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June 13, 2011



Solar congrats to you and the very best for you and your family!


monte thanks
I appreciate that!


solar - damn, 30 lbs? good job brah .. and ya, it's about moderation and just doing something/anything to get the heart going and muscles moving. You're lucky you have the ability to kayak in cool places ... sure beats the hell out of sitting on a bike in a workout room or on a treadmill with a motor making your legs move unless you want to face plant

We finally have a workout room at our station, has a nice little universal machine and a bike - funny to hear the peeps up at work complain that it isn't enough ...... those are the people that are just looking for any excuse. One of them said they wouldn't go up there b/c there's not a treadmill - I looked right at her and said "then why don't you just go out into the parking lot and push your BMW around the building a few times at a fast pace with backpack on that has a few 10 lb. camera batteries in it .... who the hell needs a treadmill?"

She wasn't down with that

Good job though seriously, not only with your lifestyle change but with being able to be with your soul's recognition of its other half for this long


Old Skool - ya, I saw that Longo clip, haha

And you know how it is to look at commercials being in the business that we are ... immediately looking for any slight 1 or 2 frame jump cut or editing flaw to catch the "magic" of the commercial

Did you notice the trajectory of the ball right off the bat for about 4 frames, before they made it look like it was hooking toward Longo when he just reaches back and catches it?

Come on Gillette, ya gotta do a better job than that


AlpharettaCane and VA Cane - it pains me to say what I did about the Ohio State game, but, as you guys also noticed ... it's true, esp. with you breaking it down further VA Cane

Canes went in as 12 point favorites as well

I remember seeing Clinton Portis spreading post-game celebration party invites before the game even started

That first series the Canes had, I had a real bad feeling about the rest of the night. I hadn't seen any DLine just blow by the Canes OLine like that .... and why didn't they just put K2 behind center to run some kind of wildcat at the end in OT, screw it, he was doing everything else in that game - he was unbelievable

Crudup deserved some credit for coming in stone cold off the bench and making that throw as well


canechic - ya, I saw a lot of dirty play by the Canucks ... I was watching the game on CBC and I started laughing when they showed the streets outside of the arena before the 3rd Period, looked like 10s of thousands of Canuck fans standing shoulder to shoulder out there, just quiet as can be

A Canadian team hasn't won the Cup since when, 1993? some people in Canada even say that a Canadian team hasn't won the Cup since 1990, b/c they want to distance themselves from Montreal

Willie Will in Nashville

ohio, i guess we have another thing in common, i'm 29 too. I think we live in a parallel universe lol.

on this transfer business, i think coaches have to do this to keep players from transferring. kids these days jump ship in a second so give them something to think about if they transfer. plus the kids already know that when they sign the LOI.


UpNorth - congrats on your B's winning brah. Wasn't too happy when they beat the Bolts, Patrice Bergeron coming back for the B's in that series is what really did the Bolts in

You think this kid was jacked after tonight?

He hulks out at :11 seconds in and this was just during a regular playoff game in '09 I believe .. this kid always makes it on the jumbotron



The Vancouver Canucks players are a bunch of sallys, minus the skirts ... love how tough they act until one of (or a few of) the Bruins get in their face and push back - and if they're not biting the finger of a Bruin player, they go into turtle mode on the ice

Freakin north of the border Liberaces on ice

Posted by: Six | June 15, 2011 at 09:28 PM

Poor six did you know that the vast majority of the Bruins players are from north of the border and that the Sedin twins are Swedish...2011 Stanley cup Champion Bruins players from north of the border:

