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December 17, 2011





Damn i needed a new Canespace T-Shirt. I posted last or first on the last blog...Lol.


I have two Space T-Shirts so if MGMT allows it I'll be happy to give mine to you MC


Monty...I gotchU! U know what to do, right?


Very nice! Thank you!


Argggggggh! Thought I could be first when I saw this on twitter


OK, Canes fans I have to tell U that the Canespace rules were in FULL effect today in Orlando.

1. U have to show up.
2. U have to stay until the end.
3. Good things will happen.

When U get to sit and chat 1:1 with Art Kehoe off the record for over an hour about UM football then that is a REALLY GOOD DAY!

Hassan and I were treated to an incredible moment in time that only happens maybe once in a lifetime of a Hurricane fan.

To sit down and shoot the sh&% with Art Kehoe where he asked as many questions to us as we did to him was un-friggin-believable.

I had so much R E S P E C T for that man before today.

After today it is off the charts.

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, you're not on the let Kehoe go bandwagon that's being driven by some of the more lunatic fringe fans are you? I mean, look at the man with five rings, embracing the two of you like family up there, and why? Because you are his family of course! Great coach, great Hurricane, great guy, very glad he was repatriated after being sent out to wander in the wilderness.

Awesome blog.


Kehoe is Awesome, Jethro Franklin was there too. met him later on. I was hittin Kehoe with all the normal ish we diss on the team, crappy o line play, strength program. Terry Porter lol


Kehoe is awesome?
I'd like to hear his awesome take on the subpar OLine play this season.
Regardless, ain't no doubt about it, the man CAN recruit!


C'mon boys, (Hassan & Soup)... spill the beans!

There's GOT to be more you can say than the little tease you've put out so far...

Make this blog light up! There's got to be LOTS more you can say without "compromising" your conversation with Art...

Give up the good stuff!


Any "sanction" talk?


Great article Soup, I love this place!!!

Go Canes!!!



The University of Miami underclassmen caravan has picked up speed — and two more players along the way.

UM confirmed Friday that another two Hurricanes are leaving college early to enter the 2012 NFL Draft, making this the biggest underclassmen exodus in school history.

This time, it’s 6-4, 320-pound junior offensive tackle Brandon Washington and 6-4, 265-pound junior defensive end Olivier Vernon who have chosen to forgo their senior seasons.

They join, in order of departure, receiver Tommy Streeter, defensive tackle Marcus Forston and running back Lamar Miller. All were juniors except for Miller, a redshirt sophomore. And all will be represented by Miami-based agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/16/2550100/canes-exodus-to-nfl-grows.html#ixzz1gnYtlf2Q

Manny repost


"Today it was totally his show. Whether it was a run, a catch, a straight on return, you don't get any better than that. He's by the far best we've seen in the state this year," said Dwight Thomas, who coached a guy you might have heard of -- Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith at Pensacola Escambia High.

"That stuff he does where he's here one second and then over there the next, you can't emulate it. He's special."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/12/duke-johnson-turns-in-mvp-performance-in-5a-title-game-final-game-for-norland-vikings.html#ixzz1gnZSuvcb


CaneSport CaneSport
Holifield changed visit date 2 Jan. 21 - only a few on campus ths wknd so looks lk that will B nxt big visit wknd. bit.ly/vQWvFn




When Miami and Florida Atlantic square off at noon Saturday at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, it is a game between two teams that both feel their records are deceiving and that a turnaround is right around the corner.

FAU (4-6) and Miami (5-4) play in the first game of the Orange Bowl Classic, with Florida taking on Texas A&M in the second game at 2:30 p.m., with both games broadcast on Sun Sports.

"It's early. No one's having any doubts. We still feel we can be an NCAA [Tournament] team," said Hurricanes guard Durand Scott.


Reggie Johnson

Miami's men's basketball team is on the verge of getting a big boost.

Reggie Johnson, who has been rehabbing from knee surgery this summer, might make his season debut as early as Saturday against Florida Atlantic, coach Jim Larranaga said Thursday.

