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August 05, 2011


Herbie Ibis

Can someone bring me up to date on these matters. Didn't Futch miss 3/4 of his Soph. Year with a shoulder or Knee injury and Ojomo Missed all his Soph. year with a broken jaw, then how are they saying this is they're last go round for them? Don't they have a reshirt or Hardship?


soup sounds good, I'll be here then!


Man getting all the players updates, and coaches sound clips is making me a true believer we have the right guy at the top now.


Solar Zone Hit of The Week
The most remembered college football moments of the last decade



Solar...tonight, my place, 8 PM. Bring your guns, we got some Shooters in the hood.



Here's Ojomo's description of fellow end Olivier Vernon: "He's an animal. He's a beast. If you've ever seen this guy take off his shirt... He's about 270 pounds. He's running like a 4.6 [40], he's doing like 395 pounds on the bench press. He has great fundamentals, great work ethic. He's going to have an amazing season."


They have a nickname for Darius Smith already..The Plug

Posted by: Q | August 07, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Q...yup, and I'm loving it!


P Dorsett because from his hilites is already better than most of our receivers were as freshmen. He will play.

G Paul because Golden has a mad crush on him and Chick. They will play.

Posted by: solarcane | August 07, 2011 at 05:55 PM

^^^^^^^ ALL TRUE 100% ^^^^^^^


They have a nickname foe Darius Smith already..The Plug


Steve G

CORAL GABLES— Sean Spence isn't as quiet as you might think.

"I'm a very humorous person. I crack a lot of jokes," Spence said, grinning wide. "In the locker room, on the field, walking to class."

It's true, teammate and roommate Marcus Forston said. Yet Spence knows the general perception of him from those outside the program is that he's quiet. At least during games, he has been.

As much as Spence gave the 'Canes last season as a junior — he had 111 tackles, 17 for a loss, 2 1/2 sacks, six pass break-ups, two forced fumbles and was named the team's defensive MVP — he feels he could have done more. He could have been more vocal.

Text alerts: Get Miami Hurricanes news on your phone

"I think by me not doing that last year, it cost us a couple of games," Spence said.

He said he thought about it a great deal after the season, and the coaching staff, particularly position coach Micheal Barrow, put pressure on him to speak up more. So he's done that.

"I felt like it was time. Sitting back and being quiet and just leading by example wasn't enough," the 6-foot, 224-pound Spence said. "I decided I had to open my mouth to get things going and I'm going to continue to do so.

"It hasn't been that hard, but it was an adjustment. I'm used to just sitting back and helping guys out, but not telling guys to pick it up or 'hey man, you look like you're loafing on this play.' I'm just taking this new role and running with it."

During a conditioning test about a month ago, Spence walked up and down the line of players urging them on during short breaks between sprints. Before Spence ran, Forston said, he gathered the players in his group around him.

"To see the way he talked to those guys before they ran, giving them inspiration like, 'hey, we've got this test. It's hell. The only thing to do is attack it and leave everything on the line,' and then really showing that meant a lot to the team," Forston said. "On the last [sprint], I think there was like one second left, this guy dove like 5 yards through the line."

Spence said that he said a few things last season when he felt it was needed but wasn't nearly as outspoken those times as he should have been.

"I'd probably pull a guy to the side, but now I'm letting guys know in front of everybody," Spence said. "I'm pointing at the pink elephant in the room, as Coach Barrow would say. I'm not going to hide anything."

When the 'Canes needed players to calm the team down or "get on the team's behind" when things were going poorly last season, it wasn't there, Spence said.

"We did have a lack of leadership," sophomore running back Lamar Miller said. "We didn't really have any vocal leaders. Everybody was just trying to lead by example."

"There weren't enough guys to go and help the younger guys along," said junior running back Mike James, who, along with Spence, Forston and center Tyler Horn, is widely regarded by teammates as a leader on this year's team. "

There weren't enough guys to go and grab a guy and tell him, 'Listen man, you need to pick it up. This ain't what we do.' We have enough of that this year and it's going to help us out a lot because that's what we were missing. And Coach [Al] Golden has instilled that in all of us."

Asked recently which players have shown they're leaders, Golden started with Spence.

"That's an easy one, but he doesn't get enough credit for the type of person he is and the type of leader he is," Golden said. "He gets a lot of credit for being a good player, and rightfully so, but the type of leader he is, the type of person, the type of character is exceptional."

3G Cane




Day 2: D-line dominant, "The Plug"(a Vince Wilfork throwback), Chickillo (he's a brute), Forston update & more Seantrel

Day 2 of Hurricanes preseason football camp finished at Greentree Field on Sunday morning. Coach Al Golden makes players available before practice begins. Then we watch 15 minutes of practice and leave.

It becomes increasingly apparent that almost everyone on this team is bigger and stronger. Defensive ends Olivier Vernon and Adewale Ojomo appear very intimidating (especially if you're a quarterback). They combined for 18 tackles for losses and 11 sacks for a loss of 85 yards last season. Expect more in 2011, as UM led the nation in tackles for loss in 2010 and finished ninth nationally in sacks.

"It is important [to be a leader in sacks and tackles for loss],'' Golden said, "but what we’re focusing on is eliminating the explosive plays. We gave up too many long runs and we can’t give up the big-chunk passes. We like to maintain the pressure on the football and pressure on the quarterback, but also couple that with eliminating some of the explosive plays that really hurt us last year.''

Ojomo told me he worked during the summer with Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil, who grew up in Miami. "He was teaching me a lot of things. Coach Swasey, he turned up the notch, a lot of extra running, a lot of extra lifting, so I think it's going to go well. I'm seeing changes in my body type and everything. My speed in the 40 (4.8), I'm hitting 225 (bench press) 25 times (in a row). I'm getting strong. Last year [my 40 time] was bad.''

Here's Ojomo's description of fellow end Olivier Vernon: "He's an animal. He's a beast. If you've ever seen this guy take off his shirt... He's about 270 pounds. He's running like a 4.6 [40], he's doing like 395 pounds on the bench press. He has great fundamentals, great work ethic. He's going to have an amazing season."

For the record, Ojomo (pronounced oh-JO-mo), a 6-4, 265-pound fifth-year senior out of Hialeah High, had 38 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss and five sacks last season. He's the one who is very fiery and emotional on the field. He is the son of a former Nigerian professional soccer player and a Homestead-born certified public accountant. His cousin is former Dolphins linebacker Akin Ayodele, who was with the Buffalo Bills last season.

As for Vernon, he's the quiet giant slayer. "I really don't like talking too much,'' Vernon said Sunday, laughing a bit while being interviewed. "I just like doing what I do and showing by my actions.''

