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June 30, 2011



I am all for using those cards....make the game simple for these kids and they seem to be successful. Both teams that employ this system were participating in the National Championship game in 2010. Something must be working?

Just saying??? Not saying I like it but sometimes things gotta change.


The sign thing is cool because its something new, I like that part of it.
I have a lot more respect for guys like Johnny Unitas or Jim Kelly as pros that would just call the entire game from the huddle or the line of scrimmage as they saw fit without ever looking at the sideline for help.


Tyrone Cornileus

At the U, I’ve learned so much from friends, teammates and coaches.

Coach Barrow has helped me out a lot, especially in my spiritual and religious aspect of life. He’s helped me get through any stressful situations, as well as a good coach. He’s coached me to see the full of my potential.

My favorite thing about being part of the U Family is the bond we all have. It’s nice having all the NFL guys around. It makes me want to follow their footsteps and one day walk around like they do, so I can shed light on other college students once I make it.

One thing everyone should know about Miami football is that we work hard.

The actor I would want to play me in a movie is Denzel Washington.

Other than football, I’m talented at drawing. I’ve been drawing since I was little. It’s not a hobby, it’s just something I like to do. I draw random things. I usually use pencil.

The song no one would believe I have on my iPod is “Moment in Time” by Cherish.

If I could spend a day with anyone, it would be my family.

Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind are my friends, my home, and my times and memories from high school.

Transitioning wasn’t very difficult for me. It’s a lot different of a lifestyle from high school to college. As far as getting acclimated to the city, though, it wasn’t a big change. It’s another part of life that you have to get through.

The most influential person in my life is my mom.

Coming to Miami was a personal choice that I made regardless of my personal transition. Now all my family roots for me. I have one older brother and one older sister. My sister is 23, she graduated from the University of Florida. My older brother is 32, he’s in Japan in the Marines. I’ve got a house divided, because both my parents went to Florida too, a lot of aunts and uncles as well.

When I played football as a kid, I pretended to be Eric Dickerson. I switched from running back when I was in 11th grade. Linebacker was the main position that I played throughout my life, and it really became my position in high school. I miss running the ball sometimes.

Playing football has given me motivation to make it to the top. It’s made me a better competitor, just as far as life goes with anything. It helps me out with everything, especially as a stress reliever.

Coach Golden and the new coaching staff have all made a lot of changes so far, and they’ve been pretty good. I see a positive future for the Golden Era.

People might be surprised to know that I’m more on the quiet side. I don't’ talk to a lot of people. I’m a Tweeter though.

My mom works for ESPN, she’s the VP of Human Resources there. I went up there, kind of like a late Mother’s Day trip for her. I had never been up to Bristol, because she left for there when I went to college. She toured me across the whole ESPN campus, showed me the studios, I got to meet Matt Hasselbeck and Cris Carter.

My favorite song right now is “Not a Star” by Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

My favorite midnight snack is something sweet, like ice cream.

I never thought college football would be as hard as it is. I never thought I would make it to this top tier level of football.

If I was a superhero, my special power would be to be invisible, to fly, and to read people’s minds.

I was raised to be a gentleman by my mom. I was raised to be responsible for myself and my actions. I was raised to be a Son of God, and to be a peaceful person. It’s funny being a football player you’re still peaceful in your mindset, but as far as physicality goes, you have to flip a switch at one point. Otherwise you’ll end up being soft.

My pregame superstition is I imagine myself making plays. I think about making the big hit, or returning an interception for a touchdown. My pregame soundtrack consists of Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, people like that.

Best advice is to probably stay at peace, and never let the negative things get you down or feel like you can’t do anything. Always strive for perfection, and try to be happy.

orange 'n green in the vein

LOL solar! Or the first picture could be a pair of hands exchanging money under a table.

MDC, Seastrunk hasn't done anything yet either is the true irony of this entire deal. That's the other thing, I'm not so desperate like Auburn fans for a title that I'll keep my head in the sand if Golden tries to stretch the rules to get UM back, Butch set the table walking the straight and narrow, so can Albert, and if he doesn't, send him packing along with $neaky Pete's kid too. That's the one assistant I'm most suspicious of on the violation watch, just because Mike Garret was a dolt who couldn't see the forest through the trees doesn't mean that same crap will fly in the Gables buster.

canechic, just say to him that I'm proud to see his (soon to be former) team keeping up the pac-10's (now with more Utah and Colorado) illustrious history of great tackling, as usual. No wonder Aliotti can't ever sleep at night.

Between you and VACane my back-channel back-handed communications with FBS coaches is growing exponentially every year.


Tyrone C

"Best advice is to probably stay at peace, and never let the negative things get you..."

smart man


I think Golden will run a clean ship. Joe Pa is his hero right?

