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June 27, 2011



Can anyone explain to me why the home plate ump shows the count onhis hands backwards to the pitcher? I've never understood that. U'd think he'd show it so the pitcher reads it left to right, but he doesnt


Just got a text message: Incoming Freshman UM kicker Matt Goudis is on campus at UM.


Anthony Chickillo - "In Miami!!"


Are more former players going to come out and say they sold their stuff too? We might have a fight on our hands.

We got Channing Crowder, LB for Dolphins, saying he "hypothetically" sold his jersey's to a Jacksonville businessman while in college in support of TP2. Guess what college?


Soup, interesting news regarding our new incoming kicker Matt Goudis. I only hope the competition ignites a fire, or just a hot foot, with our current kicker Jake Wieclaw. I hope ,for the best foot forward. Competition is good. Go Canes.


I remember when AJ was in his senior year of high school. He broke his own Dade county single season receiving record that set as a junior. Think about that for a second. When AJ left high school, he had the TWO best receiving seasons in Dade county high school football history. An absolutely unbelievable accomishment. He had the size at 6'3" and the stats yet the major recruiting services "only" had him listed as a 4 star recruit. Several bloggers on here expressed their disbelief that AJ Green and Julio Jones were listed as 5 star recruits and how could they possibly be considered better prospects than Aldarius? At the time I agreed with the sediment. Three years later, Green and Jones are waiting on their 8 figure 1st round contracts to be worked on and AJ is trying to figure out how to beat out 3-star freshman to get into the top 4 receiving rotation so that he might catch 15 balls this season.

Life is really unpredictable. And it catches up with you quick.


B Harris made A J Green look like a little girl. It was fun watching them play that day. Harris could not cover A. Johnson even if his life depended on it. After a stellar freshman season, Aldarius got lazy and stopped working. Shannon did not push the kid and as a result he has been playing like crap for two years.


Soup looking forward to the interview, I am going to try to get over to the school this Sunday


What up Canespace I am on Ft. Myers beach right now looking out into the Gulf of Mexico. I finally got my wireless internet problem fixed thanks to Verizon and I also would like to say that I love this area. Anyway I tried the JD Darling wildlife tour where you drive your car for 4 miles in hopes of seeing a gator or something else exciting. Unfortunately I saw nothing more than a bird the entire time. I am now convinced that the only way I am going to see live gatore or crocodiles (if possible) in the wild is if I take myself down to the everglades on Wednesday morning. Anyone know of some good place to go there? I am looking to drive myself not ride on one of those air boats. It is now time for me to catch up reading all the posts I have missed. For what it's worth I check this blog literally every day.


gatore=gators sorry for the spelling


I hope ,for the best foot forward. Competition is good. Go Canes.

Posted by: chicago-cane80 | June 27, 2011 at 10:03 PM

Cane-80...welcome to The Space!

Post here, post often.


elliott...sorry it didn't work out for you, but at least you got ot Sanibel and saw some nice scenery.

Take a drive to Corkscrew Sanctuary just east of Fort Myers. Ask around it is a well known spot, they will tell you where how to get there.


Aldarius got lazy and stopped working. Shannon did not push the kid and as a result he has been playing like crap for two years.

Posted by: caniak | June 27, 2011 at 10:21 PM

There IT is right there.

Sarasota 'cane

What an out! I hate to play spoiler but I am seriously rooting for SC!

Sarasota 'cane

Two errors on one play! C'mon SC!!


I see that corkscrew might be a good place I have also found out that Big Cypress National Preserve is supposed to be great. Thinking I might go and try out the National Park.

Sarasota 'cane

Not so fast my friend... Boo Yay!


elliot...Corckscrew Sanctuary is closer but Big Cypress NP is also really nice and all along alligator alley there are canals that run on both sides that are usually full of gators.

Big Daddy Cane

LB Reggie Northrup MIAMI bound with a commitment coming within days


Jacory Harris - "Y'all go follow my dude @chickillo71 time to enjoy the life of a #cane. Hard work gets you to the top #kissthecrystalball"

If he truly means that last part, my prediction for this season for J12 will be spot on.


I pay no mind to tweets or posts.....those kids know everyone is reading. In fact I think it is a game to them. ;)


Elliot corkscrew swamp sanctuary I believe is east on immoakalee road or you can take tamiami trail all the way out to big cypress but its faster to take 75 south to exit 101 and take it east



Stunned that nobody posted this song up in response to this blog.

Solar, jaded? Nah.

Solar, tanned, rested, and ready for outdoor fun? Yeah.


Papa Cane - Welcome To The U: 4-Star LB Reggie Northrup, 6'2'' and 215 lbs, commits to the University of Miami.

New UM verbal commit LB Reggie Northrup was recruited by Coach Micheal Barrow, whom he called, and communicated the news. Great pickup.

New UM verbal commit LB Reggie Northrup's choice came down to UNC & Miami. UNC is in the middle of a "sinking ship" moment. Miami is rising.


^^ UM Verbal Commit LB Reggie Northrup Skills: Prototype OLB at the college/professional level. Great flexibility, balance and agility.


