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April 25, 2012



I was first


I hope that wasn't a pipe dream about the canespace tshirt.lol



Matt Walters!


Lockhart will get the most PT out of the frosh WR's. Vault it...


Hurricane Club Spring Tour

Featuring Head Coach Al Golden

Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 6:30 p.m.

STATS Restaurant & Bar

(Adidas Room)

300 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia

Cost: $20 Hurricane Club members

$30 Non-Hurricane Club members

$40 At the door

What: Calling all Atlanta-area 'Canes!

Join us for the Hurricane Club Spring Tour featuring Head Coach Al Golden and Don Bailey, Jr. as emcee.

R.S.V.P. to the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699 by Friday, April 27th


The Dark Knight Rises will win this year's box office. That's right, I said it!


If we don't judge Scott on a bad performance (and I don't), why then do we judge Ryan Williams?

Could it be possible that our defense is... better than expected?

Food for thought.


orange 'n green in the vein

"I think neither Morris or Williams will start and that contrary to popular opinion that true Freshman QB Gray Crow will be named the starter ON THE SCOUT TEAM in the Fall. That's right I said it!"

This has been fixed to accurately represent reality.

Six hour drive to Sunrise for game seven. Keep your plastic rats in your pockets fair weather 'Cat fans. Thank you.


SOUP, this article should've been titled "That's right, I said it!" Lol


Papa Cane - Recruiting Update: Miami has offered 2014 DE Da'Shawn Hand, 6'4" and 240 lbs, from Woodbridge, VA. Has offers from everyone.


More Papa Cane - Recruiting Update: 2013 DE Eric Wiafe, 6'4'' and 250 lbs, was visited by Miami coaches this past week. Pitt, Clemson, and BC after him.

Recruiting Update: 2013 DT Joey Ivie, 6'4'' and 260 lbs, is currently favoring Florida and Miami. It's going to be a tough fight for him.


Jeff Luc transferring - weren't we after him?



TJL - According to Rivals, we didn't even offer him. I dunno.


That's right, I said it!


Gray Crow soup really?

Die Hard Cane

Living in the past too much is an early sign of insanity of the Hurricane sort. So, I guess it's better to be a Die Hard Cane REALIST instead of a Cane Mad Hatter.


Brandon Odoi - The UM post spring depth chart is out, no big changes but I don't get the Flowers move to RT after a spring at LT http://bit.ly/oxJV4n


Good read, Soup, I appreciate it as always. Jeff Luc was one of those guys we heard a lot about, I have no idea if we offered him but it seemed like everyone wanted him at one point in time.


Canes offered VA WR Daesean Hamilton


Guy on the Canes radar...

"Seminole Ridge linebacker Rayfield Dixon had a productive junior season. This spring he is hoping to impress the colleges that visit his school."


Golden's teleconference over at http://www.theufootball.com/


If U didn't notice in the final depth chart from Spring, VT is back at starting safety


If U didn't notice in the final depth chart from Spring, VT is back at starting safety

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 26, 2012 at 01:01 PM

Bad move

Da U N Houston

I recall the old administration saying that Jeff Luc did not have good hips. He was a HUGE kids, but his lateral movement was bad so they stayed away. I also remember reading that about him elsewhere as well. Bad hips for a MLB is not good, you can't just keep going straight into the hole, guys like Duke will make you look SILLY!!!!!!


LB - can't wait for that movie, been anxious for it for a long time esp. since they cast Tom Hardy as Bane ... love Tom Hardy, that's one badass cat right there

Avengers out next week, Thursday midnight showing on the 3rd .. will be cool to see, but not like Dark Knight

Can't go wrong with Christopher Nolan doing your flick


2012 Al Golden Spring Tour

Golden will embark on a seven-stop spring tour in Florida, Atlanta, Chicago and New York City


3G Cane

The thing I found interesting was Buc getting the start at OLB after missing the entire spring.


Papa Cane - TE Mike Heuerman's pick of Notre Dame seemed like a tough one. I'm sure Miami will still pursue. Next big decision will be QB Kevin Olsen.


More Papa Cane - Remember The Name: 2013 LB A.J. Moore, 6'2" and 210 lbs. Miami is recruiting him hard and will most likely offer. If they do, he is a Cane.


Miami offers 2014 All-American Raekwon McMillan


Spurned again. When's the last time a Notre Dame TE did anything, Pro or college?


Spurned again. When's the last time a Notre Dame TE did anything, Pro or college?

