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June 13, 2011


orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: macjones de Albuquerque | June 15, 2011 at 04:16 PM"

He's a quitter on the team he signed for, he is owed NOTHING in terms of being allowed to go anywhere. That said, let the guy go to the SEC if he wants, if I was making the list I'd let him, but I'm not.


OGV...U have been vaulted!

Here's one from the Vault:

1. Arthur Brown The King of Sting
2. Jacory Harris The King of Fling
3. Tommy Streeter The King of Bling
4. Sean Spence The king of Cling
5. Brandon Mcgee The King of Ding

Posted by: solarcane | March 07, 2009 at 04:50 PM

1. Not a chance in hell.
2. Flinging to the wrong team maybe?
3. Bling maybe, 3rd string definitely
4. Absofrgginlutely !
5. Not so much...


Soup I believe Marcus Forston because he said the professors are shocked - LOL


Cgnc - I wonder if Marcus is speaking of summer classes? The things I have heard, even at the end of spring semester, were not this positive. I hope that he is right because they would be fools not to take advantage of the free education. Not too many of these seniors will make it the NFL so with a UM diploma they may be able to be successful elsewhere. They may also want to invest in some attitude adjustments classes...no matter what you do in life, you take that bad attitude and you will never be successful...Uh hum.....Storm Johnson and Dad. Dad start acting like a Dad or you may be visiting him in prison soon. Such a shame.

macjones de Albuquerque

Storm Johnson and Dad. Dad start acting like a Dad or you may be visiting him in prison soon. Such a shame.

Posted by: canechic | June 15, 2011 at 05:15 PM

damyUm, perhaps it's " that bloody time of the month for somebody, Eh. No pUn intended.

U'all Cane rUffians be acting like the kid committed bloody mUrder or what not.

And I thought I was the bUffonish one to hold grUdges. Say it ain't so.


Mac this attitude is trouble and his dad's too. Nip it in the but now because he will be in trouble if he continues down this road. And his dad is complicit.

If my child got caught smoking pot not once but twice while being away at school? Oh lord I think my kids are shuttering with just the thought and then if they ran their mouth and were disrespectful to both their coaches and elders oh lord they are shaking. This is only from Mommas response and now let's add daddy's.....it would not be pretty.


I am going to throw the fukk up the next time I hear or read another black athlete or parent refer to any treatment of their spoiled asses as modern day slavery. Give me a fu--ing break Mr. Johnson. If you broke your foot off in your sons ass every once in a while the kid would stay away from pot and utilize the God given ability he has rather than wasting it and blaming others!

Big Daddy Cane

Wesley Johnson and his pot head son are major douche bags!


Just blogged on Manuel's Canesport site yesterday in some time and some things never change. All those guys over there are concerned about is gator Trolls and gator this and Gator that. Whether we like it or not, they can talk all the crap they want, here lately we can't beat them in nothing, it would seem

Posted by: Herbieibis | June 15, 2011 at 01:47 PM

Herbieibis, I get sick of that crap coming from Canes fans as well ... almost as much as hearing about Terry Porter costing the Canes the game against Ohio State

Bullsh*t. That's a lame ass excuse. It shouldn't have even come down to that flag anyway

Lots of reasons the Canes lost that game. That flag is just the most memorable

Ohio State's DLine ran around Miami's vaunted OLine like they were freakin statues .. even on the opening series, Dorsey was sacked 2 times I believe?

How many turnovers did Dorsey have that game - 4?

How many chances did the Canes have to get into the endzone during the final overtime from 3 or 4 at the most yards out?

I still laugh my ass off about Craig freaking Krenzel being their leading rusher with 84 yards and 2 TDs ... and also converting that 4th and 14 in OT that would've ended the game if the Canes stopped it and wouldn't have even gotten to that botched call in the first place

Terry Porter wasn't the reason - bad call, ya, but not the reason


Asante Cleaveland will perform for us this year when he is allowed to play. Jimmy Graham will be next big TE in New Orleans.

VA Cane

am going to throw the fukk up the next time I hear or read another black athlete or parent refer to any treatment of their spoiled asses as modern day slavery. Give me a fu--ing break Mr. Johnson. If you broke your foot off in your sons ass every once in a while the kid would stay away from pot and utilize the God given ability he has rather than wasting it and blaming others!

I agree 100%. None of us has experienced the horror of slavery....a blight on humanity, terrible wrong. However, to compare SJ situation to slavery....just another form of ignorance. Parents need to parent...if you do not know what is going on in your sons life...shame on you. I amn sure his issues did not arise once he hit Coral Gables.

That being said, there is no reason to restrict where he goes. I do not care, VT, FL, FSU, Bama....why not? How does it hurt you? Unless he has a change of attitude, he is the same kid. If he is running the ball, I stick him like no tomorrow and put him out of commission!!! I do not care where he goes, he does not affect my program. Like Marve...RS was foolish in that matter. If a kid leaves, he should be able to go wherever...ADS, Coachs, Assistant Coaches....professors...they go wherethey want? What is the difference...None.


