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December 17, 2011



Tap..tap...tap.... Is this thing on?

Go Canes!!!


Flowers told me he is going to try to play LT and start, he said he is coming for ST spot. he is a cool kid, his dad looks about 30 lol

#23 Cook for Central looks real good, i know #22 had the 2,000 yard season actually more yards then Duke had, but I just think Cook is better IMO.

our RB coach told me that Duke could start if he learns the O, but that is a huge key, we discussed how the protections is huge, i see him getting 100 carries but not starting.


Tracy Howard just made an interception for Miramar... ran off the field doing a Gator Chomp sign...

Not good news for the U...


i count 27 players from this past season leaving...couple that with 18 more, not counting early exits and transfers, next year...it will not take golden long to get his players in and his culture established...i expect a lot of bumps and bruises next year...but the 2013 season should be a the one where we see the team make the biggest strides..


He is not coming to the U, so lets forget about howard


What do you guys think about the Canes doing a scrimmage in Ft Myers this spring? I think Golden is a Genius and it is a great idea, we need to lock that area down


Yeah, I agree... I live on the West Coast about an hour North of Ft. Myers... I was getting set to put it on my calendar, (March 30th, at Bishop Verot HS), but then I saw I have a tennis match with my HS team in Naples that day... bummer.

AG is the man... GENIUS Idea!


Question: How many seniors will be left for 2012?

There are some interesting numbers here at work that could trump any USC style sanctions, should they be imposed.


malcom Lewis throwin up the state in the title game



" . . . the 2013 season should be a the one where we see the team make the biggest strides" . . . unless NCAA sanctions have a chilling effect on Al Golden's reclamation plan.


D3jr93 Randy duke johnson


Clean House.

Clean Nose.

Clear Future.

Man am I tired. Just got home and got a text from Six saying that he tried to talk Kehoe out of recruiting a certain QB for over 30 minutes. LOL


Former UM DL Baraka Short wears Canespace.

I'm jus sayin...


I'll post some stuff here later tonight and send U an email for what I can't share publicly.

Posted by: SOUP | December 17, 2011 at 10:04 AM

SOUP you can rest now thanks for all the news and great articles. I sent you an email.


Monty...U know that I do it all for U, and U, and U and most of all, for THE U!

Today I was with Mrs. 86 at the game so we sat in a few different spots and got some good photos. We saw Six and chatted with him for a while and sat with Hassan for a while also.

Gonna post another article soon on the Miami Central game. Their band ROCKS!


I have to say that the basketball game today was an exceptionally well played game by both teams. I know we should beat FAU by a larger margin but they played out of their minds today. It was a game of runs by both teams. But every time FAU made a run, Miami went on one of its own. The Canes 60% field goal percentage for a game is an incredible number but the 70% 3 pointers was out of this world. Considering it was his first game back, Reggie was outstanding. He is only going to get better from here. You would have to have actually watched the game to appreciate it though.

I am excited by the Duke. He seems to be a very special player. I don't follow high school football closely, it is hard to do that out of state, but it seems like we got the best running back in the state in our recruiting class. That is great considering Miller turned pro. Mike James really came on at the end of last year, and I am a huge Clements fan because he is a true dual threat. I hope the Duke can come in and be used in situations where he can get in the open space and score but not be relied upon as an every down back.

I totally agree with Kehoe on the whole weight is over rated assessment of offensive linemen. We had huge guys this year and could not convert third and 2 or fourth and one. Those guys in the trench must have leg drive to push defenders of the ball. When you are carrying 325 pounds, that is hard to do. Also, traps are hard to execute when you are slowed by weight, and screens as well. I think fans need to be patient and give Kehoe a few years of his recruits before judging him.

The parade of early NFL entrants is just bizarre. Only one of those players is NFL ready, and Drew Rosenhaus, if he were any kind of a good agent, should have advised each of them NOT to forgoe their senior year. Streeter is the one who is ready talent wise although he is giving up serious money coming out this year. I see him as a third round pick. Miller is an early 2nd rounder at best. B Wash is like a 4th rounder, Vernon a 5th rounder, and Forston is like a 6th rounder, if he is drafted at all.

Here is what they would be with another year. Streeter and Miller would be 1st rounders. B Wash, late 1st, maybe 2nd round. Vernon could be a 3rd rounder. Forston has to prove he can finish any season before any team is going to draft him about 3rd round, and he hasn't done that. But that is the point isn't it. All of those guys think they are better than what they are, and that is why this team finished 6-6 this year. They were just biding their time at UM. They never thought they had to earn their way at UM because good old Drew was pumping them up telling them otherwise. For the good of the program, the Canes need to cut ties to Drew.

