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March 24, 2012



A special thanks to CutlerRidgeLaz and to Caneshooter for the photos!


Looks great! Thanks for all of the updates.


I plan on being at Ft. Myers Bishop Verot on Friday night!


Hope none of the injuries are serious...


Mike James


rats, 6th again!!!



Saturday update: News and notes from UM's spring scrimmage

A dozen notes and observations from UM’s first spring football scrimmage at Ted Hendricks Stadium on Saturday:

### Al Golden has said the quarterback battle this spring will be akin to an NCAA Tournament play-in game among Ryan Williams and freshmen Preston Dewey and Gray Crow, with the winner emerging as Stephen Morris’ main challenger in August.

Williams, as expected, looks CLEARLY the best of the three, and August’s competition assuredly will come down to Morris (a slight favorite) and Williams (who’s making a strong case while Morris remains limited after back surgery).

Williams wasn’t perfect, but he was impressive Saturday with accuracy and his ability to make plays on rollouts. “He had good command, distributed the ball well,” Golden said, impressed that “such a big guy (6-5, 225) can get out of the pocket and throw it as accurately as he did.”
Williams finished 14 for 21 for 228 yards and four touchdowns.

### Crow was the second UM quarterback to enter the scrimmage (behind Williams) and delivered a few ill-advised throws but also but made a few more plays than Dewey, who was UM’s third quarterback. Many UM people expected Dewey to enter UM as a more polished quarterback than Crow, but it hasn’t looked that way so far.

A.J. Highsmith and Tyrone Cornelius dropped errant passes from Dewey that should have been intercepted. Dewey, who also overthrew walk-on Darris Hughes on a simple screen pass, finished 4 for 12 for 21 yards.

Gionni Paul dropped a potential interception thrown by Crow, who was 7 for 14 for 43 yards. One of Crow’s best plays – a pass to David Perry – was fumbled by Perry just as he was going into the end zone.

“It’s fun and challenging as a coach for two of your three quarterbacks to be high school seniors,” offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said of Crow and Dewey, who are early arrivals.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy

Posted by: CaneRock | March 24, 2012 at 09:19 PM



1. I still aint the f sure why D'No and Al didnt use Fins more last year, hes easily been the best CB so far. Its very early but Miami fans should feel good with him out there.

2. Someone needs to really showout before game 1 if they hope to start over EJ this year. I gotz peeps emailin me like crazy sayin they thought OT was boss mode today. I actually thought he didnt look as good as he was expected to. The problem that boi has is that hes been way up then way down. Boi needs to concentrate more.

3. Each and every practice that boi Ports gets his shine on more and more. I will say that Miami fans saw about 50% of the offense playbook and about 30% of the D playbook. The way Al does things I would expect even less of the playbooks next scrimmage to just test the manhood of boiz and let fans see some athletes shine. I know hes about to have them next few practices on full tilt. Fans can expect to see some of the lower chart boiz get their chance to glow next scrimmage.

4. Yah, GBo looked good even for someone not 100% healthy. Him and EJ said they got our backs this year lol. When them 2 hit fools it makes that sweet snot shot sound. EJ, a healthy GBo and Denzel damnit lol.

5. Bunche, JF, McD, Linder and JJ. Thats right, I dont see Trel as a 1 yet. Really goin to need someone to step it up at DE cause thats weak as f right now bruh. Im askin for alot from boiz not here yet but Jelani and Tyriq are needed to perform at that level quick as f bruh.

Sota cane

Awesome info from the skreetz. Thanks soup. I plan on ring at the fort Myers scrimmage


Great, great blog Soup! Thanks, I was so damned busy today- between birthday parties, gymnastics, fantasy baseball draft and shopping for softball equipment ofr my kid that the best I could do was follow the scrimmage on twitter. Thanks for the recap!


The ninth-ranked Miami Hurricanes clinched their third-straight conference series on Saturday night, taking game two of their weekend set with the visiting Maryland Terrapins by a final score of 9-1.

After recording only five hits in Friday night's 5-1 victory, the Hurricanes exploded for 22 baserunners and 14 basehits in an offensive outburst at Alex Rodriguez Park. Every single Miami starter registered at least one hit, while Michael Broad, Dale Carey and Rony Rodriguez each recorded multi-hit games in the series-clinching win.



