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October 20, 2011



Go Canes! current players learn from past champs and do the damn thing!


First, since fm doesn't claim it.


haha my first is self evident my friend


so does any one else feel like regis is a huge loss for gt? to stop the option firt you must take away that first read then its just about defending the edge. I would really like to see perryman set loose a bit more this game. a lot of young guys should be able to play on d considering the option is a very simple read and react type offense to defend


Actually fmcane I believed he really was the most aggressive defensive guy out there on Saturday....not a fan of dirty play but geez just glad to see some aggressive football. I do believe it will be a big lose.

I am not really feeling this suspension...I forgot to listen to Sileo this morning he hates when guys get suspended for this stuff, as he would say JJ handled all this in house and after the guys felt that punishment it rarely happened again.

I think it may lead to less aggressiveness and that is the last thing this defense needs.




The thing that scares me the most about this game is last time we had this many young guys on D playing a lot of reps.....GT ran it all over us....2008 this year have a lot of freshman or first time startes playing a lot of snaps on saturday who wont be used to seeing the speed and complex of this type of Offense.

orange 'n green in the vein

They ran it all over UM last year too though. I'm sure a freshman at the highest level of college football playing defense has seen an option team somewhere in high school at some point. Ojomo and Smith are going to have to go sixty minutes and play better than they ever have before.


CC - maybe there is more to it than we are being made aware of and that is why he is suspended for the entire game.

Posted by: raizecane | October 20, 2011 at 08:36 AM




1. Yo bruh, bois askin me about Vernon and if he will be full go. Playah didnt have the best of stamina in camp. Al and Coach D will do their best to keep it low until the 4th if possible. Ballah been seein time inside when Plug is in.

2. At least Miami knows if it ever goes option Dallas is dat playah lol!



1. Aite bruh, this MicReg thing. While bustin a G in the applebag is never a smart thing and is dirty that kinda sh!$ happens all the time. When playahs pile up on a tackle, fumble, whatever ballahs try and choke Gs,knee in the gut,elbows flyin. Gettin up fools using peeps necks,gut,ribs, anything they can to get dat edge. While apple baggin should never happen it is a very violent game and Gs dat cant control it will go right to the Tyson on your bag bruh.

2. Also been asked alot bout crazyazz stadiums to play in. Lane is insane. Dem fools get krunked and get dat place on blast. The best I visited was Camp Randall, not only are those dudes yoked all game but when dat jump around hits them speakers it feels like the damn stadium bout to collapse.


Hurricane Student-Athletes Earn Best-Ever Semester GPA

University of Miami student-athletes set new academic standards during the spring semester, producing the best semester and cumulative grade point average they have ever recorded.

Fourteen of Miami’s 18 teams earned at least a 3.00 or better semester GPA, and 22 student-athletes had a perfect 4.00 GPA in the spring. Overall, 172 student-athletes earned at least a 3.0 semester GPA and 135 student-athletes earned Athletic Director’s Honor Roll recognition.

“Our Hurricane student-athletes are to be applauded,” said David Wyman, associate athletic director for Academic Services. “They are consistently producing excellent results in the classroom as they set GPA, APR (academic progress rate), and graduation rate records for our institution. I am tremendously proud of them and our coaches for achieving these awesome results.”

Women’s cross country posted the best mark of all UM athletic teams, a 3.63 GPA, the second-highest team GPA ever recorded at UM. The men’s cross country team set its academic bar higher by recording the best-ever male team GPA at 3.53.

Four squads earned team-best GPAs, including football and volleyball with their best GPA ever, men’s outdoor track with a team-best spring GPA, and women’s track with its top semester GPA in school history.

Baseball, men’s basketball, and soccer each posted second-best spring GPAs, while baseball and basketball also recorded their best overall academic years.

Overall, UM women athletes had a semester GPA of 3.21 and a cumulative GPA of 3.19, and Hurricane men earned a semester GPA of 2.75 and a cumulative GPA of 2.69.


SOUP..have you been able to put those tix to good use?


UMIKE...YES! And thank U for that.

I have a long time "anonymous" Canespacer going to the GT game.

After that we will do some trivia or contest here on the blob to get the UVA tix handed out accordingly. Or maybe OGV will use the UVA tix?

The BC tix I am giving to my sister (UM grad 1982) and her husband who will be in town all the way from Hawaii for Thanksgiving.


Duke Johnson ballin tonight? Reading he has 11 car 162 yards 3 tds at the half

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, did you get a rendezvous time yet for leaving for tailgating? As of right now I'm aiming for 12 pm arrival so if that's not the case let me know.


orange 'n green in the vein, enjoy the Guns N Roses concert. I got to see them play down at the former Joe Robbie back on 12/31/91. Some obscure band named Soundgarden opened for them..lol..


OGV...12 noon is fine with me. I have no other news. Kenny and the Fort Myers Crew will join us then or at the stadium.

I ain't stressing one way or the other. I'll be there at the Hampton waiting for U.


BTW...Canespace appreciates the UM Athletic Department communications department.



Manny - UM right tackle Jonathan Feliciano shares a special bond with his deaf younger brother mh.vrvm.com/mh/article/TGt…


You need to watch this video of the #UCLA #Arizona brawl, complete with fake ref streaker. Watch it here bit.ly/rpAoRj


Fight night eh Ohio Cane? :) 41 player suspended in a brawl between Southern and Arkansas-Pine Bluff


favorite part, the description: "Southern mad cause they lost by one point. So they wanted to fight and lost."

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: TonyCane | October 20, 2011 at 11:01 PM

Ironic that on New Year's Eve they were playing with one of the harbingers of the music trend that would turn them into a joke by the time they got back from the Illusion tour in just over a year's time. Must have been an awesome show though I bet.