ESPN has a very good profile on UM verball commit LB Reggie Northrup if you wan to check it out: http://t.co/kN2INcD


Article on Rivals about comeback players for 2011. Guess who's on there? Lol, J12.

"Miami QB Jacory Harris: Early in the 2009 season, Harris was being mentioned as a Heisman contender after leading the Hurricanes to victories over Florida State and Oklahoma. Those heady days seem like a distant memory now. Harris showed plenty of promise in '09 while passing for 3,352 yards and 24 touchdowns. All he needed to do was work on avoiding mistakes, since he also had thrown 17 interceptions. But he took even worse care of the ball last season, with 15 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. In a Sun Bowl loss to Notre Dame, three of his seven pass attempts were picked off. Before Harris can get a chance to redeem himself, he must beat out Stephen Morris for the starting quarterback job. The winner of that competition might not be announced until shortly before the Hurricanes' Sept. 5 season opener at Maryland."



Now this is the kind of recruiting news I like hearing. We now have 3 stud LB's coming in next year, that's if we can hold onto them. Now all we need is a couple stud DT's & Diggs in the Db spot.


Avery Johnson playing the same games his bro did. An LSU soft verbal, johnson says he may have as many as 5 hats in front of him when he makes his choice but says chances are he'll remain with LSU. Says his looking for immediate P.T. and a world class education. Which is more world class us or LSU? I say we steer clear of him, although, as much as his bro, liked to flip - flop, that sucker could play.


Herbie, I agree 100% on Avery Johnson. I don't care if he's as good as his bro or not on the field. I don't want him to be at The U if he's anything like his bro off the field.


UM QB Legend Ken Dorsey Is Excited About UM's Future: http://ow.ly/5s2ao


Herbie...i think Avery is a kid we need to stay away from..something fishy happened with his brother...I remember his brother has his myspace all decked out in cane stuff..was all in..then BAM..I heard there was some $$$ given and is dad a job.


Forston ranked 4th in ACC DT rankings: http://espn.go.com/blog/acc/post/_/id/26014/ranking-the-accs-defensive-tackles


Sean Spence ranked #59 in Rivals Top 100 list: http://collegefootball.rivals.com/photofeature.asp?fid=36888


Papa Cane - Unconfirmed Rumor: TE/WR Brandon Hollifield, 6'6'' and 215 lbs, seems to have committed to the University of Miami. Trying to confirm.


Papa Cane - Confirmed - Welcome To The U TE/WR Brandon "Real Deal" Holifield, 6'6'' and 215 lbs, from Godby HS in Tallahassee, FL.

You can check out Godby High School's excitement at finding out that Brandon Holifield has committed to the U here @GodbyFootball


^^ UM recruited Brandon Holifield as a TE, and that's what he expects to play in Coral Gables. Very raw, but a very good athlete.


Swiped from under the nose of Jimbo?

Nice. Especially after the raiding he did last year.


I'm with Solar too. We all want everything he listed. Amen


As far as Hollifield is concerned, surprisingly, He's NOT even the best TE on that team, this kid is, and He's already committed to OU:



Another Tally recruit that Miami needs to get in on is this kid from the C/O 2013:


I don't think He's been offered yet, but last I heard, we had some coaches at His Spring game.


Re: UM 2011 Recruiting

So far, so good. Lots of energy.


Hey, a free horse is worth its weight in glue!

Posted by: dj moonbat | June 27, 2011 at 07:28 PM

I am giving you stink eye right now


Shane McDermott: Behind the Facemask - The Trenches Really Show Who You Are

"At the U, I've learned so much from the older guys, especially the seniors from our offensive line. Tyler Horn and Joel Figueroa have really helped me out and showed me the ways of how to work hard here. Even people from the past, like Brett Romberg, have shown me that when you're at the U, you work hard and you have to uphold the legacy and keep succeeding.

My favorite part about the U family is how unique it is to college football. It's special, it's the most recognized brand in football. I get to brag about it for the rest of my life (laughs).

One thing everyone should know about Miami football is that it's tough football. Miami football is the toughest football you can find around the country.

I have a tattoo of me and my grandfather. I lost my nose in the tattoo during practice, but it's all good. (laughs).

I've always wanted to be a Hurricane. Being a Hurricane means a lot to my family, it's just a very special thing. Only a few people get to be one. I'm a Hurricane because I love it.

Growing up in Lake Worth, I was split between Miami and Florida. It's very mixed up there. My dad and brothers always loved watching Miami. I still remember watching the national championship in fifth grade and losing to Ohio State and it was horrifying to watch. Being able to go to the Orange Bowl to watch games with my older brother, when he was being recruited by Miami, was really special.

My favorite song right now is "I'm On One" by DJ Khaled.

The most influential person in my life is split between my mom and dad. Both of them were college athletes at Ohio University. My mom was a basketball player and my dad was a baseball player. My dad has shown me how to be competitive, and so did my mom, she still holds records at her college where she played basketball. I've been blessed to have two great parents who've showed me the way through life so far. It's given me a huge advantage.

