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June 30, 2011







And last lol


Mike proves you can be a straight up bad azz without being a thug.
The guy is a legitimate role model in a world full of imposters.

Da U N Houston

Minute late, dollar short


Jacksonville Bolles OT Jon Heck has committed to UNC


512 hours and 25 minutes till WYPT 2.0
Wet Your Pants Tour official countdown clock



tell them about Witt, ohio


Diggs also not comitted


James Willis pleads guilty to assault

LUBBOCK, Texas --

A former Texas Tech assistant coach who resigned abruptly after one season has pleaded guilty to domestic assault.
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Lubbock County Court deputy clerk Sandra Hubbard said Thursday that James Willis received six months' deferred adjudication on Wednesday that requires him to complete 30 hours of community service and undergo anger management counseling.

Wolfforth, Texas, police responding to a Dec. 22 call at Willis' home say they found his wife battered and bleeding. Four days later, right before a bowl game, the school said the defensive coordinator had left to pursue other opportunities.

The 38-year-old Willis joined the Red Raiders after Tommy Tuberville was hired as head coach. Willis spent the 2009 season as associate head coach at Alabama


Jury finds UCFAA guilty of negligence in Plancher's death
To pay family 10 million dollars.

10:58 p.m. EDT, June 30, 2011
A jury ruled the University of Central Florida Athletics Association was negligent in the death of football player Ereck Plancher and awarded his parents $10 million.

The group spent about five hours deliberating Thursday night, the 14th day of the Plancher wrongful death trial.

UCFAA is expected to appeal the decision.

Circuit Judge Robert M. Evans gave the jury detailed instructions before they began the deliberation process.

Steve Yerrid, an attorney representing the family of Ereck Plancher, told jurors during his closing argument the UCF Athletics Association failed to follow its own policies and do everything possible to save Plancher's life.

"I talked with you about all the pieces of the puzzle and hopefully you have all the pieces of the puzzle to put this story together," Yerrid said.

UCFAA attorney Kevin Taylor countered there is "no evidence based proof" sickle cell trait caused death.

Plancher collapsed and died following offseason conditioning drills at the UCF football complex on March 18, 2008. Orange County medical examiner Joshua Stephany and three experts hired by the Plancher family attorneys testified Plancher died from complications of sickle cell trait.

Stephany told the jury last week extreme stress caused Plancher's red blood cells to sickle, or warp, and quickly damaged his major organs.

Dr. Martin H. Steinberg, a Boston University hematologist, testified the suggestion complications from sickle cell trait caused Ereck Plancher's death was "nuts." Steinberg, an expert hired by the UCF Athletics Association, told the jury Wednesday afternoon there are no rigorous medical studies proving sickle cell trait can cause sudden death in athletes.

Steinberg was one of three experts hired by UCFAA who testified Plancher died from an undiagnosed heart condition and could not have been saved regardless of when athletic trainers intervened.

Yerrid told the jury for two years UCFAA never protested that sickle cell trait was the cause of Plancher's death, then decided he was killed by a heart condition three weeks before the trial.

He said Ereck Plancher's parents, Enock and Gisele Plancher, suffered tremendous loss.

"If you let sympathy come into your verdict, you will be grossly in error," Yerrid said. "They've got enough sympathy. They want justice from you."

Taylor said no one disputed the Plancher family suffered a great loss, but he urged the jury not to hold it against UCFAA.

"I also hope you will take into account -- a simple fundamental fact of life," he said. "Sometimes things happen in life and no one is at fault. Sometimes things happen in life -- and even bad things -- and no one is to blame."




orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP pay attention /\/\/\/\

THAT is an example of Red Raider's coach that could be legitimately considered a loose cannon.

Pirate captain Leach? Not so much, no matter how much Pony Jr. whines and cries to daddy.


MJ is one of my favorite Canes. I am pulling for him. I also think he is a heck of a RB, and he will surprise some people with his contributions. With Storm gone, I see he and Lamar getting the bulk fo the carries, and they both can have big, explosive years.


I'm out have a great Friday


news you can use

List of Florida High School commitments 2012
thanks Larry B.


now I'm out


Most experts agree that the Miami Hurricanes will have one of the most talented duos in all of college football this season. 

Can I see these quotes??


TGIF !!!!!!!


MJ is one of my favorite Canes. I am pulling for him.
Posted by: WindyCane-Forcast1 | June 30, 2011 at 11:10 PM

I totally agree WindyCane... you gotta love MJ... what a great kid... he's done everything that's been asked of him, and by all accounts is a great teammate with a totally positive attitude.

