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June 17, 2011



One of my favorite rockers of all time OGV
very humble and spiritual in his interviews. Bruce must be heartbroken tonight


Solar - wife and I were seeing a lousy movie when storm hit....down on NorthPoint parkway, near where you were going.

Mowed and trimmed the bushes around noon and thought I was going to die...had a feeling it was going to pour pretty good.

High 90's next week....not good. Glad we got the rain that we did. Talks of drought again.


Video Highlights From Al Golden Camp: 1. ow.ly/1tU3Xr 2. ow.ly/1tU3Z4 3. ow.ly/1tU3ZM and 4. ow.ly/1tU3ZP


Off topic warning - Ok techies... Question. My lil sisters laptop was stolen from my parents house. It's a Dell laptop. Is there anything Dell can do to trace it if whoever stole it hooks it up to the internet? Or anything my parents or I can do? Never dealt with this.

There obviously wasn't any programs she would've installed to track it since she's 15 and would have no clue.

Any suggestions, or just gonna have to deal w it?




Fish have lost 16 of 17 this month?

Check this out - the state of Florida connection to this Rays/Fish series ...

- Fish send '09 NL Rookie of the Year local Tampa Bay kid Chris Coghlan (East Lake High) down to the farm before the series with his hometown team the Rays

- Fish hometown Canes kid from the 305, Gaby Sanchez, leads all Fish batters in this series so far, going 3 for 6 in 2 games

- Fish pitcher from Tampa Bay area, Ryan Webb (Clearwater Central Catholic), comes in relief with bases loaded and throws a perfect 8th inning in the second game

- Rays player from the 305, Sean Rodriguez (who is a HUGE Canes fan), goes 2 for 4 with a HR and 4 RBI in the first game of the series to beat his hometown team Fish

- Rays player and hometown kid Casey Kotchman (Seminole High), goes 2 for 3 with an RBI in the second game, and makes a very nice defensive play in the field (to add to his stellar resume of being the best defensive 1Baseman in all of MLB)

- Rays player and hometown kid Matt Joyce (Armwood High & Florida Southern College in Lakeland) gets 2 RBI in the second game

- Rays player and Orlando guy Johnny Damon (Dr. Phillips High) goes 2 for 3 with 3 Runs in the second game, hits his 500th Double of his career and is the 11th player in MLB history to have 500 Doubles, 100 Triples, 200 Home Runs and 2,500 Hits


Middleton wide receiver Richard Benjamin returned from a camp at Miami this weekend and says the Hurricanes are No. 1 on his list.

Benjamin, who has more than a dozen prominent offers including from USF, Florida, FSU, Auburn and USC, put the Hurricanes out front after running a 4.5 40 and excelling during drills in front of the Miami coaches.

"It was a good experience,'' he said Monday morning. "I loved it.''

...... Last year, Benjamin was a big-play receiver, averaging over 27 yards a catch for Middleton. But his quarterback and friend, Aaron Midthus, transferred to Tampa Bay Tech.

Posted by: ftmcane | June 14, 2011 at 01:41 PM

Wait until you hear this, I found this out tonight - a few of Benjamin's teammates transferred to TBTech this past week I believe ... so he tried to transfer as well ...

except he tried to do it himself by signing all the papers himself (without parental consent) and even went to one of TBTech's practices

His momma and the TBTech coaches said "what in the hell are you doing"

Gotta be smarter than that kid, come on


Happy fathers day to all the fathers on the space!!!!! Its an amazing feeling to be a father and im enjoying every bit of it with my 5 month old...

CalGary Cane

Off topic warning - Ok techies... Question. My lil sisters laptop was stolen from my parents house. It's a Dell laptop. Is there anything Dell can do to trace it if whoever stole it hooks it up to the internet? Or anything my parents or I can do? Never dealt with this.

There obviously wasn't any programs she would've installed to track it since she's 15 and would have no clue.

Any suggestions, or just gonna have to deal w it?
Posted by: OhioCane | June 18, 2011 at 11:37 PM

Every internet connected device has a unique MAC address.

Try googling that to see if anyone can find a computer using the MAC address.


heres a little snippit from the net

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With an IP Address
Contact your ISP (Internet service provider) to see if the thief has accessed the Internet using your service. The ISP issues a location-specific IP address when a computer accesses the Internet. If the owner of a stolen laptop obtains an IP address assigned to her computer since the theft, then the police can track its location.