1. I got hit with a few posts on my email about Crow hatin lol. What the f is that all about? Im told the mane has seen him play in HS but damn thats harsh on boi. I aint seen that much hatin on a boi that aint hit the field yet. And here I thought I was tough on Taylor lol. I dont feel the least bit bad about beefin with Streeter a few weeks ago now.

2. Even got hit with some sayin pretty much the entire f n team looked bad lol. Sometimes you just want to go Pitino on Miami fans and say, the 2001 Miami Hurricanes aint walkin through that Hecht to ball again and if they do then Miami will really have the NCAA on that azz lol.

3. Its an f n scrimmage that are made to let boiz and fans come together. The tapes that Al and staff will eye up tonight and Sunday will be on the depth and where it stands not how many stars got their glow on. Live practices is where the starters and potential starters are bein viewed. I love meetin the fans but damn they can get down so f n fast lol.


Williams' arm looks like one of Jacory's legs in that picture...good to have a big 'un back there.


What position is Tyrone Cornelius playing?

The kid was a standout on special teams last season...


Miami 3, Maryland 0

Top of the fourth inning.

Canes going for the sweep.


The #1 selling jersey in the NFL last year was the #15 Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey.

What are all of those fans gonna do with those $75 jerseys now?


Nice pics and article

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, the real story is that Teblow was polled as the most popular US athlete last year, (obviously a lot of people who don't watch sports were answering the questions) now he's trade bait and going to be a spot FB/cat set less than a year later. I thought this country always cheered for winners, not backups and players on their way out of the league they play in before they're 30?


Hurricanes lose 6-4 to Terrapins in baseball.

Miami won 2 of 3 games over the weekend but Maryland avoids the sweep with the win today.


OGV...needless to say it will be VERY interesting to see how Tebow does in The Big Apple and maybe even more interesting to see how the NY media and fans treat Timmy based on his failure or success.

Time for the other QB, what's his name, oh yeah Sanchez, to put up or shut up for the Jets. Man how I hate the J-E-T-S Jets.


Ever wonder which state puts the most players in the NFL? Texas or Florida? No. California had 251 players on NFL rosters at the end of the 2010 season according to an ESPN the Magazine report. Texas followed California with 211 players and then Florida with 184 players on NFL rosters at the end of the 2010 season. Only one other state had at least 100 players, Ohio.

After the states mentioned in the first paragraph, here are how many NFL players states ranked 6-21 produced.

6. Louisiana-91
7. Georgia-88
8. New Jersey-65
9. Pennsylvania-65
10. Ney York-64
11. Michigan-60
12. Illinois-55
T13. Virginia, South Carolina-54
15. North Carolina-53
16. Alabama-52
17. Tennessee-44
18. Mississippi-38
19. Oklahoma-33
20. Maryland-29


Based on birth, California actually has produced more of the current starting quarterbacks in the NFL than Texas - five to four.

But based on where they played high school football, Texas has the edge, six to five.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (San Diego), Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers (Chico), the Chiefs' Matt Cassel (Northridge), Patriots star Tom Brady (San Mateo) and Mark Sanchez of the Jets (Long Beach) all were born in the Golden State.

But Romo didn't play high school football there.

Meanwhile, Texas-born quarterbacks include Kolb (Victoria), Andy Dalton of the Bengals (Katy), the Jaguars' Luke McCown (Jacksonville) and Saints star Drew Brees (Austin).

There are no NFL starting QBs who played high school football in Florida.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/sports/heatindex/articles/2011/09/17/20110917nfl-quarterback-top-state.html#ixzz1qA9XTk2Q


So did Ray Ray do nothing yesterday? Should we be concerned?


Florida Gator Basketball Falls In Elite 8 For Second Straight Year.

The Florida Gator basketball team build an 11-point lead late against Louisville in the second half of Saturday's West Region Final, but could not finish the job as the Cardinals rallied to beat the Gators 72-68.

Gators head coach Billy Donovan still has never beaten his former coach Rick Pitino, falling to 0-7 lifetime against his mentor.

I will not cry.




January 7th 2013

BCS National Championship Game

Miami Gardens, FL Sun Life Stadium

Who will be there?


Who will be there?

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | March 25, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Good question. Let's hope it is a team from the 305 and I do NOT mean FIU!