I just hope to see him run with more "anger" this year, and really be the SMASH, (that Soup has labeled him), & tear up some DBs and Ss that try to bring him down when he gets to the second level. If our O Line lives up to their preseason hype, he and LM should NOT be getting jammed up early in the backfield very often, and they both should be able to REALLY showcase their running skills & styles.

MJ needs to be the SMASH, and the opposing defenders need to fear having to take him on when they see the "angry freight train" that he can be, charging at them!

C'mon MJ, get MEAN on the field! (But stay "Smiley", everywhere else.)


Papa Cane - Stop The Rumors: LB Josh Witt was offered by the University but has NOT committed. He is talking it over with his parents.

Another Bad Rumor: Stefon Diggs has not secretly committed to Miami nor has he eliminated them. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong.


Here is some video of LB Josh Witt who was offered by UM this week. He is 6'2'' & 210 lb - http://ow.ly/5uKhx


FSWho news - FSU confirms Taiwan Easterling's departure - http://es.pn/kL9G1D


Crappy news for UM Basketball - #UM center Reggie Johnson had surgery 2 repair torn meniscus in rt knee. Injured knee during pickup game w/ teammates Mon. Had surgery thurs. Out 5-6 months. Expected back for ACC play


I hope Mike James shines this year - he has been through alot.

Ohio - Pens pulled their offer on Jagr - Shero will not let the tail wag the dog with free agency opening up


Off Topic - Pens withdraw offer to Jagr. LOL



Welcome To The U: LB Josh Witt, 6'2'' and 210 lbs. He is a former QB turned LB who is very explosive - http://t.co/a1P1oKS

Brennan Carroll (7 Mins ago) - Welcome to the U


Ohio - Pens pulled their offer on Jagr - Shero will not let the tail wag the dog with free agency opening up

Posted by: CGNC | July 01, 2011 at 01:11 PM

Ya. Good. He hasn't changed a bit since he left. Dumb prima donna...


Ohio - he signed with the Flyers! No way that jersey gets retired now - LOL! $3M for 1 year. I guess he and Pronger can hold each other up


Just watched Josh Witt highlights. Like I said, pay your $ 55 & you're in :)

orange 'n green in the vein

So the Flyers jettison two core forwards to sign a never-was goalie who sucks come playoff time then throw an extra 1 million on the table for a turning 40 Jagr? I thought it wasn't the goalies all this time though? That's what they kept saying at least.

He's still a pencil mark for 20 goals + if he stays healthy though.


Rumor is Leino isn't returning to the Flyers which is why they offered Jagr.


He's still a pencil mark for 20 goals + if he stays healthy though.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | July 01, 2011 at 02:33 PM

This is probably correct, but I'd rather have Tyler Kennedy for $2 mil/year than Jagr's $3.3 mil/year.

Not to mention TK is a 20+ goal scorer for sure without as much risk of injury, being 24 years old, not 40.


Happy Canada Day to all the hockey fans and Canadians around! I'm picking up a 12 pack of Blue's on the way home to celebrate in style.


CGNC - Rupp to Rangers, and Talbot to Flyers as well...


Glad we offered another MVP of the camp. Glad to read from a HS coach that we are truly evaluating talent. Go get 'em Al. Nothing to do but prove these so called "experts" wrong again.

How's that #1 recruiting class from 2008 working out for ya? 7-6?! ND up 21-0 before half?! Absolutely embarrassed by FSwho in your own stadium?! Beat by USF with an unproven QB?! Say it ain't so...

But it's all true. In Golden we trust. In the evaluations we trust. Yes?



Heather Dinich says Miami has the best Safety combo in the ACC



360Cane: In evaluations we trust, yes. Belichick based 3/4 of his NFL draft in 2010 on a de facto in person evaluation when he was at UF doing some coaching seminar or something completely unrelated to talent eval.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Beat by USF with an unproven QB?! Say it ain't so...

Posted by: 360Cane | July 01, 2011 at 03:55 PM"

You're talking about which starting QB in that game 360? They were both unproven commodities unless you're parsing the facts for support of a point of view beating of a really dead horse.


The Miami Hurricanes will never lose another game now that Al Golden is head coach.

OK, OK I was just kidding! I really wanted to see what it felt like to be Captain Optimist for a brief minute in time.

Feels wierd actually, I think I got a little light headed?


OGV...bottom line with last year's FSU vs UM game?

Jimbo kicked Randy's arse!

Next question?


