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October 30, 2011



Is it?


yes it is....FIRST!!!!



1. ON GRUDEN: I told fools a ton of times that Jon wasnt the big part of it. It was Jay, hes the one that was on and around campus, hes the one that walked into the gym, hes the one that was out on the town those few days not f n Jon.

2. ON CANECHIC: Now if I recall thats the same blogger that has to always say she is right and can never admit wrong. Oh yeah, almost forgot shes the greatest Miami fan of alltime but Canes will never win again. Bruh, I have love for Miami fans, they were and are still great to me but fans like that are freaked out clowns.

3. ON CANESPACE: Goons told me you actually had a blogger come in and rap about the article, bout time someone showed it love. When a Cane no matter what sport gets that ultimate prize they deserve the love. Props to you for keepin Cane greatness out there.

4. CANESPACE X2: When failure needs to be said you do it cause ballahs are failing and they deserve to have their play called out. Respectful to show love to success. Thats why Canespace has love here.

5. ON RECRUITING: On Al's 1st class, Miami does not get Denzel, Gionni, Dallas, Fins, Grimble, Ryan, RaShawn(he will be a ballah peeps), Olsen, Ricardo or Eddie without Al. Dem some straight up facts there.

6. ON SHANNON: I love Onion, played for him but playah told key high schools not to bother him that he will let them know if he wants them. Miami would have TeddyB here and never Ryan. Not a wise move. As much hate as Jacory has been showed, the ballah is far better then TeddyB.

7. ON LOYALTY: I dont get why Onion is still in hate mode with Prez D. Hes the one that that blew his chance as HC here. Like yapped before I know the Onion played for him when he was DC and he still wont take calls from us ballahs, goons or peep around the hood to check on any ballahs. Dat ain't right.

Sarasota 'cane




Next monday will be the 5th year since my boi Big Daddy Pata died. This is a very tough week cause I loved that ballah with all my heart and hes no longer here.

Big Daddy was a brother to me and looked out for everyone all the time. Ballah could always make us laugh no matter what was going on around here. He was that guy that we all went to when we needed advice bout things. Big Daddy Pata was much more then a teammate he was a brother, son and more importanly a great leader in the community.

He was always trying to help these hood kids learn that there is a way out and better yourself. Man I really miss my dawg and to this day still look up the heavens asking 95 to guide me through both the good and bad times.

His heart was as big as he was bruh. His dream was always to be a Hurricane and made sure to let others know the honor of being part of the Miami family was about. He seemingly never had a bad day and had a great love for life.

I could go on forever about my dawg bruh. I just really miss my boi and hope he is at peace and looks down with pride on his positive effects he has on us.

The U of Miami really is about 1 love and always will be.

And we luv Big Daddy Pata...


Pata, man. Well said Skreetz.


I can't stop reading this "x > Tebow" thread.



Posted by: Hermosa Cane | October 30, 2011 at 09:50 PM

Still going on. Hilarious.

Willie Will in Nashville

How long does it take a new weight program to actually kick in?

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 30, 2011 at 04:39 PM

One year for player "buy in" and three years for FULL effect is what Swasey told me when I asked.

I asked for Hassan but was not granted an interview with him YET.

Posted by: SOUP | October 30, 2011 at 08:46 PM

So you mean to tell me that we have 2 more years of being weak?

Willie Will in Nashville


Is the Pata investigation still going on?

orange 'n green in the vein


Posted by: Hermosa Cane | October 30, 2011 at 09:50 PM

Still going on. Hilarious.

Posted by: Felipe | October 31, 2011 at 01:54 AM

Still going on, good for at least four LOL's a minute.


There really is only one person here who is concerned with being right. I explained it was all on the business level regarding the RS firing decision. But whatever you don't bother to read so why try to explain! You enjoy giving me Hell, while there are many other who say some of the same things....so again whatever!

I liked Randy thought he was not treated properly toward the end, my opinion and I am not ashamed. What has Golden proved really? Just about as much as Randy did in his first year? So that means he is the right guy? Why because we need him to be that we ignore all his faults? Haven't cane fans been down this road a few times before?

