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April 23, 2012



South Carolina gets Rivals' Cornerback U in their "Position U" series.

Canes were also mentioned with Bama, Auburn, Boise, FSWho, UGA, Michigan, OSU, and Texas.


I think many Canes fans are hiding in their closets today after Miami was swept by FSU this weekend. Not much action or traction out there or on the blog.


We will have several features on 2013 high school recruits and potential UM targets over the next few weeks. Stay tuned...


South Carolina for corners.. ? I would have gone with Ohio state


Chokaholics, that's our baseball team. A bunch of weak sister hitters and no fielding zeros. It's time for new blood. Morris has gone about as far as he can go. First it was Florida, that broomed us and now FSU, with a mainly a rookie starter pitching staff.

3G Cane

Santana Moss!


Canes baseball drops to 22 in the AP poll...


I had said previously that UM assistant baseball coach Gino Dimare was a difference maker. Maybe not so much?


Rumors flying that Seth Greebert is out as VT basketball coach


^^ Greenberg**


Good Article Soup.

I would like to expound on this topic. I do not want to get into what measurable’s mean on the football field because we all know there are examples of people with great or not so great but were great players. What I want to discuss is the 3 recruiting services and their #’s and how that impacts college teams. As we Miami fan’s know there are a great many coaching staff’s that recruit based on these service’s “list”. The list are based off of tape and in part by measurables. The future of any CFB team is in recruiting, it is hard to determine how a young man will develop and there are bust no matter what you do, but you want to mitigate risk as much as possible in order to maximize success. The problem is the 3 services would use high light tapes which of course can obfuscate the players weakness and enhance their strengths with careful editing. In the old days evaluation was conducted by visiting recruits games, before the days of youtube and recruiting services coaches spent a lot of time evaluating. The difference was the have and havenot’s is that the have’s could afford private planes etc to give huge advantages to the have’s. Small private schools with limited recruiting budgets had to be creative to remain competitive. With Miami our camps we now are bringing the best players to us where we can see them up close and put them through the paces to evaluate if they fit out system and the attributes we are seeking. The good news is that the recruiting services are getting better, in the past their measurable were sometimes guesses and sometimes given by the H.S. coach or interviews they conducted. With these young men still growing the measurable can be a moving target and often times the recruiting services can be off by a wide margin if one has not spoke to the recruit for months. The past few years the big companies and recruiting services have held Combine style events in which the recruits are measured and tested in many events. This has helped to get the measureables to be more accurate but many times lazy recruiting services still report their inaccurate information while data exist that is much more accurate gathered from these combines. On the good side these combine’s let college coaches know the true size of the players and the players get to hear different voices from a coaching perspective then just their H.S coach. We will see more and more developed players over time as the good coaching is creeping down further and further.


Arkansas hires John L Smith to a one year contract to replace the ousted Bobby Petrino.


Smith was HC at Weber State. Petrino had replaced Smith at Louisville and now Smith replaces Petrino at Arkansas.



Seth Greenberg CONFIRMED as out as VT basketball coach.


Dick Vitale has UM ranked #36 for next season:



CBS's Rothstein has UM basketball at #23:


calGary Cane

One recruiting service has Joe listed at 5-11, 215 and running a 4.4 forty.

Another has Stud listed at 6-1, 225 and running a 4.6 forty.

Still another web site has Joe checking in at 6-0, 220 and 4.5 in the forty.
I deduce from the 3 sites that as the player gets older, he gets fatter and runs slower.

Going by height (we don't grow shorter!)
5-11, 215 and running a 4.4 forty.
6-0, 220 and 4.5 in the forty.
6-1, 225 and running a 4.6 forty.

See it all makes sense! LOL


BREAKING NEWS - Sources: Device allowed Saints GM Mickey Loomis to listen to visiting coaches during 2002-04 seasons

Saints to get first NFL death penalty? LOL


Raize, congrats to your Flyers, they outplayed the Pens in that series (can't really wish them luck tho) LOL!