37 Patrice Bergeron "A" 6' 2" 194 Jul 24, 1985 25 Ancienne-Lorette, QC, CAN

11 Gregory Campbell 6' 0" 197 Dec 17, 1983 27 London, ON, CAN

18 Nathan Horton 6' 2" 229 May 29, 1985 26 Welland, ON, CAN

23 Chris Kelly 6' 0" 198 Nov 11, 1980 30 Toronto, ON, CAN

17 Milan Lucic 6' 4" 220 Jun 7, 1988 23 Vancouver, BC, CAN

63 Brad Marchand 5' 9" 183 May 11, 1988 23 Halifax, NS, CAN

20 Daniel Paille 6' 0" 200 Apr 15, 1984 27 Welland, ON, CAN

49 Rich Peverley 6' 0" 195 Jul 8, 1982 28 Kingston, ON, CAN

28 Mark Recchi "A" 5' 10" 195 Feb 1, 1968 43 Kamloops, BC, CAN

73 Michael Ryder 6' 0" 186 Mar 31, 1980 31 Bonavista, NL, CAN

91 Marc Savard ** 5' 10" 191 Jul 17, 1977 33 Ottawa, ON, CAN

19 Tyler Seguin 6' 1" 182 Jan 31, 1992 19 Brampton, ON, CAN

22 Shawn Thornton 6' 2" 217 Jul 23, 1977 33 Oshawa, ON, CAN

55 Johnny Boychuk 6' 2" 225 Jan 19, 1984 27 Edmonton, AB, CAN

21 Andrew Ference 5' 11" 189 Mar 17, 1979 32 Edmonton, AB, CAN

34 Shane Hnidy 6' 2" 204 Nov 8, 1975 35 Neepawa, MB, CAN

54 Adam McQuaid 6' 4" 197 Oct 12, 1986 24 Charlottetown, PE, CAN


ohio, i guess we have another thing in common, i'm 29 too. I think we live in a parallel universe lol.

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | June 16, 2011 at 01:08 AM

Ahhhhhh!! We really do! Lol. How about both our first names start with a W too. Lmao!

You're girlfriend/fiance/wife's name isn't Allison, is it?!? LOL


Behind the Facemask - Chris Ivory:

"Family is really important to me. My parents did a lot for me, especially with me walking on at first. It was a lot of money, and they put a lot of time and effort into getting me here. Even through the recruiting process, my dad helped out a lot, sending videos to schools and all that stuff. I’m appreciative of them.

Long snapping is an art that not many people can do, but you have to do it perfect.

We are all human. We all make mistakes. Everyone should get over them when they happen and move on.

You never know what can happen on any given day. You just have to go out and live life to the fullest.

Playing football has given me an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

One of my older brother’s friends, he was like four years older than me, he was a long snapper in high school and he taught me how to do it, and I never stopped. It was probably my freshman year in high school.

I secretly wish that I could travel around the world.

The U is a university with great tradition and prestige. It’s a place I’ll always be a part of.

It was exciting at first to see guys like Bubba Franks working out alongside us, especially since Green Bay is my favorite team. The NFL guys are family, you get used to seeing them all of the time.

Legacy is a big part of this Miami tradition.

I played center in high school, but I didn’t really want to go to college to play center. I was kind of small, but I got some offers to go to D II and D III schools. I wanted to go Division I, and I had the opportunity to go for long snapping and walk on, and that’s how it happened.

When I was six years old I swallowed a quarter and had to go to the hospital and had to have it taken out. I had to go under, but they went in through my mouth to take it out.

The Golden Era is going to be a lot more advanced. It’s going to take Miami back to where it used to be. It’s a lot more organized

The transition has definitely been exciting, but it was also difficult at the same time, just getting to know all the coaches. I know most of them now and we’re pretty comfortable with them, so it’s going good.

I picked the Packers when I was little. They won the Super Bowl in 1996, and I didn’t have a team up until then, so I picked them.

I was raised on a horse farm in central Florida. I have two older brothers, and one went to play football in college. He played at Mount Union in Ohio and won a couple Division III national championships up there.

I used to ride horses when I was little, but I stopped when I was 10- years old. I was never really into it, but I still took care of the horses and all that.

It was real hard transitioning to Miami at first from life in Ocala. Right now I’m used to it, this is where I live now. I’d like to stay in Miami, but I don’t know where I’ll end up.

