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January 25, 2012


Old Skool

FU ranked number one in baseball. Hopefully, we can kick some gator tail this year


FU ranked number one in baseball. Hopefully, we can kick some gator tail this year

Posted by: Old Skool | January 25, 2012 at 08:26 PM

Yes we will! The Canes have a very very good team this year.


Howard sure did say "we" a lot, and not "they",,good sign lol


mi@mic@ne - I am one of those fans who loves to watch great defenses. And that goes for any sport, but especially for football. And I REALLY miss the days when we had great defenses.

I hope you are right about Golden. I don't have any reason to not believe in him. It's mainly due to the "lost decade" effect - and the fact that I am older and more tepid in getting too high or too low on the team's direction than in the past - but let's be honest, it was waaaay too easy then; )



Well, I would be all in paying for that interview w/ Butch! I can't imagine he would ever do such an interview unless he was done w/ football, which I can't believe he is yet. He knows that what he knows is worth waaay too much, and in today's market, it's worth more than ever!

But you know, that is what REALLY intrigues me - there were guys like Kehoe & Shannon that have spent the better part of their lives around this program during its most successful periods (& in Shannon's case, some of the not-so-successful). To me, it is just as mind boggling that at least one of them didn't learn from Butch...seriously!?

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that Golden wanted Kehoe back. I don't know that answer, but we will find out soon enough about what Golden will or will not accomplish.

Someday I am sure that Butch will share his secrets - I for one will be waiting!

What I failed to note in the first post about the topic is that it is even more remarkable considering the points you so brilliantly illustrated in your 5* recruit report - Very well done Ocho Seis. Muy bien hecho! Y muchisimas gracias!


DrewZ2 - Those were some great points on the Fisch situation. There are usually MANY more aspects to a coaching hire than most people consider.

Of course you never know, but your points are as important to the equation as any of the others.

Coke - I, too, was around during the Omar days of yesteryear. However, I am sure you were mainly referring to Calvin, Cav, pb, et al.

I don't know what any of them are up to. I hope all is well with them and hope to see them around again myself.


One thing I hope that does not disappear within the U family is for the former players to stop returning to CG and working out with the boyz.

Butch's boys are getting up there a bit, but there are still a fair amount who played for Clappy or RS that I hope still carry on the tradition. Guys such as Olsen, Beason, Hester, Graham, Franklin, Bailey, etc.

Time for AG and Co to reassert the U's position in the football universe.


SaveUMFootball Papa Cane
Recruiting Update: 5-Star LB Josh Harvey-Clemons, 6'5" and 210 lbs, will visit Miami this weekend. Great young man. Super athlete.

SaveUMFootball Papa Cane
Recruiting Update: Coaches Golden and Kehoe plan on visiting 5-Star OL Avery Young tomorrow. Looking forward to good news.

SaveUMFootball Papa Cane
Recruiting Update: Miami has offered 2013 DE DeMarcus Walker, 6'4" and 255 lbs, from Jacksonville, FL. Video: ow.ly/1EP1f9


Man if we land 2 all-world Georgia linebackers the same year, I'm going to (bleeping) lose it!

Also, love the Avery Young timing. Sure sounds like he's ready to commit.


I have been too busy to pipe in here, and I hate NSD hype with a passion after following it so closely in 2008. So my opinion on all of this if whoever we sign, we shall see what they produce on the field. I have seen so many great prospects never materialize to get hyped up about it.

I do want to comment on Butch though. I followed him closely when he was our coach. Numerous article were written about his attention to organization. As a kid, seriously, he considered the organization of his dresser important. His clothes had to be in the right place at all times, and the clothes in his dresser had to be in the right drawer.

Why is that important? Because when he took over at the U, we were under scholly reductions. He wrote a chart of needs, and there was no lack of them after 4 years orf Erickson recruiting. And he had to fill them over a period of years, 4, because everyone would forgive him for losing the first few years (but by God man, to lose 47-0 at Tally was his biggest black mark). He did it in innovative ways. I think Santana Moss was a track scholarship his first year or so to fill needs. And once he identified a need, he recruited that position incredibly hard for each year to get the best players during his tenure.

Like Martin Luther King once said, I choose to love because choosing to hate is too great of a burden. Unfortunately, when it comes to some fanatical Canes supporters, and prominent financial boosters, they choose to hate Butch for leaving for the NFL, even when, if given the same chance in their own personal lives, they would have jumped in a heartbeat.

Butch came down here and pleaded in the press to get the Canes job before Randy was hired. He was turned away like he never did anything for the program because certain financial supporters could not relieve themselves of the burden of chooosing hate over love. It was a great mistake. He then chose UNC. While that didn't work out for him, it also didn't work out for UM.

Golden seems to have many Butch type qualities, and I am curious what will develop here. I am all in in regard to supporting Al. But one day, the university really should give Butch his due because although he didn't "coach" a national chamionship team, there is NO doubt he built one. And these old crusty boosters need to embrace love and drop the hate. Just my opinion.


On topic though, when you read the article, how can anyone think ANY of the early declarers for the NFL draft made the right decision??? ALL of those guys made a HUGE mistake, and ANY agent who advised them to leave early did not do a service to his client and should not be considered by any future NFL recruit as someone who they can rely on them for putting their best interest over his personal best interest. This year was the greatest example of a guy going all in for himself to the exclusion of the players he supposedly represents. If I said more, I would be sued, but you get my drift.


It's too bad Drew Rosenhaus didn't graduate from Florida...


As a CYA I did not identify any specific agent. I am sure other agents may have been involved.

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