me. She’s 23.

I’ve got three best friends that I grew up with that I call brothers. Herman, Reggie and Jalani.

I like to have fun, but I love to compete. Mike [James] and I compete for everything.

When I first got here, waking up early for workouts and stuff, I wasn’t used to it. It was tough, but A.J, Mike and I used to help each other get up.

When I first started playing football, I played nose guard. I changed my position after a game when I picked up a fumble and ran past everybody for a touchdown.

I started playing football when I was eight years old. I was too big to play with my age group, so I always played with kids three years older than me.

I played a lot of sports growing up. I played baseball, basketball, and ran track. I even played volleyball for my middle school.

I’ve got seven tattoos. A few are my mom’s name, my grandmother’s name after she passed away, and “Fantastic Four” for my friends from home. I have my initials too. I got them all in high school.

I love Reggie Bush and Clinton Portis. I also watch a lot of film on Frank Gore, but Bush and Portis are my favorites.

When I was growing up, I used to always like Miami. My mom and dad always loved Florida, so I rooted for both teams. When Miami would play Florida, I would root for the Canes though. My mom’s from Gainesville, but now that I’m down here, she roots for us.

I like competition, because it makes me better and the people around me better. Competing makes it fun, going out there everyday and having fun while you’re doing it.

I used to be afraid of airplanes, but now I’m used to them after traveling all the time. I hate dogs. I’m scared of big dogs. Whenever I would walk home growing up, dogs used to chase me up the street, and I’ve always been scared.

Coach Richardson has taught me a lot of things I never knew before, on and off the field. Watching film, blocking schemes, how to take on a defender, ball security, everything.

If I wasn’t playing football, I’d probably be playing another sport…maybe track or basketball.

They call me “Miller Time,” that’s my nickname. But my mom, dad and my family always call me “Boo.” They always have.

It’s good playing with all of the local Miami guys, because when it’s time to work, everyone competes. We have fun, but everybody competes. Playing against them in high school was tough, especially the Northwestern kids. They always used to knock us out of the playoffs. It makes all of us better, playing against each other.

I wasn’t friends with any of them really, but I knew them from playing against them. I met Marcus Forston when I was in 11th grade when he had committed to Miami and he talked to me about schools and where I was looking and stuff like that.

Some of my personal goals are over 150 all-purpose yards per game and to score two touchdowns per game. I want to win every game, win the ACC Coastal Division, and get to the National Championship.

I’m superstitious sometimes now. If I wore something the week before and had a good game, I’ll wear the same thing. If I had a bad game, I try to change it up and not do the same things I did the week before.

The kick-off return at Ohio State was the highlight of my career so far. It was only the second college game I had ever played in. I was having flashbacks to when I played Northwestern and I told my friends I was going to take a kick back this season. When they kicked it, I made a couple guys miss and ended up scoring.

I try to score every time I touch the ball. When I run the ball, I have to be patient and read the blockers and defensive scheme. On kick returns, you have to hit it and make guys miss.




does anybody on this site have any idea wth 4-real would like out of this class?


CORAL GABLES — Running back Storm Johnson has decided to transfer to Central Florida.

The former Hurricane, who saw limited action as a true freshman last season and announced he was leaving UM after a turbulent spring in which he finished third on the depth chart, will play for George O’Leary and the Knights, his dad told The Orlando Sentinel on Friday night.

“It actually feels quite good just to get the pressure off and be able to resume his college career,” Johnson’s dad, Wesley, told the newspaper.

I like the fit for Storm. UCF is a lower-profile program where he can be the go-to guy — he would have always had to share that distinction with Lamar Miller, Mike James or some other back at UM — yet it is still prominent enough where he will get noticed if he produces.


Papa Cane - Lots of rumors going around a possible new commitment. I have not seen any concrete and reliable information. Until then, no news.


Marlins up 3-0 over the Angels in the seventh.


Virginia getting spanked in the top of the 4th by S Carolina. 5-0, but score doesn't even say it all


Its more about the head and the heart than the rankings

Posted by: Loco | June 21, 2011 at 08:10 PM

There IT is right there.


Was Sean Taylor really only a 2 star? Really?

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | June 21, 2011 at 08:38 PM

Yeah, 2 star running back


If it's more about the head, then we're screwed at QB this year (again)!


Was Sean Taylor really only a 2 star? Really?


Posted by: solarcane | June 21, 2011 at 07:07 PM

Actually, Cook was a 2 star.... just like Dorsey and Sean Taylor.

And Wright was a 5 star... Just like Leggett, and Brown

Its more about the head and the heart than the rankings

Big Daddy Cane

***LB Kenneth Bynum needs to increase speed and will get offered


"Hopefully AG can get a commitment from a 7* who has no tape then everyone will be happy."

