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May 19, 2012



Posted by: TonyCane | May 20, 2012 at 09:50 PM

Based on what???

The UM situation is not as bad as North Carolina plus punish the felons who are no longer at UM...UM has been remarkable in it's collaboration with the NCAA...Miami self imposed sanctions and probably more than it needed. In my humble opinion there was no lack of institutional control...I expect 1 more bowl ban and a reduction of 7 to 10 scholarships for 3 years at the most....at the most. I just hope that the NCAA will go after the people who left Coral Gables in a hurry. Why punish the innoncents... the players and the coaches (AD included) that were not there
back then...It's a great opportunity for the NCAA to send the right message and punish the guilty people instead of the innoncents.


I think Haslem was key in the win today.

Posted by: CaneRock | May 20, 2012 at 08:22 PM

Yes sir! That's what Lebron told him right after the game. Now Haslem just put some ice close to your eye and enjoy!

The What

What does ITU base that belief on? Fact is UNC was worse. The one negative that we have is the fact that our story was put out in the media as the worst violations since SMU. So as I've said before in other places, the NCAA will punish UM more to play to the media than the actual violations. But the fact that time has passed and other schools have had violations as well will dull their sword. 1 more bowl ban and 3 years of scholly reductions and 5 years probation. I think they will try to make it look harsh but will not be. And UM has been very forthright and helpful.
One last thing. I think UM officials have had their finger on the pulse in terms of the investigation and where it's heading. And I think al golden telling recruits that the worst is behind UM and not worry about them has a ring of truth to it due to um officials and in turn golden knowing to a certain degree where the investigation is going.

The What

Just my opinion of course.


Basically, just trying to think of a worst-case scenario with someone like Roger Goodell rendering the verdict. Or Terry Porter.


I agree. In fact the moves by Miami to work with the NCAA and also sit out a bowl is definitely a Plus for us.
The other factor is the scholly reductions. Based on North Carolina this will not be as devastating as we imagined...The sanctions can only be based on factual data derived from offending players. If the data is deficient in content, then the release will acknowledge Miami's co-operation and I think the sanctions will be much less than anticipated.

Coach Golden is building depth in a hurry because with sanctions looming, our depth at several positions will suffer.. As far as quarterbacks are concerned he is stacking prospects for at least 4 years or more and that should not be a problem..our O line that is another story..we need to load our prospects there and season them for the long haul.

I am not that worried right now based on our compliance and actions post accusations.
The foundation is being built to weather the storm.
Go 'Canes


Just getting back (last night) from my Bachelor Party Weekend Extravaganza! 3 rounds of golf, beers, friends, GREAT weather, some ladies that dance for money, etc.

I did check in some, but didn't post. Did I miss anything besides the Olsen commitment?


"Without giving an SMU-style punishment, what is literally the worst that the NCAA could do? I was thinking about it and perhaps the most stringent (perhaps absurd - hopefully) might be something like:

5 Year Probation, during which:

1) Only 15 scholarships can be offered per season, limiting Miami to a maximum of 60 players

2) No television for three years

3) No bowl appearances for five years

4) Nulification of all victories during the time of violations

5) Forfeiture of all bowl money received during the time of violation"


I can think of worse.

1. Merging with FSU.

Ohio, I still think everyone's basking in the glory. Papa states that KO's commitment will open the floodgates, first with a WR. I think it's probably Cunningham.

Game over.


I thought I heard/read somewhere months ago that Cunningham was a lock...idk if he will be the WR Papa is speaking of, but I think he is 100% cane.


Manny - UM strength coach Andreu Swasey said WR Phillip Dorsett (4.36) has taken fastest Cane title from CB Brandon McGee


Manny - UM strength coach Andreu Swasey said OL Malcolm Bunche is strongest Cane with 36 reps of 225 pounds


Manny - UM strength coach Andreu Swasey said offseason program Al Golden has installed similar to what Butch Davis ran when he was here


Itu dudes saying we gonna get hammered by NCAA. Your thoughts CEO?

Posted by: 4-Real | May 20, 2012 at 09:41 PM

They have no sources and are guessing when in fact they know less than U do about the NCAA sanctions situation. Of course there will be some sanctions but not as severe as they make it out to be or as Tony listed above.