Investigate whether programs such as Yahoo! Messenger or email software that automatically logs on at boot-up are still being accessed. Contact the service provider with appropriate police report documentation and a subpoena to obtain a recent IP address for a stolen laptop.

Use preinstalled antitheft clients to obtain a recent IP address for the stolen laptop. Supply the IP information to law enforcement.

Read more: How to Track Stolen Laptops With a .mac or IP Address | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4586129_track-laptops-_mac-ip-address.html#ixzz1PjJiKCgg


upnorth this might work too

OK i'm out!

How to Track a Stolen Laptop

More and more consumers are purchasing laptops to use for personal and business use. Unfortunately, with the rise in laptop purchases, the number of stolen laptops has also increased. Most consumers do not plan for theft to occur, and as a result lose a significant amount of personal and sensitive data due to many of the computers never being found by the police. The open source Prey Project provides both free and low-cost options for retrieving your computer after being stolen and supports the Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems (OS’s). Other, commercially-based stolen laptop tracking applications work in a similar manner to Prey, but just cost more money on a monthly subscription basis.

How Do You Use the Prey Project to Track a Stolen Laptop

Step 1 – Create a guest account on the computer to encourage the laptop thief to use the computer. On computers running the Windows OS, you can do so by selecting the “Start” menu, clicking “Control Panel” and then choosing the menu option to “Add a new user” in Windows 7. Leave the password blank for the new user, or make it a simple one such as “password” with a login of “guest.”

Step 2 – Download the free Prey application on your computer from the Prey Project website. After the download is completed, double-click the installer and choose the default menu options to complete the installation.

Step 3 – Select the “Configure Prey Now” menu option after the installation concludes. You will need to choose between the “Online Control Panel” or set-up the program in stand-alone mode.

Step 4 – Create a Prey account and then tell the application to automatically connect to WiFi hotspots to aid in reports being collected and sent to you in the event of laptop theft.

Step 5 – Test the Prey installation by logging into the control panel from another computer. If you toggle the “missing” icon on the control panel, it will trigger the application to send you reports the next time the stolen laptop is connected to the Internet. The free version of Prey will only keep 10 reports online at a time which will provide geo-location and networking information to you to provide to the police. The application will also track what programs the thief uses on your computer as well as web-cam activity along with images that you can provide to the police to help track down your stolen laptop.


Appreciate it Solar, but Im Ohio, not Upnorth :-P


I was editing The Solar Zone and had the 'space running in another window, I can't do two things at one time.

I hope you can get the laptop back.
good luck


Do Overs Dept.

On this date in 1984 Portland skipped over Michael Jordan to select Sam Bowie


Canes for U



New Yorkers playing stickball in the street, yea there are still real neighborhoods in some cities.

Crowd into it, kids and parents together sitting on the curb enjoying the day, this is awesome.
fk a bunch of big screen TVs


Play Outside


Edwin Rodriguez resigns as Marlins skipper.


Happy Fathers Day Ed



Play Outside

Posted by: solarcane | June 19, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Exactly. Solar, I see so many overweight and on the road to obesity kids, and I mean little young kids - elementary school these days, really a mess.


after you posted that obesity comment I went back and looked at the stickball street scene again.
Almost everybody in that clip is in good to decent physical shape appearance wise.

If you took that same scene here in N Georgia, well over half the younger folks would be close to obese or dangerously overweight.

Then again the kids here wouldn't be out in the sun sweating like those people playing stickball, they would be huddled up in Burger King with their chubby moms.


But Solar, look at all that shade those tall buildings provide in that video, making the heat a little more bearable. As opposed to the rural South, unless you have a canopy of trees, you can't hide from the heat and humidity...IT'S HOT AS HELL! I'm old school when it comes to the "kids need to be outside" debate, but so far this summer, I've had to tell my kids to ease into it...


Play Outside

Posted by: solarcane | June 19, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Good advice to both kids AND adults.


Oh yes firing Edwin......yes that is the answer Loria. WORST OWNER EVER!!! How is that Joe Girardi firing working for you and how about the Freddie firing??? Try getting some pitchers and not trading your best player for a 40 year old washed up pitcher. Not to mention the City of Miami will now be paying a ton of money to build a stadium to house this lousy product. SINFUL!!!! Loria you STINK!!!!!