Yeah that would solve the issue once and for all. LOL


I'm ok with the current recruiting just not overjoyed. Remember Shannon's 1st 2 classes were top 10 caliber, then came the experimenting.


Class of 2013 top 100
I think Golden has offers verbal commits from 60 or 70 of these guys



BDC no sweat my brudda,
you are working it!

da u nation,
coaches went out and looked at 3 & 4 star players like
Willie Williams
Kyle Wright
Robert Marve
Taylor Cook
Javarris James
Bryce Brown
Arthur Brown
Storm Johnson
Aldarius Johnson
and had everyone believe these guys were unstoppable.
How did that work out?

Coaches are better judges of physical talent and football skills than you and me, but the more I watch them the less impressed I am with a lot of their judgement on heart, commitment and loyalty.
They sell themselves on a player, and then Twitter hitters announced he's a great get regardless of how he is going to play in two years.

Like I said before we don't need 4 star players
we need the player that is the first one on the practice field and the last one to leave day in and day out.

Mike James could have come here as a walk on 0 star player and he would still be Captain of the team.
It's work ethic and sacrifice for the good of your team mates, not your star power and spliced up hi light reel.


orange 'n green in the vein

4-Real, you have to keep in mind that process everybody keeps referring to on this blog doesn't end on NSD, it extends about four years past that, so you not only have to trust the process, you've got to patiently wait to see how it all plays out as well.

Not a traditional Hurricane fan's strong suit but important in getting an accurate gauge of a coach's player evaluation and development abilities nonetheless.


Fu, F$U, Auburn, Bama & U$C are winning football games while UM fans are bragging bout test scores, as if these schools ain't graduating players. However since this IS Golden's 1st year I will TRUST THE PROCESS...no matter how much it hurts :)


Its not about stars next to a name. as they say the video tape doesnt lie. another thing to consider is what team is being faced in the highlight, a lot of people can look great against poor competition.

jelani hamilton looks like a physical monster, but studying the film, many things leave a lot to be desired. his * rating is based upon his physical tools not his learned football skills. you can teach technique but not god given size and ability


Ultimately it don't matter how many stars a kid has by his name, or how much tape they have or what high school he comes from, how well there coached and developed, will be the tell, tell sign of this coaching staff. You have to have a QB that can get the ball to his play makers and no matter who's throwing it we have to catch it.A good running back is only as good as his O-Line. Simply put, What we did in the 80's up to the early 2000's with the no name Ed Reeds ain't working anymore. Times have changed and we've been to slow to change with it. I'll reserve judgement on Golden for now, I'm just saying we need play makers on both sides of the ball. Supposedly there their, we just haven't seen them yet but in name only.Would I like us to get a 5 star WR, dt, & LB hell yeah, will it happen this year, probably not. We're going to have to start winning consistantly again for us to get those guys.

orange 'n green in the vein

VAC, next time you get a chance you can pass along this message for me to him, "Nice empty trophy case, turkey."

He'll probably give an extra twisting knees at the bottom of the pile lesson in camp this year since he's got a converted over-sized TE attempting to pretend he's a QB this year rather than their usual RB pretending to play the position and will have to compensate for the defensive losses somehow as a result.

Only slightly better than Bill Dooley . . .

Da U N Houston

LOL..folks are funny. First people complain when we get 2* and 3* recruits b/c we are just "giving out schollies to no names" even though they look great on tape (Reshawn Scott for example)....now we get a commitment from a 4* player and some think he is not good or sluggish (on tape)......lol......

Hopefully AG can get a commitment from a 7* who has no tape then everyone will be happy......lol

These coaches go out and watch these players play in person. Sees who has good hips, football instincts, hard workers, and coachable, etc. Folks read that FU, F$U, Auburn, Bama, U$C have offered and believe that those are the players we should go after.....lol....hilarious

Big Daddy Cane

Hmm an animated Canes feature ... I could swear I've seen this somewhere before:

Really cheesey looking as well....terribly done


I owe my hockey fans an apology....I stated sometime back that J. Thorton was American and I was incorrect he is Candian. Sorry guys.

Old Skool

Hmm an animated Canes feature ... I could swear I've seen this somewhere before:

In this debut video of CaneSport TV's new feature, CANEIMATION, a message board poster at CaneSport.com names his new horse Cane ...


Looking at those Hamilton highlights, unless STA plays in a run heavy district, it's odd that they only showed Him pass rushing one time. But as far as what I saw in the video, seems like He's pretty good against the run, He seems to do a good job of reading His blocks and keys to take Him to the ball. Pretty agile for His size also...

Big Daddy Cane

Thanks for all the love guys and girls...I just want to provide good reliable information for free. I apologize to SOUP and SOLAR for stepping on any toes.

Big Daddy Cane

Thanks VA CANE


RayRay Armstrong
Brandon Washington
Lamar Miller
Marcus Fortson

Posted by: SOUP | June 20, 2011 at 09:26 PM

What do they have in common?

