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March 28, 2012


MIA Chi 'Cane '98

C'mon another #1

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Who is #1 on the 'Canes this year?


Here's your #1: WR Allen Hurns



Bishop Verot Catholic High School was established in 1962 as Fort Myers Central Catholic High School. The school was renamed Bishop Verot when they moved to their newly constructed location in 1964. The school is named after Bishop Augustin Verot, the first Bishop of Florida. The current principal is John A. Cavell, Jr.[2]

The school is ranked in the top 50 of all Catholic High Schools in the United States.

The school's sports teams are nicknamed the "Vikings." The outdoor teams play on field turf installed in 2005. The indoor teams play in the John J. Nevins Gymnasium, which plays host to the City of Palms Classic.

Bishop Verot has claimed five state championships in its 50 year history: 1984 (volleyball), 1994 (baseball), 2001 (boys' soccer), 2010 (boys' soccer), and most recently, 2011 (baseball).

calGary Cane

Posted by: SOUP | March 28, 2012 at 05:14 PM


SOUP doesn't count...so third!


then i'm 4th my best yet!!


Posted by: 3G Cane | March 28, 2012 at 02:15 PM

We appreciate it! Good footage!



Canes 6 St. Thomas 1 in the 4th. Should be a walk in the park for no.8 UM.

UM women tennis team now ranked in the top 5.

Don't ever give up! When you go down, you just get up! Roy Firestone nice clip.


I listened to the agent rat face on the Joe Rose show today...If you like sales pitches listen to him...You might think that Al Golden doesn't like the guy...I hate to know that he is a UM alumni and hurting the program big time in giving bad advises to underclass men from the U. In their best interests the players should trust Al Golden who is like a father figure to some of the Canes before they make one of the most important decision in their life.

Leaving early to the NFL can be a very, very bad choice $$$. Ask ED Reed if he is glad to have played his senior season at UM and how much more money he made with the right decision.

orange 'n green in the vein

Montreal, if any upperclassmen were going to listen to an agent over their head coach it was going to be this year's class due to one simple fact, they never signed up for the Al Golden UM program in the first place.

Whether you personally like Golden or think he's overrated, whatever, these players have their own opinions of what is going to increase their draft stock weighed against the risk of injury in coming back for their last year and they probably don't see eye to eye with the head coach about any of it because if they did they would have signed with Temple in 2008 instead of Miami in the first place. Just wish them the best of luck as professionals and hope they restart a first round draft pick streak to build on and recruit off of IMO.


Leaving early to the NFL can be a very, very bad choice $$$. Ask ED Reed if he is glad to have played his senior season at UM and how much more money he made with the right decision.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | March 28, 2012 at 08:29 PM

That's not a fair comparison at all. Reed's 2000 team was a juggernaut that got screwed out of playing in the national championship by the BCS machinery. There was plenty of reason to believe staying an extra year would mean another shot at the title and everything else that comes with that, including publicity, which helps your draft stock. The team our jrs from last year left behind is anything but a national contender. One can make a reasonable argument that staying an extra year probably would not have helped much.


Final Baseball Canes 11 St.Thomas 4

The Hurricanes, who have a 12-2 record over their last 14 games will play next at Clemson for a 3 game series starting this coming friday.


Monty...thanks for your loyalty to the UM baseball squad. I always count on U for the updates. GO CANES!!!


OGV...if I were U I would go and re-read the article and maybe look at the photos. I'm jus saying...



1. Miami fans just gotz to hope Al and Coach D use that boi Tryiq on passin downs cause ballah can cause he!! in the backfield. Aint many QBs I know that can out run boi. Sh$# I could give Ryan a 10 yard start and Tyriq will have him before he gets to 11 yards lol.

2. Newt tells me your boi OGV has it in for Coach D lol. Well this boi still cant figure out why the f Fins wasnt on that field playin CB more. I heard him sayin Miami had other good options at CB last year. Who the f Coach D think hes bullsh$#in. From the day he swagged his azz in here hes been THE best CB Miami has.


Of course SOUP whenever i can.

The field at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers (seen above) seems to be in much better condition than the bad turf at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah. Please no more injuries à la Graig Cooper because of a bad surface especially when it's for a practice.


I don't know if the link was posted here before but good article about Al Golden.

Coach wants things done The Golden Way




Miami Hurricanes prepare to honor former standouts

The Miami Herald

All-Pro safety Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens will headline a list of prominent former Hurricane athletes into the UM Hall of Fame.

Ed Reed got the phone call in September from University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame executive director John Routh.
Reed, a Baltimore Ravens safety and expected future Pro Football Hall of Famer, was told he would be inducted into the UM Hall on March 29.

He already knew.

That’s what happens when your former college roommate is already a UM Hall of Famer.