Vernon said the biggest difference from this last year's team to this year's early in camp was "the discipline and want-to. More of us want to get it done in practice. We know what we're doing now. We're in our playbooks every day, every night right before we go to sleep. The coaches influence us to study. They want us to succeed. When we get on the practice field it's like a game. We're ready.''

Vernon's stats in 2010: 10.5 tackles for loss, six sacks and four quarterback hurries.

Vernon's dad is a Miami Beach police officer.

Micanor Regis, whom you might recall got an interception and turned it into an entertaining TD at Duke last season, also looks like a rock. Regis said he's down to 300 from 310 and down from "20 or 22 percent'' body fat to 18 percent now. "I gained a lot of muscle,'' Regis said. "I got thinner, man. Clothes are a little loose.''

Regis also spoke about junior-college transfer Darius Smith, the defensive tackle who transferred from Lackawanna [Junior] College in Scranton, Pa. Smith is listed on the new roster as 6-2 and 360 pounds. He is from New Britain, Conn.

"He brings depth,'' Regis said of Smith. "The defensive tackles, we get banged up, we get hurt, and you need a guy like that who will push you, make us not take days off. who's going to work,too, who's going to challenge you for your spot.''

The UM linemen are calling Smith "The plug, because he plugs up the middle,'' Ojomo said. "Nothing can get through there. Is Smith the biggest guy you've seen out here? Ojomo was asked.

"Yeah, I think so (laughing).''

Can he move? "He can move pretty well. He's like a Vince Wilfork type of guy." (If only he plays like Wilfork, we'll all be calling Golden a genius)

*Speaking of DTs, Golden said Marcus Forston, who is being integrated slowly into preseason camp, did much more on the first day than the coach expected.

*"Forston was a pleasure yesterday to see because he’s ahead of schedule,'' Golden said. "He did just about everything yesterday so that was great. At some point we’ll sit him down and hold him out maybe on a double [session] or hold him out on some periods with contact. But clearly when he’s right he has a chance to be really good and a special one in this league.

''They all love (including the coaches) newcomer Anthony Chickillo, a defensive end who by all accounts is so beyond his years that he should get on the field this season. "Oh! He looks great for a freshman,'' Ojomo said. "When I came in I was 227. He's at 250. He's what he needs to be at this point.''

A Golden quote from today, regarding which jobs are open on the team.

* "I would say 90-percent of the jobs on the team are open,'' he began.

So, whose job is not for sale?

"There are just a couple of guys who are exemplary in their preparation,'' Golden said. "Sean Spence is a guy who comes to mind who is just an incredible competitor. He doesn’t get enough credit for how smart a football player he is. And he’s in great condition. Clearly, he would have to screw that up to not retain his job.''

* Olivier Vernon said Marcus Robinson, a former DE, is now playing linebacker. Robinson could play outside LB in a 3-4 scheme, and DE in the usual 4-3 scheme.

*Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was back again on the practice field with his offensive line group Sunday, getting right in there as they were receiving instruction. He stood next to them, a little bit to the side, but listened to everything OL coach Art Kehoe was shouting (Art doesn't talk) and mimicking their actions. However, he did not practice, and is reportedly set to undergo back surgery tomorrow (Monday).

This is what Golden had to say about Henderson, who lost at least 40 pounds in the offseason:

"Seantrel has placed himself in position where if everything goes well with the surgery he’s not going to have to sit there and lose 40 pounds. He’s ready to go, and that’s a credit to him. I didn’t even recognize him the other day in the team meeting to be honest with you."

Is the surgery tomorrow, Coach? "I’m not going to report on when a young man is having surgery but I’ll let you know post and what the prognosis is.



commit updates from Caneinsider

Jontavious Carter has been busy building relationships with fellow Miami commits ever since he committed in March 2011. He is going to make a big red zone target for the future UM quarterback. He is 6’4 and 200 pounds with a solid build already.

The wide receiver from Cordele (Ga.) Crisp County has developed a strong bond with UM’s wide receivers coach, George McDonald and recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll.

“My wide receivers coach, Coach McDonald and Coach Carroll I would say. Coach Carroll was the first coach that I talked to recruiting wise. When recruiting started coming on and I committed, I went down there where me and Coach McDonald got real close. They are real cool.”

He went on to talk about what the coaching staff expects from him.

“They expect a whole lot out of me,” said Carter. “I have a big target on me right now and they expect a real lot. They expect me to work hard and show out when I get up there.”

Carter, 6-foot-4 and 200, has been developing relationships with a lot of his future teammates as well. He is taking full advantage of Al Golden having 23 commits before the start of the 2011 season.

“As soon as I committed, Gray [Crow] hit me up two days after that. We have been texting and calling each other ever since then. We actually worked out together when I went to camp. He threw some passes to me and I think me and him have a real good relationship. We stay in touch every other day. I am real excited to get down there with him and catch his passes. Me and Angelo [Jean Louis] are pretty close. Vernon Davis, Preston Dewey, a lot of those guys, we stay in touch. We talk about how excited we are to get down there and what we are going to do when we get there. I have a good relationship with a lot of the guys.”

He gave his thoughts on the Miami program under new head coach, Al Golden.

“It’s the ‘Golden Era’, you can’t say anything more. He already has the program started with the 2012 class. We are one of the strongest classes in the country. This year is going to be more of a rebuilding season, but don’t take that as if they are going to have a bad year. They are going to have a great year and we will continue to build from there. We are going to take off and get those rings.”

Duke Johnson is perhaps the most well-known recruiter for Miami. However, as CaneInsider.com gets to know all the commits, we are realizing that Duke is not the only one recruiting. Jordan Watkins, a 6’5, 265-pound defensive tackle out of College Park (Ga.), is at the top of Carter’s recruiting agenda.

“I am trying to get Jordan Watkins,” he said. “Everybody keeps telling me to continue to recruit him. We were down there at the camp together. We had a tour of the campus and I think he really likes it. So, I am going to try and get him down there. He is a big kid and we could really use him down on the D-line. He lives about two hours away from me.”



The original LOF WAS which incoming freshmen and promising sophomores were going to surprise everyone.

The new format is which player regardless of experience is going to make a splash.
Much easier to to pick a proven all conference starter versus someone you haven't seen play a college game.
Times change and sometimes you have to change things up to keep it interesting here Soup did that so I'll support him all the way.

P Dorsett because from his hilites is already better than most of our receivers were as freshmen. He will play.

G Paul because Golden has a mad crush on him and Chick. They will play.


Last night at the Bucs practice, the guys doing punt/kick returns had to hold 3 footballs in one arm while trying to catch the punted/kicked ball with the other ...... then switch it up

Sounds like Coach McDonald has some ideas


12% Bus is Rev'n Up Who's Riding????