If they continue the hard work under Golden, they will eventually become first-day NFL draft picks and NFL stars.


Jelani has some great coaches at st. thomas to learn from, the question is how open will he be to that. he clearly is one of the most physically gifted athletes on the field, but at the next level that counts for little. one thing i do know is a reason for st. thomas's success is the promotion of a culture of hard work, team first attitude, and attention to detail. hopefully if he carries those with him he can achieve great success on the field and in life. At least we know that AG and the team leaders wont permit any primadona attitudes out there...


Marlins lose again in spite of replacing Managers and benching Ramirez.

Rays beat Brewers 8-4.

Posted by: SOUP | June 21, 2011 at 08:24 AM

Marlins lose again because Anibal Sanchez could only go 7 innings. Give the ball to the bullpen and... loss


Herbie, while I partially agree, U've gotta remember that there's a lot of time left before these kids sign their LOI. Some of these kids will change their mind and sign somewhere else


Davie boy drowns rafting the Ocoee River, Tenn.

Tragic Drowning on the Ocoee River
by George Sayour

It is with sadness that I write this blog post. 16 year old Andrew Silvershein of Davie, FL passed away on a rafting trip on the Ocoee River in Tennessee on Sunday. This has to be every parent's nightmare and our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to his family and friends.

Of course, as whitewater paddler any accident on a river upsets me. In this particular case, being that I live in South Florida, I happen to know people who were friends with Andrew which literally brings it a little closer to home for me.

The reports I read say that upon the raft flipping over, his foot got caught in some rocks causing him to drown. While the Ocoee River is mainly comprised of Class III rapids, it has traditionally been considered a "safe" river. However, anytime a paddler is out of their boat, swimming in whitewater can become dangerous.

For those of you who knew Andrew Silvershein the funeral will be held at noon on Wednesday at Beth Ahm Israel, 9730 Stirling Road in Cooper City, FL


The recruitng seems to be going good. Added another D.E. and a another no name WR. Al you need to put the breaks on Dog. We ain't the Texas of the South. There's plenty of time left to throw those 25 or so schollies out like candy at a parade. I know every kid can't be a 4 or 5 star player but don't sell yourself short on those big name dudes left on the board.
Lastly, for the millionth time I've said this what about 2 BIG TIME D.TACKLES, I'm just asking for (2). Not some kid that comes in here at 250 and we have to wait 3 years for him to get to 290, just a couple of already 6'4 285-290 types. We need at least 3 difference makers on each side of the ball, if you can do this I'll lay off.


Louisville CB gets 2nd DUI in seven months,
rear ends a police cruiser in the process.

Louisville cornerback Darius Ashley had an opportunity to find his way into the starting lineup this fall, competing for a position left vacant by Johnny Patrick and Bobby Burns. Ashley made it much more difficult for himself over the weekend by picking up his second DUI charge in seven months.

Ashley was arrested early Saturday morning after he rear-ended a police cruiser at a stoplight. Ashley, 21, claimed he had consumed just four beers earlier in the evening. Police said he had a blood-alcohol level of .186 - more than twice the legal limit.

Head coach Charlie Strong kept Ashley from traveling with the team to the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl in December after the defensive back was found unconscious at a restaurant drive-thru with his car running. He was arrested for his first DUI. His BAC in that case was .192. Ashley plead guilty to that charge in April, and was punished with home incarceration for four days, a suspended license, and enrollment in an alcohol-education program.

Unfortunately for Ashley, having already used that second-chance may lead to the end of his time in a Cardinal uniform. While an official announcement from Strong is pending, UL officials told the Courier-Journal that the head coach was aware of the arrest. Ashley entered Louisville as a running back but recorded two interceptions, three sacks, and a forced fumble since making the move to the defensive side of the ball.


The graphic photo warning on cigarette packs about to finally roll out.
If you buy something that costs a fortune, says it can kill you, and has a picture of rotting teeth, corpse and diseased lungs as it's legacy, on each package then you are addicted or just pretty stupid.



Miami goes after a real point guard

At this time last year, Kareem Canty was just starting to make a name for himself. After a solid AAU spring season, he began to draw interest from low-to-mid-major Division I programs and after flying under the radar at Bishop Loughlin, he was enjoying the attention.

As the July Live Recruiting Period nears, Canty isn’t nearly as enthralled with all of the attention.

“It’s been really stressful,” said the dynamic pass-first point guard who recently finished up a postgraduate year at Bridgeton Academy, is ranked seventh among points guards in the Class of 2012 by Scout.com and plans to prep next year at either South Kent (Conn.) or Brewster Academy (Mass.). “I speak to a new school every other day. I focus on one school, then I get a new call and I have to wait.”

Philip Hall

Harlem's Kareem Canty has narrowed his list to Miami, Seton Hall, Xavier and Florida State.