I was editing The Solar Zone and had the 'space running in another window, I can't do two things at one time.

I hope you can get the laptop back.
good luck
Posted by: solarcane | June 19, 2011 at 10:36 AM

No worries, was jk with U.

I told my parents there's prob no chance of seeing anything stolen again, unfortunately. Told em I'd check tho. She's 15, so she doesn't have lo-jack or anything on it, so it and lots of jewelry are prob gone for good.

Shame theres ppl in this world like that


Marlins' Edwin Rodriguez resigned



Nolasco: 6 million in 2011
John Buck: 6 million in 2011
Javier Vazquez: 7 million in 2011
Hanley Ramirez: 11 million in 2011

What a way to spend 30 million dollars!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2011/06/edwin-rodriguez-talks-ghosts-losing-skid-hanleys-struggles-and-the-lack-of-leadership-in-the-marlins.html#ixzz1PkM5JzLA


I used to do a lot of blockwork in downtown Miami, West Palm, and Ft Lauderdale.
Let me tell you, those tall concrete building block off any breeze and they hold the heat like a pizza stone.
I remember plenty of summer days when the jobsite thermometer said 110 and higher while the weatheman said it was 89.

You are correct it has been brutal, and you are smart to warn your kids to watch how they are doing in the sun. I would advise younger kids and frail adults to limit being outside for sure.
If you are 18 to 60 a little stickball or mild exercise in the sun for an hour shouldn't make you sick unless you already have other health problems.


Solar Log

note to self:

Never..Ever.. get myself on canechic's shytlist.


The costs of being a soccer mom, or any other sport mom.
pretty eye opening

CG checkout the horse back riding mom




And I mean of ALL TIME!!!

Posted by: SFCane | June 17, 2007 at 12:30 AM

amazing how time flies


Allen Hurns


June 19, 2011

There are moments and decisions in every person's life that shape who they eventually become. Every path is different, but for these student-athletes, they have all eventually led to Coral Gables. Their stories in their words...

There was never a time I didn't want to go to practice football. I ran track and field in high school my 10th and 11th grade years, but my heart was always in football. Just football. My uncle played for New Orleans, and he was a coach at Miramar. I was playing when I was almost five, and since then, I always played quarterback until the 11th grade when I started playing receiver.

Everybody knows Carol City has a good football history, but it's been tough recently. When I was there my 9th and 10th grade year, we only won three or four games each year. Junior year, we won eight games, and my senior season, the second game of the year I hurt my knee and didn't really play. It was depressing, because at first I thought I would lose my scholarship. Some of the schools stayed with me, some took them away. I finished up school strong, graduated early, and enrolled in the spring. It taught me a lot of things and I met a lot of people.

Competition is one of the reasons I came here. I always loved the school growing up, but some people doubted me coming here because I they had so many receivers. I always loved to compete, I felt like anywhere you go you'd have to compete. I love it, I compete in the weight room, on the field and in the classroom. I'm always competing.

Playing football has given me an open mind. I've been playing football since I was four, and I've always had a passion for the sport, I've never lost interest. I always wanted to make my mom and dad proud.

My jersey number is now No. 1. All my years playing football, except my 9th grade and freshman years, I wore and loved No. 1. My uncle wore it. I asked Coach Golden if I could have the number, but I told him he didn't have to give me it, that I'd work for it. He gave it to me, and I know I'm going to make him proud.

The best catch was my freshman year at the Spring Game. It was fourth down on a two-minute drive near the 20-yard line. I made a first-down catch that put us in position to make the game-winning field goal.

The best receivers are Andre Johnson and Chad Johnson. They are my favorites. I like the way Chad plays, he's fun. I watch a lot of film; Coach McDonald has film on everybody.

When I was six years old, I won my first Super Bowl championship (in Pop Warner) and I was proud. I got to play at the Orange Bowl, and I won MVP. It was a great feeling.

Sophomore year I plan on doing big things on the field. Last year, I played, but it wasn't major, just mostly special teams. This year I'm becoming a leader, and I'm not young anymore. I'm ready to step up and make big-time catches and big-time plays.

Coach Golden came in here and changed everything around. He's pushing us harder, and he wants us to do right. It's not hard, if you do what he asks, he puts you in the best position to succeed.