Posted by: RCCF | August 07, 2011 at 04:10 PM

Whatever U do don't let Canechic drive, she would prolly crash the 12% bus before Labor Day even gets here. ;-)



Among the new additions to the practice plan this fall are several drills that had the punt returners - Travis Benjamin, Phillip Dorsett, Eduardo Clements, Davon Johnson & Kendal Thompkins - dancing on Sunday morning.

In one drill they had a rolled up towel under each arm while they caught balls. Then they started with their back to the punter and could only turn around on the sound of the kick. Finally, they closed out the session by doing an "up-down" on the snap.

The point of each drill is something that Golden has reiterated hundreds of times. Put the players in adverse situations, see who can overcome and see who becomes a leader both physically and emotionally.



O: Jacory Ima Make Yall Eat those Words Harris
D: Sorry Ima RayRay Guy....tht kid is Nutz..

12% Bus is Rev'n Up Who's Riding????



Willie...not really, because of tradition and because I already have over 30 picks recorded with just the two LOF picks each and I am not starting over at this point.

But if U are HIGHLY motivated and want to send me four picks, 2 for LOF and 2 for Freshman contributors then I will record them as such and we can review them at the end of the season.

BTW...CoCane, VACane, USAgainst, Alph and elliott I have recorded your picks.

Who got next?


You know I think is gonna be a special player thid year. That Darius Smith...6'5 330...kid can be a beast! Backup he will be a Miamis version of Terrance Cody

Posted by: Q | August 07, 2011 at 03:39 PM

I here he is a total BEAST in the weight room.

Willie Will in Nashville in panama city beach


Can we add something new to the LOF, like a freshman on offense and defense that we think will make a impact this year? So each person will have a total of 4 players for their LOF picks



Offense: Miller

Defense: Ray Ray


You know I think is gonna be a special player thid year. That Darius Smith...6'5 330...kid can be a beast! Backup he will be a Miamis version of Terrance Cody

orange 'n green in the vein

This MLB thing might be best solved eliminating the position and going 5-2-4 this year, especially if Dye can go hybrid interior lineman that's too strong for the tackles and too fast for the guards and centers while Futch busts out for his career.



D: Vernon
O: Williams (if eligible. If not, B Ayles)

Tough not to go with Regis, Nicholas, TB, Millar, James, Spence, B Wash, et al.


nice research on previous LOF picks thats a lot of work, you know I know you know.

Posted by: solarcane | August 07, 2011 at 02:00 PM

Thanks U sir! You know, I know, U know.


j.w. #5 is the DT depth. Just my guess though.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 07, 2011 at 02:44 PM

Yeah there is that and the little issue with finding THAT GUY at MLB that still needs to be reolved.


1. solar, the team is too upperclassmen heavy to have both LOF's be freshman this year.

2. Miller isn't a sure thing as he's a charley horse away from screwing all the takers of him up this year IMO.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 07, 2011 at 02:43 PM


Too many experienced players ahead of them. IF Paul gets to play it will be limited. If he starts at MLB because Gaines or Futch can't cut it then we are prolly in worse shape than we can even try to imagine at this point. Dorsett WILL play, and he will likely score and make some BIG plays but again and how much will be determined by those in front of him.


Or IF (God forbid!) LM#6 tweaks an ankle, or a knee or even just reinjures his shoulder that was hurt last year he could be limited in his carries and MJ#5 or EC#23 could get some major PT at RB.

orange 'n green in the vein

j.w. #5 is the DT depth. Just my guess though.

orange 'n green in the vein




They'll play 13 at least this year unless Golden gets fired out of the gate, so you figure 250 yards a game will put the whipping boy on top of the all time passing yardage list if he stays healthy and wins the job. 20 completions or so a game would do it and if he hadn't taken the KO last year he'd only need about 200 a game to take the top spot but he'd be throwing 20 deep prayers a game with no audible options.

solar, the team is too upperclassmen heavy to have both LOF's be freshman this year. Miller isn't a sure thing as he's a charley horse away from screwing all the takers of him up this year IMO.


Thanks, everyone. You guys are really off to a great start with the updates and info. Soup- your #5 on Word on the Street is a little cryptic. :)


Camp Report: Ayles, Byrd Stand Out in Passing Game

Hurricanes wrap up first weekend of fall camp with a Sunday morning practice

Aug. 7, 2011

CORAL GABLES, Fla.-- The first weekend of Canes camp is in the books.

A day after the University of Miami held its first official fall practice, the Hurricanes returned to the Greentree Practice Fields Sunday morning for another high-energy session with new head coach Al Golden directing traffic.

The weather was a little kinder to the Canes on Day Two than it was on Saturday, when the heat index hit triple digits. Today, temperatures stayed in the lower-to-mid 80's as mostly cloudy skies made for more comfortable conditions.

Throughout camp, HurricaneSports.com will highlight some of the best performers in each day's practice. While there are certainly other players who stood out throughout the course of the session, these student-athletes in particular caught our eye.

WR LaRon Byrd - Quarterback Jacory Harris connected with senior receiver LaRon Byrd for three separate first down receptions during the team's two-minute drill. Byrd also made a shoelace grab from the hands of quarterback Stephen Morris and earlier in the day caught a 20-yard touchdown reception from Harris.
TE Blake Ayles - The senior tight end was a favorite target for both Jacory Harris and newcomer Ryan Williams. Ayles caught several passes, including a five-yard touchdown reception from Harris during the team's red zone drills.

DL Adewale Ojomo - The defensive line as a whole was effective in penetrating the offense's backfield, breaking up a reverse while collecting several tackles for loss. Ojomo got good penetration at the line of scrimmage and racked up a five-yard tackle for loss.
DL Marcus Forston - Alongside Ojomo, junior defensive lineman Marcus Forston was also able to break into the offense's backfield on multiple occasions, including racking up a tackle for loss of running back Lamar Miller.

In a sign that the team's attention has shifted entirely to preseason camp, the majority of the Canes who tweet on a regular basis have been noticeably quiet in the social media world the last few days. And it's no wonder. Taking a look at the team's daily schedule, there isn't a whole lot of free time available. Between practice, meals, meetings and film study, the Canes are all in at this point.

There's no ban, just a lot of focused student-athletes in Golden's no-nonsense camp.

Among the new additions to the practice plan this fall are several drills that had the punt returners - Travis Benjamin, Phillip Dorsett, Eduardo Clements, Davon Johnson & Kendal Thompkins - dancing on Sunday morning.

