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December 17, 2011



SaveUMFootball Papa Cane
Last week I said that Mario Cristobal would last less than 2 years at FIU. Multiple sources in CFB saying he has a great shot at Pitt job.


Six says:

1. Also, 86 and Hassan, tell me that the food being served at the Citrus Bowl didn't suck and also was insanely over priced. $10 for a flat hamburger and fries that were the size of toothpicks?

2. One last thing, I saw Manny on the field after the Plant/Miramar game - shook his hand and talked with him a bit. Manny has a crazy good memory, I started to say that I met him at .. and he finished the sentence by saying "at the Booker T. Washington state championship game" - that was 4 years ago?

3. Miami-Dade/Broward might have some arguably faster athletes or a few bigger kids, but, as you saw the coaching of the Tampa Bay teams (Armwood, Plant, Bradenton Manatee) was superior when it came to their systems, game planning and adjustments. The Tampa Bay area kids were no joke either when it came to speed and size - Armwood especially. The football IQ of the kids at Plant, Armwood & Bradenton Manatee is very high as well.

Here is my response:

1. True. We did NOT eat anything there. The field looks great, the food NOT so much.

2. Manny is way cool and very sharp. Nothing gets past that cat.

3.Totally agree with the coaching and schemes and play calling being superior in the Tampa area than Miami. When the athletes are about equal (slight edge to SoFl) the coaching makes the difference. Heck even Mrs. 86 said that about watching the Armowood vs Central Game.


Ohio...roger that and a plus one. ;-)


Gore released at lsu

Six, Guy looks good is a big guy stands tall in the pocket


While I'll give props to the Tampa schools for winning the Ships, I'm not gonna say one area has better coaching than the other. I think the theme of this year's Ships is the Power run game with the backside guard(s) pulling.
BTW didn't have an answer for it against Bolles.
Miramar didn't have an answer for it against Plant.
Madison didn't have an answer for it against the Bryant kid (forget the name of the team He played for).
Chipley didn't have an answer for it against Jefferson County.
And speaking of Bryant, He was the most impressive running back that I saw in the 'Ships this year, that kid just PUNISHED! Madison County. He's MAY not be as elusive as Duke, but that kid runs like a MANCHILD!


2014 Cook from central looks like a beast to me.

Allen Baily got his 1st sack today


Six the 10 dollar burgers are b.s i got the 3 dollar dog. But the tub sized pissers in the bathroom remind me of the O.B


What timing, six, I was thinking that Crow could turn into the next Buck Ortega for us. Shapr kid who loves to play but can't play QB at the next level, also willing to do whatever it takes to help the team, including scout team QB if we need one.
Great info here today, all, and really good to see six and solar back- try and make it a habit, guys!
Fantasy football players ill get a kick out of this- Calvin Johnson may have just got me into the title game today! Got a good start from Matt Ryan, nothing from almost everyone else, then CJ has the game of his career. He scored 16 for me with bonus points and ppr stats on that last drive alone. I'm up by 35 and my opponent has Antonio Brown tomorrow. Praying that Roethlisberger sits this one out. . .


Kim Jong Insane .... dead.

In honor of that nutjob



Hassan - one of the guys I work with took a pic of those pee troughs b/c he said he hadn't seen something like that in a long long time

I'll shoot you an email lata, gotta actually do some work now


Six- they have them out here at Candelestick and the Oakland Colliseum. Once saw a guy put his beer underneath it while he went, totally oblivious to splashing. You gotta go with the Labrador Retreiver approach if you're ever in that situation.


CaneRock...U are 100% correct sir!

The spread offense was OUT this year at the State playoffs and the power running game was oh so back IN.

Good call, keen eye.

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