Canty hopes to end the process soon.

He recently cut his list to four: Xavier, Miami, Seton Hall and Florida. He has taken unofficial visits to Xavier and Seton Hall and plans to visit Miami next week. Canty said he nearly committed to Xavier during his visit there. He fell in love with the campus, the “family atmosphere” around the team and already felt comfortable with head coach Chris Mack and assistant Rasheen Davis, his lead recruiter.

“I just felt like I was making my decision too soon,” the 6-foot-1 guard said. “I had nothing to compare it to.”

He even changed his Twitter handle, which ended up being eerily similar to current Xavier point guard Tu Holloway. Canty said it was just a coincidence. He, however, can see himself at the Atlantic 10 power.

“Xavier is cool, they win a lot, all their guards enter the [NBA] Draft,” he said. “Rasheen Davis is cool. It seems like they really want me over there.”

Canty makes it sound like Miami is right up there with Xavier. The staff there, led by coach Jim Larranaga and his lead recruiter Michael Huger, recruited him when they were at George Mason.

“They knew about me before everyone else,” he said.

Canty said he is not ruling out Florida State or Seton Hall, either. He’s always been a fan of the Seminoles’ style of play, especially when current Knicks guard Toney Douglass was in Tallahassee, Fla., and enjoyed his unofficial visit to Seton Hall.

One Division I assistant involved in Canty’s recruitment said the Harlem native can make an impact for whatever program he chooses.

“I love his competitive nature,” the coach said. “He has a will to win, he plays hard and he hates to lose.”

“He’s starting to realize how good he can be if he continued to work,” said Abdu-Allah Torrence, Canty’s coach with the Long Island Lightning. “He’s a kid who’s tough, gets in the lane, can score and create for others.”

After he visits Miami next week, Canty said he will sit down with family and coaches and make a decision. He would like to do so by the end of July 4th weekend.

“It’s not definite, but it’s something I’m looking into real hard,” he said. “I want to go to a school where I can change the program or I can make a big impact.”


I will be in Eugene on the 4th of July so I will try to get the lowdown. ;)


Oh soup well that has to be wrong right?

Posted by: canechic | June 21, 2011 at 08:16 AM

Well since U put it that way U are right it WAS wrong. ;-)


UNC elimnates Texas from CWS.

Marlins lose again in spite of replacing Managers and benching Ramirez.

Rays beat Brewers 8-4.


Oh soup well that has to be wrong right?


Is this wrong or just stupid?

Posted by: canechic | June 21, 2011 at 08:07 AM

Niether. It is a "cover" story for Oregon paying a street agent to get players to sign with the Ducks.


Hunter told police the woman waved the knife and told him to stay back before throwing it "on accident"

Posted by: Old Skool | June 21, 2011 at 06:46 AM

Happens all the time.

Just last week me and the wifey were sitting calmly at the dinner table cutting our pork chops when all of a sudden...


Maybe I am having a blond moment but I not sure I understand that Oregon article. They paid for profiles? Is this wrong or just stupid?

Old Skool

Great line from this morning's paper

Denver Broncos defensive player Jason Hunter was struck in the left upper chest by a kitchen knife hurled at him by his girlfriend during an argument over cell phones, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press.

Hunter told police the woman waved the knife and told him to stay back before throwing it "on accident"


Oops. I'm only partially right.



Miller is featured on the cover of Phil Steele and the others are on Steele's watch list.



Max Preps pre season high School national rankings

No. 17 Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) - Full preview
Strengths: Dwyer should have excellent receivers this season, which will be a bonus for quarterbacks Faton Bauta and Bobby Puyol, who are battling for the starting job. Bauta, a transfer from Poly Prep, is talented enough to find playing time at a number of positions. The offensive line will see some new faces, but returning tackle Patrick Miller, a major recruit, is a great returning piece to build on. The Panthers’ sophomore class, which features Clint Stephens, Johnnie Dixon, Shaun Boone and Eric Roginsky, has coach Jack Daniels excited for the future.

Question marks: With the departure of Jacoby Brissett, Curt Maggitt and Nick O’Leary, Dwyer will have to replace a tremendous amount of production on both sides of the ball. The Panthers received several key transfers who will be skilled yet inexperienced in Daniels’ system. The team looked commendable in its spring game, but it will need to play as a fully cohesive unit when it opens up the season with Glades Central.

Outlook: More than anything, last year’s 12-2 season proved that Dwyer is fully capable of reloading, as the Panthers excelled despite losing Matt Elam, Robert Clark and Gerald Christian from the 2009 squad. Transfers Bauta, Dixon, linebacker Gage Batten and defensive end Malik Brown will have Dwyer performing up to the level of expectations that Daniels sets for his program: state championship or bust.