In one drill they had a rolled up towel under each arm while they caught balls. Then they started with their back to the punter and could only turn around on the sound of the kick. Finally, they closed out the session by doing an "up-down" on the snap.

The point of each drill is something that Golden has reiterated hundreds of times. Put the players in adverse situations, see who can overcome and see who becomes a leader both physically and emotionally.


nice research on previous LOF picks thats a lot of work, you know I know you know.

I'm all in with

O. P Dorsett
D. G Paul



Tyler Horn... Ryan Williams interview... about a third in the stream


lof pics:

b. washington: offense

v. telamaque: defense

comeback player:j. harris


I like Rashad's picks! See SOUP, I'm not the only one drinkin the hard stuff!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 07, 2011 at 12:56 PM

The only little problem is that Rashad knows about as much about football as my sliding glass door.

Now don't get me wrong Rashad is a GREAT guy and cool to hang around with and he has some really good skills but they are NOT football related.

U see Rashad, who is more well known by his "Playa" Canespace nickname than his real name, is really good at one thing and one thing only and that is this:


I'm jus sayin...


In 2010 there were NO legends of the Fall at UM. However, 2009 was quite different:

Here are the official Canespace Legends of the Fall for 2009:

Offense: Leonard Hankerson, Jacory Harris, Jason Fox and Jimmy Graham*.

Defense: Brandon Harris, Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Sam Shields*.

Jacory Harris at QB was a no brainer. WR Leonard Hankerson was a huge surprise to most. Jason Fox was steady and reliable and the Canes best and most consistent OL.

Allen Bailey played both DT and DE and was a popular choice among the fans. Brandon Harris was the Hurricanes most improved player and won several post-season accolades. Colin McCarthy was among the Canes leading tacklers and their best LB this season.

Graham and Shields were selected as "Honorary Canespace Legends" not necessarily for burning it up on the field but for their hard work, effort and team orientation that helped Miami win games this year.

As you know, Graham went from being a basketball player to becoming a very good TE in less than six months. Shields changed positions before the season to help the team as he went from being a WR to becoming a starting CB and special teams star. For their unique contributions and special efforts they deserve to be recognized.

The official winners of the Canespace "Legend of the Fall" pre-season selection process are:

ColdCane: Jacory Harris and Brandon Harris

TeflonCane: Leonard Hankerson and Allen Bailey

RandyCane: Jimmy Graham and Colin McCarthy

OrangeandGreenintheVein: Jacory Harris and Allen Bailey

Conch: Jacory Harris and Allen Bailey

SarasotaCane: Jacory Harris and Sam Shields

CoCane: Jimmy Graham and Sam Shields

In the original voting WR LaRon Byrd led the ballots on offense with 26 votes. Jacory Harris was second in the balloting and received 23 votes.

Only six Canespacers voted for 2009 LOF selection WR Leonard Hankerson: ColdCane, Calvin, 360, Rashad, TeflonCane and guest blogger Lamar Thomas. Only four bloggers went out on a limb and voted for honorary selection TE Jimmy Graham: OceanCane, CoCane, Sy-Cane and RandyCane.

Vaughn Telemaque, Eric Moncur and Marcus Forston all received numerous votes on defense yet failed to make the final cut. LB Colin McCarthy led the Canespace LOF selections on defense with 11 votes. UM DE/DT Allen Bailey was second among the defensive selections with 8 votes.

DB Brandon Harris received five votes from Bham, ColdCane, NashvilleCane, Slim32 and SeoulCane.

Surprisingly Canespace honorary selection DB Sam Shields recieved eight pre-season votes from RayChanCanesFan, 323Cane, CanesGirlNC, CoCane, NativeCane, SarsotaCane, Sam Shields Sr. and 86Cane.

Among the former players three had selections that won: Jon Beason selected Jacory Harris, Lamar Thomas chose Hankerson and Don Bailey Jr. voted for McCarthy. Only Steve Walsh who selected Graig Cooper and Sean Spence was shut out.

The media representatives were not as lucky. Manny voted for Kendal Thompkins and Vaughn Telemaque, Shandel chose Graig Cooper and Telemaque and Gary selected Thompkins and Ojomo.

All were all shut out in the selection process. Which just goes to show how difficult the Legend of the Fall selection process really is.

VA Cane

I am going with Jo Jo on D...think he was out of place at safety

B Wash on O....I think he will be an All American....I like the way the young man thinks and acts



1. Rashawn Scott is very raw but damn that kid can ball. I dont know how much he will factor this season because he is so raw but wow is he athletic with good hands. Still have fans asking me why Al took him, amazin what the star system can do to the brain bruh. LOL

2. Just like D'Mauri Jones in this class (2012). Just wait until that kid blows people away next year. He is seriously under-rated by the recruiting sites.


I like Rashad's picks! See SOUP, I'm not the only one drinkin the hard stuff!

PS - Happy Sunday everyone! Just a reminder, we're going in to the hospital tonight to have my baby girl! She should be here late tonight or early tmr! If U see me on here in the next few days, it'll be scarce. But I'll do what I can from iPhone.

VA Cane

Taylor was incredible; wewere very spoiled. He looked like a man among boys. I have friends who say he was a Redskin; No Way!!! He may have played there, but he was all about the U!!!



1. Special teams will change a lot. Al takes that area very serious and was very vocal about it. That sh** will be very physical once those pads get slapped on those boyz.

2. Just my point of view on it but seems like Al would love Blur to take the punt returning job but he needs to earn it.

3. Wale (#97) still messin things up, playah is a terror out there bruh. Boom (#99) saw a little action and more then held his own. Wale was in the backfield all morning long. No pads though but he is looking quick & strong.

4. I heard alot saying they thought Morris looks better then Jacory but I just dont see it bruh. By the way Ryan throws a nice ball.

5. Its all about the pads cause Miami is showing an elephant in the room weakness that pads will either help or uh-oh.


After seeing him ball at the Palm Beach scrimmage. Then, lock sh*t down in the Spring game. My LOF on defense:

JoJo Nicolas

On offense: LaRon Byrd


Windy, Soat, Guru, Playa, Iraqi...I got U!

Who got next?


O: Jacory Harris

D: Marcus Forston

Redemption year for both under a better coaching staff.



raize do we wear green jerseys in ncaa12

Posted by: solarcane | August 07, 2011 at 08:26 AM


No, the default colors are the orange jersey / white pants. But You can change it up if you wish.

I told Ohio last night that J12 stinks in that game so I benched him and start SM17 instead, lol. Hell, even in NCAA J12 is good for 3 picks a game.


Posted by: PlayaCane aka Rashad | August 07, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Well, well, well...look what the cat drug in? LOL

Say hey Playa!



The old days ...about the practices.