I knew the U was where I wanted to be, watching the games on television. When I played at the Orange Bowl it was big, because watching them play, I wanted to be here. I love it.

Coach McDonald is a funny guy. Real funny. He teaches us a lot of things, and is a great teacher. He's on top of us with everything that we do. He shows us a lot of film. Anything we need, he's there. He makes everything fun.

My family is very supportive. My mom and dad come down at least once a week. My mom always brings me snacks, washes my clothes and all that (laughs). I have one older brother and he comes to the games as well.

We are all in this together. Everyone pushes everyone else. There's no turning back now.

I was raised to always respect an adult, no matter what. My mom told me you have to show respect, because you wouldn't want anyone to disrespect your mother or your parents.

Former Hurricanes who currently play in the NFL are always around. Everyday I walk into the weight room, I see at least 10 NFL players working out. On the field, they do the same work-outs we do. It's always nice to see people that have accomplished so much come back and show love. It's nice. At first, it's amazing seeing these NFL players. You see them, you smile, and you just watch. You think how much you wanted to meet him, and now he's right next to you. It's great having them around. All the NFL receivers come in and talk to our receivers as a group. I'm cool with all of them.


Lol....it is not a good place to be! It takes awhile for someone to get there but once you are there......

Solar I doubt you would ever make it on the list :)

Loria continues to make stupid decisions, and has really screwed over the city, even though the crooked Miami politicians did help.


Ohio that break in was probably by one of her school friends. Did they steal anything else?


CC - ya, they got a lot of my moms jewelry. We think it was a close neighbor because they went for small things and had to have known they were on vacation


amazing how time flies

Posted by: solarcane | June 19, 2011 at 02:35 PM


Four years ago Canespace was just getting started.

Now after four years we simply just can't stop.



Ohio that break in was probably by one of her school friends.

Posted by: canechic | June 19, 2011 at 04:46 PM



NBC omits Under God from the Pledge of Allegiance while President Eisenhower rolls over in his grave


Six Skool alph roach OGV

Check out the narration or voice overs that coincide with the action on the screen in this You Tube clip.
I thought it was pretty awesome editing or what ever it was.. I like it.



Yeah... that's good work there, they had to find quite a few clips to get all that audio. Thanks for sharing that Solar.


Thanks roach,
Watching it full screen you see the play by play fit nicely with the action.
He took a very ordinary clip and made it really enjoyable.


Happy father's day! (just some comic relief) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOKuSQIJlog&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Happy fathers day to all U dads out there!!

Big Daddy Cane

* One of the top performers at camp last weekend was WR Herb Waters. A local product from Homestead High, Waters is a kid who I've been very impressed with on a few different occasions this spring. He's one heck of an athlete who simply knows how to get the job done. He doesn't have blazing speed but plays fast and makes plays. His lack of production at WR in 2010 was a possible issue but he earned an offer from the Canes last week. He liked Miami a lot growing up and there's a good chance he'll be in this years class. The top two WR targets locally appear to now be Amari Cooper (NWestern) and Waters.

* TE Blake Jackson (AZ Juco) is currently on a visit to Miami. He has over a dozen offers, including one from the Canes. He's developed a good relationship with Brennan Carroll and the Canes are very much in the running. He will play his sophomore season this fall and then enroll somewhere in January. Miami is still a legit option.

* The Canes recruited Ty Darlington hard and he's the states top center prospect. He just committed to Oklahoma, where his mom went and her family lives. After getting Shane McDermott two years ago, the Canes could be back in the market for a center. Speaking of McDermott, his younger brother (Kc) will be a major prospect down the road. He still has a few years but is already 6-6, 280, and can play. He'll likely be the most heavily recruited kid from that family. he camped at UM last weekend and impressed.

* Bennie Coney camped at UM last weekend and said he's set to speak to UM again real soon about an offer. I just don't see how there will be room. Crow and Dewey are solid commitments who were evaluated at camp so getting a third QB commitment seems very unlikely. Coney has over 20 offers.

* One of the top performers at last weekend's camp was Ocala Vanguard DB P.J. Williams. A Florida State commitment, Williams has now been to UM on two separate occasions since his pledge to the Noles. The Canes just offered, which is obviously something he wanted. He'll likely take a visit here later in the year but FSU will likely be tough to beat in the end.