I think there may be a blessing in all of this. It accelerates Golden putting his stamp on the program by increasing his ability to bring in his type of player earlier. But having too many scholarships in a particular year is not always a good thing. If the NCAA does reduce your scholarships by 5 or 10 next year, you want to have at least 20 slots available before the reduction.


SJM...write a blog for Canespace?


The parade of early NFL entrants is just bizarre. Only one of those players is NFL ready, and Drew Rosenhaus, if he were any kind of a good agent, should have advised each of them NOT to forgoe their senior year

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | December 18, 2011 at 12:47 AM

There it is right there!

Rosenhaus is so eager to sign as many college players as he can before other agents do and ...You know the rest...The day he will make a huge donation to UM, i will respect him a little more...Former UM players have been his fat bread and butter...In the mean time i don't trust this guy and i believe some UM coaches and administrators don't like him either. I don't think this rat is welcomed around the football program...In my humble opinion he has given some of the UM juniors very bad advices or influences.


I forgot to mention that as an agent he cannot make a donation to UM athletics but for the institution he can. Let's say for example the school of medecine or other departments.


UM men’s basketball December 18, 2011

Miami Hurricanes’ DeQuan Jones retains attorney, appeals suspension

By Michelle Kaufman The Miami Herald

The family of University of Miami basketball player DeQuan Jones has retained an attorney and filed an appeal asking the school to overturn its season-long suspension of the senior forward, who was named by Nevin Shapiro in the booster scandal.

Shapiro claimed that he was asked for $10,000 by former UM assistant coach Jake Morton to secure the commitment of then-recruit Jones, an allegation Jones and his mother, Irene Bell, have vehemently denied. The NCAA investigation is ongoing and Jones is eligible to play under NCAA rules, but the university suspended him for the season as a precaution to protect the team from further sanctions if it were to come out later that Jones was guilty and the Hurricanes had used an in eligible player.

"UM has not shown us any evidence whatsoever that DeQuan has broken any rule or done anything wrong, and yet they suspended him for the entire season with no explanation," Coconut Grove-based attorney Jason Setchen said. "They hung this young man out to dry, and it is really wrong. We feel that is a very, very harsh and draconian penalty for someone who has not been proven guilty of anything. The school says they are playing it safe until the NCAA investigation Is over, but in the meantime, DeQuan is missing his senior season and his reputation has been besmirched by allowing this to fester."

Shapiro has said that Jones was unaware of the transaction he alleged and that his contact was only with Morton.

Setchen said an internal appellate hearing, in which Jones will appeal his case, has been scheduled at UM on Wednesday.

"We will see what happens at that hearing, but if we are not satisfied, we will consider taking it to another level," Setchen said.

The only comment i have about this one...
After 5 months of investigation by the NCAA and UM... why do you think yhis young student athlete has not been cleared yet to play? We are talking about this young man's present and future...If the Jones family and their attorney are 100% sure that Dequan didn't do anything wrong per NCAA rules then it is very good news for both the basketball and football program...But leaving Dequan in the dark for 5 months...It's a long time. I think we should know the truth in early january of 2012.

If anyone has more info please post here.
What do you think?


Things are going so well at Penn State

Reports: Fight in Penn State locker QB KO

ESPN.com news services

Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin and receiver Curtis Drake got into a fight in the locker room following practice, according to multiple media reports.

McGloin was hospitalized after the scuffle and released from Mount Nittany Medical Center on Saturday night.

McGloin's father, Paul, told the Patriot-News of Harrisburg and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that his son suffered a seizure and a possible concussion but was back at his campus apartment. Messages left Saturday night by The Associated Press for Paul and Matt McGloin were not immediately returned.

The school said campus police and judicial affairs would investigate.

Penn State is preparing for the TicketCity Bowl on Jan. 2 in Dallas.
Nice way to prepare for a bowl and to restore Penn state's reputation if they have any left.



Here’s how good the first game of the Metro PCS Orange Bowl Classic at BankAtlantic Center was:

After the University of Miami outshot FAU 93-90 in double overtime, a crowd officially listed at 11,262, largely swathed in University of Florida orange and blue, gave their archrival and FAU a standing ovation.

Everybody’s seen longer and louder standing Os, but appreciation was apparent. How could it not be?

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/18/2551376/miami-hurricanes-fau-owls-steal.html#ixzz1gt7o3yss



Central/Armwood 6-A Championship

For the second consecutive season, Central’s football team found itself trailing at the Citrus Bowl by more than two touchdowns after the first quarter.