VA cane I think they know when they sign their letters they may be restricted when they transfer. Just like when we leave a job and you sign one of those no compete papers.

I don't think he and daddy went into this without knowing. Now whether they really read it or understood, that I cannot say. The kid quit period and for some disturbing behavior. Sorry he does not get a break in my department and he was warned and put on notice. Sorry you made your choices now you have to live with them. I do hope you turn life around kid but you don't seem to respect the word NO and it appears to be missing from Daddy's vocabulary too.

VA Cane

I agree CC, but really, will he make a difference? with his attitude, probably not. I really do not care where he goes, and will not hold him back....he will not affect me. The slavery talk form an adult....ignorance.


Agreed but you know what he needs to learn a long hard lesson here. And if his Dad was smart he would leave it be.

He smoked and mouthed off, his choice, his consequences no matter what they be. Sorry I am all about 2nd chances but this kid has used his all up and now you have to live with it.


Thanks for the nice words on the 43ed anniversary milestone gang.

My wife is the best person I ever met, with my mom and her mom run a close 2nd and 3ed.

Anyone that is still married to their first spouse and into double digit anniversaries gets all my respect.

How you handle challenges the first ten years by working together or insisting on doing things individually is going to make or break your marriage.

The first 10 years were the foundation for the next 30 to me. Teamwork.

Never put anyone else, or anything else on earth ahead of your children, wife or husband's health and happiness.

Be the first to say you are sorry after an argument, it doesn't matter if you were right or wrong, you are certainly sorry you caused hurt by it.

Always make time to listen no matter how busy you think you are.

Never trick yourself into thinking what you do is more important than what your wife or husband does.

If you are in love, end every day saying I love you, because one day it will be the last chance you have.


Asante Cleveland will perform for us this year when he is allowed to play. Jimmy Graham will be next big TE in New Orleans.

Posted by: JameriCANE | June 15, 2011 at 06:54 PM

Sure I post a pic of U and Canechic on the blog and then U show up?

LOL...How U been J?

orange 'n green in the vein

VA C, Marve was a case of in season tampering if you believe the chatter, so that's a different situation. I have no problem if a guy is actively talking during the season with another program with an eye on the door putting a kibosh on that as a coach. At least Johnson's dad kept it classy by going for the slavery overblown comparison instead of the student-gladiator one.

Vaulted SOUP? It was tongue in cheek like the one above as well but whatever big guy. If the APR is the worst in the league (but still pretty good by comparison to most other schools) we damn sure better not be barely above .500.

orange 'n green in the vein

Some wise words you're sharing there solar.

Happy anniversary to your wife and yourself Ralph.


I think when you restrict where a kid goes you are admitting he can hurt you.
And you look like a wuss.

I'd love Storm go to to FSU just to see how Spence and Ray Ray would play knowing they would have to make every tackle when SJ ran the ball.

I don't like how Storm's lack of commitment has come to the surface, I think he sucks for that, but I think restricting where a kid goes to college is pure crap.

Don't "wish him well where ever he goes" When you are admitting publicly you are afraid the player can beat you.


ogv thank you


Very wise words Solar, Angry and I are going on 20 this Sept. And it has been quite a ride but he is the only one I would want to share it with.


canechic, I can tell you and Angry are long term hardcore "all in" and you know how much respect I have for you as a good mom and wife.


Solar I don't think it is that but I could be wrong. I think they know the rules going in and I think it is about darn time someone holds his feet to the fire. Seems his Dad doesn't.

I tell this story all the time about Nick. When he was about three he would constantly walk in front of the swings. I would be phobic every time we went to the park, I would stand the ready to move him every time he walked in front. I told him that was dangerous, he would get hurt but to no avail he continued. Until one day my girlfriend says, "Tammy just let him get hit and he won't do it again". I said to myself, "How could I allow my son to get hurt." No I can't do that so I continued running like a crazy woman after him. So one day in completed exhausted frustration...I let him get hit. He screamed, he cried but guess what he never ran in front of the swings again. Some kids just need to fall to learn.

Time to teach SJ a lesson. He will be a better adult for it. :)


Thanks solar :)


I guess I meant all students that transfer should get to go where they want, not just SJ or Marve.

I can understand being anxious if your entire offensive line transfers to your rival or an entire backfield strikes and leaves together and ends up in your division in different uniforms.

If you are worried that one player that knows your spring playbook can beat you, I think that's paranoia that coaches have fueled over the years.


Todd McShay - Broke down Miami DLine tape today. DE Ojomo is underrated. DT Forston a bit overrated but a good athlete -- both have 1st/2nd day potential.


All Access with Will Muschamp


Does Muschamp look just like a well groomed Fred Flintstone or is it just me?


Great job the last month getting the breaking news onto Canespace nice work!


I do what I can, when I can, Solar. Thanks! :-)


Great job the last month getting the breaking news onto Canespace nice work!