PlayaCane aka Rashad

Defense-B. Mcgee


O..LaRon "Ibis the" Byrd
D..Kelvin" I always wanted to be a "Cain

sota cane

Haha sounds good. What's the word on the skreet today?


Sota...welcome to the party. IF U are correct in your picks (they blow up and have a BIG season) then you win all kind of cool prizes: cruises, free air fare, trip to vegas with spending money, season tickets to football games, etc.

Or instead of all those other prizes U can just choose a Canespace T-shirt. Most people just choose the T-shirt.



"At Wake Forest we went through a workout in the morning and we'd be done. Coming here, we have two workouts a day and on top of that, you're working out with NFL guys you grew up watching on television. It goes back to motivation for me. These guys at one point were doing the exactly same things, they were in our shoes, going to classes, and now they're making millions. It's motivation to see that this stuff does pay off, and if you do everything like you're supposed to, you'll reap the benefits one day. There's an awe factor, but it also makes you level-headed seeing those guys."

"Coming to Miami was something I had to ease into. I didn't know much. When everybody sees a new guy, they're always joking with him and stuff like that. So when I first got here I didn't really know anybody. After my first week, though, it was like haymakers going back and forth, and it's been all love since then."

"The U really is a family. I didn't realize how serious it was at first. I used to see guys like Ray Lewis go on television and talk about the brotherhood, talk about how everyone had to do this or that as Hurricanes. I always thought that was just for television. I used to think it was talking for the cameras. When I got here and saw it myself, the NFL players coming back, they're talking to us like we're their teammates. The players are around each other 24/7 and I can say we legitimately don't get tired of each other. We may have our arguments and stuff like that, but it was different at Wake. You had your close-knit friends and all that, but this is different. This is a brotherhood. I could probably call any NFL player right now to talk to him and ask him about press coverage or man-to-man, and the ability to do that right now is something you can't find at any other school. It's something special."


What's the word on Curtis Porter, I haven't heard anything from or about Him...

sota cane

My first time doing lof.
O.Vernon on d.
T.Benjamin on o.


Future Scehdules: Did somebody say Notre Dame?


09/08 - at Kansas State
10/06 - Notre Dame (at Chicago, IL)
10/13 - Bethune-Cookman
11/24 - USF
Home - ACC - NC State, FSU, NC, VA Tech
Away - ACC - Boston College, VA, GA Tech, Duke


09/07 - Florida
11/30 - at USF
Home - ACC - Wake Forest, VA, GA Tech Duke
Away - ACC- NC State, FSU, NC, VA Tech


9/6 - FAMU
09/13 - Memphis
09/20 - at Nebraska
Home - ACC - Clemson, FSU, NC, VA Tech
Away - ACC - Wake Forest, VA, GA Tech, Duke


09/05 - at Toledo
09/19 - Nebraska
09/26 - at Memphis
10/03 - Cincinnati
Home - ACC - Maryland, VA, GA Tech, Duke
Away - ACC - Clemson, FSU, NC, VA Tech


09/03 - Toledo
09/10 - FAMU
10/08 - at Notre Dame


11/25 - Notre Dame


Legends of the Fall:




Steve Spurrier bans twitter??


Moving Clements to RB and Marcus Robinson to LB are good moves. Good depth at Safety and DE, and little depth at RB and LB, Golden said he wants to get the best 22 on the field.

For my LOF, I will not pick someone who is first team all ACC. I think there will be many players to step up this year because I believe this Canes team will have a very special year.

The Canes are very talented at every position, but there are some positions where a single player will have to distinguish himself and become a LOF. Therefore, my LOF will be a WR/TE on offense and a CB/LB on defense.

O: Hurns (Streeter and Clive will also play well)
D: Paul (Buchanon and Jo Jo will also play well)


Marcus Robinson should have never played de! In Shannon We Trusted!


Six...U sticking with Thompkins and Ojomo?


Marcus Robinson has moved from DE to LB

Posted by: solarcane | August 07, 2011 at 08:30 AM

Wow, just WOW!


Lots of good picks being made.

I got Ohio, PBC13, JW, Q, Rock, Houston, Hawaii and UpNorth.

Who got next?



"Clements said Golden also has started a mentoring program for freshmen. Several veterans, Clements said, have been paired with freshmen who they are now responsible for getting to meetings on time and getting settled in at UM."


Steve Gorten
Marcus Robinson has moved from DE to LB


Chris Freet
Swasey matching @GoldenAl expectations RT @sgorten: #USC transfer TE Blake Ayles says the conditioning at #UM has been tougher than at USC


raize do we wear green jerseys in ncaa12


j w,
Good pick on Mike James. He might be the team MVP on offense. He can run, he can catch, he can block, he is a leader, and he can coach up guys.


My Lof's

Jacory heisman harris


Ray ray all day armstrong


….As he did at Temple, Golden said he will wear a shirt and tie on the sideline.

Posted by: solarcane | August 06, 2011 at 11:20 PM


I could have told you that a couple weeks ago. He is sporting a jacket and tie on NCAA 2012.... LOL


Great stuff, everyone! Thanks for letting me catch up on everything that happened in just a few minutes.
Mike James (I see him as our Goal Line/ 3rd down back who moves the cahians and scores 10 TD)
Micanor Regis (It's his time to shine with Fortson next to him)



Offense - LaRon Byrd
Defense - Vaughn Telemaque

Da U N Houston

I'll go with
Bryd on O
Futch on D


Thanks for deleting the comment and thanks for the interview, i wish i was in miami so i could interview guys myself.


I picked K.Thompkins and A.Ojomo the past 2 years straight

If that's not taking a chance, I dunno what is .. and damn how disappointing it was as well


D'Onofrio: Calming sort. And on and on ... everyone on staff brings different perspective.

Posted by: solarcane | August 06, 2011 at 09:50 AM


Whoa. D'Onofrio is the "calming sort" according to that guy?

If this is how Coach D is calm, you gotta be kidding me when he's jacked up ...

Check from 1:18 - 1:35 and just listen, watch and see how freaking crazed Coach D is


Love it


Damn Solar, I was watching ST at the U highlights to, except I was watching this one:


They can talk about Reed,Lewis,Vilma,etc., but ST was the greatest defender to ever wear that U on His helmet, END OF DISCUSSION!


man nobody misses NativeCane more than I do, lol!

I'm out have a great Sunday gang


….As he did at Temple, Golden said he will wear a shirt and tie on the sideline.


