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December 25, 2011


Da U N Houston



When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a pass catching tight end, and a middle linebacker to fear.

More rapid than Gators getting arrested it came,
And he signed them, and ordered to the weight room by name;

^^^^^MY personal favorite lines^^^^^^

Good job SJMPARMAN!!!!!

Go Canes!!!


Peace on Earth
Welcome to the U


Dashing through the schools
In a tricked out Escalade
Down the streets we go
Recruiting all the way
5-star players turn
Making rankings rise
Oh what fun it is to laugh and sing
With Al Golden tonight

Sign them all, sign them all,
Sign them all today
Oh, what fun it is to bring
The U back to the fray
Sign them all, sign them all,
sign them all today.
Soon it is the Gators who'll
be fading fast away

Hokies stomachs churn
Gators turning green,
College football knows
that pain will soon be seen,
Golden's got it down,
state is locked up tight,
Now the world will know,
Miami will be all right


CINCOS! Edgerrin James!


Thanks for the kind words Native. TonyCane that was also very well done. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Thanks! Merry Christmas to all!


Golden's got it down,
state is locked up tight,
Now the world will know,
Miami will be all right

Posted by: TonyCane | December 25, 2011 at 09:26 PM

Happy Holidays TonyCane!


Off to Ga/Al back in a few days.

Go Canes!!!


Another great day to be alive and a Miami Hurricanes fan!

Off for a hike at Tiger Creek Preserve.




1. Yoooooo, got me a few emails saying peeps are talking about strength #s. That sh$# is way over rated. We had bois on the squad that benched and squated more then anyone at their position but hardly saw the field. Those bois had that off the airplane look but couldnt ball.

2. You gotta have that endurance in you. It looks good to have those #s but its a 1 time thing. Goons cant outlift some when its a 1fer but goons can bench 225 more then the 1 hit wonders. Endurance, endurance, endurance is the on point #s that matter.

3. Yes JJ moved to DT but just like DJ they were moved to those positions last year. I know you had to put it out there last year when I told you that lol. Dont get caught slippin on that Space dime lol


Monday Pro Canes Report: McGahee Joins NFL Elite
Reaches 1,000-yard mark with three different teams

Willis McGahee (Denver Broncos) – 15 carries, 64 yards
With a 24-yard run early in the first quarter, Willis McGahee joined Ricky Watters as the only players in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards with three different teams (Buffalo, Baltimore, Denver). The ninth-year pro, who hadn’t eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark since his first season in Baltimore (2007), has enjoyed a career resurgence in the Mile High City, where he now ranks fifth among NFL running backs with at least 200 attempts in average yards per carry (4.8 yards).

Heading into the NFL opening week, UM led all colleges with 42 alums on active NFL Rosters.




1. Yo, your main pimp Space reader here tells me someone is questioning that boi Trels strength? 1st off dont go by the #s seen anywhere, ive seen these ballahs lift more then a few times. From the day he came in last year that boi was injured and could never go full out. Trel also had to go easy because of that back. Its a stretch to say he was at 75%. Trel was rehabin to strength up his lower back and knee.

2. Im not into #s on anything cause its a 1 shot deal at Miami, so whatever # is being claimed he jacked that weight up easily bruh. Just like those 40 times were a 1 shot deal, it was a load of sh$#. When running in spring with same position players it was far from what was shown. The 1 shot deal had McGee as the fastest well Lamar and Blur roasted that azz in spring drills.

3. The baddest boi in the weight room daily was Gunn and sh$# wasnt close. I should throw that boi Clive in there as a stud in the weightroom.

4. Playahs you sure the f dont want to square up with is 1.Bunche 2.Clive 3.Denzel, not just because boi is strong but crazy as f. 4. Gionni and 5.Trel. Im 6'2 245 and I wouldnt want to f with any of those 5.

5. As for that boi Taylor, ive seen him here 4 times, playah might become a ballah here but pimp Flowers would bust his azz in a minute and I dont give an f what #s say. Taylor still got that young boi look. F n Flowers got that im a man look to go with that im a man, dont f with me game to him.

6. Its all about the playbook with this staff, if Flowers gets it down that pimp could start day 1, believe that. Sh$# bruh I had good #s but didnt mean an f n thing as it took me a year to understand the position and get up my endurance.


Ho Ho Ho, Herbieibis is back on the show. Just catching up on all the news I've missed the last few days. Been camping out here at N. Myrtle Beach. Weightroom numbers have to get up. Love lifting weights myself but talking on Sean T, if i'm 6'8 & 340, I should be pushing a dam Mtn., yes he was hurt last year, so numbers are going to be down but like most kids his size in high school, are more big than strong. He obiviously wasn't a weightroom freak coming in, so numbers will take a while to get up. Until Golden got here, this was a weak team and it will take a few years to get the team stronger. Prior regimes, were concerned with body fat, and not so much about strenght. We cared about speed and we got away with it for a long time but as I've stated before, everyone has speed now, plus size & strength and we have lagged behind and gotten passed by. The results didn't show it this year but we were better in the 4TH qt. than previous years, where we would give up, give out or just plain quit. Golden is getting rid of the lazy, non-hackers, and bringing in grunts who want to work. I'm not real excited about the class, as far as named stars but in the end coaching is what matters and will bring the cream to the top and his motivational skills will aid in our rise back to the top.


Hope everybody had a great Christmas!