I continue to be right with some predictions (mostly from hunches) been wrong about a few. Wish I was right about having the ability to win out because I like winning!! Many other fans feel the same why I do and they just don't blog anymore because they get called names for their opinions. This is just football, we are just fans and you know what the team we love is pretty sucky right now. Yes I said it they stink......oh know I am sure this means according to your holy fan authority that I am not a cane fan.....Whatever dude!!!

And you can kiss my grits!!!!!

Happy Halloween blogging, enjoy patting each other on the @ss with all you same opinions!!!!!

P.S. The Streetz guys is just ridiculous and borderline racist!

(now the blog should explode with hate against cane chic)




I got love for Canechic :) lol


So you mean to tell me that we have 2 more years of being weak?

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 31, 2011 at 02:20 AM

As a TEAM one to two more years, YES.

Of course individually there are more significant gains in years one and two from specific players that fall into two general categories:

1. Players who were always gym rats on their own and now have a more regimented program to follow and better supervison and monitoring of specific goals to work towards.

2. Players who finally are mature enough to "get it" and dream of playing at UM and the NFLU and place football, working out and mental and physical toughness above playing video games, partying at clubs and skirt chasing.

The other crucial step is to recruit kids who are mature, responsible and dedicated to football and working out. Not prima-donna athletetes who dominated in HS and then think they can coast in college football on the same strength and talent that led them to being recruited in the first place.

I think that Golden understands this concept better than Shannon did, but only time will tell in years 3-4 of his tenure.


Canechic...U had me at hello. LOL


Just one question: Are U gonna dress up as Chucky?


Happy Halloween!

Beat down Duke!!!!!!!!!


Happy Halloween Canespace!

Can't wait to enjoy it after work with my baby girl! Her first Halloween!

Old Skool

The curse of the Gators continues: Fins lose again.


24-21 Canes


Canechic...U know we go way back and we have a good time going back and forth on the blog and agree to disagree about most things but I have to call you out for ONE thing where U crossed the line:


I can't believe that you would stoop to that level and use the word racist which is one of the strongest and most offensive words being thrown around was too loosely today simply when someone does not agree with your position or opinion.

It is shameful and embarassing that you would resort to those tactics to win a simple argument about football.

Shame on you Canechic, shame on you.


Better yet I'll let DA SKREETZ tell U himself:

1. Yo bruh, had an email this mornin showing a post by the canelady. I respect every fans opinion and nobody is going to agree on everything. That lady has gone and lost her f n mind bruh. She got the nerve to call me a racist? What the f is wrong with that lady? Yo bruh just bustin out my word here but she went to far with the word racist. WTF does she know about racism?

2. Maybe lady says sh$# for attention but lady needs to chill with racist talk bruh. Im a black man, you aint ever heard me bitch bout anything racist. Never not greeted a fan based on color, sexuality or anything but lady is quick to call someone against her a racist, wow just wow.

3. Ever walked with the goons and have white peeps avoid walkin by U that dont know U then find out we played at Miami and all of a sudden come up and want to yap with you about Miami football. Sh$# happens all the time but never did we not take time to shake hands or talk with em bruh.

4. Love Canespace bruh but thats a bullsh$# post, sh$# like that goin to run off readers here bruh I know dat as fact. Its your blog and props for how you keep it real and I guess you have to let fools speak out. Just that post was fu&$ed up. Im up to 5 emails bout dat post.

5. I always stress to peeps to not read posts if they get worked up bout sh$# said. I might add that dem emails came from peeps of all skin colors dat are pizzed about reading that word comin from a blogger and its from a lady who says shes a fan of Miami. Damn straight im bothered by dat comment, shows someones true ignorance.


Behind the Facemask: Marcus Robinson

Against All Odds

Marcus Robinson | Defensive Line | Senior | Homestead, Fla.

"I’m a Miami Hurricane because I grew up watching this university and I always wanted to come and play here. It was my dream from my childhood. I love the tradition and brotherhood here.

When those NFL guys come back and you’re in there working out alongside them, it is special. If they see something wrong and they correct you, it’s very touching for someone like that to take the time. This is a special place. A brotherhood.

The defensive line is the Dog Pound. I feel like the defensive line controls the whole game for the defensive backs and the linebackers because if you don’t have a good defensive line your linebackers won’t be much and your secondary won’t be much. I feel like it’s a big part for the other parts of the defense.

