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May 26, 2012





Rivals reports this.... "Immokalee (FL) High School DB Mackenro Alexander is a Hurricane fan. So how much longer will he give the Canes to come through with a solid offer? Where does UM fit in right now? Read on."..

But if you look at his offers it shows a Miami offer lol..got to love the pay sites



Yo CEO, hit your boi up with a favor. Put out there that me and my goons want to thank everyone that has served in the military for our country. Without the brave men and woman who have put their lives on the line to make this the greatest country in the world. From the deepest part of this Canes heart its you men and woman who are real heros. GOD Bless both you and your families.

Thank you CEO for putting this message on from me and the crew.

1 Miami, 1 family, 1 love


### Teammates’ eyebrows were raised when running back Duke Johnson and cornerback Tracy Howard, both five-star recruits, arrived on UM’s campus a week ago. Maurice Hagens saw enough in one week to call Johnson “amazing.”

“Wow,” Eduardo Clements said of Johnson. “Last week, in 7-on-7s, he caught a pass, made a move, ran for a touchdown, and I’m like, ‘Damn.’ And Tracy is everything everyone makes him out to be – the footwork, breaking on the ball.” Several Hurricanes like what they have seen of receivers Malcolm Lewis and Robert Lockhart.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/05/heat-players-on-why-they-think-spo-is-better-um-freshmen-impress-dolphins-marlins.html#storylink=cpy

Posted by: CaneRock | May 27, 2012 at 09:32 AM

The defense in the spring looked rock solid, but to be really good the Canes need explosive plays. MOre playmakers have arrived on campus to inject the explosive plays on both side of the ball. The Canes-world is in for a treat.


Insane amount of thanks for those who put themselves into harm’s way presently … and not enough words to describe the amount of gratitude to those who put themselves into harm’s way and gave the ultimate sacrifice in the past

On another note - go ahead and shoot me on site b/c Morris has been on the hot seat with me for a while now

Worst part is this - the Canes might just win their regional (UCF, Mizzou State and Stony Brook?) so then people will talk about how Morris has done it again ... ya, great

What was the Canes record against the upper tier top teams? They swept UNC, that was surprising

What about when they played FSU, UiF, Clemson, UVA, VIRGINIA TECH (11-19)???

Beating up on teams like Albany, Rutgers, Boston College (10-20), Wake (13-17), Bethune Cookman, Maryland (10-20) - you're supposed to win those, especially if you're Jim Morris and Miami - am I wrong?

The even scarier thing is, the fact that it's been ok to accept the mediocre now at Miami due to past accomplishments - that can save you to a degree, then again, when you have the assistants behind you that Morris did and then have them leave .. then see the result by watching the program decline ... come on

Morris has done great things at Miami. Why the decline. Consistent errors. Pitching farts. Hitting farts. Did I mention errors.

Stop with the scholarship thing and the losing players to the draft crap

There are other private schools out there as well that cost even more than Miami that are pretty decent at baseball as well

Instead of asking "well, who are you going to replace Morris with" .. why don't you ask yourself "how long will it really take for me to come to grips that the program is in decline"

The Dude

How does everyone compare last season's football team to this season's football team. I think this season team will be better all around except maybe at WR. RB & QB should be about a wash IMO. Also the schedule is more in our favor. I'm not sure how many wins that means though. I would like to know what everyone here thinks as far as who the key losses are, who will have to fill the void and who the key additions are. I think the key loss is Tommy Streeter. I think RS80 will have to step up and be the guy that moves the chains for Morris or Williams.

The Dude

Also it would be nice if one of the TEs developes into a threat like Graham did. CW46 I'm looking at you. We need guys who can get open and catch balls on 3rd and 8.

The Dude

I will be very unsatisfied if the OL isnt excellent this year. They are a bunch of big tall guys. Duke is gonna look like a pop warner RB cutting through the holes.


Six I agree with you, I also think it is time for Morris to move on. The past 3-4 years his teams have been horrible defensively and fundamentally. Also look at how we have matched up against FSU and UF the past several seasons. Time for a change.


79 Bunche, Malcolm 6-7/325 RS SO
70 Feliciano, Jon 6-5/320 RS SO
74 Flowers, Ereck 6-6/312 FR
76 Gadbois, Taylor 6-8/310 SO
77 Henderson, Seantrel 6-8/350 JR
63 Isidora, Danny 6-4/345 FR
78 Johnson, Jermaine 6-6/320 RS JR
55 Jones, Ben 6-5/320 SR
68 Lewis, Jeremy 6-4/315 RS SR
65 Linder, Brandon 6-6/310 JR
62 McDermott, Shane 6-4/290 RS SO
64 Wells, Hunter 6-6/300 RS FR
75 Wheeler, Jared 6-5/315 RS JR

you know what i see when i look at our offensive line roster.....i see size and youth...with only 2 seniors, neither one with any experience, i see this line being great next year and the year after...


"Also it would be nice if one of the TEs developes into a threat like Graham did. CW46 I'm looking at you. We need guys who can get open and catch balls on 3rd and 8."

That's the thing, isn't it? That's been a glaring weakness since Graham left and it hasn't been addressed. Not really.

Record wise, I'd say the floor is 6, absolute ceiling is 10. Before the beginning of summer I would have said 7-5. However, I think 8 wins is a completely sane prediction. The end of the season looks favorable, too.

I'd say definite wins vs. Cookman, BC, Virginia, USF, Georgia Tech, NC State, and Duke. I'll say we lose to FSU and Kansas State. Tossups are Notre Dame, VT, and NC.

Given the ACC craziness, I say we beat VT and lose to NC and Notre Dame (I hate to say that). That's 8 wins, and that's a hell of a job. 2nd in the Coastal.


Does anyone know which side Miami is on for the nd game this year ? Getting my tickets now


Miami is the Away or Visiting team


Thanks ceo



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