No. 14 Glades Central (Belle Glade, Fla.) - Full preview
Strengths: What would a Glades Central team be without tremendous speed? Not only does this Muck Bowl participant boast its usual share of burners, but the 2011 Raiders are an experienced squad, with numerous key players returning from last year’s 12-2 squad that claimed victories over Skyline and American Heritage. Cre'von Leblanc, Jamie Wilson, Dominique Gibson and William Likley give Glades Central some of the best returning skill players in the country.

Question marks: For as well-established as the team’s skill positions are, Glades Central’s line play may be just as unsettled, as new head coach Roosevelt Blackmon will have to rebuild large parts of both the offensive and defensive lines. How the team will mesh in Blackmon’s first season, particularly with transfer quarterback Tanner Redish at the helm of the offense, still remains to be seen.

Outlook: Assuming the likes of Tavious Bridges and Brandon Rodriguez help construct a formidable defensive line, the real x-factor could be quarterback play. Glades Central will face a stiff season-opening test against Dwyer, a program the Raiders have found success against lately. This is a small program with big expectations, and will be among the state's and country’s best.


No. 4 St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) - Full preview
Strengths: First-year head coach Rocco Casullo, who was promoted to fill the position vacated by George Smith’s retirement, is a defensive coach, and he’ll have plenty to work with. Jelani Hamilton, the team’s top recruit, anchors the defensive line. Cole Champion leads a stout linebacking unit. The secondary features plenty of young talent, but is very inexperienced. Dami Ayoola and Fred Coppet give the Raiders a speedy one-two punch at running back.

Question marks: Like the Raiders’ defensive backs, the team’s wide receivers will be fast and very skilled, but the unit is new and will need to adjust to a new quarterback. Games against De La Salle and Prattville will present different but equally daunting challenges to Aquinas early in the season.

Outlook: Over the last five years, Aquinas has shown that it reloads as well as anyone in the country. While the Raiders lost some key pieces to graduation, there are plenty of future stars waiting in the wings. The team's ground game will be difficult to stop. Defensively, Aquinas won't drop off much from last year's sterling unit.


No. 2 Armwood (Seffner, Fla.) - Full preview
Strengths: Armwood returns top prospect Matt Jones, who will run behind a huge, nasty offensive line led by Cody Waldrop and features Cameron Dees and Kevin McCoy. The team’s defense, which boasts Eric Striker at linebacker and Leon McQuay at defensive back, is another strength.

Question marks: It’s hard to find any real weakness on this team, but the biggest one will be behind center, at least initially. A transfer from Tampa Bay Tech, quarterback Darryl Richardson has impressed this spring, but will need to adjust to the Hawks’ drastically different offense quickly. He has shown flashes of brilliance this spring, putting his rocket arm on display. Still, he needs to gain a full understanding of the Hawks’ offense for them to have the type of season they’re capable of having.

Outlook: This team is extremely talented and should be hungry for a state title after just falling short in last year’s 4A championship game. If it plays to its potential, this Armwood squad could be one of the best in Tampa-area history and will compete for the No. 1 spot in the Xcellent 25.


* #1

No. 1 Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) - Full preview
Strengths: This Don Bosco Prep defense could be the best the Ironmen have ever had, and that’s saying a lot. Darius Hamilton and Al-Quadir Muhammad lead an explosive defenslive line. Yuri Wright, Elijah Shumate and Jabrill Peppers help comprise the nation’s best secondary. Michael Strizak will be another player that needs to be accounted for each play.

Question marks: How will quarterback Mike Yankovich fare as a full-time replacement for the departed Gary Nova? Yankovich, more in the mold of former Don Bosco Prep signal-caller Brett Knief, will need to mature quickly. He also has the luxury of throwing to arguably the state's top receiver, Leonte Carroo.

Outlook: After flying under the radar to begin last season, the Ironmen will begin the season with the bulls eye on their backs. They have the talent and experience to have another memorable season. Yankovich should be ready to handle the offense. The defense may be tested early on with games against Mission Viejo and Manatee.


How in the heck do you pay to see a player you are thinking of recruiting's high school profile when that particular kid just played against you in the NC game???


One of the recruits in the package dated 2011 was defensive lineman Nosa Eguae out of Mansfield Summit High School in Arlington, Texas. Eguae signed with Auburn in 2009 and started 11 games for the Tigers last season, including the BCS National Championship game against Oregon. He had four tackles, one for loss against the Ducks.


The Sting

Ducks, spend $25,000 dollars on 2011 player profiles, then find out they are 2009 profiles and the kids are already in college


Oregon football: Player profiles Willie Lyles sold Ducks appear outdated, lacking national scale

A national recruiting package purchased by Oregon in February 2010 that included the player profiles for 140 players with the heading “Player Profile 2011” is made up of virtually all 2009 high school graduates.

