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March 31, 2012



Hello everyone. I got to the scrimmage about an hour late last night, (due to our H.S. tennis match in Naples running long... )

Here's my take on what I saw.

We don't look as big/jacked as I thought we'd be after 2 years of the Golden "tougher" conditioning program. We still seem "small" to me overall... Not to create any hate that I know will come from this statement... but I bet if I was at an "Alabama" scrimmage... the physical specimens running on & off the field would not leave me thinking they were small.

I don't see our DB's being able to really "fight off" tight ends, FBs and pulling guards coming at them at their current weights.

My new Legend of the Fall is... wait for it... #44 OLB Eddie Johnson. Dude is REAL QUICK blitzing from the end... would've had for SURE 2 sacks, and maybe three or more from his attacking style. GREAT first step!

Perryman looked awesome, as everyone stated, and Ray-Ray... not so much... he was talking sh!t & "jawing" a bunch at the 'O', but can't say as he backed it up with his play. Complained to the ref about being "held" when he got burned on one TD.

R Scott is the real deal... QB Dewey looks more like 5'11" than 6'2," but he didn't stink up the joint like I heard he did on Hialeah.

FB J Labady had a couple of good plays...

Not too impressed with #91 DL Olsen Pierre, dude looked like he could barely lug himself on and off the field... (perhaps he's dinged up somehow?)... he definitely needs some lower body bulk... looks like our mediocre linemen of recent years with big guts but not big butts. Now #98 DL Darius Smith seems WAY MORE athletic for his size, and MUCH better conditioned... another game changer in my opinion. (He was injured much of last year, no?)

S Henderson is a GIANT... didn't see him show much effort on one sweep that came my way. Somebody THAT large should HAVE to hit someone... even if by accident.

Overall... I'm NOT feeling like we're ready for a title yet... I know it's early, and I don't WANT to be pessimistic this early in the year, (being a lifetime 12% and all), but, I was hoping to be WOWED a bit more, and just wasn't.

Finally, my friend and I saw this BIG DUDE in Cane shorts & a t-shirt sitting near us in the stands that looked VERY FAMILIAR... turned out to be Tyler Horn... he was very cool & laid back. Getting ready for the Draft...


Sorry I didn't get to tailgate or see any "Spacers," but it was nice to be able to enjoy a COOL breezy night for football, and see our boys in action up close!

Posted by: roachcane77 | March 31, 2012 at 08:29 PM


Good article!Nice pics!


My prediction 7-5 is realistic for 2012 plus one more bowl ban and a cut of 21 scholarships over a 3 year period (7 per year).Then we will be done with all the sanctions and Shapiro will dry out in prison.

We can expect the Canes to finish in the top 25 in 2013 despite the sanctions because big Al recruited with all this in mind in 2012... In the next 3 years the U should look for a few Dual sports athletes good fotball players who can be on track, basketball or baseball scholarships as long as they are no Latwain Anderson. This way may be we would be less affected by the lost of scholarships in thexr 2 to 3 years.

My gut feeling is that we will have the final decision by the NCAA before september 2012 to close this nightmare chapter.

I know it is soon but what are your predictions for the 2012 sason and the NCAA final verdict?

Soup how much mileage do you have on your car...You are everywhere.


Please don't tell me Ohio State will win this game.


I just hope that Duke, Tracy and Deon are ready to play college ball right now.


Thanks for the nice pics & article Soup, (and the CopyPaste of my observations.)

You're right... it was pretty boring stuff much of the time out there yesterday. (Maybe it was better that I got there late.)

I forgot to mention Mike James ran really hard and looked in great shape and strong even up to the final whistle. He had an especially nice result on a play up the middle. (Leave the "outside" stuff to Duke, and let MJ bust the tough yards up the gut.) I REFUSE to use the term "Smash & Dash" though.

It would be nice for Kendal T to step up in his Sr. yr after all the talk of his "promise." We'll have to see if the incoming WRs have anything to say about that...