I'm a little nervous us having 3 or 4 hundred players on scholarship in a couple seasons is going to be noticed sooner or later though.


New Florida Paddling Trails Blueway Community

-City of Lake Worth-

We are thrilled to announce that the City of Lake Worth is the newest Florida Paddling Trails Blueway Community. As a host city to Segment 19 of the Florida Salt Water Circumnavigational Trail and the home of the Lake Worth Paddling Trail, the city of Lake Worth is truly a model Blueway Community. Lake Worth's east coast sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake Worth Lagoon. Its neighbors include the cities of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lantana, and Boynton Beach. Although initially settled in 1896 thanks to Henry Flagler's extension of the rail line from West Palm Beach, the city officially incorporated in 1912.

The community enjoys a solid reputation for its cultural diversity, community and environmental awareness, and openness for all walks of life and lifestyle preferences. Lake Worth has much to offer to any one of any age. The city is home to over 1,000 historic buildings (with six historic districts), a revitalized downtown and beach area, several art galleries, cultural facilities, coffee houses, live music clubs, world renowned restaurants, and unique, individual residential neighborhoods of 37,000 residents. In addition, the city offers a "broad array of recreational opportunities, including the beach, boating in fresh and saltwaters, a municipally-owned golf course and fishing pier, a waterfront amphitheater, and many parks and athletic facilities."

With its beach coast and lagoon with over 15 public access points, Lake Worth as the new Blueway Community, easily fulfills its promise of alluring paddling activities. Congratulations Lake Worth!!


Ohio - LOL I have the cereal box with Talbot and the peanut butter jar with Jagr - doughhhh and now they are both with the Flyers??? Actually, Talbot had a great playoff the year we won the cup, had shoulder surgery and has been so-so since. Jagr would have been nice but with everyone back healthy we are fine without him


j.w. - you live in Canada?


All of AJ's hilites while at the U
Be a badazz.

Man Kenny's arm looks like it's gonna come right out the end of his sleeve in a couple of the deep balls lol.



Mdcane, I wanna do whatever it is that Jimbo & Saban is doin right now


4-Real, only a matter of time before the SEC is investigated. Remember, Jimbo grew up in the SEC under Saban and Miles.

Golden will do good. We win 10 games minimum, but of course I'm a 12% so we win all 14 games.


[Rumor] Whoever Bill Greene is just alluded in a tweet to the NCAA having "one of the big three" in Florida in their crosshairs for investigation. Seems FSU is the likeliest candidate from the conversation but I really have no clue. Friend just passed that on to me. [/Rumor]


Mike proves you can be a straight up bad azz without being a thug.
The guy is a legitimate role model in a world full of imposters.

Posted by: solarcane | June 30, 2011 at 10:33 PM

Well said!


Never knew that it was so easy to buy a gator here in FL. I am interested in purchasing one down the road but it looks like all you have to do is fill out a Class 3 license permit which consists of a questionaire and that is about it. U send in the questionaire and FWC makes an educated decision based off a couple of easy questions? Thought it would be more thorough but anyway it looks like you can buy gatore for as cheap as $88 dollars online. Interesting.....

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Tyrone C

"Best advice is to probably stay at peace, and never let the negative things get you..."

smart man

Posted by: solarcane | July 01, 2011 at 09:24 PM

Did he not get along with fellow georgian and ex-cane Storm Johnson??? glad he did not associate himself with Storm, very smart kid.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Heather Dinich says Miami has the best Safety combo in the ACC


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 01, 2011 at 04:03 PM

I'm afraid of this, as good as our safeties are, there is just too much uncertainty in the cb position, our safeties will need to be all out a-la Taylor, all over the feild kinda thing, Ray2x and T-maque might need to bail out our corners on a weekly basis, you can add Spence to that too as he was also put in awkward positions last year, and that's with Harris, DVD, and Hill still playin!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Don't get me wrong on this, Ed Reed and Sean Taylor, two great safeties arguably of all time, but from 1999 to 2005, them and the safeties that came next were complimented by such good corners, it was easy for them to crowd the middle and be ballhawks.

orange 'n green in the vein

"the safeties that came next were complimented by such good corners, it was easy for them to crowd the middle and be ballhawks.

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | July 02, 2011 at 05:18 AM "

Quoted for truth. The Brow was reaching big time with the strong description of the secondary. It's an area of concern, not a strength, because these two great safeties might be cleaning up a lot garbage corner play this year if the line doesn't make the coverage better than the sum of its parts.


So would you rather pay $55 dollars and do it the right way or pay $25K and get busted?

Posted by: MDCane | July 01, 2011 at 08:27 PM

WHOA...Hold up now! I can cover 4-Real for the $55 but the $25K is completely outta my league, capeche?