I am not going to make predictions about what will or will not happen but will take a wait and see approach and hope for the best. There is NO DOUBT that Miami's cooperation with the investigation will help out.



1. Yooooo CEO, this boi goin to hit up sh$# bout NCAA and Miami for your peoples. If you decide all can know then you might need to edit some lol.

2. It aint bout the NCAA hatin on Miami, thats just fans tryin to evade real sh$#. Whatever the NCAA hands down to Miami, Miami fully deserves and thats a fact. This boi was born and raised to be a Miami Hurricane and will defend my school with every ounce of life I have in me. I just gotz to be real, this aint got nothin to do with NCAA goin crazy with its rulin.

3. Make sure to read and take to heart everything ITU sayz lol. I mean they got it on point with Jon and Jay Gruden 100% bein the HC and OC at Miami, oops. Only to follow that with them bein 100% sure Trestman (CFL coach) was Miamis HC, oops.

4. Where they did nail it though and shouted it loud and proud, was that TH3, Deon and Tryiq were solid locks to ink with UF, oops again. Yah, they even said Jelani had went silent to FSU and would leave Miami hangin come ink day, oops.

5. Ill drop this as my exit blast to those guessin, no fact m fers. Them b!tches said MoMo would be the starter the entire year cause they had insiders that verified it. That aint just an oops, thats a what the f were they thinkin blast. They write enough bullsh$# they bound to get somethin right lol and then make foolies believin they know everything that goes on with Miami.

6. Heres a fact for some fans who buy into all the sh$# they say. THEY HAVE NOBODY AT PRACTICES OR ANYWHERE NEAR CAMP SWAZ! CEO do you think I made that clear enough lol.

DallasTX Cane

What up 'Spacers?

Article in Sunday's paper here in Dallas...sounds like FSU to Big 12 is on the table as the article addressed the divisions within FSU among faculty, admin & coaches about a move. Faculty is supposidly worried about lower academic standing of Big12 schools as compared to ACC - FSU is ranked back of the pack in ACC, but would be spot-on average academically in Big12. Big12 may be going after other ACC schools, including Miami.

Tie-in article was about agreement by Big12 & SEC to play bowl game - either the champs of both leagues or runners up if champs are playing in the 4 team "playoff". Agreement is move to counter the weight of the Big10-Pac10-Rose Bowl alliance.

Makes me believe the "super-conference" concept isn't dead yet (it looked dead after the Big12 survived the last 2 years). Pac10, Big12, Big10 & SEC. So, where will Miami fit in?

Think of TV ratings & $$...

Big10 vs Pac10 in Rose Bowl
Big12 vs SEC in ??? Bowl
ACC vs ....Big East?!? = snooze bowl

I love the ACC because of the high quality of basketball, baseball and academics. IMO tho, the ACC needs to get aggressive or risk being sidelined (like the Big East) in football - the money-maker. Or, Miami needs to look out for itself and find a different conference for football.


Whats going on spacers!!!!

First of all thank you to all of you guys who had suggestions on places to go....

Monkey Jungle was an amazing time with my daughter she enjoyed those monkeys, it was hilarious.

Ate at the Hurricane Bar and grill near downtown Miami pretty delicious. Mangoes was a godo time also with the whole family and for my eyeballs of course lmaoo...

CEO, i stopped by the Allcanes shop got myself some nice shirts and other items and also made my way to the University to take a picture throwing up the U at the entrance sign. if you ever need some pics to add to a blog let me know CEO...,

I miss Miami already


"3. Make sure to read and take to heart everything ITU sayz lol. I mean they got it on point with Jon and Jay Gruden 100% bein the HC and OC at Miami, oops. Only to follow that with them bein 100% sure Trestman (CFL coach) was Miamis HC, oops."

Referring to "those sites:"

Why do people read that nonsense? Moreover, why is anything they say worth commenting on? Ever? Didn't the journalistic credibility of that site and the other friends-o-five stars die in 2009?

Please, people. Stop commenting on them. They're not relevant, accurate, or timely. Mentioning them on this board is insulting. Da Skreetz pretty much summed their entire history up in two sentences.