Anyway... maybe the 'O' will "click" more in the Spring Game finale, but like Soup said so well in the article... it's just Spring.


Don't leave in the officials hands...Jimmy Johnson....

Let's go Kansas!


Kansas all the way!

We all gonna cry for Ohio State tonight.


Terry Porter was not there tonight to save Ohio State.

orange 'n green in the vein

Importantly, the cheerleaders are in regular season form and it's barely April, that's what I'm taking away from this glorified practice, as for the rest of it, who cares until Howard arrived in August?

Devils punched their ticket back to the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight, looks like I'm gaining those lost fifteen pounds back over the next two months if they get going next week and draw the Panthers in their return engagement from the 2000 playoffs.

Don't get fooled today Canespacers.

Thank you.


Don't get fooled today Canespacers.
Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | April 01, 2012 at 12:22 AM


Not following...


Nice article and pics 86. Boring, huh? Greaaaatttt......


Great article Soup, it was awesome to meet you.


3G Cane




Oops... just realized the date...

Thanks for the warning OGV.


Iraqi...same here, nice to meet U and your lovely wife. I'll post your photo in the next article.



1. Do your boi a favor and take our ballah RaShawn off that legend list lol. Foolies way late to that dap.

2. Pork Chop said a pimp from Iraq that gotz our boi picked and anyone servin this country can take the whole team cause they are the real heros and should get whatever the f they ask for. Send that boi some dap for me. A Miami fan thats also repin for our country. It dont get any better then that bruh. Im goin to get some Cane swag stuff together so you can send it to that boi as a small thanks from this Miami boi.



1. Oh yah bruh I forgot that boi Fins as the D legend cause that boi we been on since day 1 but peeps refuse to read and get with the Space way until they hear about ballahs from media lol. F that media and just believe in the Space reports on them boiz ballin out that aint got that * rankin peeps love lol.

2. When EJ out there knockin fools the f out or Dallas breakin ankles and that boi GBo snot shotin foolies dont forget its the Space that brought it live from them Miami real ballin practices lol. Goons get it from sh$# the media aint even allowed to eye.



1. Yah, I believe the D will have to carry this O until they get it straight. I can tell you that this scrimmage the D knew what was comin. Thats how Al does it. 1st scrimmage its a base D with a little more open O. Next scrimmage he does the opposite to see if both sides really gotz.

2. No panic mode on it bruh. The top 2 at every position are better then the top 2 were last year bruh. Now its about gettin sharper, hopin some down the chart boiz pick it up. Cause alot of these freshmen will pass them by bruh.

3. No worries pimp, Miami is way ahead of last year. Besides the Truth where arent them Canes better. Trust me playah. This team is better. Practices are treated like real games and thats when its glow time.


SOUP with the best blog in CFB,
SKREETZ with the REAL insider info,
3G with the vids,
What else can a man ask for,
The best things in life are free.
Thanks for all ya'll do gentlemen...


And I'll tell ya' what,
Porter and Smith are monsters in the middle.
The depth behind them is my only concern...


And I'll tell ya'll what else, SOUP and SKREETZ ain't never lied when it comes to #s 44 and 56, the tape don't lie, and I BELIEVE.

PS: #s 44 and 56 couldn't be the reasons that you want DP at OLB now...could it SOUP?
If so, I concur...


Posted by: Montreal-Cane | March 31, 2012 at 09:25 PM

Thanks for your input Montreal. I have felt all along that we were an 8-4 team. I think we'll win one of those "big" games, but then again, we'll probably lose against a team we're supposed to beat (I don't think we're there yet in terms of consistency, but AG is righting the ship). Inexperience will be a major theme for us this year, but our guys won't quit, and we'll be looking good heading into our bowl game (if there is one).



And somebody tell Kehoe to tell the O-Linemen to, "B.T.F.P.F", "Block The Fat People FIRST".