Plus I'm not sure he's worth it, is he?


Solar I really would love to think these college QB's today could handle changing plays and leading a team but I don't have that kind of confidence in these kids. Even as good as a leader as tim tebow was he has big issues with difficult plays. They work much better with simple xbox plays....sad but true.


OGV...I'm told that Telemaque is still not fully recovered from his neck injury suffered in the Spring and is not 100% just yet. No worries though still plenty of time for him to heal and get back in football shape after the short layoff. He was in a neck brace and on pain meds at the Spring game.

I'm told that #29 has one CB spot on total lockdown but the other side is still VERY unsettled. Some had McGee penciled in at the other CB spot but he has struggled and now the erasers have come out.

Crawford and Finnie, who has done particularly well so far and has earnedthe coach's respect, may get a real close look there although there are several others still in the mix. There are many options at that spot but Albert and Mark will have to make a decision there sooner or later. Most likely it will be later.


I'm a little nervous us having 3 or 4 hundred players on scholarship in a couple seasons is going to be noticed sooner or later though.

Posted by: solarcane | July 01, 2011 at 09:30 PM

It's not 300, yet. It's 178 and counting.

I'm told that the new Marlins stadium has a secret underground housing and training facility that will hold Golden's extras so the NCAA will never find them. They will be brought in via a secert underground tunnel to Sun Life and wear other players' jerseys during games so it will look like there are only 85 players.

At least that is what I was told.


I guess the 80 year old experiment is not working for the marlins! Why not try to get some pitchers? This manger merry go round is obviously not the answer Loria. This is like the 3rd in 3 years and the only variable that has remained the same is horrible pitching.....so you think maybe the bell has gone off yet dude? Yeah suckered the city into spending money is does not have for that stadium, to watch a horrible product while the city has the highest unemployment rate in the state, yeah Loria be proud....what a crying shame!

Big Daddy Cane

RB Wes Brown has da U #1!
More evidence that my sources are correct, Wes Brown and Stefon Diggs are teammates and are looking to play college football together. My sources tell me they will both be at THE U, and that Diggs is a silent commit. I stand by this report.


Forgot who asked but this is all I could find on UM baseketball jerseys. They do not offer game worn jerseys:


3G Cane

Mdcane, I wanna do whatever it is that Jimbo & Saban is doin right now

Posted by: 4-Real | July 01, 2011 at 10:30 PM

[Rumor] Whoever Bill Greene is just alluded in a tweet to the NCAA having "one of the big three" in Florida in their crosshairs for investigation. Seems FSU is the likeliest candidate from the conversation but I really have no clue. Friend just passed that on to me. [/Rumor]

Posted by: Felipe | July 01, 2011 at 11:59 PM

Be very cautious of who you desire to emulate...


I think 360Cane was talking about the walk-on Frosh QB that USF had who picked on DVD/Ryan Hill like a kid digging for gold in his nose

Posted by: Six | July 01, 2011 at 07:14 PM

Yessssss. And wasn't he actually a walk-on?


3G...did U get your T-shirt? It was mailed on Wednesday.

3G Cane

Got it! Thanks!


Basketball team trading all their game worn jerseys for tats...


360Cane - ya, Eveld was a walk-on from Jesuit High here in Tampa (Vinny Testaverde is the QB/Offensive assistant coach)


I'm going with UF as the one for the big 3 rumor. Crowder opened that one up on his radio show about selling jerseys to Jacksonville businessmen. If he was seriously hypothetical, it wouldn't matter. NCAA would still have to look into it.

Unless we did a no-no to get Henderson... Uh-oh...


The Florida Panthers signed Sean Bergenheim to a deal that he will be paid almost $2 Million more a season than he was with the Lightning

Wow. Bergie was a badass in the playoffs, but to sign him to a 4 year deal like that where you're paying him $2 Mill a year more?

Ya, Stevie Yzerman thanked Bergie for what he did for the Bolts and probably laughed at the Panthers for that


Hope the big 3 rumor ain't got nuthin 2 do with UM & dat punk with da ponzi scam! :(

orange 'n green in the vein

"I stand by this report.

Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | July 02, 2011 at 09:55 AM"

BDC, you need to be a little more forthcoming with this blatant rumor-mongering;

Describe this supposed, "source," you are relying on here, would you describe him as a reliable one? A source close to the individuals in question? Or is this just somebody who's made a right call before so you trust his judgement but have no idea whether he has any insider knowledge here? No need to name names but shed some light on the placement of this individual so I can decide whether to give your claim any weight to it.

SOUP, you are now just 50/50 with your skreet wurds today, shouldn't the latter 50% be posted under Charlie Brown so I can give the traditional reply of, "Good grief?"