Further, although the service was billed as a “national package,” the vast majority of the players are from Texas. Forty of those profiled are from Houston. Of the five from outside Texas, two were from South Carolina, and one each from California, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

UO purchased the package from Willie J. Lyles' Houston-based Complete Scouting Services for $25,000.

Amid the documents released by Oregon related to the football scouting services inquiry were 140 recruiting profiles of high school players under the heading “2010 National High School Evaluation Booklet." Above each individual profile, however, reads “Player Profile 2011.” The related invoice cites the "2011 National Package."

A search of all the players listed revealed that virtually all graduated from high school in 2009 with a few graduating in 2010 or 2008.

One of the recruits in the package dated 2011 was defensive lineman Nosa Eguae out of Mansfield Summit High School in Arlington, Texas. Eguae signed with Auburn in 2009 and started 11 games for the Tigers last season, including the BCS National Championship game against Oregon. He had four tackles, one for loss against the Ducks.

Two profiles appear of the same player. One profile was a redacted bio page for privacy reasons, presumably a recruit who wound up at Oregon.

Tragically, another listed recruit, wide receiver Josh Rake out of Southlake Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas, died in a car accident in on Sept. 30, 2010 during his freshman year at the University of North Texas.

UO has not answered to The Oregonian's questions for more specifics on the document, including when it actually received it and what period it was intended to cover.


After all the hype and gushing on Twitter and other blogs I thought I was going to be blown out of my chair like I was with
GP's highlights or Chicks.
If those were Hamiltons very best plays of the season, not too spectacular.
We will have to wait and see how Hamilton responds to his coaches.




OH HELL, the Captain has returned from his voyage. Musta run outta Rum?

Posted by: SOUP | June 20, 2011 at 03:24 PM


Pretty much but did manage to come back with 2 bottles of Crown Royal (1 bottle being the new black label).


raize how was the cruise?

Posted by: canechic | June 20, 2011 at 02:03 PM


Could not have asked for a better time. All the ports except Belize were great. Belize is a dump in the port area so if you ever go there, stay on the ship or book an excursion that lasts 5 - 6 hours.

BTW - we did the cave tubing there and it was great. I also ate a termite......DONT ASK...lol


fm and Solar...I have to agree after watching even more film from the HS playoff game that #99 does NOT look that special.

I know he is considered to be a four or five star player depending on who U ask but the film does NOT show that.

Very curious.


Chase Ford

My middle name is Chase and my first name is Jordan. They always called me Chase when I was little so it stuck.

When I was six years old, I was getting ready to take a bath and I jumped off the toilet and slipped and busted my head. That’s how I got the scar above my eye. I think I got five or six stitches.

Texas is family and friends. I think of the country, I think of sitting around, not doing anything and not worrying about it.

Playing football has given me a lot of advantages in the classroom, in life, and in everything.

I secretly wish that my mom could move down here with me.

Transferring to Miami was a whole different experience, but probably the best decision of my life as of right now.

Playing tight end is fun. A lot of guys on the tight end group get together and we have a good time, it’s a pleasure to be around them. It’s the U, “Tight End U.”

At the end of my 10th grade, my youngest brother needed special help in school. They didn’t have the kind of attention he needed at the school I was at. So all of us moved to a new school. Me and the new head coach were talking and he asked me what positions I played. I said quarterback and free safety. He said “That’s good, but here you’re playing tight end and defensive end, so go get your pads and get ready.” That was that (laughs).

Coach Carroll is a real good guy. He’s an up-tempo guy. He’s always bouncing off the walls, always upbeat. He’s a fun guy to play for. He’s taught me a lot and developed my game to become a better football player.

There’s going to be a lot of competition at the tight end position this year. Blake Ayles who transferred from USC is good, Asante Cleveland played in a few games and did real well, Clive and Billy are good too. I really don’t think of it from a competitive edge, but I think of it as going out there, doing what you have to do, getting your job done to the best you can do it, and have fun when you do it. Whoever plays will be the best player.

The Golden Era just started, but between now and the time he’s done, I’m sure he’ll have a few National Championships under his belt, hopefully this year to start it off. It seems like he has a good plan.

This is my first spring of playing college football, so I didn’t really know what to expect coming in. It’s a different atmosphere from last year. Waking up at 5:30 a.m. for workouts and the new posters in the locker rooms with guys like Ray Lewis saying stuff, it’s kind of different but it’s fun. It’s been a learning experience, because they’ve put more on us this year than they did last year.

I wouldn’t be here without my family. From grandparents to my aunts to my parents and my brothers. When I’m down, they’re my driving force. They always have my back. I love them and would do anything for them.

My mom told me when I was little, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said a dad and a little brother. My mom got married on December 10th, and my little brother came on July 2nd. I got both presents.