The D-Linemen made too many plays for my taste...



The Dolphins will check out UM draft prospects on Wednesday and Thursday, which reminds us that they have selected only two Hurricanes in the past 20 drafts (Yatil Green in 1997 and Vernon Carey in 2004). “It’s mind-boggling,” Ed Reed said at UM’s Hall of Fame inductions Thursday. “We’re right here!” Bryant McKinnie said. “You would think they would know us better than anybody.”

The Dolphins insist they have no objection to drafting UM players, and they are believed to like a few departing Canes, including receiver Tommy Streeter.
Keep in mind this is a franchise that took John Jerry at 73 over Jimmy Graham (who went 95th) in 2010 when Bill Parcells mistakenly thought he could draft Graham in the fourth round; Jamar Fletcher (26) over Reggie Wayne (30) in 2001; selected Jason Allen 16th and traded the 51st pick for Daunte Culpepper in 2006 (instead of signing Drew Brees), thus eliminating any chance of drafting Devin Hester (57) or Eric Winston (66); and took Anthony Alabi over Chris Myers in 2005, among other moves. Choosing solid pro Daryl Gardener at 20 instead of Ray Lewis (26) in 1996 would have been regrettable if Jimmy Johnson hadn’t found a gem in Zach Thomas at No. 154 that year.

McKinnie said he, Reed and Jeremy Shockey used to talk about finishing their careers with the Dolphins, but “the Dolphins wouldn’t do that. In college, we all said we would take pay cuts to come to the Dolphins.”

McKinnie said he doubts that would happen now. "I don't know what direction this team is going in," McKinnie said.
Miami didn’t try to sign McKinnie or Shockey when they were free agents last year, opting for Marc Colombo and Jeron Mastrud. Wayne would have considered the Dolphins last month, “but it didn’t seem like they wanted me.”

## I didn't know we had a chance to draft Ray Lewis. Anyways, this is further proof that the Dolphins FO can't tell it's a$$holes from Uranus, buncha clowns.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/03/suspension-set-for-marlins-oviedo-former-canes-greats-puzzled-by-dolphins.html#storylink=cpy


Great article. When I read stuff about the scrimmages i get nervous. Then I remember not only is it "it's just spring." it's also not the whole team. We are missing around 20 guys some of which are difference makers (McCord, Johnson, Buah, Howard, briscoe, two WRs (I forget their names). I think we have quite a few difference makers coming in. When you add in chikillo, perrymen, Scott, hurns, Gunter, Kirby, porter, crawford, and a couple of others I think you can see the potential. I bellieve as the season goes on, the freshmen will start coming into their own. I think this team is stronger, faster, smarter, more disciplined and hungrier than the teams of the last 4+ years. There is no doubt in my mind this program is on the up swing. I think golden has a great eye for talent especially on defense. I think with the receivers coming in the offense should get slightly better. It's all on the QB. If Morris or Williams execute we will be ok. If not it might be very ugly watching the offense this year.

Not all the difference makers are 5 stars etc. but that's the best part. You have everyone in the country not realizing what's happening down here. Miami is being rebuilt from the bottom up. If al golden recruits as well in 2013 as he did in 2012 believe me this program will be considered top 10 this time next year. .

orange 'n green in the vein

I find it kind of hilarious that a practice is being used to:

1) Prove Kehoe can't coach when the playbook was Coker thin on purpose.

2) Prove D'No can scheme it up with the best of them when the playbook was Coker thin on purpose.

3) Call into question Fisch's ability to maximize his QB's strengths on the field and minimize their liabilities in their skill sets when last year, outside of Morris on the goal line of FSU, he was the most outstanding coach week in and out.

SOUP, what do you think Perryman is lacking to play the middle, you never articulated you reservations that I recall? He's not prototype size I'll concede right now but he's no shorter than Al Wilson was at Tennessee who had a good career before injuries cut him down as a pro.