Manny from the MH:

Mark Guandolo has coached quite a few talented linebackers throughout his career in South Florida.

Two of his best at Hollywood Chaminade ended up becoming Hurricanes -- Glenn Cook and Jon Beason. His latest top-notch linebacker, Cypress Bay senior Josh Witt, is now planning to be one too.

Witt, who earned MVP honors at one of Al Golden's summer camps this past month, told UM coaches Friday he wanted to be a part of their 2012 signing class. The 6-2, 208-pounder outside linebacker, clocked by Guandolo with 4.5-speed in the 40-yard dash, had offers from 10 other schools including West Virginia, Louisville, Texas Tech, Wake Forest and Kentucky.

"All the guys I've had are different in their own way, but Josh to me is sort of a mix of Glenn and Jon," Guandolo said. "I think Josh has Beason's motor. That's saying a lot. Jon's one of the hardest players I've coached. And, he's tall like Glenn Cook. He's also a little faster than both of 'em."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/07/canes-pick-up-20th-commitment-in-cypress-bay-lb-josh-witt.html#ixzz1QyRdRLDi


OGV...read this quote. More from The Mandingo:

"The one thing you have to give Miami a lot of credit for is that they're trying to build something and they're out there looking, being thorough," Guandolo said.

"They're working guys out hard. They really evaluated Josh hard. It wasn't just an offer. They really did a thorough job on him. It's a big commitment on both sides. I think a lot of schools have lost that evaluation process. They rely on video or the one time they come to watch a kid play. Josh was impressed with the staff. I've been impressed with the staff."

Old Skool

BTW Soup Smash and Dash is a good phrase. The Canes should adopt it.


From Gorten at the Sun Sentinel:

Witt recorded more than 100 tackles last season and has 4.5 second speed in the 40-yard dash, Cypress Bay coach Mark Guandolo said.

Witt played quarterback as a sophomore, but moved to linebacker the spring before his junior year. Witt said he really wanted to move to defense, noting “I was tired of getting hit. I was ready to hit some people for a change.”

Guandolo described Witt as big, strong, “real explosive” and fast.

“He’s got a great motor and he plays really hard,” Guandolo said. “He’s real versatile. He can rush off the edge, he can play the run and he can also drop back and cover.

“He’s a great young man, too – one of our team leaders.”

Big Daddy Cane

Not interested in outing any of my sources....sorry if that offends anyone, But oh well such is life.


Just something I found on the internets:

Coker arguably was one of the nation’s top head coaches from 2001-06 at the University of Miami (Fla.).

He posted a 60-15 record (.800 winning percentage) in his six seasons, including wins in his first 24 games (first coach since Walter Camp in 1888-89 to do so), and led the Hurricanes to the 2001 National Championship in his first season, becoming just the second coach in NCAA history to do so and first in 53 years.

Coker was a two-time National Coach of the Year (2001-02), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Region Coach of the Year (2001, ‘05) and Big East Coach of the Year (2001-02) honoree.

He led the Hurricanes to a pair of Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game appearances, three BCS bowl games, a total of six bowl contests overall and three consecutive Big East Conference Championships from 2001-03 during his tenure.

Coker has coached 26 first-team All-Americans and 96 first-team all-conference picks during his career and also mentored 73 student-athletes who earned academic all-conference accolades. In fact, his 2005 team graduated all 21 players, a total higher than any other program in the country, and the Hurricanes’ 84-percent graduation rate a year earlier was far higher than the national average.

dj moonbat

"Coker arguably was one of the nation’s top head coaches from 2001-06 at the University of Miami (Fla.)."

As a lawyer, I can tell you that virtually anything is "arguable."

Larry Coker took a finely tuned machine, never changed the oil or got a tune-up, and ran it into the ground. It's basically the same exact thing Barry Switzer did with that freaky-good Cowboys team that JJ built.


What dj moonbat said x 1 million

And I hope the LB kid from Cypress Bay has a hell of lot more BeasTon traits than Cook traits

The only similarity I hope he has with Cook is, that he will wear a orange/green/white football uniform with the "U" on the side of his helmet like Cook


Coker: "I'd like you to do a study on the next coach at UM and see what how many games he wins (compared to what I did at Miami)."



Old Skool, that's what mike James and Lamar miller call each other. They already use it. ;-)


Solar Zone Hit of The Week

Mike Wilson, sick triple backflips off a 60 ft rope swing into a river full of onlookers.


listening to the sound of the ocean right now preparing myself for the storm....


Ft. Myers beach is mad crowded right now for the 4th. Looked at some areas today in Pine Island which is nice because it is more secluded. No gator eights though which is dissapointing for me.


skool thanks for the SZHOTW clips I have them going in the order people have sent stuff to me

Check out the crazy rope swing clip
I like how they shot it.

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