He has been practicing for two weeks and had fluid drained from his knee Wednesday. He still lacks some flexibility, and his surgically repaired leg isn't nearly as strong as the other, Larranaga noted, but it'll be nice to have a big man who rebounds at both ends of the court and is an effective passer out of the low post.

The 6-foot-10 center, a bruising force at 300 pounds last season who's now listed at a svelte 284, will provide the size the Hurricanes desperately need in the post.



SaveUMFootball Papa Cane
UM Early Enrollees: QB Gray Crow, QB Preston Dewey, OL Ereck Flowers, OL Taylor Gadbois. More...


OGV and Native...it was truly one of those "U had to be there" moments in time that will never be repeated or duplicated.

Native...it was like the walk to the Stadium at FSU. Perfect timing, perfect place, perfect everything. U just had to be there.

I just thank God we were!


Now today I am going back to the Miami Central game at 1 PM and see if I can get Art Kehoe to wear Canespace. Wish me luck!

Hassan....are U ALL in?


Soup - glad you guys got to talk with Kehoe. Any chance he will be doing a live QA on blog sometime? Offseason perhaps?


Miami -vs- FAU High Noon Sunshine Network

Go Canes!!!


Give up the good stuff!

Posted by: roachcane77 | December 17, 2011 at 07:35 AM

Maybe later, but right now I gotta go get ready to head back to the Citrus Bowl.

I'll post some stuff here later tonight and send U an email for what I can't share publicly.


Awesome blog.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | December 17, 2011 at 01:13 AM

agreed, you put in the time, put out a good product. Thanks and keep it up.


Wow fantastic! Good for you and Hassan. Those shirts of #3 with the U on them are priceless.


shocked by the early depatures. I understand some but is it a reflecti
on of their talent or their character? i don't blame any for leaving for the money.

Miller - could be big time
Streeter - potentially great
Bwash - will be solid
Vernon - stud or bust
Forston - i just don't get it

4 0f 5 definate;y get drafted, but another year and maybe more cash, tough decision.

i'd like to think they decised if they have to work as hard as they do under AG they may as well do it but get paid.

we will be young and thin next year.


I love Kehoe's confidence in Golden. You gotta believe someone with five rings knows a champion caliber coach when he sees one


Soup - glad you guys got to talk with Kehoe. Any chance he will be doing a live QA on blog sometime? Offseason perhaps?

Posted by: Brevardcane | December 17, 2011 at 10:01 AM

Not sure Golden would let him do a LIVE Q&A but we might be able to arrange for the fans to email me a few questions for him to answer and I can post here once they get through the editing filters at UM.

Yesterday was unfiltered and unplugged. I mean really, REALLY good stuff. Here's just an exapmple:

Hassan was asking Kehoe about Seantrel Henderson big #77 and about his back, his weight and where he wants him at. Hassan made the comaprison to former UM OT Mount McKinney and who was bigger, heavier, better, etc.

Kehoe said: "Weight is the most over-rated factor for an OL." He rattled off like 5 former players from UM that are playing in the NFLU right now that were in the 260-280 range and dominated.

He mentioned that the Houston Texans have three starting UM OL and that it was the first time in NFL history that any one team had three starters from the same school. He said that Texan's tackle Eric Winston told him the former UM C Chris Myers was the BEST center in the entire league.

He mentioned former UM center KC Jones, his favorite OL of all time, and said he played at around 265 at UM and dominated.

Kehoe said: "I would put him up against any human being on the planet. Not just any football player but any human being on the planet!"


I love Kehoe's confidence in Golden. You gotta believe someone with five rings knows a champion caliber coach when he sees one

Posted by: Brevardcane | December 17, 2011 at 10:13 AM

It is more than just confidence.

It is respect and admiration and said with such sincerity and total conviction that it is undeniable.

We are going to be fine boys and girls, just fine.