Lamar Miller told ESPN this summer that he expects to total 150 yards every 10 carries. Asked what he would total per 10 carries, Mike James said: “I’ll probably be right behind him at 135 [yards].”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/06/2348450/miami-hurricanes-feel-a-sense.html#ixzz1UJFWYu3Z


• Clements said Golden also has started a mentoring program for freshmen. Several veterans, Clements said, have been paired with freshmen who they are now responsible for getting to meetings on time and getting settled in at UM.

“I have to take a freshman, somebody who doesn’t know anything, get to know them, take them around, make sure they get to meetings on time,” said Clements, who is paired with freshman linebacker Denzel Perryman. “In the meetings, [Golden] will call on us, tell us to stand up and [ask] us what we know about our mentees. It’s supposed to last all year.”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/06/2348450/miami-hurricanes-feel-a-sense.html#ixzz1UJFKguPl


Sean Taylor's career hilites at the U
Makes you smile and cry at the same time



Offense-Asante Cleaveland
Defense-Ramon Buchanon


UM football | First day of fall camp

Wanted: Hurricanes' receiver(s) to fill void left by Hankerson

With Leonard Hankerson in the NFL, Hurricanes coach Al Golden will be looking at a number of players to fill his role as the team’s go-to receiver.


The University of Miami finally found its go-to receiver.

And now he’s gone.

As the invigorated Hurricanes cut through the thick, humid air onto Greentree Field early Saturday to open preseason football camp, it was evident the closest-to-a-sure-handed-savior was still a mystery to be unraveled.

So, who, if anyone, will take the place of departed star and new Washington Redskin Leonard Hankerson? Coach Al Golden, surrounded by a thick crew of reporters, said darned if he knows.

“I think everybody would like one guy to step up,” Golden said. “I’m anxious to see. Is it going to be Byrd? Is it going to be Benjamin? Is it going to be Hurns? Is it going to be Streeter? I don’t know who it’s going to be, but I’m anxious to see if one guy can separate himself from the pack.”

The nationally heralded wide receivers who made their entrance in 2008 all have grown up — LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson and even redshirt juniors Tommy Streeter, Davon Johnson and Kendal Thompkins. Now, joined by sophomore Allen Hurns and highly regarded incoming freshmen Phillip Dorsett and Rashawn Scott, they each want to fill the void left by “Hank.”

Hankerson broke the school record for season receiving yards with 1,156 on a team-high 72 receptions. His 13 receiving touchdowns broke Michael Irvin’s record of 11 set in 1986. His career numbers: 2,160 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns on 134 receptions.

“You don’t need one dominant guy,” said quarterback Jacory Harris, when asked Saturday if he needed a new go-to guy. “You need a whole corps of good guys. And that’s what we have here down to the last person.’’

UM’s second-leading receiver in 2010, Benjamin, is a 5-10, 175-pound speedster known as the “Blur from Belle Glade.” He set career-highs in receptions (43) and receiving yards (793), but also had his share of misery. He regularly made unfathomable catches, then at times, had unbelievable drops in between. Former coach Randy Shannon blamed him more than once for not doing a good enough job fighting for rainbow-like balls that were intercepted or for running the wrong routes.

“The hardest part of being a receiver is focusing,” Benjamin said in a recent interview for a UM profile. “You have to do everything at once, and everything has to be on point.”

Byrd, 6-4 and 222 pounds, said he believes UM’s new offense will afford more opportunities for receivers and running backs alike. Byrd had three touchdowns his freshman season but only one apiece in each of the past two.

“I just didn’t execute enough last season, but this summer the intensity level was completely different,” said Byrd, who changed his number from the 47 of Irvin to 2 in memory of his cousin, who was shot and killed in 2009.

Tommy Streeter, 6-5 and 215 pounds, is another Cane striving to break out. As a Miami Northwestern High senior in 2007, he caught 36 passes for 676 yards and 11 touchdowns — including three in a nationally televised showdown against Southlake Carroll in Texas. But torn ligaments in Streeter’s right wrist, coupled with “a bone out of place,” required surgery a week before his freshman season, causing him to redshirt.

Streeter, who also has changed his number — from 86 to 8 to start anew — finally nabbed his only catch of 2010 and first career touchdown in the Sun Bowl, a 42-yarder from Stephen Morris. He was timed in the 40-yard dash last year in a blazing 4.3 seconds.

“It’s been a long summer, and it’s finally time to take that next step,” Streeter said Saturday. “I don’t think we have to make up for Hankerson’s absence. We have big guys, small guys, slashy-quick guys who can take short passes the distance. We have good body position guys. We’re an all-around corps.

“I consider myself a deep threat, a big red-zone target.”

Also on the horizon: the Baby Canes, who apparently took charge during the summer.

“Rashawn and Phillip have really thrown a wrench into the mix,” Golden said, “because I don’t think anybody was counting on them to be as mature and as intelligent and [being able to] pick up the offense as quickly as they have out here in 7-on-7s.

“Just talking to those two young men, they’re driven.

“I don’t know how it’s going to shake out in camp, but I’m really excited about that group.”


"see the Truth... I get it Lamar... Truth

Hell yea I'm bitter, you wait til I post honest to goodness LOF candidates that have to prove by their FUTURE play I'm right and you decide an All ACC player can qualify as your guy cause he lived in the same neighborhood you did.
Like I said you own the ball you change the rules,
But now I got
Spence,Dorsey,Hendricks, and Jimmy Johnson !!!


U drinking the HARD stuff?

Posted by: SOUP | August 06, 2011 at 08:58 PM

U can vault the McGee part too if u'd like. I don't wanna have to say I TOLD U SO! Lol


you can't voted for Sean Spence because hes already known as a great player but you can vote for Lamar because nobody knows he's that good???

Posted by: solarcane | August 06, 2011 at 08:48 PM


Your narrow focus and constant bittterness never lets U see the Truth even when it slaps U in the face.

How do U constantly miss the target when it is standing right in front of U? Close your eyes and...


Honorable Mention - Brandon McGee (just cuz I think he's gonna break out)

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 06, 2011 at 07:58 PM

U drinking the HARD stuff?


The Canes will score atleast 4 td's on special teams.Over/Under anyone?

Posted by: 4-Real | August 06, 2011 at 07:31 PM

I got the OVA on dat!


Torretta rates Lamar Miller as UM’s one skill position player with “elite” talent, but said he needs more chances to be an elite player. “The guy can break records here,” former Canes back Damien Berry said.

"Miller, who averaged 6.0 yards on 108 rushes in 2010, even received two preseason votes for ACC Player of the Year. “

you can't voted for Sean Spence because hes already known as a great player but you can vote for Lamar because nobody knows he's that good???