Go Canes!

Big Daddy Cane

UM Recruiting Scoop: 6/11

A lot has been happening lately so lets take a look at where things stand, by position.

* QB -- done. The Canes needed two. They offered about a half dozen and have commitments from two who they saw at camp. Crow and Dewey are rock solid with their decisions, too.

* RB -- Duke Johnson is already committed. Some people have him as the state's number one overall prospect. He's a prime time player. They're looking at add another 2011 RB but if they can't get one then a priority will likely go on signing a 2nd RB in the 2012 class. I don't see any kids with outstanding offers who have much interest yet.

* WR -- Carter is in. Jean-Louis is in. They probably wanna add one more. Amari Cooper has an offer, grew up a Canes fan, and will likely be in this class. I'm surprised he hasn't pulled the trigger yet. I know his mom wants him to explore all his options so that could be a reason for it. If he jumps on board, that trio will likely be the WR class. I dont expect the Canes to continue actively recruiting Ricardo Louis, who recently committed to Auburn.

* TE is a big need. They tried to get a couple in the 2011 class and came up short. The 2012 group will likely have two but there arent many offers out that I can see. AZ Juco Blake Jackson visits here next week and he has a lot of interest. He's probably the most likely out of state option at this point. In-state, Sean Price is the one. He has an offer, grew up wanting to play here, and has UM in his top two along with USF. The Bulls are recruiting his close friend, RB Jamie Gilmore, while Miami isn't and that could be a factor here. Those are the top two targets, it seems.

* OL, Flowers is already committed. I see him more as a guard. Ty Darlington is a pure center who is being recruited very hard. His father and Art Kehoe go way back so there's a good connection there. Keep an eye on Cypress Bay's Danny Isadora as well. Big, strong kid who plays guard, camped here a few weeks ago, and likes Miami a lot. There's a solid to good chance that he'll end up in this class as well. Evan Goodman is being recruited like a 4-star and has been to UM on his own dime before as well so keep an eye on the Lakeland High standout.

* DL, Trent Taylor and Kevin O'Donnell are committed. They probably only have room for one more DE, if that. Vero's Dwayne Hoilett could be getting an offer soon. He has several, won DL MVP at camp a few weeks ago, and plans on doing the camp today again. At DT, that's a major head scratcher. It''s not a good year in-state and the top OOS target appears to be Eddie Goldman, who is still wide open. Look for more DT's to emerge later down the road.

* LB, they need em. With Cornileus at safety and Nelson/Williams gone, the need for more linebackers probably went up in recent months since NSD. Keith Brown and Raphael Kirby are commitments and I'd expect the Canes to add two more. The in-state options are limited this year. Keep an eye on Reggie Northrup from Jacksonville. He has a 2013 teammate who will be recruited nationally and already has an offer from the Canes.

* DB, Larry Hope and AJ Leggett are committed at corner. That gives UM four in the last two classes and expect them to add one more. Tracy Howard is a major target but he seems to wanna leave south Florida for college. Chris Bivens was DB MVP at camp last week but left without an offer so that seems unlikely. Keep an eye out for a CB to emerge. Deon Bush is a combo CB/S who is being recruited very heavily and likes Miami a lot.

* Expect the Canes to also sign a punter in the 2012 class. Bartram Trail's Cole Leininger went to camp last weekend and there's a good chance, as of now, that he'll be in this upcoming class. He's the state's most talented punter prospect for 2012


Big Daddy Cane

Plant City (FL) High School QB Bennie Coney attended Sunday's Al Golden Summer Camp.

"It went really well," Coney said. "I had fun, got to see coach Golden, talked to him for a little bit. I got a chance to work with the offensive coordinator (Jedd Fisch).

"Coach Golden, he just told me to work hard, keep working hard. When I talked to him the last time when I came on an unofficial visit he told me to come out to the camp and get an offer."

Coney, who lists 15 offers already, says he's unsure if Miami will now offer. He says if the Canes do offer that "they'll be up there" on his list of favorites.

For now he has a top six of Cincinnati, Louisville, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh and Clemson.

"Miami will be in there if they offer," he says, adding that "It's all pretty even."

Asked why he chose to attend the camp at UM, Coney said, "I wanted to get that offer and I also wanted to better myself. Any chance to get better I'm down for it."