VA Cane

Hey you guys are still here. After all the fussing, I kind of believed in all the shutdown rumors...kind of like our US government!!!! Hell I bust my COUNTRY AZZ all season to keep my guys going, I win CS their first tile ever in the modern era sinces its inception, and I gotta here fussing about a shutdown....LOL Hey how about a big UM CS Thank You to VA COUNTRY AZZ CANE for winning the Spaca a Super Bowl? LOL

Glad to see you all still here. I am somewhat disappointed in the Miami Five, who have shown some potential....some....but none of these guys are ready for the league....yet. I can see Street developing in time into a rteally good one...Miller...little skidish, not tough but a guy like Sprawls or Bush...he can be good. B Wash is slow of foot and weighs a bit much...but if he works....and he will have to....he can make it. Vernon needs another year....and honestly I never have cared for Forstons ways....his ass gets blown off the line sideways alot....but I wish them all well. I hope they all become stars and prove that we still are the pipeline...Good luck young men...it will take a lot of work so maker us proud. I think the big "winner" here is Drew R.....he is a pompous ass....do not care for his type or methods...but he makes them cats the $.....got to give hit that...its his job.
Duke had a big day, thats good to see. In a lot of ways, maybe its better that a lot of these old regime guys are going....many of them are entitlement guys...I guys....me me me...and I know from experience that is not how you win...greed kills and we got the greed at UM. I think it will be interesting to se AG start building his own core of guys, and see how he develops players and attitudes. We are playing in The Hopewell Bowl this weekend. The 8 best teams, the champs of Henrico, Chesterfield, Prince George, Hopewell, Richmond, Hanover, Dinwiddie, Petersburg...most of the Comp will be 8th grade and freshmen teams....we are a little younger....but I think hungrier..the games are a little shorter...single elimination...title game tomorrow......will keep ya briefed....but know one thing...it is cold and damp here. We had our dress up meeting at 8...where we go over the gear that is critical to cold weather FB....thermal clothes, warm socks, neck warmers, face masks, freezer bags in between layers of socks in the shoes....I know all the tricks....cause if you are warm and dry in the cold and bitter....you are more mentally prepped!!!! We are gonna run it at them, and throw some TE stuff we have worked on...we are going to try our best to win...our 57-2 4 SBs in five years is the real thing...we win by execution of the FUNDAMENTALS baby, and it is we we we ....not me me me.

Hey Big 86, have you sent the shirts out? I want to give my shirt to my MVP at our banquet....its a Cane Thing!!!! Please advise!!! Hope you all are doing great....gonna try to win the Hopewell Bowl for the Space...its kinda like the Pro Bowl...but its coveted here in our area....no half speed shit....we are gonna head hunt and be Rhythm Killas Baby!!

VA Cane

I think Al and the boys are going to surprise us this year. This year was a bad hangover from the scandal, old dogs who never learned new tricks......cause they were too pretty, too lazy, too entitled and way too soft....its time to turn the page and move on to brighter days. Agreed Soup, we will be ok just keep looking forward....Bob Bylan one said Dont Look Back....lets move on baby!!!


I wonder if weight is overated on the DL too. I'm guessing it comes down to strength


Hey Big 86, have you sent the shirts out? I want to give my shirt to my MVP at our banquet....its a Cane Thing!!!! Please advise!!!

Posted by: VA Cane | December 17, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Negative. My bad, but they will go out Monday AM FOR SURE!

VA Cane

No problem my friend, that was a great article....boy wish I could have been there at the game, much less sit next to The Big Man.....keep writing keep blogging....do not let others negativity get you down my good friend!!! I am so crazed to still be playing football today....we have to focus on a tough Henrico team...they good, but slow off the ball...I do not think they can block us....we will use a lot of 46 and 4/4 to stymie their run....and thewy cannot pass. Another flaw is ther LBs are not quick....so I have gone to that NE Patriot set...you know TEs and my wing slot guy should kill them...then they will back off and my TEs are there....plus we run some quick hitters and tosses just off my tacks but....we should be good to go. Later all, Merry Christmas to all of you grat people!!!! Country Azz VA Cane!!!!!