The hardest part of long snapping is that you can’t make a mistake. If you make one mistake, you’ll be benched."



Papa Cane - "Coming Up: Evaluation of 2011 signee class - we are weeks away from football. What freshmen are ready to play? Who might redshirt?"

I'll put all his tweets into one post here once he's done.


One of them said they wouldn't go up there b/c there's not a treadmill -

Same people that order a
Double Qtr Pounder, Large Fries, Apple pie and then justify it by ordering a diet Coke.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
- 740 Calories - 42g of fat (19g sat) - 1380mg sodium

Large Fries

Calories 500
Calories from Fat 225

Total Fat 25.g
Saturated Fat 3.5g
Sodium 350 mg
Total Carbohydrates 63.

Baked Apple Pie

calories 250
calories from fat 110
total fat 13g

1,490 calories in 20 minutes

On the way home after work you need to relax a minute

add 3 beers 450 calories
3 cheese nachos 750 calories 42 g fat

That's 2,690 calories and enough fat for two days without eating breakfast, dinner and one snack.

If you are 30 yrs old and need say 2,100 calories a day, you have taken in enough calories for your entire 24 hour day and have a 590 calorie head start on tomorrow's
journey into obesity and diabetes

America we are killing ourselves.



People getting on board a train in China... lol


pick pockets and gropers must have a field day there.

Wonder what the seating capacity sign reads ,
" OK , OK, Add One More"???


I guess when everything is state owned.. got to get your monies worth.. lol... beats a car full of mexicans in america.. lol... ok foot in mouth


ohh man!!!
watch this ish!!

Go to the
4:58 mark and watch from there on, but go all the way to the end

One of the funniest celebrations in a long time
maybe too many protons, I dunno



lol solar...

my son played high school soccer...American style.. it was ruthless... the amount of running a lot of contact without protection...

the high school girls are the same too.

dj moonbat

If you are 30 yrs old and need say 2,100 calories a day, you have taken in enough calories for your entire 24 hour day and have a 590 calorie head start on tomorrow's
journey into obesity and diabetes

America we are killing ourselves.

Posted by: solarcane | June 16, 2011 at 09:56 AM

I was reading the other day that we (well, most of us) aren't actually consuming an historically unusual amount of calories. You don't see nearly as many people nowadays, for instance, eating the egg n' bacon breakfast every day like you used to. The problem is that Americans don't move around nearly enough. Too many office jobs, too much TV.

Kayaking should help with that.


This is what i was taught by a body builder. Its the natural motion program.

1. Cable- lat pull backs in a seated position. 7 to 10 sets at 10reps max weight.
2. Pectoral machine...seated position.. with the big pads you put the inside of your arm on ... you do the reverse on the same machine... 8 10 sets 10 reps max weight.
3. Cable pulls for shoulders. Pull the cable out toward your shoulders... 8 t 10 sets 10 reps max weight.
4. Dumble curls. 5 sets hands natural position and each set a super set with hands turned side ways 10 reps max weight
5. Cable pull downs hands turned side ways ..alternate arms... 8 to 10 sets 10 reps max weight.
6. forearm curls 3 sets 20 reps up and down alternate.
7. leg curls front .. one leg at a time 8 t 10 sets 10 reps max weight.
leg curls back leg... one leg at a time 8 t10 sets 10 reps max weight.

The nice thing about this program is you have no joint pain from unnatural motion so you can go up to 200 reps if you want. Plus there is nothing pushed over your head.. nothing stressing the back. This program also widens your shoulders because of the kind of shoulder work.


dj- that is it! And the kids put on weight early - video games, internet, and all the other inactive activities.


Papa Cane's Top UM Signees for 2011:

#17: Thurston Armbrister, good size and excellent athlete but extremely raw and unproven. Future Safety.

#16: DT Darius Smith, big body with the ability to plug the holes but unknowns include stamina and athleticism.

#15: DT Corey King, athletic and high energy player that might have to redshirt in order to gain size and technique.