Good article Soup. I bet that time in Tally was just miserable


BREAKING NEWS - Sources: Device allowed Saints GM Mickey Loomis to listen to visiting coaches during 2002-04 seasons

Saints to get first NFL death penalty? LOL

Posted by: Ohio_Cane

LOL. Loomis is about to get the same ban Greg Williams did. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Loomis will not be the Saints or anyone's GM by the time the NFL season starts lol.


I deduce from the 3 sites that as the player gets older, he gets fatter and runs slower. See it all makes sense!

Posted by: calGary Cane | April 23, 2012 at 03:54 PM

It happens to ALL of us doesn't it? LOL


The whole point of the 4.3 Streeter debate was that people on here said he could not run a 4.3. I think we all saw he can. Even if you go with the 4.40 time that is not his best time. Usain bolt does not set a WR every time he runs. Streeter has 4.3 speed that is my point. Not sure why i have to go over this 10 times. If I was wrong I would admit it. One thing i am wrong about although i never predicted it, is that Aldarius ran in teh low 4.4's I never in my life saw that coming adn never heard anyone predict he would run anything near that.


1. Good article Soup.

2. I bet that time in Tally was just miserable

Posted by: CGNC | April 23, 2012 at 04:32 PM

1. Thank U. Lots of time in that one.

2. YUP, man those Seminole fans are a cocky bunch of jerks. Canes fans did not have much to cheer about until Sunday when we had the lead for most of the game until the very end in the 10th inning.

But that is all that matters, the final score and once again we did NOT get the job done in Tally. No fun at all.

But I did discover a very nice disc golf course in Tally at Tom Brown Park so the trip was not a complete waste!


If not soup I can send it to you through email and you can post it for me either way....always repping the U even on the wedding day lol


congrats to your Flyers (can't really wish them luck tho)

Posted by: CGNC | April 23, 2012 at 04:29 PM

That's what Bylsma said in his presser! LOL


Sent....hope you like them


Got the photos. GREAT JOB!


Thanks nothing like getting hitched to a gator fan blah lol......but easy for our colors blue and of course had to go with green so she wouldnt get both there colors in there lol


Excellent article, Soupers. Fine craftsmanship.

Ryan Williams!

The What

Nice article soup. Can't wait for the future articles about future recruits. This makes me all the more happy about goldens camps and his insistence on seeing players up close and personal and not just through a video. For anyone in doubt we are in good hands with coach golden.

Just saw the deon bush video of him working out. I gotta say I'm just excited to see him on the field. Love the hard work and work ethic. He's a future canes leader.

Louisville is gonna dominate the big east with all those Florida players they are getting especially if they are working as hard as that kid with deon bush.


Is there anyone that doesn't believe SOUP, myself and others now about Golden's evaluation of his so-called "$7" recruits (or whatever the dollar amount is for Golden's camp)?

Gin & Tonic

Memo to New Orleans Saints:

You play in the NFC, not the SEC.

When you break rules to win football games, you will get punished not rewarded.


>Memo to New Orleans Saints:
>You play in the NFC, not the SEC



CGNC time for a change behind the Pens bench.


352 reporting
top Florida womens B Ball recruit Jennifer Bolinger is being recruited and very interested in the U!
Father William Bolinger is a huge fan of the Great American Coffee Roasters 5 shot Latte and the U!

CaneSpace wil have an exclsive inside track to her progress.


U Yesterday!
U Today!
U Tomorrow!

Big chuck

Miami was named safety u, also included rb, wr, te , ilb and mention at ot & cr. Now I understand golden problem with this class that is leaving . Hopefuly golden can't make believer out of these class that r comin in.

The What

Leonard hankerson on 106.7 wjfk @ 9:25am

For those interested

The What


Forgot to send the link


Canesteeler - I wondered about that but how do you replace a coach whose team scored 108 points? After thinking about it I think we just need to tweak the Defense (as in get one). I think that problem was always there but just disguised with injuries (Sid and Geno and Letang). This year the Flyers exposed most of the season and so did the Isles and Sens towards the end of the season. I think when Geno took over the team this year and they went on that run some really bad habits ensued because they could outscore everyone and they kind of took on his persona. Fix that D and look out next season. Oh and we need a decent back up for Flower - he was fatigued going into the first round I think. It will be interesting to see what Mario and Ray Shero do. Just my $0.02 fwiw

The What

Leonarad Hankerson recap.