Of working with Fisch, Coney said, "He told me I was good, that I had slight footwork things to work on. He was on me the whole time, which I liked."

Coney says he won't make a final college decision until he takes all his official visits.

He finished his junior season throwing for 1,100 yards with 12 touchdowns and eight interceptions in just under five games played.

Coney says he would strongly consider the Canes if UM offers despite the team having other QB commitments.

"There's competition everywhere," he said.


Big Daddy Cane

Memphis (TN) East High School CB Will Redmond already lists 17 scholarship offers.

And after a standout performance at Saturday's Al Golden camp, he's hopeful a new offer will be coming soon.

"The camp went great," Redmond said. "I learned a lot, learned different drills that I can keep working on that's going to help me and my teammates out. It's college drills that can help my technique."

Redmond starred in the first half of camp, landing three interceptions and five pass breakups in one-on-ones. He was on pace to be DB MVP until a groin injury forced him to miss the end of the day's work.

"All the coaches loved me before I got hurt," Redmond said. "I did one on ones, did everything like that.

"I'm waiting to hear from coaches to see if I get a really good phone call. I think an offer's coming."

He says that, if Miami offers, "Just because of their history and players I'd be really interested in Miami. Everyone's dream is to go to the league, and they put good players in the league."

For now he lists no favorites, but says "If Miami offers they would be in a group of schools I like a lot."

Asked what he learned about UM while there, Redmond said, "I already knew a lot about the program because my coach (Marcus Wimberly) went there and he talks about the school all the time, made us watch 30 for 30 to come together as a team. I also toured the campus - it's a Florida type campus, isn't very big. I liked it a lot."

A highlight of the camp: Working with former Cane CB Brandon Harris.

"He worked with the DBs," Redmond said. "He just was telling us what to do, how to do it right. He was working with us a lot. I got to hang out with him, which was one of my favorite things."

Redmond is being recruited as a cornerback, but he plays primarily quarterback in high school.

"The (Miami) coaches said they really like him," Wimberly said. "He has a chance for an offer depending what he does during the season. They want to see some more film on him."


Big Daddy Cane

Kimbrow Optimistic About UM Offer
Memphis East’s Brian Kimbrow had made the trip down from Tennessee , and he was rewarded with the running back MVP award at today’s Al Golden Football Camp.

Kimbrow (5-9, 165) discussed his performance, which he hopes will earn him an offer from the Hurricanes in the near future.

“I think I had a good performance out there, especially in one on ones,” Kimbrow said. “In the individual drills, I was mad that I dropped a couple balls but I bounced back in one on ones. Overall, it was very good. The linebackers couldn’t really stay with my speed so I started going against the defensive backs but it was pretty much the same. There was a lot of competition but I like to compete. That really doesn’t matter to me because I just make plays.”

Kimbrow is optimistic about his chances to land an offer because of how closely he got to work with the Miami coaches.

“I spent the most time with the receivers coach (Coach McDonald) and the running backs coach (Coach Richardson),” Kimbrow said. “We worked on reading blocks and my hands out of the backfield. Now they’re supposed to call me in the next couple days to see if they’re going to offer. I mean I won the MVP so more than likely, they should (offer).”

Saturday’s camp was just part of the experience as Kimbrow was also on campus to get his first look at the school.

“I know they’re big on academics since they’re a private school and everything,” Kimbrow said. “The coaches just wanted to find out if I was really interested and if I would consider them. They asked me if they would have a chance at me and I said yes.”

What Kimbrow got to see in Coral Gables wasn’t necessarily something new for him, but being at Miami itself was just special.

“The campus was very nice for one,” Kimbrow said. “The heat and humidity was pretty crazy actually. I got to see how organized they are and the intensity of their workouts. It was kind of similar to what I’ve seen at some other schools but you know, it is the University of Miami .”

Kimbrow said that if Miami does end up offering he will return to campus in the fall for an official visit.

Kimbrow finished his junior season with 201 carries for 1557 yards and 15 touchdowns to go with 6 catches for 71 yards.


Big Daddy Cane

Aquinas DE Cox Takes in UM Camp
Defensive end Bryan Cox Jr. unofficially visited the University of Miami back in April when he still called Ohio home.

As expected, Cox (6-3, 220) has moved his life to South Florida where he will play for St. Thomas Aquinas as a senior.

