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April 30, 2012



HawaiiCane checkin' in!


Alive and well! Last night may 9yo daughter who currently plays softball and is in the outfield asked me to buy her weights to she could work out because she wants to play catcher and needs to get stronger so she can make the throw to second lol


Good to hear from EVERYBODY out there!

I know Canespace is just a sports blog but over time it has become more like a family and it feels good just to know everybody is still out there and doing OK. It's is gonna be a long, slow, hot Summer so just check in from time to time if U have something to say or even if U don't.

Take care Canespacers and send me any ideas or any research for blog articles to: canespace86@aol.com


So the difference is about 700k a year and difference of up to $2mil plus guaranteed and ZERO. And that doesn't even consider getting more reps and more chances the higher the pick you are.

Posted by: Hassan | May 01, 2012 at 10:26 AM

Hassan...very good post. That is good info and excellent research. I'll call U later and send U some of the "good stuff" via email in a few.


UMike good for her - I think weights are probably too much for her at 9 but the mind set is that she wants to work at what it takes to be better and stronger.


Posted by: SOUP | May 01, 2012 at 04:40 PM

Yes, LOL. I am in between hockey-football limbo right now. I will get it in gear and start watching the Heat in the play offs.

OGV - I am going to be a Devils fan for this series and out west I have adopted the Kings - LOL


CGNC...yea..I told her no way lol..I told her to do push-ups..so she goes "I can't do real push-ups"..so I told her to do it from your knees..to which she says "dad..those are girl push-ups" lol...I like her desire and Im working with her and my youngest son..their both getting pretty good...looking forward to coaching football again this year..the 8yo team, so much fun


Im a cane maniac.. always enjoy reading up on everything goin on.


Always checking in too. Talked about the 'terrible triad' today (MCL, ACL, meniscus tear) and all I could think about was McGahee.

Old Skool

Still here too. See you next week.


Anyone have a Scout.com account or know what Kermit said recently about his recruitment?

@miamibuzztap: Canes Time (Scout) >> Speedy WR explains Miami situation http://t.co/eKQGakV0




Skool...we may meet up with Six while in Tampa next week. Email me off the blog to discuss.




Barton Transferring to Illinois state.


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