Whitfield decommited..wants to "open his options"..but miami is "still his top school" etc etc...


He is hoping FSU offers..his cousin is committed to them





RCCF 12%....CANES will be there BCS


Kermit says cane coaches support his decision


Kermit's explanation is rather quaint. No matter where he winds up going to school, he's still a Cane? (Miami is still his school, his words). Yeah, sorry, doesn't work that way kid. I'm not a Cane, I went to UW-Madison. Still love the Canes, but I wouldn't dare lay claim to being one and try to let that ride.


Ever wonder which state puts the most players in the NFL? Texas or Florida? No. California had 251 players on NFL rosters at the end of the 2010 season according to an ESPN the Magazine report. Texas followed California with 211 players and then Florida with 184 players on NFL rosters at the end of the 2010 season. Only one other state had at least 100 players, Ohio.

Posted by: SOUP | March 25, 2012 at 04:31 PM

Good article. Florida lags in producing QBs (Tebow was the only starter I am aware of), and there is no excuse for that.

However, I do think that Florida places more NFL players per capita given the size of the state and the number of recruits. As a matter of fact, the state that produces the most NFL players per capita might be Louisiana.

In 2010, California had 37 million people.
Texas had 25 million people
Florida had a little less than 19 million
Louisiana had 4.5 million people.


Kermit says cane coaches support his decision

Posted by: Hassan | March 25, 2012 at 07:26 PM

I am sure there is a good reason, but please do NOT say it out loud.



Six errors by the Cane dirt dogs


Not a fan of hers at all, not exactly saying anything I haven't before -but- Erin Andrews went on a tirade about what a fraud Tebow is to a fellow employee of a very good friend of mine ... citing lots of examples. Pretty funny

I thought the Cane on Cane violence between Sapp and Shockey was entertaining .. this is even better

What's that saying about women scorned?


86 - get ready to add 2 more starting QBs in the NFL that played high school ball in Texas

Andrew Austen Luck. Robert Griffin III.


Somebody asked about Tyrone Cornelius?

He is playing LB at least 80-90% of the time in practice.


Six...I hear U loud and clear! Fair and balanced.


Shayon Green looks mean...I hope he plays mean in 2012.

VT is a big talker...Let's hope he will be more of a doer this coming season.

Thanks for the link.



What's the deal with Kermit decommitting?


Kermit, wants an FSU offer. Has some relative that goes their.


Ohio..judging from the article it seems he wants to open things up...said the typical Miami is still my top school, even if I dont go there they will be my school etc etc....his cousin is committed to FSU and he said he hopes to get an offer from them


A conversation with "Coach Morris":

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – After the sixth practice of the spring, we sat down with Canes quarterback Stephen Morris, who has embraced a new role during the spring season while he recovers from injury. Morris can now be seen donning a Miami cap and a whistle instead of a helmet and pads, but that doesn’t stop him from being any less involved. His first foray into coaching has been an interesting experience, but it also hasn’t stopped Morris from continuing to work at his craft.

What is it like to move from the field to the sidelines? It hasn’t been too different as far as preparations go, I still study the practice script at night, and in the meeting room I’m just trying to make sure all the other quarterbacks are prepared and understand what’s going on. On the field instead of practicing I’m checking with the other guys to make sure they know what the whole play is and the purpose of the play is.

Do you feel it’s beneficial to the players to have another eye on the field? It’s definitely extra beneficial, because if you’re really serious about getting better, at quarterback the physical aspects of the game are important, but the mental aspects are more important. I’m trying to be the best I can be mentally so I know where the ball should go in different situations. The goal is for all of us to know these things and be on the same page.

Do you find yourself chomping at the bit to get going or are you cherishing your time off the field before you’re back out here every day? I just want to get back already. I know I don’t want to rush anything, but inside of me its killing me not to be out there. I’m always in the huddle trying to pump guys up to make myself still feel like I’m a part of it. But you got to do what the doctor says so I’m just following what he says.

Could you see yourself getting into coaching in the long run after this experience? It definitely opened my eyes to it. I can really see why coaches love doing this, but right now I’m just focused on getting healthy again and being back on the field and we can worry about coaching later.

What is your favorite part about being Coach Morris? There are definitely pros and cons to it, but the pros are you really get to see the game differently. I now get to see what Coach Fisch and Coach Golden see. It really helps me understand and be able to help Ryan [Williams] out seeing things from another angle.