“Reggie briefed me and told me what it’s all about,” said Reed of Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne, who was inducted last year. “We were at the University of Miami well before we were in the NFL. We gave our hearts and more to that university, and we appreciate them giving back to us.

“What a great honor.”

Reed, 33, redshirted his freshman season in 1997 and lettered from ’98 through ’01, when UM won its fifth national title in the Rose Bowl. He will join three former fellow football stars at 6 p.m. Thursday at Jungle Island for a ceremony that honors an especially impressive class.

More from the article here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/28/2719923/miami-hurricanes-prepare-to-honor.html#storylink=cpy



University of Miami Football Team Advertising For "Any Student That Is At Least 6'1 And 230+ Pounds"

By Gus Garcia-Roberts Wed., Mar. 28 2012 at 8:00

Is this a sign of a University of Miami football apocalypse? The Hurricanes are are posting fliers around the school Wellness Center, asking "any student that is at least 6'1 and 230+ pounds" to contact the team about becoming offensive linemen.

We gotta say, this does not strike us as Division-1 behavior.

This photo was first posted on the Facebook page for The U, Rakontur's documentary about the team.

Hurricanes fans-- already battered by Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro's explosive tales of sex parties and bribes, and the team's very mediocre 2011-- responded like Chicken Little.

A smattering of responses:

Oh how the mighty have fallen. lol Good luck with this.

?.....what happened to us! this is embarrising take it down!!

This has to be a f!@#$n joke!!! SMH!!

This is horrible

More from the article here:


To quote a old Rob Base jam, ' Times are gettin ill'...


Gus Garcia-Roberts who is this guy?

Probably a GAYtor.

orange 'n green in the vein

I did notice the very useful picture of the time/date/address had been replaced by catholic schoolgirl jailbait, but only because I was seriously considering mapping out the route to attend so I can catch this Gray Crow guy. I hear he might end up like Matt Perrelli, the flashpoint for a brawl in a 35-0 blowout. But then again, Cristobal isn't backing his program down since he's got eyes on Golden's office and Crow can defend himself, so maybe he'll fair better than Matt after it's all said and done.


OGV...if U go arrive EARLY. We will be tailgating and also go to see the Raising Canes II feature playing in the school's arts theatre.


I think they are looking for a Longsnapper


Papa Cane - Position Change: Sophomore Thurston Armbrister has been moved from Safety to Linebacker. He is up to 210+ pounds. Outgrew position.


Papa Cane - Spring Game Will Be Televised: You will be able to watch Miami's Spring Game on ESPN3, April 14th at 2 p.m. EST. http://ow.ly/9XaW1


Papa - Recruiting Update: 4-Star DE Jordan Sherit, 6'4'' and 245 lbs, was offered by Miami very early in the recruiting process. Hear UM is #1 now.


Well that flier for OL UM is looking for walkon OL 6'1 and 230+ lbs. Soup has the 230+ lbs part down, also he played on the line both ways in H.S. all 6 years!!


They just need a couple Rudy types, for punching bags.


As the father of a former O-Line walk-on at Miami, I can tell you that large state schools have 50-60 kids every year that could play at a lot of smaller schools try out for the football team as walk-ons. The problem is that private schools like Miami have virtually none.

Miami costs 60,000 per year to attend and just try getting through admissions on your own...23,000 applications for less than 3,000 slots (half of them young ladies). Not a fertile ground for walk-on football players.

This really hurts the private schools as 30 of the 115 football players the NCAA allows are non scholarship athletes (only 85 schollys). The scout team really suffers and the twos and threes play a lot more in practice and that leads to injury exposure.

Joaquin Gonzales was a walk on for the U and he did pretty well for himself. I have no problem with the football team looking to the student body for players to fill out the roster of 115...I will bet you that the U has not had 115 players on their team in their history. A wise move by Al...

3G Cane

You know its a slow week in sports when the media buffoons latch onto a request for walk-ons i.e. tackling dummies and try to frame it as an indictment of the program.


Soup- They are showing the new Raising Canes episode prior to the scrimmage?


Miami is doing ok in the budget Dept.
This is good news to me, Our revenues have big room for improvement. Of course our Baseball team look improved and our Women's and Men's B-Ball teams look to compete strong for years to come. The Football team is of course the biggest cash cow. The new ACC tv contract will help increase our revenues and the Phins are expected to make some major upgrades to JRS that will really improve the gameday experience. I believe with our bowl ban last year we should be good this year to play in a bowl if the NCAA does not try to be too heavy handed. This means better facilities better training tables etc. The U has new facilities being built now, they are securing more funding and with AL Golden being WAAAY better with the booster's media etc then RS our prospects to get mroe funding looks bright. We need this to compete with teams raking in 100m a year. If anyone went to the games last year and saw an empty stadium you can see where it is great to hear we actually made money and can really improve.