Other than football, I'm talented at fishing. Spearfishing and hunting are my other passions besides football. I really enjoy them, that's what I do during all my free time. Me and my family caught two 20-pound dolphin, and they gave a ton of meat. I was able to give Coach Golden some meat and still have a cookout for the entire offensive line. We had one big fish fry, Linder cooked his special recipe, and I did some macadamia-encrusted mahi. It was a lot of fun.

People might be surprised to know that I've stabbed a hog. I went hog-hunting up near Belle Glade. My mom actually got to film it, it was a funny experience.

When I played football as a kid, I pretended to be Brett Romberg or Ray Lewis. I used to play linebacker when I was younger. I always thought it was so cool that Romberg played at Miami as a center, and when he got into the league and played for the Rams and the Falcons, I always loved watching him. Watching Ray Lewis dance after making a big tackle, with all that energy, I loved it.

In high school I stopped playing linebacker my freshman year of high school. I played both ways in high school, but my coaches and my dad pulled me aside and said, "listen, you run a 5.1 forty, you're not gonna be a linebacker" (laughs). I started putting on some pounds, because I only weighed like 185 pounds back then.

The actor I would want to play me in a movie is Russell Crowe.

If I could spend a day with anyone, it would be Jose Wejebe. He's a show host for the Spanish Fly, and he does fishing shows. I've always been a big fan of his, and I love watching his videos online, because it helps me learn more about fishing. He came to this country from Cuba and made himself into something from nothing. He's a really cool guy to watch and to learn from.

My favorite midnight snack is a glass of milk and Oreos.

If I was a superhero, my name would be Trace and my superpower would be speed. My middle name is Trace, and I could get out of there so fast and "without a trace." (laughs)

Playing football has given me the skills to be well disciplined off the field. It's made me a competitive person, which you need to be in this country. It also showed me that later on in life, even though right now things can be really tough, getting up at five in the morning for workouts, all of that is going to pay off later down the road. If you make it to the NFL or make it to another job, you can get through anything. It teaches you how to be tough.

I was raised by my grandfather and my dad, and the rest of my family, to be a good person. My grandfather came from nothing and worked his way all the way up. He was in the Army when he was only 13 years old. It showed character. My dad has shown me you have to just keep on working, and not to be afraid of failure, because you're eventually going to succeed if you keep on going after what you dream.

Song no one could believe I have on my iPod is "You Belong with Me" by Taylor Swift (laughs).

I never thought I would be a Miami Hurricane. Watching them play, it never dawned on me that I could be a Hurricane ten years down the road. It truly is a blessing and a dream come true.

The trenches really show who you are. When it's fourth and one in the national championship game with five seconds to go and you have to make the first down to get into field goal range, it shows who you're gonna be and who you are.

When I was six years old, I was put into my first pop warner football league. My mom took me out there and I saw everyone wearing flags, and I turned to my mom and said "I don't wanna play flag football, I wanna play football." My mom convinced them to put me on a team with ten and eleven year olds, and I became an All-Star that year.

Coach Kehoe is a very energetic coach that I love. He shows his passion for being a Miami Hurricane, and he's shown us how important being a Hurricane is. I go way back with Coach Kehoe, because he recruited my older brother at Ole Miss, and they're actually in the same book, Bruce Feldman's Meat Market. There's a chapter dedicated to Coach Kehoe and my older brother.

The best advice is to go for your dreams and never quit. Nothing is impossible.

No one can believe I came in at 265 pounds and now I weigh 290 pounds. I've put on all of that weight in only a year and a half."


sota cane

So with 3 lbs, 3 corners,4 des, we just need a couple dts a couple safeties and the oline. One or 2 more receivers and a rb..who do.I guys think we land at safety?rb? And wr?


Forston should be glad he's only the 4tH rated DT. He should be #1 but hasn't played consistantly since has been here. Maybe this will motivate him, to play like the 5 star guy he was rated.
**Sota, definitely 2 DT's but the way it looks at that position it won't be any big time guys but probably projects.
2-more DB's
2-WR, one has to be a difference maker


Jagr back to the Pens????? For Canesteeler and OhioCane



No such thing as a "free" horse. Granted the economy is down, but if it's free there is probably a reason ;-D Been hot here so I ride or do groundwork with him in the evenings

Posted by: CGNC | June 27, 2011 at 07:20 PM

I was thinking the same thing! :) When they say the horse is "well trained" but don't tell you whether she knows the right cues, sidepasses, is good with lateral movement, can turn on the haunches or forehand, etc., I'm a little suspicious!
I might get out today, hoping for windy conditions that will cancel the beginner lessons but no rain. Can't believe I'm actually worried about that in late June here, but it's been a strange year. My instructor wants me to particpate in her July 4 games day, not sure what we're doing but I'm looking forward to trying something new.


If Jed doesn't ask Jabonney to throw the ball more than 15 yards, he should cut those int's in half. Anything over 20 yards I'm going to cringe. I mean he's only thrown 40 int's in 3 years, in what 22 starts.


Manny - http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/06/um-picks-up-two-more-verbals-2012-class-up-to-19-commitments.html

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