Who the heck is GBo? I swear I need a translator...


GBo = Gionni Paul


Ohio and Canesteeler - our Pens are in trouble. Not sure what happened. LOL Laviolet and Granato got ejected from today's game. And I have a serious question: when did the Flyers get so many players with clown hair? Giroux, Couturier, Hartnell....


86 - check your email


1) Prove Kehoe can't coach when the playbook was Coker thin on purpose.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | April 01, 2012 at 02:29 PM

Oh, He can coach,
it's just that He got outcoached by Franklin on Friday night is all...


GBo = Gionni Paul

How the F^%$ does that translate? Can we get a thesaurus? lol


The Phins have drafted 3 UM players in the first round, Hill, Green and Carey to my knowledge


Here's a video of GBo sister kicking arse:



BTW the girl holding the ball really has the team mates back!


No. 8 Miami Takes Series Finale 4-2

Timely hitting makes difference in game three against Clemson.


Next...On Wednesday at home the Canes will face No. 19 UCF before they host no. 4 North Carolina at Alex Rodriguez Park for a three-game set beginning April 6.The Canes will have to play much smarter baseball now on if they want to host a regional and super regional on the road to Omaha.

Old Skool

GBo = Gionni Paul

How the F^%$ does that translate?

Don't worry about it. Make up your own nicknames. Eventually people will catch on. Talk about how Smush and Po'boy are battling it out. Weedeater is coming on strong. And Tick-tock will be your LOF.

When the LOF is finally chosen. Claim Tick-tock was his nick.


CGNC, I'm not as worried as some are. This is a veteran team that knows it needs to peak at the right time (soon). Remember, Flower's always bloom in April!


CORAL GABLES, Fla.- The No. 5 University of Miami women's tennis team maintained its unblemished ACC record with a 5-2 victory over No. 69 Maryland this Sunday afternoon at the Neil Schiff Tennis Center.

With today's performance, the Hurricanes improved to 15-1 overall and 7-0 in ACC play.


Kid from my state of rhode island signed to play at the U!!!! Hes a centerfielder


Kid from my state of rhode island signed to play at the U!!!! Hes a centerfielder

Posted by: UpNorthCane | April 01, 2012 at 10:06 PM

Hey UpNorthCane my roomate at the U was from Cumberland Rhode Island. You see it's a big state after all...LOl...


We need to come up with a better nickname for Gionni Paul... G-Bo remind me of/sounds too much like Tebow for my blood... Maybe G-Man?

We should also call Denzel Perrymany "Denzel the Destroyer" cuz that kid can straight up ball.





Montreal-cane..... Thats crazyyy bro small world man!!!


PS: #s 44 and 56 couldn't be the reasons that you want DP at OLB now...could it SOUP?

If so, I concur...

Posted by: CaneRock | April 01, 2012 at 01:23 PM

Wink, wink...


OGV...my objection to moving DP to MLB is three fold:

1. In general I hate moving a player who is doing WELL at one position to another to fill a need. A lot of times what U wind up doing is creating 2 problems where there was only one. I only like to move players when they are doing poorly at one position and may need a fresh start or are better suited for somewhere else.

2. We have at LEAST 2 other players doing well at MLB so it is not as weak as some may think.

3. If you watch last year's tapes DP made most of his plays coming off the edge and using his speed to run around plays not through players. I want an MLB who is gonna blow up an OL or an FB and still make the tackle and wreak havoc in the middle. Only big, strong, contact seeking, cruise missles need apply at the MLB spot. I am not sold that DP is THAT guy.


3G...thanks for the video, GREAT WORK!


"B.T.F.P.F": "Block The Fat People FIRST".

Why U gotta do me like that? LOL


3G Excellent footage once again. Thanks we appreciate it very much.

Nice run by Ryan Williams at the end. Seantrel needs to be more agressive. Dewey seemed more relaxed and did better...RS will be the go to guy in 2012.

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