Here are the ACC schools' national rankings:

19) Virginia - $6,038,664
24) Virginia Tech - $4,314,760
30) Miami - $2,763,826
38) North Carolina - $660,231
40) Duke - $567,207.00
41) Maryland - $263,711
42) Clemson - $216,318
43) North Carolina State - $192,151

As for expenses and revenues …

12) Florida State - $86,946,503
24) Virginia - $72,400,342
26) North Carolina - $70,709,553
31) Duke - $67,418,981
35) Boston College - $64,078,272
37) Clemson - $60,958,659
42) Miami - $57,561,177
43) Maryland - $57,501,307
44) Virginia Tech - $56,762,362

17) Florida State - $86,946,503
25) Virginia - $78,439,006
28) North Carolina - $71,369,784
34) Duke - $67,986,188.00
38) Boston College - $64,078,272
40) Clemson - $61,174,977
41) Virginia Tech - $61,077,122
43) Miami - $60,325,003
48) Maryland - $57,765,018

Alabama ($31,684,872) had the highest net income, and Texas was the biggest spender ($125,978,117) and generated the most revenue ($150,295,932).



Drug Sales from UF players were not included in the UF revenues.

Payments to recruits best friends for trucks were not included in Alabama's expenses.


If Armbrister is 2 big 2 play safety @ 210 lbs then u know its just a matter of time b4 they move 220 lb Ray Ray 2 defensive end lol.


In non FB news

Sorry for this mini rant but why are we talking about nonsense this electoral cycle but no one cares about the kids? Autism is up 78% in the last 10 years, adn rising 1 out of 54 boys now has Autism.


Thank you Monsanto, For your GM Food and your roundup and other chemicals that now makes My Corn made from agent Orange Chemicals that 45,000 people opposed and only 23 were in favor of yet still was approved by our great FDA approved over the X-mas holidays while we wern't watching.


Thank You BPI

For you 100% but not really beef which is pink slime that kids eat at Mickie D's so they can get a toy pushed by the entertainment industry so my kid is brainwashed while he eat's your slime.

Thank you Congress for making it illegal to have a home garden and to make it illegal to refuse vaccines and depression medication that makes kids zombies that shoot up schools.

Thank you Big Pharma for making vaccinations that are proven to be useless and forcing everyone to take them.


3G Cane

Let'em know Hassan!!!

But what does that have to do with last night's Dancing With The Stars?...


Papa Cane - Your 2012 Middle Linebacker: Denzel Perryman has secured the MLB job so far. He is up to 223 lbs and continues to impress.


Here is the latest UM Football Spring Practice Depth Chart: http://t.co/nAGEuxJ2


Did I say that about Perryman like 4 months ago? I think I did...


Ray Lewis pre-game speech to Stanford Bball team... Wow!



Thanks, Ohio- interesting to see Highsmith holding off Telemaque, for now. And Gaines as a starter outside. He looked much better outside last year, inside he couldn't avoid or get around or past a pulling guard to save his life.


Golden and maybe player comments incoming...


Al Golden says safety A.J. Highsmith has been playing more physical and with more confidence.


Let'em know Hassan!!!

But what does that have to do with last night's Dancing With The Stars?...

Posted by: 3G Cane | March 29, 2012 at 12:05 PM

lol nothing, and it also has nothing to do with Beiber fever and what his new gf wore to Saks yesterday lol

3G Cane

lol nothing, and it also has nothing to do with Beiber fever and what his new gf wore to Saks yesterday lol

Posted by: Hassan
Its disturbing how disastrously distracted the average american is from issues that should be of the uptmost importance to them, but then again thats exactly how THEY want it.


Al Golden says LB Denzel Perryman has 'a whole 'nother gear that we haven't seen'. More on his move 2 middle: http://t.co/eMKerpHl


For those worried about LG Jon Feliciano, #UM coach Al Golden says it's not a serious knee injury. Would've been back in 2 weeks if needed


Al Golden says LB Denzel Perryman has 'a whole 'nother gear that we haven't seen'. More on his move 2 middle: http://t.co/eMKerpHl

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 29, 2012 at 01:08 PM

That sounds like GREAT! news.
It's been awhile since we had a Frosh or a Soph grab a hold of MLB.
Let's hope it's His LAST move...


Its disturbing how disastrously distracted the average american is from issues that should be of the uptmost importance to them, but then again thats exactly how THEY want it.

Posted by: 3G Cane | March 29, 2012 at 01:00 PM

I know, the fed gives 16 trillion, an entire year of GDP to European banks in secret and the nightly news wants to talk about Jenifer Lopez Dancin BF lol

Ignorance breeds Apathy, Apathy Breeds Slavery....


Al Golden says new No. 1 DE Kelvin Cain is a hybrid like Olivier Vernon. Also, S A.J. Highsmith & more: http://t.co/Oiwa8VAb

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