But this year’s trip didn’t end happily.

Four turnovers and missed opportunities were too much for the Rockets to overcome in a 40-31 loss to Seffner Armwood Saturday afternoon in the Class 6A state championship.

Armwood (15-0), ranked No. 2 nationally by ESPN, scored 21 points off three of those turnovers, including two interceptions of senior quarterback Austin Stock that were returned for touchdowns.

Central fell behind 16-0 and never led in the game. The Rockets (13-1), who had their 27-game winning streak snapped, overcame a 17-0 first quarter deficit last season in the Class 6A final against Orlando Dr. Phillips to win their first state title.

“I just told them to stay positive,” Central coach Telly Lockette said. “But we just couldn’t overcome those mistakes. I told my kids, we were down 17-0 [last year] and we came back so just keep working. But we came up short.”

An emotional Lockette spoke to his team after the game as they sat mostly with stoic looks and watched Armwood celebrate.

“You have to play mistake free in a game like this,” Lockette said. “I’m so proud of my kids. We’ll be back. We just have to go back to the drawing board and get to work.”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/18/2551223/miami-central-gets-close-but-not.html#ixzz1gtCVZMb7



Miramar/Plant 8A Championship

Tampa Plant coach Robert Weiner said earlier this week he didn’t know if Miramar had any “chinks in its armor.”

The Panthers found some Saturday night and built a lead just big enough to hold off the Patriots and win the Class 8A state title 31-20 at the Citrus Bowl.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/18/2551560/miramar-patriots-fall-short-to.html#ixzz1gtDysFTp


Miami Hurricanes’ DeQuan Jones retains attorney, appeals suspension

Assuming his appeal is successful and he is reinstated, no one can force the coach to actually play him in games. What does he got to gain?

Regardless, I say reinstate him, unless UM has some damning evidence. U're not going anywhere in the postseason anyway, so why not let him play? What do U got to lose?


the thing with dequan is, they have a strong belief that there was 10,000 dollars given to Jake Morton...and dequan is saying that he had no knowledge of that...UM is trying to make sure that there was no knowledge and that money never went to the kid...they have to find out what morton did with the money and until then they have to keep him suspended...

i just hope that if in fact he is innocent he is given another year of eligibility next year...

and nemo...why do you say that they arent going anywhere in the postseason? because they already have 4 losses? this team is going to be a lot different now that reggie is back...this is what they have been waiting for...let reggie get his stamina back and he will be a force..


Yeah, just like last year.


Temple used three one-yard touchdown runs to jump out to a 21-0 lead over Wyoming and never looked back in posting a 37-15 over the Cowboys to win the Gildan New Mexico Bowl Saturday afternoon in front of 25,762.

It is the second bowl game victory in program history and first since Temple defeated California, 28-17, in the 1979 Garden State Bowl.

The Owls finish the season on a four-game win streak at 9-4 overall. The win also extended Temple's Senior Class record to 31 wins over the last four seasons.


Yeah, just like last year.

Posted by: 2002nemo | December 18, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Nemo...just a word of advice: Try to live your life as a "hopeful" person, not a "hopeless" person.

Life is much more pleasent that way and people will enjoy being around you so much more.


There it is right there!!! Let's leave the negativity at the door...


the thing with dequan is, they have a strong belief that there was 10,000 dollars given to Jake Morton...and dequan is saying that he had no knowledge of that...UM is trying to make sure that there was no knowledge and that money never went to the kid...they have to find out what morton did with the money and until then they have to keep him suspended...

i just hope that if in fact he is innocent he is given another year of eligibility next year...

and nemo...why do you say that they arent going anywhere in the postseason? because they already have 4 losses? this team is going to be a lot different now that reggie is back...this is what they have been waiting for...let reggie get his stamina back and he will be a force..

Posted by: SlingBlade | December 18, 2011 at 08:57 AM

I don't know if you read this story,



but I wonder what happened when (as it says in the story) "Jones went back into Haith's car":

"She said Jones went back into Haith’s car, told the coaches his decision, and they all celebrated in the parking lot."

Either that's PECULIAR, or that's some REALLY shady journalism on Michelle Kaufman's part...


So, I've read elsewhere that Miami has 52 scholarship players at the moment. The roster at http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/mifl-m-footbl-mtt.html lists 80 players on the roster.

What I'd like to see is how many of these are under scholarship and what the breakdown is between sr, jr, so, and freshmen. If my supposition is right, Miami could be able to laregely negate the effects of three year USC-style scholarship reduction given what should be the ratio of freshmen vs. the rest of the team.