I saw the Axl only GNR right before New Year's 2007 in this tiny little 3000 amphitheater at Universal City Walk in LA, Sebastian Van Bach and Helmut opened and Axl did 75% of the playlist using Appetite with the greatest hits of Illusion thrown in and like four Democracy songs as an encore. I'm a mark for Skid Row's popular stuff though so I had a blast already before Jungle ramped up. As long as I get everything off the highest selling debut album of all time again next Friday before the riot starts I'll be good.


Two brawls in the last week and it is not plastered all over the national news? Wow the media really must love the University of Miami sooo much, our actions go to the top of the hour on every outlet!

Happy Friday! Go canes!

Poor Angry....UCLA is just dreadful!


Anyone know if Dequan Jones is suspended or not? I haven't really heard any news on him since back when all the alligations were being made. I noticed he is on the current roster and Midnight Madness is upon us.


Papa Cane - Update on UM QB Commitment Preston Dewey: ESPN's new Top 150 is out and he is the #5 pro style QB, #8 overall QB, and #133 overall prospect.


More Papa Cane - Update on UM QB Commitment Preston Dewey: He is an Under Armour All American, Elite 11 National finalist, and coached by Ty Detmer. Due to a broken wrist that he suffered several weeks ago, he is done for the season. Next stop? UM


Coral Reef beat Killian this week, and some of the players wanted to let folks know what team is in their heart: http://ow.ly/74ArF


Canes 42
GT 38


^^ The players in the photo are 2012 UM commitment CB Vernon Davis and 2014 prospect Jacob McCray.


Kehoe with Joe Rose this morning: http://www.wqam.com/index.php?page=727


Anyone know if Dequan Jones is suspended or not? I haven't really heard any news on him since back when all the alligations were being made. I noticed he is on the current roster and Midnight Madness is upon us.

Posted by: GvilleCanesFan | October 21, 2011 at 08:10 AM

From all I have heard he is still eligible and NOT suspended.


Dear Tampa Bay UM Alumni and Canes Fans,

Great win last week against the Tar Heels and this week it is time to make a Wreck of Georgia Tech!

Join Us this Saturday, October 22nd at 3:30 pm. Hurricane Game Watches at CDB's Southside, located at 3671 S. Westshore in Tampa will be our home for all games for Canes Fans this year. For more information on the restaurant you can visit their website at:


Also, please remember that next week for the Virginia game on Thursday night we will be doing a Networking event so you can meet all the Business Canes in our area. The event will start at 6pm and lead us into game time against the Cavaliers at 8pm.


Larry Blustein talks about Cane commit Duke Johnson on WQAM this morning.

Says that "I got to watch the best player in the state last night one of the best in the nation. When Lamar Miller goes on to the next level, he'll be his replacement"

Duke had 200+ yds last night with 4 TD's.

"He's so effortless", says Blu. "Even the quickest DB's can't gain on him"


^^ http://www.wqam.com/index.php?page=727


Westbound Enzone tomorrow making noise!!!!!!!!!!!!


VT's best corner Hosley is doubtful this weekend. Unfortunately, it's against BC lol



Brand New Raising Canes video will be released Saturday morning at 8. In the meantime, enjoy. http://is.gd/A1xxxx


Westbound Enzone tomorrow making noise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jack | October 21, 2011 at 11:31 AM

U go man, U go! Post your section, row and seat and I will try to come and find you.

I'll be in section 444, row 30, seats 8-12.


Felipe the guys commenting during the fight are a bunch of ignorant mfers


CC - yeah I saw that brawl on ESPN or something and I thought I bet this doesn't get as much attention as Miami's and FIU's. It didn't.

As far as suspending Reg, maybe that wouldn't have happened if the NCAA suits weren't lurking around? That *ish hadn't hit the fan with Cookie yet. I agree, we do not need a more timid defense.


CC it is ridiculous, I think the Canes/FIU was all almost every national news outlet, probably the BBC!!! And that one with all the players suspended must have really been bad and I still have not seen that one on the news???? Crazy????

CGNC - I am sure the coming NCAA being everywhere had a hand in the suspensions but I still think it was a bit excessive. When dealing with a team, a family, or an office with workers...inconsistency in discipline can tear down cohesiveness in nothing flat. Hope this does not!!

WOW AND UCF IS dreadful...go Miami Central QB....wow remember when everyone was angry with Randy for not picking him up? Yikes maybe he knew more? Godfrey will be riding the pine the rest of the season and O' Leary I hope will be looking for a new gig soon. Losing to a win less team who was playing all back ups?? How can he keep his job???



DallasTX Cane

My fantasy team now has Andre Johnson, Devin Hester, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Jimmy Graham, and the Ravens' D. LOL I'm in a tie for 1st. Can't go wrong sticking with the CANES!

DallasTX Cane

CC - SOUP says there's more to the story re the suspension.

DallasTX Cane


Good presentation of Golden in this article. The scandal references will drive a few insane tho.


Hey CC today the spoiled dropout boys of Belen play mighty Northwestern! wanna bet??


Canes cough up over 350 on the ground but ralley late and luckily have the ball last. 38-35.Canes keep their streak alive by giving up a touchdown, with under a minute left in the game or half.


Canes 41, GT 27


This prediction is for OGV, who says I'm the blogs biggest optimist. Lol


LOL TJL- How is MNW this year? I listen to Joe Rose on Fridays and they talk about is Miramar. I have heard nothing about MNW. Even so I would never bet on high school football who knows if the QB's girlfriend broke up with him right before the game, lol!! Belen is still an all boys school right? or has that changed since the eighties?

DTX - yes I heard there was more to it...I was trying to discern if it was from synthetic weed or natural weed? and if so which one gives you more pine riding time? No one has answered me yet!

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