Posted by: solarcane | June 15, 2011 at 09:06 PM

I second that emotion.

VA Cane

Again congrats Solar...I am chasing you at 20..lol

I had a RB my starting FB who scored the only TD in a Super Bowl victory in 2001 come to me and ask for a waiver the next year. He said Coach Green..Who also coaches HS...was too strict on players. Turned out AJs dad...whom I loved...called him Choo Choo was the root of it...thought it was too strict and tough. I told him we were trying to build character, toughness, all rules are the same for all, etc....prepare them for life. He said Coach Green was unfair to the kids...I said life is unfair...but was glad to waive the young man if thats what was wanted. He transferred to a team that was always 2-6, 3-7. These guys were younger, and I went through each level with these kids, until they went to HS.

Couple seasons later, he sad some things that I am sure were from his Dad about Coach Green. Well, we played them, and I told my guys, nothing cheap, nothing late, no talk...pads talk. Well AJ took some shots, real shots, gained nothing...(we're winning like 24-0)...was frustrated. Late in the game, he blocked one of my guys late....real late. Of all people, MY QB...who was very big and tough and played some D.......on the next play....cleaned him out...hard fast legal..KOed him!!! Later Michael told me....thats cause he said bad things and quit us...I have always felt thats how you say your loss dont hurt our team, pound them hard hard hard but clean. Great messenger without words. AJ knew.

Nothing against Marve, SJ, anybody.....but a chance to introduce them to high speed impact, molecular collisions and denture plates intrigues me....has a way of getting their attention JMO


solar - congrats ... whatever roofies you keep slipping your better half in order to stay with you has worked this long, keep at it



The Vancouver Canucks players are a bunch of sallys, minus the skirts ... love how tough they act until one of (or a few of) the Bruins get in their face and push back - and if they're not biting the finger of a Bruin player, they go into turtle mode on the ice

Freakin north of the border Liberaces on ice



Re OSU title game, Amen. A voice of reason among the wilderness.


Well done Solar.

27 and close to 30 if you count living together (that part didn't go over real well with pops-in-law).

We're getting blasted by this storm - losing power on and off. We were due for a good Georgia storm given the recent weather.

P.S. Note to Coach Golden: let Storm go where he wants. Take the high road on this one.


thanks, Six

Much respect and thanks to you also for helping me with my diet over the year also.

I lost 30 lbs over the year and my complete physical June 2 has everything in the normal to good range.
The head nurse and my doctor informed me at my post lab work/physical consultation that my chart is right above average for a 45 year old 6'1" 195 lb white male.

That made me feel pretty good considering I'll be 64 in 4 months.



thank you
You are doing great also!
Bad weather tonight for sure
a huge Oak tree blew down in the neighbors backyard at about 7:30 Pm

More fierce weather is closing in right now


do you know where the Cheese Cake Factory is in or close to Alpharetta?
We are supposed to go there for dinner Saturday night for Anniversary/Fathers Day combo.


Great job on staying healthy solar it is so important! :)


I lost my pop to emphysema when I was pretty young, just as you recently had to suffer through.
You of all the people on here know how terrifying and heart breaking that whole experience is.

Once you see a person go through that, you realize you owe it to your family and your own body to try and live as healthy as possible.

I still eat a little crappy food but I try hard to stay active.


If you guys didn't see these kite boarder dudes, check it out when you get time, pretty awesome

Solar Zone Hit of The Week
Kite Boarding



Six you see that cheap shot...Canucks are dirty glad you are losing


That is the truth solar!


Game, set, match. Congrats to any Bruins fans on The 'Space


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The phone records and parking tickets related to the NCAA investigation into possible academic fraud and impermissible benefits in the football program were available Wednesday night.


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VA Cane

For the record Six, you are spot on. We lostr that one due to failed opportunities. We did not deserve to win. I look at that play...late flag...could have been no flag, or several flags. That did not beat us.

Dorseys fumble led to 7, another pick, by Doss lead to 7. Taylor had a pick, but Clarett stripped him and they got 3. There is 17 points...a lot to give up.

Taylor had another pick in the first quarter, but we got nothing. Sievers missed a FG...it was about 54 yards..tough. Roscoe made that great play, but fumbled on the 15 and we got nothing. Fox had a pick for them, stopping a drive...they did not score, but a TO hurts. More opportunities lost.

Krenzel completed a 4th and 14..then the last series we had 1st and goal from the 2...3 runs nothing...and then an incomplete.

They came to play, we did not. Those guys over there will cry forever about that game...read em and weep....and move on. Its painful, but I have moved on. Very observant Six.


My bruins stanley cup champions!!!!!!!!!! We need our players from the U playing there balls off like these guys all throughout the play offs 3 game 7 wins thats crazyyyyy


Yes up north you are right the canes could learn a thing or two from the bruins!

Tim Thomas is my new hero!

"everything I have achieved, I owe to hard work" Thomas you are a class guy.

Those canucks are dirty, dirty players.

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