I'm guessing it comes down to strength

Posted by: Brevardcane | December 17, 2011 at 10:48 AM

Strength, footwork, leverage, attitude and technique (hand placment, pad level, etc.).

Art about OL/DL play in general and not any specific player: "If you just stand there, don't move your feet, are too upright and have bad technique you'll get run right over or around and I don't care how big or fat you are."


Big ups to 86 and Hassan for the Cane fix


Keoki...the weather is beautiful, wish U were here!


Ojomo denied 6th year of eligibility.

Now I'm sad


SOUP, let us know how Tracy Howard looks live, in person, and against great competition



I'm gonna miss Wale, but believe me. we that scholarship


I'll post some stuff here later tonight and send U an email for what I can't share publicly.
Posted by: SOUP | December 17, 2011 at 10:04 AM

I'll hold you TO that! I'm dying for some GOOD STUFF!


That's an absurd number of non-seniors declaring for the NFL. Out here in Texas, I think Mack Brown has had around 4 players leave early for the NFL...since 2005 (Vince was the first, I believe). Al Golden and staff will hopefully instill some desire to stay the full term (like Moss and Wayne did). Otherwise we will be in a perpetual rebuilding mode.

Imagine if the 2003 team had Andre Johnson and Willis Mcghaee (if he had not been injured). Or 2004, if Kellen Winslow, Vince Wilfork, and Sean Taylor had stayed. Or how Frank Gore might have helped us in 2005 against Florida State? Or if Devin hester and Sinorice Moss might have provided life to a moribund offense in 2006?

There is a long, long list of Miami Hurricanes leaving early and it is a detriment to the program. Here's a partial list of players from recent years:

2002: Clinton Portis
2003: Willis McGahee, Andre Johnson
2004: Kellen Winslow II, Vince Wilfork, Sean Taylor
2005: Frank Gore, Roscoe Parish
2006: Sinorice Moss, Devin Hester
2008: Calais Campbell
2011: Brandon Harris
2012: Lamar Miller, Tommy Streeter, Brandon Washington, Marcus Forston, Vernon Olivier


Temple lookin good in this bowl game. Granted its against Wyoming, but still


Phew! Double OT win for Canes BBall over FAU 93-90.

Nice to have Big Reggie back... but we still have a long way to go...


Basketball update

Reggie returns. (That's the GOOD news). Miami (barely) beats FAU in 2OT, despite the Burrowing Owls' best player not playin'. (That's the not-so-good news). It was an exciting game . . . too exciting!

Unfortunately, U're going to get hammered in ACC.


The `Canes will not get hammered in the ACC this season

The ACC is about as weak as ive ever seen it in basketball

This `Canes team will get better as this season goes along

Our `Canes just had no answer for Ray2. That kid has a sick game to him


I was way off on Kenny Kadji early in the season

I figured him to be a role player at best. Man has he proved me wrong

What Big Reg did today was nothing short of amazing

15 points 9 rebounds 5 assists and 5 blocks coming off the bench. All that after no game action in quite awhile

Willie Will in Nashville


Email me some goods too!!


Grear article.



Is my memory faulty but I thought that Fortson and Streeter would have enough credits to graduate by the summer? If that's so then just wish them well and congratulate them on graduating.

If somebody has contrary info I would be curious to know it. I thought I remembered hearing that but I am not sure; and that was part of the reason they knew from before the season that they wanted to leave after this year.


Look, I wish all the "early exits" would stay for another year.  But they aren't. So, I wish them ALL best of luck in the NFL - especially those who are still on track to graduate from the U. 

That having been said, I now have a nagging feeling that NEXT year U'r football team will look, play and perform too much like the team that opened the season THIS year against the terrible MD terrapins. 

OK, enough said . . . I'll pop another Prozac and await some good recruiting news on Canespace. With all these guys leaving early for the NFL, the U really needs a top rated recruiting class - now more than ever! 

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