Happy Holidays, Space fan- thanks for hte word Soup & Skreetz. Wife is off to return half a dozen objects and I get to watch a football game or go to a movie.


Soup taylor who?


I know its the dead peroid but is there any inside info on any recruits ???


hassan..i think he means the new OL commit


Taylor Gadbois...i THINK lol


"6. Its all about the playbook with this staff, if Flowers gets it down that pimp could start day 1"

Posted by: SOUP | December 26, 2011 at 10:17 AM

I agree, Flowers might've been the most impressive player that I saw for Norland...and yes...MORE impressive than Duke. The kids feet are out of this world, besides the playbook and the weight room, the only thing I see that He has to work on is hand placement. But once He gets that down, He's gonna be awesome...


Taylor seems impressive to me but I have not seen him, I do know he lost his baby fat and has improved. I met Flowers and he does seem to be really big and strong and had a great attitude, I asked him about competing with Seantrel at LT and he told me he EXPECTS to start, so he is really confident.


Line of tight ends
The tree starts at Miami, with branches growing all over the NFL
By Ron Green Jr.

The Miami connection is in part responsible for the changing role of NFL tight ends. There have been other game-changing tight ends, from John Mackey to Kellen Winslow Sr., and the position has continued to evolve with ties to Coral Gables, Fla.
"I went there because I knew I could play right away because Bubba Franks left," said Shockey, who played at 'The U' in 2000 and 2001 when Chudzinski was tight ends coach. "Winslow made his decision to come there when I left.

"Chud was one of the best tight end coaches in America. It was very simple, just a common sense thing. If you watched television you could see us winning national championships. If you were a tight end, it was a school that has tradition."
It's part of what sold Olsen on the Hurricanes program.

"We had a good run there for a while," said Olsen, who played at Miami 2004 through 2006. "Shockey, Bubba Franks, they were the reason I went to Miami. They kind of put it on the map for me. A lot of people didn't really know tight end. That was really the only school at the time that was utilizing guys like us and having fun with it. I didn't overlap with Shock but I overlapped with Kellen for a year and I played with Kevin Everette."

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/12/23/2870293/line-of-tight-ends.html#storylink=misearch#storylink=cpy



I'm just sayin...


Taylor = Taylor Gadbois

Good player, good frame, needs to toughen up, man up, bulk up for the NEXT level.


6. Its all about the playbook with this staff, if Flowers gets it down that pimp could start day 1, believe that. Sh$# bruh I had good #s but didnt mean an f n thing as it took me a year to understand the position and get up my endurance.

Posted by: SOUP | December 26, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Good posts Skreetz, Soup. Good to hear we have two good OLs coming in 2012. I saw Duke play a couple of times and he is the best I have seen in a while at the RB positions. Flowers was pretty good too, but I did not look at his talent and technique closely. I cannot comment on Taylor, because I have never seen him live but he obviously works hard, is dedicated and a true Cane.

The future looks bright.


Happy birthday SOUP your the man!!!!! Long live SOUP!!!! long live CANESPACE!!!!!


Happy birthday SOUP your the man!!!!! Long live SOUP!!!! long live CANESPACE!!!!!

Posted by: Upnorthcane | December 26, 2011 at 10:17 PM

Agree 100%!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOUP! THANKS for all you do my man...


U know I do what I do all for "THE U"!

Thanks for the props but I am just pluggin along, celebrating 49 years, and doing what I know how to do.



Just in time to wish SOUP happy birthday!



Hope it's a GREAT one!



Happy bday Soup! thanks for all you do! Enjoy


Let me add my birthday wishes... 49 huh? Look out for next year dude! LOL!

Congrats man... and thanks again for being our host & provider for all things CANE related!


Happy Birthday Sancocho!!!


Happy Belated, Soup.


I find myself back at work after being off since the 16th....yuck !!!


Happy Birthday Sancocho!!!

Posted by: LatinCane | December 27, 2011 at 07:39 AM

Gracias, pero no SPANGLISH mi hermano:



Thanks for ALL of the birthday wishes.

Anybody have any ideas for future blogs between now and National Signing Day???





I don't pay for Canes Insider website, but Jon Bastian posted this: Florida State S commit talks Miami - http://bit.ly/t4a4iJ


For anyone that didn't see it, here's CaneFreak2001's remix of Raising Canes from this year.


Willie Will in Nashville

Happy belated birthday soup!!!!!!!! Wish you many more


Happy B-Day 86!

Willie Will in Nashville

Thanks soup!!! And what email???? ;-)


Happy B-Day Soup and hope U did not get screwed with a single birthday/Christmas gift! Hopefully, U received a Macallam of your liking.
U making plans to Chicago for the ND beatdown?


1. Hopefully, U received a Macallan of your liking.

2. U making plans to Chicago for the ND beatdown?

Posted by: Keoki | December 27, 2011 at 11:38 AM

1. Did not get a bottle of Macallan but did get a bttle of Glenmorangie "LaSanta" Scotch double aged for 12 years in Sherry casks. YUMMY!



2. YES! Still checking hotels in the Chicago area. Many downtown or near the lakefront or Magnificent Mile have areas already SOLD OUT.


And what email???? ;-)

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | December 27, 2011 at 11:26 AM

I know not of which U speak? ;-)


SOUP, I got a bottle of this for Christmas. Aged 10 years. Good SMOOTH stuff, if U've never had it.



Soup happy welcome into the world day. Canefreak's videoes give me chills! Awesome.

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