I was raised in a Goulds, Fla., in a place that everyone called Chocolate City. The reason they called it Chocolate City was because it was a community for the blacks. I was raised there with seven of my brothers and five of my sisters. I have two younger twin brothers, one younger brother and one younger sister. Some people think we’re triplets because we all look alike.

What most people don’t know about me is that I’m a very good person and a very caring person.

The Golden Era is going to be a very good era. It’s a whole different atmosphere, different coaching and it isn’t just about playing football. He came to help us mature into young men and wants to help you off the field more so than on the field. He’s a real genuine person.

The legacy I want to leave here is when people ask about me, all I want them to say is “he played hard on every play and he gave it everything he had.”

When I was six years old, I had a very bad temper. I had no friends; I couldn’t be around my brothers because if I would lose at something all I wanted to do was fight. I spent a lot of days in what my parents called “time-out”—isolated. Going into ninth grade, I was still fighting and that got me kicked out of South Ridge and I ended up having to move to Homestead and go to Homestead Senior High and played there. I moved in with one of my older brothers. Time changes things, and as I grew up, I mellowed out.

If I wasn’t playing football, most likely I would be working on somebody’s 9-5. I probably would have thought about college, but I wouldn’t have been into it like I am now.

When I played football as a kid, I pretended to be Ray Lewis. I wanted to emulate his game. I’d watch him and it seemed like all he wanted to do was hit people hard and make faces. I wanted to make people feel me on the field. When he came to speak to the team, it was an unbelievable experience. It was unreal and I felt like I had stepped out of my body. I wasn’t even a player anymore. I turned into another dude; I was a kid all over again. To see your role model come and speak and talk about the things he went through really touched me.

The song on my iPod that no one would believe is a lot of old school stuff. I like to listen to old school music before games. It sends me to another place.

My mom. Wow, I can’t talk about her without getting teary-eyed. She means so much to me and I’ve watched her and she always gave it her all every day. She was always a hard worker and she did everything she could to support us each and every day. She never wanted us to see her down. She made sure that all of us kids knew to give it our all every day, no matter what.

I’m very close to my father. We became close because all of the time I spent in “time out” he was there. Everyone would go on a nice trip for the weekend and he, in a way, was punished with me because he couldn’t go since I had to stay home. We have a real tight bond. He’s my dad, but more like a big brother to me. I can go and talk to him about anything. He was the first one to tell me to play football so that I could take my anger out on the field.

My hidden talent is basketball. I can play and I love to play. I love watching Kobe Bryant play.

I started playing football when I was eight or nine years old. I loved it because I could hit people and not get in trouble for it. Well, I had to learn when to hit people. I remember when I was younger this dude put on his pads and I put on my pads and I just ran into him. I didn’t know I had to wait on the whistle. So the coaches had to explain to me to wait on the whistle, to play between the whistles and that’s when I really started learning the game. I learned a lot from that experience.

The best advice I ever got from someone was my high school coach. He always told me not to waste any time. He said that I had the ability to get out of the projects, but not to waste it all. I was still going through a phase in high school where I did not believe in myself, in my talent or in my coaches. I was still fighting and getting into trouble. He told me all of that was just wasting my time and getting in the way of me going to college and getting a degree.

If I could possess a superpower, it would be the ability to fly. I just want to fly all over the world and see things that I’ve never seen before.

What keeps me motivated every day is knowing that my parents can walk around and be proud of me. They were always told that I would never amount to anything. I see them every day and they’re so proud that I play for the University of Miami and that I’m getting my college education. That makes me want to work harder. My mom is probably the loudest person in the stands on game day.

Running through the smoke is a reminder of how blessed I am."




calGary Cane

I don't get guys who think that Al is not the guy to lead us to the promised land because of one lousy game.

Yeah, Virginia was a real crap game because both the OL and DL didn't show up. As I understand it, the OC and DC makes the calls during the game... unless the head coach intervenes. I don't know, but it don't look like Al intervenes much in the game...except to be excited when his guys do well.

Head coaches set the tone of the program, the culture, the standards. Head coach is overall responsible for the team as he hires the other coaches. Head coach is heavily but indirectly responsible for recruiting as recruits have to believe in him.

Before the season started, the consensus here was that the D was in trouble... young, inexperienced and undersized. So it's come true... I don't think any other coach could have done any better.