Armstrong, Forston, Benjamin among Hurricanes trying to take step from good to great

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/06/2348266/armstrong-among-hurricanes-with.html#ixzz1UIcalTS8


susan/ manny

McDermott, Futch eager to push for starting jobs

CORAL GABLES -- Redshirt freshman Shane McDermott, a U.S. Army All-American out of high school, spent all of last season on the scout team.

But after impressing coach Al Golden this summer (and a back injury to tackle Seantrel Henderson that has had a ripple effect on the offensive line), McDermott could end up playing a lot more than anticipated, perhaps even starting at center.

"There's a reason I signed with the University of Miami - because I want to start for the University of Miami," said McDermott, who has bulked up from 265 to 295 in one season.

"I just kept working, not worrying about what [Tyler Horn's] doing. Me working hard will make Tyler better, my team better. Either Tyler's going to get better or I'm going to beat Tyler out. That's how championship teams are born, from competition."

McDermott says he's taken the mindset that "it's my job to lose."

"I told myself, `Listen, I just have to keep on working, keep on doing what I'm doing - waking up early, studying the playbook more, keep on pushing.' I know all that hard work will pay off."

McDermott said former offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland saw him as "a true center," but current coach Art Kehoe, "thinks I can play guard and center." McDermott took his first snaps at guard in college during the spring game, but has experience playing all over the offensive line in high school.

"It's really cool not having to make all the line calls - it's nice because that's mostly where I played [guard] in high school," McDermott said. "It's a nice comfort zone."

McDermott said he maxed out at 360 pounds in the bench last year and benches 400. In the squat he pushes 465 pounds, and he is up to 286 pounds from 275 in the power clean.

> McDermott's roommate during the season will be sophomore offensive lineman Brandon Linder. The two are very much into fishing and caught 26 lobsters last week during mini-season here in South Florida.

"We used a bully net with spotlights," McDermott said. "We caught 17 in the morning and when the sun came up we dove for another nine. We split it up. Me and a couple guys ate it at the house. We have fish fries on the offensive line every week. Every week we have a fish fry out our house."

> Of tackle Seantrel Henderson's upcoming back surgery, McDermott said, "It's sad to hear about that, really was a blow to us. But I know Seantrel will be back and working hard as soon as he's ready to do that. We have other people that just have to step up." McDermott said Henderson, who was out at practice watching Saturday, is "encouraging us and everything. His attitude toward it is great."

FUTCH HAS EYES SET ON MIDDLE LINEBACKER JOB: Most of Jordan Futch's career at the University of Miami has been marred by tragedy (the death of his brother) or injury (he played in only 5 games each season as a freshman and sophomore).

But now that he's a senior, the 6-4, 240-pound linebacker is ready to put that all behind him and have a season to remember.

"I want to be the University of Miami's starting middle linebacker. I want to help this team win and with guys like Sean [Spence] and [Ramon] Buchanan next to me and coaches like [defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio and [linebackers coach Micheal Barrow], there's no reason I can't be successful," said Futch, who will compete with sophomore James Gaines, incoming freshman Gionni Paul and sophomore Kelvin Cain for the starting middle linebacker job.

"I think everybody has a chip on their shoulder, especially me. I think that's something I learned from Ray Lewis [when he spoke to us a few months ago]. He always played with a chip on his shoulder. My chip is real heavy. So, I'm ready to get this monkey off my back and ball out."

Futch has 12 career tackles -- six last year after playing in 12 games, mostly on special teams. He shined brightly in the first of three team scrimmages last spring, leading the team with nine tackles and two sacks. He had six tackles and two sacks in the second scrimmage, including a big hit on former tailback Storm Johnson.

"Competition is fierce. Jimmy Gaines isn't going to lay down. He's a great kid and he's going to push me to be the best," Futch said.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/08/mcdermott-futch-eager-to-push-for-starting-jobs.html#ixzz1UIWzRsZk


All white uniforms on all road games this year

Return of the STORMTROOPERS!


Dave Hyde

Sun Sentinel Columnist


Everything sounds so simple about his plan. Honor tradition. Build team unity. Play aggressively. Hit on the first drill in practice to get the juices going. These are ideas every football coach in America believes.

Only early Saturday morning, on the edge of his first practice field, you see again why the University of Miami hired Al Golden.

Dave Hyde

"We were 119th in penalties, 117th in turnovers and last in red-zone offense,'' he says. "That's a factor of discipline."

That can be fixed, too. That's how his mind ticks. He arrived to his job interview with a 300-page, spiral-bound book he wrote with a cover in Miami reading, "Deserve Victory."

Eight months later, Golden has organized problems and accompanying solutions into simple, declarative sentences. Ask him about one. Any one. Quarterback Jacory Harris, for example.

"He needs to cut his turnovers in half,'' Golden says.

How does he do that?

"Trust the offense and don't freelance," he says.

Isn't that it? Weren't those wild, home-run hopes Harris kept throwing for a staggering, school record of 39 career interceptions his primary problem? And one of this program's problems, too?

Here's what is different, though. There's a plan if Harris doesn't change, too. Stephen Morris. The two are locked in a quarterback battle that will be the talk of the Hurricanes until the Maryland opener.

But then everyone is in a job battle if you listen to the coaches. Even senior center Tyler Horn, as solid a lineman as Miami has, is being pushed by a talented freshman, Golden says.

Competition, you see, is another part of the grand plan. It's smart, too. Of course, having a plan is one thing. Coaching it to wins is another. Mike Tyson had the great line about everyone having a plan until getting punched in the face.

Still, it's interesting, the two tacts the two newest coaches at the state's big programs are taking. Florida made it easy on Will Muschamp. His background is defense, so it went and hired the ultra-experienced Charlie Weis to run the offense.

It then did something just as smart. It ratcheted down expectations by saying the inherited talent level isn't up to Florida's standards, whispering to media that Urban Meyer left the cupboard empty. Another benefit to Muschamp, if everyone buys in.

Miami doesn't have the money to buy a Weis. It has two young, seemingly talented coordinators who nonetheless haven't been coordinators at this level. Nor is Golden ratcheting down expectations. He wants them high.

"When the university president says she wants this school to be No. 1 at everything, it wouldn't make any sense for me to say our goal is less than the ACC championship,'' Golden said.

For the past eight months, Golden has smoothed over some off-field issues Randy Shannon had. Don't read that wrong. Shannon did the two things he was hired to do well: Have players graduate and clean up Miami's image.

Someone should have told him he needed to win 10 games to keep his job. Golden, to that end, has reconnected with local high schools, won over local media, scoured the college version of the waiver wire for transfers and encouraged past Hurricanes to talk to current ones.

"Ray Lewis, Phillip Buchanon, Ray Bellamy, Andrew Johnson, Michael Irvin, …'' linebacker Brandon Futch says of the alums who have talked to the team.