Ryan Williams! D&D!


i meant Hurricane Grill and Wings****


UpNorth...glad U had a good time in the 305. Email a few of the photos to:



Brandon Odoi - Canes baseball annouces catcher Peter O'Brien earned first team All-ACC honros while starting pitcher Eric Erickson got the 2nd team nod


Manny - Since taking over the program, #UM coach Al Golden has implemented the 5th Quarter, Black Jerseys, and a combine testing program strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey said has built a new sense of competition: "I think everybody needs rewards and challenges. I've been with four different head coaches. This reminds me more of how Butch [Davis] did it. With Butch we had the morning runs. Here, it's U tough. Competition and development helps guys strive for things and challenges them."

UM coach Al Golden wanted his team to get stronger. And the results in the weight room say they are. According to strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, there are 36 #Canes who can lift 225 pounds more than 20 times and 7 that can do it over 30 times. Last year at this time, Swasey said he 11 that could lift more than 225 pounds, 20 times. And none more than 30.


DTX...I am sure that the landscape of college football is and will continue to change but when it comes to four "super" conferences I will believe it when I see it.


All this conference shifting crap and bogus NCAA rules almost makes me not want be involved with college football any more


Manny - UM WR Phillip Dorsett has impressed strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey the most this off-season. Dorsett has gained 20 pounds since arriving at #UM and his 40 time before testing even began (4.36) was the fastest on the team. "Dorsett is kind of the freak," Swasey said. "He'll be a guy who will really surprise."


Manny - Interesting tidbits on #UM offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson before I go. Asked why he's remained at right tackle and isn't playing left tackle, Henderson told me his injured hip has played a huge factor. "My left hip is kind of weaker than my right so I feel more comfortable kicking with my right [leg]. So, I feel like when I get my strength back in my left hip I'll be versatile again. But until then, I feel comfortable at right [tackle]."


Manny - #UM right tackle Seantrel Henderson has never been a weight room guy. But I was surprised to learn he isn't among the seven on the team lifting 225 pounds more than 30 times. In fact, he's barely scraping by at 20 lifts. Last year Henderson he lifted 225 pounds between 12 and 15 times. "In high school I wasn't a big weight room guy," Henderson said. "I feel like I've improved a lot."


Getting Olsen, now that's what I'm talking about! Been out of the loop the last 5 days, had my knee scoped Wednesday and to hear this news, already makes me feel better.


Welcome Kevin Olsen! Question, can he rap like his brother G-reg? LOL!

UMike HA! you will be all into it again when the seaon approaches like me.


All this conference shifting crap and bogus NCAA rules almost makes me not want be involved with college football any more

Posted by: UMike | May 21, 2012 at 12:50 PM

I feel your pain.


Last year Henderson he lifted 225 pounds between 12 and 15 times. "In high school I wasn't a big weight room guy," Henderson said. "I feel like I've improved a lot."

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 21, 2012 at 01:09 PM

That's because when U were in HS U were bigger and stronger than everyone U faced. Not so much anymore!


Cant believe that about Seantrel but honestly I can. Jonathan Ogden was about the same. Does anyone know how I can get tickets to the Miami vs Notre Dame game this year? Thanks in advance.


Q...if U become a Hurricane Club member at $250 level and U are guaranteed tickets. If you are interested email:



I wonder who the big seven are.


RIP, Bill Stewart, former WVU HC. Heart attack this morning.


SVG and Otis Smith are gone


SVG and Otis Smith are gone

Posted by: Hassan | May 21, 2012 at 03:30 PM

As expected, Dwight Howard wins. It was either they go, or he does. Obviously the owners would rather them go.


Ohio/Hassan...what it comes down to is that Van Gundy and Smith are easier to replace than Dwight Howard.


For anyone who cares, 2 books that Coach Golden is reading/loves are "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" and James O'Toole's "Leading Change"


Holy smokes....idk if this was talked about....but I just turned on the spring game reply...and while they where interviewing golden they showed the players getting off the buss....ray ray was wearing the canespace sean taylor shirt...I'm almost positive


Jacory is now a free agent. Eagles released him.



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