Posted by: herbieibis | April 26, 2012 at 04:42 PM

Jeff Samardzija, 2006.

The Dude

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 26, 2012 at 04:46 PM

Shark was a WR.

osted by: herbieibis | April 26, 2012 at 04:42 PM

Kyle Rudolph was a beast and is pretty good up in Minnesotta for the Vikings.

The Dude

I would NEVER let my son play for Brian Kelly.


He should of waited for Olsen to verbal. If Olsen comes he'll change his mind. Probably scared off by Standish.

The Dude

Maybe so. Any news on Jordan Cunningham Ohio_Cane? The kid plays like a beast and sounds like a really smart kid.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Jeff Samardzija, 2006.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 26, 2012 at 04:46 PM"

Not a TE, played WR.





1. I guess by some of the hits I been gettin, a new depth chart is out lol. Maybe some peeps forgot that Al EXPECTS ballahs to play different positions and yah durin practices every single OL was used at a different area. Lets not forget that Flowers is good enough to play either OG or OT. Its also a sign that Trel aint been gradin out to damn good on film. Its not just that the mansion known as Bunche done told me anytime ive hit him up, that hes startin at LT. I aint bout to tell him I wasnt sure lol.

2. Updates I know the CEOs crew is dyin for.
This boi was 100% blown the f away at the quickness THoward shows on cuts. I aint talkin straight line speed cause thats just really just for # lovers(hint hint). I did see him peakin a few times to check QBs eyez but that aint nothin live practices wont cure. Hell bein that damn quick aint goin to hurt either.

3. Yah, that boi Bush is freakin out there. Boi got some decent ups and has great closin speed. Dukie workin hard on out the backfield catches. That boi needs to be padded up no matter where he slides lol cause thats a lil 1 lol.

4. I also been asked a few about who aint gettin in. I dont bother even followin that sh$#. Boiz were told what needed to be done in that classroom and off the field so I aint bout to pity a goon cause they cant make it. Best I dont know so I dont get pizzed lol. Nwn if my boiz D'Mauri, Bush, Tyriq, Nate, Jelani or Danny D faced that sh$# I would be very disappointed in them foolies but dat ain't happening.



If V. Telemaque and R. Buchanan are starting expect 7-6


Not a TE, played WR.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | April 26, 2012 at 05:08 PM

That he was. My bad. Don't know why I was thinking he played TE

orange 'n green in the vein

He was six-five O_C, I'm guessing the frame threw you off the trail considering it has been six years ago now.

PlayaCane aka Rashad

Another Mock draft. This one from Nfl.com

2nd round: 62. Patriots: Lamar Miller, RB, Miami.

3rd round: 91. Ravens: Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami.
92. 49ers: Olivier Vernon, DE/OLB, Miami.

4th round: 96. Rams: Sean Spence, OLB, Miami
128. Vikings: Marcus Forston, DT, Miami

5th round: 142. Jaguars: Brandon Washington, OG, Miami

7th round: 222. Cowboys: Chase Ford, TE, Miami .


Sad I really think that if Miller came back this year they would be talking about him on all these shows like they are talking about Trent.


I think it will be VERY interesting as to whom ACTUALLY ends up in starting roles.

I am HOPING the Coaching Staff is not afraid to start some true freshmen if they're ready.

I agree with SOUP'S observation of Henderson... he's huge, but he needs to get meaner, and tougher, and add some agility to his resume'. I'm just not seeing him being the stud we need him to be right now.

Gray Crow starting? Man I hope it doesn't come to that... we could be in big trouble if he's our #1 QB THIS year. (Not to say he couldn't get there sometime later in his career... )


1.Jeff Luc could not beat out a converted SS at SLB hips no good,another all world recruit who wanted the position handed to him.


I was told to watch our for D.Bush good enough to take someone's spot,i guess that means VT azz has been put on notice.

Die Hard Cane

ENTITLEMENT is the fashion these days. No matter what aspect of Pax American society these days.

Chit, even the common Street Urchin believes he's entitled to a " Dime or two, " from time to time ( DIME is an old-school slang which translates to Ten Dollar bill. ).


Vault picks:Phillip Dorsett and Ladarius Gunter


Some kids want nothing to do with competition,having to battle against 2 or 3 guys for playing time isn't in their agenda.The kid who just verbaled to nd maybe 1 of them.Golden will get his 2 TE commits this year bigtimer or not.

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