He is coming along well from his injury. Should be ready by the fall (hopefully), though nothing is certain.

He was asked why he wasnt getting any playing time for the first 6 to 8 games of the season. He said he wasn't doing the things he was supposed to be doing. He said that in college he was never required to finish 20 yards (Not sure what he meant if anyone can elaborate?). He basically said he wasn't doing the small things to get on the field and that he was feeling down that he wasnt getting playing time but finally picked himself up and started taking care of his business and controlling only what he can control.

Seems to me he was ill prepared for the rigors of the NFL. I hope all the guys coming out are better prepared and thrive in the NFL.

Da U N Houston

"Are we not supose to beat Alabama"
That right there is how you set a standard!!!!!


good stuff:


The What

"Size Matters"

Thats what she said


Good info, Soup!


Canes are now also Safety U in Rivals "Position U" series.


The What

Miami was named safety u, also included rb, wr, te , ilb and mention at ot & cr. Now I understand golden problem with this class that is leaving . Hopefuly golden can't make believer out of these class that r comin in.


This is the ultimate recruiting tool. Its pretty amazing that a school that was not been producing wins on the field has been producing NFL players. You mix winning with producting NFL players and we should get every recruit from around the country knocking on our door. I see it coming in the next couple of years and am excited for it.


We should be KR U also and get would get mention at Punter U if Feagles was around still


We really need a tight end to grab the position by the throat. Like yesterday.


Hardin told the jurors that prosecutors will not be able to corroborate McNamee's claims. He said that the government has interviewed 187 people, and used 103 federal law enforcement officers -- "over whether a baseball player used steroids

Guys My take on this is how perverted "Justice" in this country is. 187 interviews and 103 federal law enforcement officers to see if Clemens lied about trying to throw a ball better? Really? Trillions of dollars have been siphoned off to European elites in the Mortgage backed securites fraud, Billions in dirty back room deals and every day the rigged casino called Walstreet corruption is everywhere and The S.E.C. is like 1 guy who plays golf with the same executives no interviews no federal officers, but god forbid Clemens wants to throw a ball faster. I liked "the other guys" where the SEC guy said he was playing golf etc with the guy he was about to be asked to investigate but he "swore" that would not interfere with his investigation lol At least in the movie he jumped from the building.


Size Matters.....

In Football there are certain positions where it matters more If i really look at it I would say the position where size matters the Most is the biggest guy on the field LT. You absolutely will not see a 6'1 290 LT Playing at a high level.

At the skill positions you see tons of shorts guys even at QB you have guys starting under 6'0 even elite guys like Drew Brees, of course WR and RB tons of small guys who excel. The D the guys up front you will see occasional short DT's but they have girth, you will see occasional shorter DE's but are really fast but they are not small just relatively small. LB's sometimes you see some fairly small guys like Spence and others under 6'0 and not overly big. the Secondary has many examples of elite guys that are undersized. Ed Reed would not look different then most fans in a t shirt and jeans. but the Offensive Line Size is a premium. Nowhere is it more important than protecting the QB's blind side which most often is the LT position. The long arms to fend off fast Defends and the weight to anchor against the bull rushes and set the edge on the running plays all require size more so then skill. It becomes so important that size actually becomes a skill in itself. Our own Seantrel Henderson is a good example. He is a talented player in his own right but in H.S he was the #1 player in the country not because he had the best technique but because he was one of the biggest athletes seen for a long time at 6'8 and 386 lbs when he arrived as a freshman, with a 7'1 wingspan. His greatest skill was the size that he posses. Once his technique and work ethic catches up with his immense size he can once again be the most coveted player in the nation.

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