Great article.

More from my pal Six on the same subject

Six says: Spent about 40 minutes sitting with Art Kehoe up in the coaches tent in the north endzone of the stadium during the Plant/Miramar game

Canez1 already knows this but, I basically told Kehoe what I thought of Gray Crow. After I was done, Kehoe just kind of looked at me with wide eyes and I think was a little bit freaked out that I was so adamant about what a mistake it is going to be taking the kid.

Then I told him about Jacob Guy up in Pasco, what a stud he is and then spouted off his numbers from last year and this year, compared to Gray Crow’s. Kehoe then asked me what town Pasco is in, what it is near – almost as if he now wants to check this kid out. Kehoe then told me that they already have 3 QBs in this class and no more room – I said, um, David Thompson might go after MLB money .. gotta be a businessman and drop Gray Crow .. in the same businessman sense, go check out Jacob Guy and then offer him – I’d be willing to bet the kid is better than Preston Dewey, in fact, I’d put money on it that he is better than Dewey

I talked with both Kehoe and Coach McDonald – told them what I do and if I can do anything to help them with recruiting kids in the Tampa Bay area, b/c I have access to going to all of their games and getting REAL video of their games that I have shot, not some idiot with a little flip camcorder from some “recruiting service” (don’t get me started on those assclowns who are at games, if you saw who these guys really were that are doing these reports for their recruiting websites, you’d laugh your ass off and totally dismiss them as well) – I told both Kehoe and McDonald about some kids ranging from Frosh to next year Seniors that I think they should be looking at

Lots of college scouts there from a bunch of different schools. Miami had Kehoe, McDonald, Barrow there

UiF had Will Muschamp there, along with 3 other coaches

FSU had Lawrence Dawsey and I saw Dameyune Craig there as well

USF had Vernon Hargreaves there, the WR coach there, didn’t see Kevin Patrick, but saw about 3 other USF coaches as well – around 5 total

Vanderbilt was there, Wesley McGriff. LSU was there. Clemson was there. Southern was there. B-CU was there. Believe I saw John Palermo there from Middle Tennessee State. An UnderArmour top guy was there, running around on the field after the games, going up to the stud players and handing them his card"


Soup... thanks for all of the coverage, & I know you must be tired from all of the games you've attended... but don't forget me bro... waitin' on an email here...


WOW... good to have you back solarcane... great info there!

I love that Six is ALL OVER those coaches, LOL... nice to know he is as willing to "share" his opinions in person as he is on this blog.

Kehoe must have thought, "Holy sh!t! THIS guy doesn't pull any punches!" (Welcome to OUR world Art.)

GO CANESPACE! ALL of you guys represented! (Soup, Native, Six...)



'72 Dolphins poppin' the champagne! Pack go down to KC.

Yeah baby... a lot of positives for ALL of Miami this week!


hi roach Merry Christmas
soup invited me to come over and read an article he was writing. This is a completely different subject than he had talked to me about but it was great, and gives me more hope for the next couple seasons.
I'll pop in now and then and see you guys.
you are all stiil a great group of friends to me. I been working a ton and try and read all the Canes blogs at least once every weekend.

good luck with your school team,


nice Solar. I'm not sold on Gray either. remember last year when Six went off about Weatherford. lol. Deon Bush has Miami in his too 3 with Bama and Auburn. basically Bama


Q, do u have proof Bush is all Bama?


Thanks again solar... Hey, I just looked up that March 30th scrimmage again in Ft. Myers and it's at 7:00pm... so I "might" have the boys' tennis coach ride the bus home from Naples with both boys and girls, and I'll have my wife pick me up down there & we go to Bishop Verot HS & catch the scrimmage... hmmm... this COULD work!


RUMOR: Deon Bush committed to The U

JUCO DT Salt commits to Floriduh


Solar...yeah I nixed the article I was gonna write for now because it may have had a negative effect on a lot of people and that may not have been fair to those who may have been impacted if U get my drift.

I saw Six and talked to him before the game. He told me he was working Kehoe but I didn't know he was gonna go that hard on him? Six was working it on many levels both on and off the field all game long from what I saw. That dude is well connected and totally amped up!

Good to see U around the old blob and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Keep your back to the sun and your paddles wet....


RUMOR: Deon Bush committed to The U

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 18, 2011 at 05:23 PM

U never know if a rumor is true or not becuase sometimes they are false but a lot of times they wind up being TRUE which is why U just never know?



Exactly, SOUP.