#14: DE Olsen Pierre, tall player with lots of athleticism at 6'4'' and 255 lbs. Big frame.

#13: Antonio Kinard, who at 6'3'' and 205 lbs, is considered very athletic and an excellent strong side LB.

#12: DT/DE Jalen Grimble - 5 Star prospect with through thr roof potential but might have to redshirt. Needs size.

#11: LB Gionni Paul, who is physically ready to play and has a Pagani Zonda-like motor (look up the car). No redshirt

#10: WR Rashawn Scott, a possession receiver who has great size and good hands but did not play at elite level in HS.

#9: RB/PR/KR Kevin Grooms who is a Ferrari on the football field. Not too big, but a "see-ya" type of player

#8: DB/S Dallas Crawford who originally committed to Michigan. Excellent technique, great hands, OK speed. Leader.

#7: DB Thomas Finnie, who has a big frame, excellent speed and a killer instinct. Coached by Uncle Luke in HS.

#6: OL Taylor Gadbois who is projected to play RT. He is 6'8'' and weighs over 280 lbs. Big man and motor.

#5: DE/LB Ricardo Williams who was recruited by Butch Davis (good enough for me) and is athletic. Needs size.

#3: LB Eddie Johnson who at 6'1'' and 220 lbs is very strong, has elite level athleticism and a 6th gear. Will play.

#2: LB Denzel Perryman from Coral Gables. Lifelong Cane. Super LB prospect. Future leader. Recruited by everyone.

#1: DE Anthony Chickillo, Mr. 3G, no one in HS could stop him. Dominated Army AA game. Instant impact. Mack truck.


Al Golden's Camps: 4 events and over 1,600 attendees. There are 2 more camps left - June 18th and 25th. Sign up.


Papa Cane - "Potential breaking news in the works. Give me time."

Will post it as he does...


A lot of ppl concerned it's bad and spamming Papa Cane, but he responded "It's good news folks. Want to verify."



Papa Cane - Potential Addition To Team: Wisconsin SR RB Zachary Brown. He is from South Florida and can play right away. Confirming.


I am going to say the guy who actually catches the ball...yes that is the one I like!
Posted by: canechic | June 13, 2011 at 07:26 PM

and runs after the catch!
Posted by: CGNC | June 15, 2011 at 01:07 PM


Which reminds me of a joke... that I just made up.

(I figure "that's what she said" has already been taken.)

solar was off on his usual relaxing day in retirement, fishing, when he gets a big one. He reels it in, fighting every step of the way, but once it is on shore, he turns and bolts to the house, and drags his wife into the bedroom.

It seems he heard women like a guy that runs after the catch!

Happy Anniversary a day late.

(copyright 2011 Ungarmark Cards)


Heather Dinich - ACC's Most Intriguing QB: http://espn.go.com/blog/acc/post/_/id/25608/video-accs-most-intriguing-qb

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 16, 2011 at 01:57 PM

Heard he was looking at Pitt. Just a depth back to me with this roster unless he has a RS to burn.


Heard he was looking at Pitt. Just a depth back to me with this roster unless he has a RS to burn.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 16, 2011 at 02:37 PM

Heard he was extremely high on Pitt. Not sure what's going on. Waiting to hear more.


Solar much respect my friend! If my ex and I had stayed married today would be our 21st wedding anniversary. We had a good 13 years out of the 14 we were married. My current girlfriend of 5 years is getting the marriage itch but I refuse to jump the broom again.


aww canesteeler go for it!! I was married 12 before my ex decided she wanted to be single again, I swore it off forever!!
My current girlfriend (10 years younger than the ex and 10 times hotter) are going to Kaua'i next week to tie the knot! if it doesn't work out, I'll just find another 10 years younger than this one!!


Papa Cane - Potential Addition To Team: Wisconsin SR RB Zachary Brown. He is from South Florida and can play right away. Confirming.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 16, 2011 at 01:57 PM

Don't understand this one. WHY?


Don't understand this one. WHY?