Honor tradition. That's part of the plan. And everything is in place for this to work as Golden stepped on the field Saturday for his first drills with special-team players.

"Get your feet set,'' he told kickoff returners waiting for the ball to come down. "Stagger your feet. … Load … Look the ball in. Now go!"

Can Golden coach? We're about to find out. All we know so far is he has a plan. And a good one at that.

Copyright © 2011, South Florida Sun-Sentinel


notes from today

Miami Hurricanes training camp off to a Golden start
'Canes held their first fall practice Saturday
By Steve Gorten, Sun Sentinel

6:46 p.m. EDT, August 6, 2011
CORAL GABLES — Marcus Forston won't participate in drills the first days of training camp as he continues to rehab after knee sugery this spring.

Still, the junior defensive tackle admits he was still a little anxious for the Hurricanes' first practice Saturday, which is why he was still awake in his hotel room the night before while roommate Luther Robinson was sound asleep.

The 'Canes began their first fall camp under first-year coach Al Golden and eight new assistants — only linebackers coach Micheal Barrow is a holdover from last season — at about 8:20 a.m. Saturday, and the mood was what you'd expect for a team ready for a fresh start after a 7-6 record in 2010.

"All the conditioning, the running that we did, I'm very happy just to be back to football," linebacker Sean Spence said before practice.

"I'm very excited," running back Mike James said. "It's showtime."

Practice was up-tempo and Golden was active during the 15 minutes the media was allowed to watch. He moved from one position group to another, evaluating and coaching. Players wore jerseys and shorts — the first day with pads will be Wednesday, Golden said.

"There's a sense of urgency in the building," Golden said before practice. "The guys know we have to get a lot done in a short period of time, so we're excited about that. I know personally I am just to get back on the field.

"I think we're in good condition. The strength staff and [Andreu Swasey] have done a great job as far as physical conditioning. I'm more worried about the competitive toughness, the mental toughness, getting to the point where we enjoy the grind, where we not just survive, but we try to execute every day.

"That's what we have to see. We didn't really see that [in the spring]."

Of how much hitting the Hurricanes will do this preseason, Golden said, "We're going to be a physical team, we're not going to relent on that, but we're going to be a smart team."

He added, "We're going to isolate a lot of the physical aspects of the game so we don't get anybody banged up."

The Hurricanes checked into a nearby hotel Friday and will stay there throughout camp because on-campus housing is unavailable for part of it. Players are required to get to practice on their own. Those without cars need to get a ride from a teammate. Golden said he believes the accomodations will benefit the team.

"Everybody's having snacks, doing things we haven't done together, studying the playbook," Golden said. "Having a roommate that they might not know about is something this program at this time needs. Whether we need it moving forward, I don't know, but we need it now."

The hotel beds are comfy, Forston said, but this is hardly a luxury stay. Asked if players brought video games with them, he answered, "We came there for one reason and that's to get better: books and ball."

As for high expectations in his first year as UM's coach, Golden said, "I'm not worried about it. Those expectations come at the University of Miami. That's why I wanted to come."

sgorten@tribune.com. Follow him on Twitter @sgorten


IIRC, this years LOF for me will be the exact same as last year.

Offense - LM6
Defense - Ray Ray
Honorable Mention - Brandon McGee (just cuz I think he's gonna break out)


Fox sports

Battle-tested Jacory Harris

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — In a large part of Miami's African-American community Jacory Harris is the most high-profile quarterback in the city, bigger than Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne

Harris is one of them. He's real. They can touch him.

"Jacory is just Jacory," University of Miami linebacker Sean Spence said of his high school and college teammate.

"Everybody still loves him in the community. Everywhere he goes guys still come up to him and ask him for his autograph."

But Harris, who led Miami Northwestern High School to the mythical national championship, the kid who was briefly hyped for the Heisman Trophy two years ago, might not even win the starting job at The U this fall. The senior is locked in a battle with sophomore Stephen Morris, who many view at the Hurricanes' savior.

It's a storyline you see all the time in college football — the local kid, a good kid, tries to deliver the national title to the local university. And you pull for that local kid, that good kid, even though he might not be the right man for the job. This is one of those stories.

As the 'Canes (7-6 last season; picked to finish second in the ACC Coastal Division this season) took the field Saturday for their first practice of the fall, first-year coach Al Golden called the quarterback battle a "dead heat."

That's because Harris carries the label that will ultimately sink any quarterback: mistake-prone. Last season he had 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. And many of them were "What is he thinking?!" interceptions. That was the case in last year's 36-24 loss to Ohio State. Harris threw four interceptions as the 12th-ranked Hurricanes were embarrassed by the second-ranked Buckeyes.

Golden said "I want to see him reduce his interceptions by half," later adding Harris needs to "just stay with the program and don't freelance."

As a sophomore Harris had 24 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. In the opener at 18th-ranked Florida State, Harris passed for an electrifying 386 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another touchdown to lead Miami to a shocking 38-34 upset victory.

"Coach Golden, when we first talked he was like he wants to see the Jacory from my sophomore year," Harris said, "and that's all we talked about."

Harris had fun playing football in his sophomore year, a time when anything was possible, even with 17 interceptions.

"That's one thing about Jacory," Spence said. "He can throw two interceptions and come back and throw three touchdowns."

Morris, on the other hand, is more prudent, more deliberate. He doesn't make as many ill-advised passes as Harris. And he makes plays. He started the last four games of the season and led rousing comeback victories against Maryland and Virginia.

Oh, yeah, he's also local. He attended Miami Pace High School. And he's also African-American.

Harris has a lot riding on his battle with Morris. He carries hopes and dreams for a lot of people. But so far he hasn't delivered on those dreams everyone else had for him. He hasn't led UM to a national title, an Atlantic Coast Conference title or a 10-win season. This is his last chance.

"I'm not doing this just for me," he said.

An entire community, an entire university, is hoping for a big year.

"I do put the community on my back," he said. "Everything that the community has done for me whether it's at Northwestern (High School) or here at the University of Miami, I put it on my back and I carry it with me."

Harris, who has been a good sport about his competition with Morris, steadily maintains there's no pressure. And he might be right. He doesn't seem to feel pressure. At the same time he doesn't seem to learn from his on-field mistakes. That's why he might not be the right man for the job.

Still, you can't help rooting for Harris.


JOJo and Blake are my picks towars the old picks


This year Soup has tweaked the TILT mechanism so you can use anyone.
You might go with Ken Dorsey and Ray Lewis just to have a cushion though.


according to the old rules..I will go with..

O: Streeter
D: Futch

Those are my picks if the rules change lol

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