How do you feel about the other QB’s progress so far? I’m very impressed with the way they’ve been handling themselves professionally on and off the field. Ryan’s been around for a year now, so he’s been around the offense, but he’s doing a great job of handling the offense and really commanding the best out of the other players. Preston [Dewey] and Gray [Crow] are supposed to still be in high school right now and we’re throwing a lot at them as far as protections go and knowing all the plays. They’re doing a great job of learning and getting all of their questions answered so I’m very impressed with how they’re handling this.


Kermit's twitter: "coach mcdonald always reply but he didnt reply when i wrote him n told him whats going on. #clarification"


RIP, Bert Sugar. Hall of Fame writer

Bert Sugar, an iconic boxing writer and sports historian who was known for his trademark fedora and ever-present cigar, died Sunday of cardiac arrest. He was 75.



Henderson, Armstrong, other Canes looking to reach potential; plus Fins, Heat


Every major college program that’s good enough to land four- and five-star recruits end up with some that never quite live up to the hype. With UM spring practice resuming this week, several Canes are trying to shed that tag. Among them:

### Seantrel Henderson: His UM career, through two-plus years, has included at least two violations of team rules, knee and back injuries and an inability to hold onto a starting job (just two starts in eight games last year after returning from back surgery).

“He remains a mystery to me,” said Mike Scanlan, Henderson’s high school coach at Cretin-Derham (Minn.). “I hope he takes advantage of his last years at Miami and gives himself a chance to play on Sundays.”

Why hasn’t he reached elite level? Former teammate Brandon Washington mentioned the back injury but also this: “If he wants to be an All-Pro, he’s got to get his priorities right. He could be a top 10 pick." Washington said Henderson (a five-star recruit) and Malcolm Bunche (a four-star recruit, according to Rivals.com) have "got to take it more seriously. If they don’t live off the hype and get after it more, they will be good players.” (Bunche has been the first team left tackle throughout spring practice.)

One UM person said Henderson cannot assume he will dominate opponents merely because of physical ability. Offensive line coach Art Kehoe said Henderson “has to learn coach Golden wants to run this team in a certain fashion and get done what he has to get done. Because he made a couple mistakes, he knows his clock is running now.”

Golden puts it this way: “Seantrel needs to believe in and trust a process that will allow him to be the best player he can be. He has a good heart.”

Henderson got off to a poor start this spring, with a two-day suspension March 3-4. "It was my mistake," he said Saturday. "I was angry about."

But since then, there have been encouraging signs. He has regained his first-team spot at right tackle, ahead of Jermaine Johnson. Golden said Henderson is stronger and better conditioned than last year, and Kehoe said his work habits are “much better than when I got here," though Kehoe wants to “raise the bar” further.

Speaking publicly for the first time since last season, Henderson said Saturday, "I'm growing. I'm still trying to make the change moving from Minnesota to Miami. It's two different coaches. It's just a change from Randy Shannon leaving. We're getting used to how coach Golden runs the program, and we'll be a better team because of it. The way he runs the program, I'm all with it.''

Henderson admits being the nation's No. 2 overall recruit in 2010 "is still pressure because people don't forget." He said after he returned from back surgery last season, "I felt fine but my confidence wasn't all the way up.'' He briefly left Saturday's scrimmage with a knee injury but returned and said he's fine.

As a player, “I don’t think he’s anywhere near where he can be,” Kehoe said. Henderson agrees: "I'm still far away. I still got a lot to work on, completing my whole game. I'm better at run-blocking" than pass-blocking.

Last word from Kehoe: “I think he’s going to have a breakout year.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/03/henderson-armstrong-other-canes-looking-to-reach-potential-plus-fins-heat.html#storylink=cpy


Kermit is a frog


Kermit says cane coaches support his decision

Posted by: Hassan | March 25, 2012 at 07:26 PM


Kermit sees green by going to another school :-)


I talked to Kermit last nite, He wants the attention etc of taking visits and the canes coaches support him to think and do what is best for him. I would not rule out him going to FSU with his cousin Bracy if they offer but they already have 2 small fast WR in this class I highly doubt them offering a third. He might get a track only offer though. Kids want attention etc and you can't really blame the kid for wanting visits.

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