That move has obviously made it much easier for him to get to Coral Gables, as he did today for the Al Golden Football Camp.

“I just went down there to hang out and support some of my new teammates who were working out,” Cox said. “It was for guys like Cole Champion (2012 linebacker) and John O’Korn (2013 quarterback). I talked to like every last one of the coaches too, but mostly Coach Franklin. I was just getting mental reps on the drills he was doing and double checking things with him. He’s a high tempo guy and he likes to keep it short and sweet. He’s a good coach who wants to get things done.”

With today being the second time Cox has been on Miami ’s campus in the past couple months, he’s starting to develop a little familiarity.

“It’s a beautiful, incredible campus so that’s number one,” Cox said. “Since I’m living right here now, it’s pretty easy to get there whenever I want .The people down there are just awesome and everything looks nice. It’s a cool place to be and it seems like a good spot. The fact that it’s always sunny makes it a little different from anywhere else.”

Cox’s list has grown to at least fifteen offers after the spring evaluation period but Miami is one of three schools currently on top.

“Oh yea, it’s hard to keep track, it’s at least fifteen offers now so it’s definitely more,” Cox said. “This whole recruiting process is getting pretty wild so I can’t remember everything all the time. Out of all the schools that have offered me, I’m liking Miami , North Carolina , and Michigan State a lot. It all depends on how I feel about my offer list, who I want to pull in, and who I get out to see. If I feel solid, I could decide before the season or right after. I don’t want to do it during the season because I’ll be focused on my football team.”

In the meantime, Cox is busy enough just adjusting to living in Florida . It’s a pretty stark contrast compared to where he was in Ohio .

“Oh man, it’s hot all the time so that’s crazy,” Cox laughed. “I have to get adjusted to this weather and I’m still working on it. The good thing is that I get to go swimming pretty much every day. I like that part a lot.”

On a more serious note, Cox is joining one of the top high school football programs in the country. He has struck up a fast friendship with fellow top prospect Jelani Hamilton.

“We’re going for another state championship this year,” Cox said. “We want to knock off these highly ranked teams like Prattville ( Alabama ) and De La Salle ( California ). Staying recognized, staying on top, and being one of the best in the nation once again are my top priorities. Me and Jelani have been getting closer even though I’m still getting used to everything. I’ve talked to most of the guys but he’s the one I know the best right now.”

Let's get these guys!

Big Daddy Cane

Scottsdale (AZ) C.C. TE Blake Jackson spent the last three days in Miami on an unofficial visit.

And that time convinced him UM is a place he could easily call home next year.

"The visit was really fun," Jackson told CaneSport.com. "I got to check out the school, see the trophies, big things they did in the past, also got to meet the coaching staff, met the players and got to watch them do a workout. I saw how much the U means to people."

He says the visit left him with a leader.

"You can say they're a frontrunner after the visit I took," said Jackson, who took the visit by himself. "But I have to give other schools a fair shake. It's early."

Before leaving Jackson told coach Al Golden that "They're sitting pretty with me."

"I told him they should feel great about where I stand," Jackson said. "I still plan to make my decision after the season, but Miami is everything I thought it would be.

"Coach Golden - he was just telling me different opportunities, the advantages of coming to Miami, the big plans he has for the program, big plans he has for me in the offense. He got me very pumped up about the chances of being a Hurricane."

Also in the mix for Jackson are Rutgers, Tennessee, Oklahoma State and Arkansas. He says he may take one more visit this summer and a couple of more in December before announcing a decision.

"I'm talking about deciding the middle of December," he said. "I'm not set on a date - it could be before the season, after the season."

He says the biggest highlight of his visit "would have to be chilling with the boys, me and Jacory (Harris) and all those guys, them accepting me in the family as a recruit. It was just they were really friendly in accepting me, let me know it's family out here and they'll work hard and big things will be happening at the program the next couple of years."

Jackson also said he was impressed by tight ends coach Brennan Carroll.

"He's great," Jackson said. "Coach Carrroll is the best. Me and him really developed a relationship this weekend. I got to see how it would be if he was coaching me this season."

Asked why he decided to fly cross-country for the unofficial visit, Jackson said, "I was really excited to see Tight End U. I was really pumped about this, wanted to get this visit over before the season started. I was really excited to check them out."


Big Daddy Cane

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