I didn’t think I’d be here playing football, because when I was 14, I was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital for a long time with a bad staph infection. The doctors told me I was lucky to be alive, and that I would never play football again. I guess I proved them wrong. They said I wouldn’t play football again because it was too big of a risk. After the third or fourth game of the next season, when I went back to the hospital, they cleared me to play. God’s blessed me.

When I was younger, basketball was my sport. I didn’t like getting hit. But when I couldn’t play football, I wanted to. When they cleared me, I came back and was so excited to play. I played quarterback and threw like three interceptions right away (laughs).

I was raised to do right, be respectful. My grandpa was a principal and worked out at a state school helping with special education. My grandmother just retired as a teacher. I was raised by them until I was five, brought up on good morals. They taught me right from wrong.

You never know what will happen, what life’s going to bring you, and what life’s going to take you through.

The U is about winning, legacy, and teamwork. It’s about family and we see it each day with the NFL guys coming back to talk to us or to work out. The first player that came back that I remember seeing was Willis McGahee. It was cool, because you think how he plays on television and in the NFL. After awhile, you start to realize they’re people like me and you. Yeah, they play in the NFL and yeah they’re great players, but they’re regular people. Most people think all athletes are stuck up and all that, but not these guys.

We are all in it together, ready to win. From the weightlifting sessions to the spring practice, one person can’t do it by himself. This isn’t a high school basketball game. You need teamwork to accomplish your goals.

When these seniors are done, I want us to leave a legacy. I want them to say, “That team right there, that was the team. That was a group of players right there.” In 2020 or 2030, I want them to remember the 2011 team, like we remember the 2001 team.


RayRay Armstrong
Brandon Washington
Lamar Miller
Marcus Fortson

Posted by: SOUP | June 20, 2011 at 09:26 PM

What do they have in common?

All are going to leave early after GREAT 2011 seasons.


fm I got the same impression, he didn't look all world in his own highlight reel, maybe he is more impressive in person?


They are all All ACC

( but yes they are all on someones All America Tteam


fm...yes he has work to do on his technique that only coaching will fix but his size and natural ability are unquestioned.


Man, I take a nap after work and I miss 2 commits? Lol, figures

Delani is a HUGE get for Golden


they are all on someones All American Team

Posted by: solarcane | June 20, 2011 at 09:41 PM

SOUP, they're all gonna be in your LOF picks? Lol

Posted by: OhioCane | June 20, 2011 at 09:42 PM



I was honestly not that impressed with Melanie hamilton. Maybe im hyper critical cause I played the same position for st. Thomas before moving to lb he looked like he was a bit sluggish out if his stance and played with too high a pad level on many plays. Sure he made plays but looks like he has a lot of technique work to do


VaCane sounds like you had a serious football program going at high school.


SOUP, they're all gonna be in your LOF picks? Lol


they are all on someones All American Team


Here is another Solar Zone Hit of The Week contribution that just missed the cut

It cracks me up and gets mega style points though!



What do these players all have in common:

RayRay Armstrong
Brandon Washington
Lamar Miller
Marcus Fortson

VA Cane

I meant in our fullhouse

VA Cane

Just back from 35th HS reunion. Great time, fun to see all the people I went to school with. We had a lot of olde players there...our starting backfield were all there....me at QB, R Wills at LHB, B Franklin FB, B Harris at RHB in ur fullhouse....hey we won 36 in a row 2 states...it was great to be there.

Big Daddy you are awesome. Your updates are wonderful, I apprecxiate it.

OGV...I saw your boy...Scarface this weekend...he came by our reunion to say hey tyo his boys from long long ago....thought of you....and that nickname...sorry I got so pissed back then..By the way, your translation machine was the best!!! You could market it for all the bloggers around the world who need help with the macs of the world. That was cool!!!! Glad to be back on here, hope everyone is ok.

Nice drum angle on Robbie Solar....


Jelani Hamilton from St. Thomas makes 17 commitments. Hamilton is a 4-star listed at 6'4" and 245lbs, and he could grow into a big DE or even a DT.

I really like this class!


Loco: that was good - well done.

Solar - liked the stickball vid...I called an old friend this past Friday while in a traffic jam coming home from work, and we were laughing...saying, when we were younger, it didn't matter where we were, what we were doing, who we were with... all we needed was a ball and we'd find a way to entertain ourselves for hours on end.

Reminded me of those guys in the video....cracked me up seeing them play around the sewer pipe.

They were pretty good gloves too!

Man, we used to play hot box by the hour...just two bases, two fielders, one runner and a ball. Add one each fielder and runner, and base. Mix. Add touch of wet grass for max sliding effect. Repeat. Makes hours / days / months of fun.


Aflac moments we'd pay to see



OGV kills


Thanks for the mac-translation OGV.

effin hilarious!


Jelani Hamilton


Big Daddy Cane

lol SOUP



Posted by: 4-Real | June 20, 2011 at 08:16 PM

Just like I said.