It's a wicked, stubborn horse and lives on until we win something. It's time for the "wait and see" approach. Haven't we learned?


Like I said, pay your $ 55 & you're in :)

Posted by: 4-Real | July 01, 2011 at 02:02 PM

My offer is still on the table for Canespace to pay your $55 if wanna give it a go next year?


Soup, take my $ 55 dollars & go buy a defensive tackle :)


I think 360Cane was talking about the walk-on Frosh QB that USF had who picked on DVD/Ryan Hill like a kid digging for gold in his nose


duck, Ducks!

CBS Sports

If Lyles is telling truth, Chip Kelly must go

As reported earlier, controversial scouting service owner Willie Lyles told Yahoo! Sports that he received money from Oregon to indirectly steer recruits to Eugene, and that the infamous obsolete scouting report was sent in order to make the $25,000 payment appear more legitimate. Lyles also told Yahoo! that he met with the NCAA in March, and that he withheld details at that meeting that he would later reveal to Yahoo!.

Oregon's options at this point are simple: dispute heavily Lyles' version of events, or fire head coach Chip Kelly.

If Lyles isn't telling the truth, obviously, that's not Oregon's fault, nor should it necessitate any discipline for Kelly. That said, Oregon had better be on the offensive about that right now, and have a paper trail to back it up. Simply repeating that Oregon doesn't think it did anything wrong isn't going to fly anymore -- not with Lyles' statements out there and the litany of NCAA violations possible here. Lyles said what just about everybody was thinking -- that the "scouting report" was a sham, and that the money was really for some sort of indirect coercive influence -- and he's got the ambiguously worded cards from two different Oregon coaches (including Kelly) to back it up.

That all said, the existing evidence as of right now paints Kelly and Oregon as brazen flouters of NCAA rules, to the point that the best thing Lyles said about recruiting arrangement was that he wasn't directly influencing the prospects' decisions. That appears to be a distinction without much of a difference, however. Look at what Lyles said about getting five-star RB recruit Lache Seastrunk to Oregon:

Lyles said Oregon's assistant director of football operations, Josh Gibson, had direct knowledge – and played an ancillary role – in Lyles helping [...] Seastrunk petition to have his grandmother, rather than his mother, sign his national letter of intent with the Ducks in February 2010. Seastrunk's mother, who expressed opposition to her son about attending Oregon, otherwise could have blocked the signing.

Lyles then says outright that it was an indirect but pivotal role in getting Seastrunk to Oregon, but... that sounds pretty direct. And as for the amount of influence was involved here, Lyles basically says outright that Oregon went around the wishes of Seastrunk's mother. To see Seastrunk not only calling out Alabama head coach Nick Saban at Toomer's Corner while being recruited by Auburn in 2009, but still talking fondly of the Tigers in the lead up to the BCS Championship Game, it certainly appears that a significant amount of work was put into getting Seastrunk to Oregon instead of Auburn. Whether that was legal work is for the NCAA to decide.

Here's how bad the situation is for Oregon: the best argument Kelly and the Ducks can make is that the $25,000 couldn't have been used to land Seastrunk and the other recruits, because if there's one thing the Cam Newton ($180,000) and Patrick Peterson ($70,000) situations showed us, $25,000 is far below asking price for even one high-profile player. And they'd be right. It still doesn't answer the question of what the $25,000 was really playing for, though, and that's the question that may derail Oregon's program and Kelly's career right as both were getting good.

orange 'n green in the vein

And they still needed overtime to not get to 30 points. Wow, offensive revelation for Louis and company there.

orange 'n green in the vein

solar, I remember the Boise State/Blount-can't-back-the-smack-from-his-mouth-so-he-threw-a-sucker-punch loss to open the Shortlist and me saying I'd be shocked if Kelly made it three years at Oregon. One crappy pac-10 run later and I was starting to look like I might not know what I'm talking about. Thanks Chip, you're a cheating moron whose hurry up gimmick impresses the rubes in a conference that plays no defense but you can't help but make me look like Nostra-f'ing-damus you putz. Go hold up your four picture signs in FCS somewhere where I don't have to listen to you anymore.


Well if Kelly goes the Auburn coach needs to go too!

I will be in Eugene on Monday so I will give your love to Kelly ogv, LOL!!! :)



I'm picturing a third team QB holding up a paste board with pictures of a dollar sign, a donkey, a box of Kleenex, and Greyhound Bus stapled to it.


So would you rather pay $55 dollars and do it the right way or pay $25K and get busted?

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