Posted by: SOUP | June 16, 2011 at 04:31 PM

Still no idea. Haven't heard anything since.


TJL I like your style my brotha!


10 years ago today, the Canes beat Stanford 12-1 to win their 4th CWS. http://fb.me/IbHiE6wg


Trust the process Soupster : )


Trust the process Soupster : )

Posted by: 4-Real | June 16, 2011 at 05:17 PM

Bastard! Pay back I presume? LOL

I gotchU, but this one is stange to say the least. Is he supposed to replace Storm?


I gotchU, but this one is stange to say the least. Is he supposed to replace Storm?

Posted by: SOUP | June 16, 2011 at 06:53 PM

This is my only thought on the signing (IF true).

I just... I dunno. I'm still waiting for a response and/or confirmation.


Wisconsin redshirt senior running back Zach Brown, out of Royal Palm Beach High, is leaving the football program and might join the Canes according to Papa Cane...

Brown is scheduled to graduate from UW in August with a bachelor’s degree in history and, as a result and as alluded to by Bielema, he will be eligible to play immediately at a Div. 1-A school, provided he enters into a graduate program not offered at his former school.

During his three-year Badger career, Brown, who came to Madison from Royal Palm Beach, Fla., rushed for 1,152 yards (4.8 ypc.) and 11 touchdowns.


Just watched the Miami/Va Tech game from 2003 again last night (ironically). D-Line was not the problem at all. The defense played quite well for most of the game, and in the second quarter Jarred Payton was gouging Va Tech.

Pass protection of Brock Berlin was a big problem. The game came down to:

- Turnover by R. Parish.
- Everett's drop of the wide open touchdown pass.
- Berlin's interceptions in the third quarter.

Va Tech didn't have a passing yard until the third quarter. This was a game that could have been won had the offense played better.


Montreal - poor me?

First, I never said anything about how many Canadian players were or weren't on any team .. I kind of realize that there are just a few Canadians playing hockey on different NHL teams

I'm pretty sure I didn't make it a USA vs. Canada thing

It's like hearing someone from the USA say that those Toronto Blue Jays teams that won the World Series were chock full of Americans ...

1992 Toronto World Series Champs - 39 Americans, including the coaches, and 1 Canadian

1993 Toronto World Series Champs - 31 Americans, including the coaches, and 1 Canadian

... people just know that, any American that brings that up sounds somewhat insecure - much like Canadians do every time an NHL team that isn't based in Canada doesn't win the Cup .. they'll be the first to tell you that there are a bunch of Canadians on the team. I don't think there was anyone in the USA bringing up how many Americans were on those Blue Jays teams

Second, I believe I said the Canuck players were a bunch of sallys, minus the skirts ... I don't believe I said that Canadian players in general were a bunch of sallys - I said the Canuck players and that includes Ryan Kessler, who is American

Explain this as well - hockey is everything in Canada, it's life. Why hasn't it been won by a Canadian team since 1993 (some Canadians say it hasn't been won since 1990 b/c they don't want to affiliate themselves with Montreal) ... and why has Canada lost their teams to the USA - it's not like all those towns were trying to support a football team, basketball team and baseball team at the same time

At least the Jets are going back to where they belong .. but probably won't be allowed to be called the Jets again

Real classy by Vancouver as well, trashing their town .. again .. as they did after losing to the Rangers for the Cup


Speaking of the Canucks .. I made a graphic to put on a tshirt and am sending it to one of my friends up in Beantown

Roberto LeBrongo

It has LeBron's face on top of Roberto Luongos body in hockey pads

Gonna be a goldmine



Good point about folks spending way to much time sitting and being too inactive to burn off calories.

I agree the days of the big farm breakfast are over, unless you walk into Cracker Barrel.
I do think we as a country could get by on less calories per day, it takes effort though and laziness and fatassedness are brothers.
I understand having an inside job that requires sitting and working at a computer 8 to 10 hours really cuts into the time some folks have for other activities that burn calories.
You owe it to yourself to make time to do something active though.