I reserve my judgement of Al for another 2 years... but as it goes so far, I think he can bring us to the promised land.


Canechic will wear angry's Army boots for halloween!


Milian - ESPN has UM going to either Military Bowl (vs. Western Michigan) or the Independence Bowl (vs. Air Force). Make your toes tingle?


1. canechic is my favorite blogger. She's keepin' it real.
2. DA SKREETZ is cool too! He always has good insights, even if it sometimes takes a while to translate them into college-level English.
3. Ohio_Cane provides the best info. When he gives us something new, its fresh and VERY reliable.

THANKS! The CANES may not be doing well (yet again). But CANESPACE is still NUMBER ONE!



Q: Lamar’s workload is heavier than it’s ever been. Last year he had 108 carries; he has over 143 this year with a third of the season still to go. Do you think maybe he’s worn down some?

A: “I think that’s fair. But also if you recall I said he really didn’t start understanding or appreciating or recognizing how important it is to be in incredible condition as an elite tailback until after spring ball. You’re not talking about someone that’s been working out at an elite level in the off-season for two or three years. You’re talking about really May, June, July, August. It served him really well, I’m glad he made that approach. I’m certain he knows now what we’re talking about in terms of his body being his biggest investment – especially at running back, the things he needs to do to prepare himself. To answer the larger question, yeah I’m concerned about everyone’s health. It’s seven straight games, then a short week. I was concerned about it, I was concerned about transitioning from Georgia Tech to Virginia, and I’m concerned about our health and our fatigue.


Ohio Cane, you have to be kidding, Right??



Q: The defense has produced minimal sacks and turnovers in the four losses. There were none of either against Virginia. How big of a factor is that?

A: “I’ve said it all along. I don’t pull any punches on who we are right now, especially on defense. If we don’t take the ball away, play really good red zone defense and get off the field on third down it’s going to be hard for us to win. That’s just who we are right now. We’re trying to build, grow, move forward. But if we don’t take the ball away it makes it really hard right now. Again, I’m just disappointed in the overall play of the team, not just the defense, and clearly that falls on me.”



Q: Do you see this loss as setback for the program or is it part of the growth process in the big picture?

A: “It’s part of the growth process. I’m disappointed, but I’m not discouraged. We’re just not consistent right now. We understand the impact that penalties and mental errors and special teams have on a game. Last week, we protected the ball, kept our penalties down and did a really good job on special teams and then we turn around this week [and don't do it]. So again, I’m trying to develop a consistent team. I don’t know if they don’t know how to handle success right now. But clearly in a short week we were trying to keep them fresh, develop some momentum and keep them focused on the process. But I just didn’t do a good enough job, to be honest with you, because we had too many mental breakdowns in that game to win.”


Red a few weeks back in a AP article the U gotta $ 600 million allotment!! More than enuff 2 hire a Saban-like coach & build a nice 60-65,000 stadium. Da Scott boy on nbc said UM athletics would b straight if the lady Ewok would invest atleast $5 mill a year back into the entire athletic dept.


Happy Halloween Canespace! Someone asked when Donna arrived - that would be June 1, 2001 and hasn't athletics been a blast since????? Ten years after and ..........

Please remember that sometimes written postings come across different than intended or be interpreted differently. Can't we all just get along???


And by the way - I changed my avatar to put my horse in it and does Da Skreetz see that???? LOL!!!


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 31, 2011 at 09:17 AM

Take pics!


3. Ohio_Cane provides the best info. When he gives us something new, its fresh and VERY reliable.

THANKS! The CANES may not be doing well (yet again). But CANESPACE is still NUMBER ONE!

Posted by: 2002nemo | October 31, 2011 at 11:37 AM

I can't take credit for the info, but you're welcome for me passing it along to U wonderful folks! ;-)

My info is from Papa Cane, Manny, Susan Miller-Degnan, Jorge Milian, Chris Freet, Hurricanesports.com, etc.


Ohio Cane, you have to be kidding, Right??

Posted by: jack | October 31, 2011 at 11:44 AM

Unfortunately, no, they're serious...


Steve Gorten - Tommy Streeter named ACC Receiver of the Week. First Canes player besides Sean Spence w/All-ACC honor this yr. Streeter: 7-176, 2 TD


CC- is that Rugby? He looks like he could get into stuff! Very cute!