I know, that U know, what we all already know. ;-)


Six, Holla At cha boy


Your Crusade for nixing Crow's schollie might not happen but You are doing your thing


Oops... I SHOULD have said Hassan when mentioning the Canespacers repping us at the FHSAA Finals.

Nice work gentlemen...


sorry. he named his too 3 Deon Bush. Miami,Bama and Auburn. not sure why anyone would wanna go to Auburn...they lost both coordinators....


Reading six and Kehoe's exchange really illustrates the importance of coaching stability. At first I thought shouldn't the staff already know this, but you figure the staff is still building relationships trying to get a beat on all talent in south fla. It will be great to see a staff together for multiple years, recruiting fla for multiple years and ultimately knowing who the up and comers are before the pay sites and fans


Does this work?
My main man solar filled you guys in

86 - great to see you again and your better half as well. Were you on the Central/Miramar side for the games on Saturday? I kept looking up in the Armwood/Plant stands but didn't see you. How about those Tampa Bay teams representing? 3-0 for the Friday/Saturday games and 2-0 against the Miami-Dade/Broward schools

Felt bad for the Miramar kids though after the Plant game, a whole lot of tears being shed. When I was walking around the field after that game during the medal presentation, I was just telling some of them to keep their damn head up and make it back next year. To the ones that were Seniors, I just told them to do whatever it takes to help the young pups on their team get back next year - helping them in the off-season, helping them training wise, helping them watch film or whatever, just helping them in general b/c that's their family - their alma mater is their family

Ya, I went in hard on Kehoe, haha. You got my text that I sent you about it. It still kind of makes me wonder why Kehoe didn't know about Jacob Guy from Pasco, when Pasco is in Kehoe's recruiting area

Jacob Guy this year - 2,301 yards passing, 37 TDs, 5 INTs and was 1 game away from playing Miami Norland in the state championship but lost to Wakulla in triple overtime

Kehoe also asked me if I had ever met the Canes head video guy and if I'd like to come down and meet him. Interesting

Hassan - great to meet you brah and like I said, welcome back home

I dunno if you were at Saturday's games, but, that catch by Malcolm Lewis for a TD was amazing. It's arguably better than the TD catch that Andre Davis of Jefferson (now of USF) made last year in the state championship game when they beat down Miami Norland.

Also, 86 and Hassan, tell me that the food being served at the Citrus Bowl didn't suck and also was insanely over priced. $10 for a flat hamburger and fries that were the size of toothpicks? Crazy. I didn't get one, but one of the guys I work with did and he was heated haha

One last thing, I saw Manny on the field after the Plant/Miramar game - shook his hand and talked with him a bit. Manny has a crazy good memory, I started to say that I met him at .. and he finished the sentence by saying "at the Booker T. Washington state championship game" - that was 4 years ago? Crazy

Tampa Bay high school teams > Miami-Dade/Broward teams

Miami-Dade/Broward might have some arguably faster athletes or a few bigger kids, but, as you saw the coaching of the Tampa Bay teams (Armwood, Plant, Bradenton Manatee) was superior when it came to their systems, game planning and adjustments. The Tampa Bay area kids were no joke either when it came to speed and size - Armwood especially.

The football IQ of the kids at Plant, Armwood & Bradenton Manatee is very high as well.

One more thing as well - did Kehoe talk to you about how his mind was blown on how he thought so highly about the coaching of the OLine of some of these teams during their pre-game drills?

Obviously not the Miramar or First Coast OLines. Bradenton Manatee's DEs were blasting right through First Coast's OLine - their QB had no chance at all once the ball was snapped, to add the fact that their QB was a 14 or 15 year old Frosh

Miramar's OL and coaches had absolutely no clue on how to stop Plant's 3-3-5 D. No clue. Plant had LB's flying in from all over the place


Q - I'd take Stevie Weatherford over Gray Crow any day, bahaha

Gray is a nice kid. Just like Kehoe said, the kid takes care of business in the classroom as well, he has he rah-rah leader act down as well on the field. It's nothing personal against the kid

I just love the Canes too much and don't want to see a scholly used up on someone who I am willing to bet won't make much noise at such a premium position on the team. If they're going to take a chance on a kid, then take it on someone like Jacob Guy who can perform when thrown into the fire - his numbers don't lie and the RB he had with him at Pasco was just as good, if not better than the RB that Crow has at Countryside - their numbers are eerily similar ..... but Guy's passing numbers are obscene compared to Crow's

Crow does seem like he's a team player though, so if they ask him to possibly play another position like H-Back, he would

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