And there is time.

TV just seduces people into thinking they can't miss this killer comedy or that sports final because they won't be able to join in the conversations at the water cooler or a blog.

There were years where I would watch every second of every lap of any motor racing event on TV. I began to realize my life was going by on the couch rooting for guys that had a life.

A kayaking hiker type guy I talk to sometimes made another point.
Americans are becoming possessed with the notion they are failures if they don't have the latest electronic technology.
We have bought into believing newest and latest is better, and if you don't have it, you're just lame.
A ginormous mega screen TV is more a status thing than anything else when you really bring yourself to admit it.

How big and clear does a program have to be for you to enjoy it?

I enjoyed the Canes delivering many an azzbeating on 27" TVs in the 80s and 90s and it felt just great.

XBox and PS3 are good for rainy days or late at night no doubt.
Walking on the beach for a mile, paddling across a lake, or walking around a park won't get you to the next level of some video game but your spirit and your body will move up a level for sure.



canesteeler thanks my brother.
I know what kind of person you are and I believe your girl is fortunate to have a man with principals, family values, and dignity.


Six I have never seen so many cheap shots by one team since the toronto maple leafs and the flyers. Little did the Canucks know but it was those cheap hits that united the bruins and made them strong and pissed.

Sad about the rioting stupid, drunk, bad apples ruin it for everyone. I have never been to Vancouver but I hear it is great city.

The Canucks are however a very talented team, Bruins were just not going to lose, they willed those last to wins....scrappy team. Cup stays in the USA!


Sure I post a pic of U and Canechic on the blog and then U show up?

LOL...How U been J?

Posted by: SOUP | June 15, 2011 at 08:12 PM

I'm good SOUP. Although I may not always post, I'm often around. I usually only get to look a the 'space at work and I field so many phone calls, I don't get a chance to post much. I'll get back into the swing when the season starts.


Solar: Cheesecake Factory in Alpharetta is over by North Point Mall, right next to it I believe.

Mansell Road or Haynes Bridge Road exits off of 400S.

Enjoy - there's a PF Chang's down at the corner of North Point Parkway and Mansell that's good as well. Big Barnes and Noble over there as well if you feel like going in and having a nice read / snooze after dinner!

Enjoy your night out.


alph thanks!


Thomas Finnie

June 16, 2011

There are moments and decisions in every person's life that shape who they eventually become. Every path is different, but for these student-athletes, they have all eventually led to Coral Gables. Their stories in their words...

If I wasn't playing football, I would still be in college trying to get a degree. I'm studying business. After football, I want to own my own properties or business.

The best advice I ever received is whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. My father always told me that. That keeps me motivated.

If I could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, it would probably be Hawai`i. I've never been there.

I secretly wish I could wake up 20 years from now and be retired, in a big mansion.

The U is gonna have its swag back this year.

Coach Williams is a funny guy. We're gonna have a fun season. From the teaching, to the classroom, to the field, I try to stay serious but in my head, I can't help but laugh sometimes. He's funny. I've learned so much from him.

College football is more serious, there are people's jobs on the line. Basically whatever they tell you is the exact way they want you do it. They expect you to do it their way.

It was hard to transition into college football. But it doesn't matter if I like it or not, I have to do it regardless. I'm second on the depth chart now, right under a fifth-year senior, so that's not bad. I'm still working though, it's not too late to be back on first team.

Something I've never understood has to be calculus and math.

I'm in the real world now, and there's no running back to mommy and daddy anymore. I loved that I stay close to home though, because I still have my parents when I need them.

My mom's food just keeps calling me back, it makes me want to come home every weekend. Her ham, fried rice, rib tips and string beans are my favorite.

Nobody knows that I can play tennis. I played in middle school.

I really want to be the one to bring my family up to par; I want to be the one who makes it out. I want to make my mother so proud, and that's what I really want to do. I never quit, I never want to give up, because I really want to try to get there.

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