Well done young Danielson...

Big Daddy Cane


Big Daddy Cane

lol 4-Real!


Canesport reporting Jelani Hamilton committed to UM Bdc! Told u soup, TRUST THE FN PROCESS !


Big daddy..confirmed on rivals

Big Daddy Cane

Guys the internet is abuzz with rumors of a Jelani Hamilton commitment to THE U.

Big Daddy Cane

Thanks SOLAR and SOUP!


New committ according 2 canesport. 3* wide receiver D' Mauri Jones. Love the way UM is snatching up middle tennessee & marshall's top prospects! Just jokin soupster. I'm gonna trust the process lol


UM just landed Leesburg High receiver D'Mauri Jones, who is 6-4, 190. He looks like a big receiver that can go get the ball.

Receivers Coach McDonald visited him at his school during the spring, and the Canes offered Jones soon after that.

I like these recruits and the recruiters!


Solar...Slow times at Ridgemont High. U know, I know, that U know about the art of kicking the ant pile.


Canechic...I understand your position.

Here is my W/L prediction. I am still think UM could go 8-4 or 10-2 but I am still at 9-3 for now:

Date Opponent / Event Location Time

09/05/11 at Maryland

09/17/11 vs. Ohio State

09/24/11 vs. Kansas State

10/01/11 vs. Bethune Cookman

10/08/11 at Virginia Tech

10/15/11 at North Carolina

10/22/11 vs. Georgia Tech

10/27/11 vs. Virginia

11/05/11 vs. Duke

11/12/11 at Florida State

11/19/11 at USF

11/25/11 vs. Boston College

12/03/11 vs. ACC Championship * Charlotte, N.C. 8:00 p.m. ET


nice work!


Solar and Canechic...NOW how can U say NOTHING has changed with these players and this team???
Huh? I don't remember saying NOTHING has changed, where did that come from?

We already knew Golden is in the process of changing everything around before Hurns pointed it out. Golden told us that the day he got here.
Every player on any team is going to say his head coach is doing a wonderful job that's part of buying in, and being a team player.
That wasn't some kind of revelation.

We can all see we are headed in the right direction.
Every season since Omar had a blog we had guys saying 12-0 isn't out of the question.
And it wasn't, we just never wanted it.

What has changed is Randy Shannon broken man that he is,is sitting on his azz doing nothing at home getting paid by UM rather than sitting on his azz in his office doing nothing getting paid by UM.
No Randy is a positive.

I did say Jacory is immature. I didn't say he isn't bigger and stronger, and therefore changed physically.

Let's wait til we get to 4-0 and see how the staff keeps these players grounded and grinding.
They don't get full of themselves and fall apart in ACC play then we know we got some Canes over here.

I know you are as giddy over Golden as Capt Optimist was over Randy his first year.
There is nothing wrong with a little cheer leading for the home team.
I'm as big a fan as I as ever, and a big fan of Golden.

I feel a fact that is, the projected talent of the upperclassmen on this team should win the Coastal in their senior year going away,regardless if Randy or Golden was coaching.
If we win it will be all because of Golden, nothing to do with the fact the seniors and juniors were better than everybody else in their conference this season.



Soup I refrain from judging the course of this team until at least the 5th game of the season.


OK, I still need to iron out some of the bugs in the programming apparently.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 20, 2011 at 05:23 PM



Enjoy the brief updates my friends!

Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | June 20, 2011 at 04:55 PM

Well done! Once U read it U can condense it and say it in your own words.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: macjones de Albuquerque | June 20, 2011 at 04:06 PM"

After literal years of research and development combined with untold hours of computer programing I am pleased to announce a working prototype of the all new macjones translation program is finally reliable enough to release to the public and it's inaugural translation of his last post reads, and I quote;

"Vegas favors the Hurricanes over the Terrapins by a line of three points.

I am of the opinion of traveling to Las Vegas to make a wager of some substance on the odds being offered for the Hurricanes to cover.

If Six picks the Hurricanes to win aforementioned football contest I will refrain from betting due to his negative attitude causing less than peak performance to be displayed by the Hurricanes' football and baseball teams.

Good day hep cats."

OK, I still need to iron out some of the bugs in the programming apparently.


LOL, mac is back... (with mac-speak.)

Big Daddy Cane

Enjoy the brief updates my friends!

Big Daddy Cane

LB enjoyed Miami camp

Jamie Willis is a standout LB prospect from Fort Meade High and he spoke about his interest in Miami and more.


Big Daddy Cane

DB says he's been talking to Miami lately

Crevon Leblanc 5'9'' 165 4.45

Big Daddy Cane

DT to camp at Miami this weekend

Michael Minns from DWYER...6'1'' 270.

Big Daddy Cane

OL MVP Hope for UM Offer

Joseph Gammon 6'2'' 275 pounder from Memphis, Tenn.

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