One of the more telling problems has been the inability of the offensive line to control the line of scrimmage in most games. You may just chalk it up to coaching or lack of effort or play calling but I believe that the answer is much more pedantic...I don't think we have the people to compete against in practice.

I watched NC, KState roll in 7 or 8 defensive tackles that looked like they were clones...in addition to 5 or 6 defensive ends that were all 6'4" and 260.

When Golden and the staff complained about lack of depth on the defense line, it wasn't just about game time players, it carries over into practice for the O-line. You don't play "good on good" in practice but the backups have to be good enough to challenge the starters. When we barely have enough D-line players to finish a game, what does that say about the practice squad?

I remember back in 2003 when we had six defensive linemen drafted in the first three rounds...now that is depth.

That is why it is a 2-3 year building process...


That is why it is a 2-3 year building process...

Posted by: Texascane | October 31, 2011 at 12:58 PM


The BIG question is, will it happen under Golden or someone else?


Posted by: Texascane | October 31, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Hi ya Texas! You are right. Its not that practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Golden doesn't seem to be the type who quits...unless the fact that Miami evidently didn't tell him about the Shapiro mess has soured him on the administration ...he does seem to be the type of person who would be angry about that.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the school give him a raise and an extension about the time the sanctions are handed down.



Maxwell semifinalists: Matt Barkley, Justin Blackmon, Tajh Boyd, Ryan Broyles, RGIII, LaMichael James, Landry Jones, Case Keenum, Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, Chris Polk, Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, R. Wilson, D. Wilson, Robert Woods.


Too bad O'Brien couldn't find a spot on his stellar roster for Russell Wilson this year...

Sarasota 'cane


Great interview with Al! The "clock punching" analogy is telling and correctable!

Go 'canes!


Love the profiel pic, CG! What kind of riding gloves do you wear? I just use a pair of my batting gloves which have worked pretty well so far.
Home with my just amputated dog for a while, he's in serious pain and can't stand up yet (48 hours post surgery). Anyone know how long it usually takes?
Thanks as always, skreetz and soup. Any idea waht the starting LB's look like next year? I can't imagine anyone has a guarantee for next year.


Neck amputation takes...like forever to heal... :)


Any idea waht the starting LB's look like next year? I can't imagine anyone has a guarantee for next year.

Posted by: j.w. | October 31, 2011 at 01:39 PM

Perryman is starting next year. That's about all U can guarantee right now...

orange 'n green in the vein

"2. Players who finally are mature enough to "get it" and dream of playing at UM and the NFLU and place football, working out and mental and physical toughness above playing video games, partying at clubs and skirt chasing.

The other crucial step is to recruit kids who are mature, responsible and dedicated to football and working out. Not prima-donna athletetes who dominated in HS and then think they can coast in college football on the same strength and talent that led them to being recruited in the first place.

I think that Golden understands this concept better than Shannon did, but only time will tell in years 3-4 of his tenure.

Posted by: SOUP | October 31, 2011 at 08:34 AM"

Two different philosophies at work to achieve the same results, Shannon was going to treat everybody the same and play the self-starters while the ones that were more distracted sat on the bench so that bloggers would have plenty of fodder for post in the style of, "Why is my LOF in the dog house?" In the meantime he was going after a new crop the next year to find his self starting 1st round picks to supplement the previous ones he unearthed.

Golden is going to micromanage his players time and flush the ones who don't take kindly to it out the other end with transfers of their own volition or the one-on-one meeting where they get told, "You have no chance to play here." I can see how this might turn some players that could go either way to the top of the draft or down the drain in college into better producers at UM but certain guys just won't have the explosive returns in the conditioning due to genetics or injury or head-case washouts so he'll still have to supplement those that don't excel in the recruiting game.

canechic, Tha Skreetz is hood, not racist IMO. Country azz folk come in all skin colors so that's a judgement of background not race, just like hood is a judgement of background, not race as you'll find all skin colors representing that too. Other than that major screw up, the rest of that post I thought was spot on and I'd just add, it's the internet, come equipped with, or get ready to develop some, rhino-skin if you're going to put yourself out there and not assume anonymous formlessness.

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