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May 28, 2012









If the canes win they will be headed to the Baton Rouge region, not the gainsville region


Morris has done great things at Miami. Why the decline. Consistent errors. Pitching farts. Hitting farts. Did I mention errors.

Stop with the scholarship thing and the losing players to the draft crap

There are other private schools out there as well that cost even more than Miami that are pretty decent at baseball as well

Instead of asking "well, who are you going to replace Morris with" .. why don't you ask yourself "how long will it really take for me to come to grips that the program is in decline"

Posted by: Six | May 28, 2012 at 04:13 PM

Six and canesteelers thank you for coming to the rescue.

The decline of Miami baseball is sad to see and i cannot see other reasons than the head Coach. I just think that Jim Morris needs to go if he doesn't want to end his great career like Bobby Bowden did.

Of course we are all thankful for the excellent work Morris did for the baseball program. But in my humble opinion the very good years are behind Jim Morris...and per Miami standards since the Fraser years if you don't make it to Omaha in your season, it's a failiure.

In the previous blog Six made some very valid points plus i may add that if you put Javi Salas and Vince Kossak (unknown til yesterday) in the ACC championship game, it's not because you want to save your job...Plus your next game (the regional) is 5 or 6 days later.

The Hurricanes (36-21) haven't been to the College World Series since 2008. They've lost each of the last three seasons to Florida in either the Regional or Super Regional round.

The Canes are lucky to host a regional in Coral Gables and i expect them to win facing teams like Stony Brook, Mizzouri State and UCF (lucky draw).

I hope we make it to Omaha with some lucky breaks and without facing Florida, Florida State, UCLA or Baylor.

I have been following Canes baseball since 1979 and was at one point a walk on
on the baseball team. But since i was more of a hockey player (being from up north) i didn't last very long with all the talent around me under Coach Fraser. I also have been a big fan of Jim Morris until the 2009 season as the decline started. We have been spoiled as Miami Hurricanes fans over the year and it's just about time that we return to glory. As for this season only Jim Morris can prove me wrong and i will be more than happy to apologize to him directly.

I really hope i am wrong.

Let's go Canes!


Just looked it up... UCF was 43-15 this year... I don't know if I'd consider that "weak"... we'll have our hands full.

Hope we get back to the big show though...

BTW... only 1 ACC team has EVER won the CWS...

(Wake Forest in 1955.)

C'mon CANES!


If the canes win they will be headed to the Baton Rouge region, not the gainsville region

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | May 28, 2012 at 07:51 PM

It's good to have lucky breaks once in a while.


Canes path to College World Series clear of the Gators

by: Steve Gorten Sun Sentinel May 28th, 2012 CORAL GABLES

For the first time in four years, the Miami Hurricanes’ path to the College World Series won’t be blocked by the Florida Gators.

The ‘Canes, who were eliminated by their in-state rival, and this year’s No. 1 overall seed, in the regionals or super regionals each of the past three years, will host a regional this weekend that includes No. 2 seed Central Florida, No. 3 Missouri State and No. 4 Stony Brook.

The Canes will open against Stony Brook at Alex Rodriguez Park on Friday. Should the ‘Canes win the Coral Gables Regional, they’d play the winner of the Baton Rouge Regional that includes No. 1 seed LSU, as well as Oregon State, Louisiana-Monroe and Belmont, to advance to the College World Series for the first time since 2008.

Miami was 1-1 against Central Florida this season, beating the Knights 3-2 in Orlando on March 14 and losing 4-1 in Coral Gables.



Willie Will in Nashville



Heat 21, Celtica 11 after one period.

James playing like a man possessed!


I actually wish the regional was @ UCF then RaizeCane, OGV and I could go to the games.


roachcane77 - I know that they can't help what conference they play in, but being in Conference USA and some of their out of conference opponents helped UCF out. The real legit team from Conference USA is Rice

UCF doesn't suck like a Boston College/Maryland/Duke/Virginia Tech ... but don't think the Knights are Omaha caliber either

Their record vs teams with an RPI of 1-50 is 5-7 ... from 51-100 is 14-4

Canes record vs teams with an RPI of 1-50 is 14-19 ... from 51-100 is 9-1

Common opponents that UCF had with Miami - Boston College (2-1), UiF (0-1), FSU (0-2), FAU (1-0), Bethune Cookman (2-0), Stetson (1-0)

Miami vs. Boston College (3-0), UiF (0-3), FSU (0-3), FAU (1-0), Bethune Cookman (3-0), Stetson (1-0)

Something interesting as well ...

Miami errors by season

2012 - 96 (last in ACC in FLD%)
2011 - 92 (last in ACC in FLD%)
2010 - 83 (7th in ACC in FLD%)
2009 - 80 (8th in ACC in FLD%)
2008 - 64 (3rd in ACC in FLD%)

When was the last time the Canes were in Omaha?

Oh ya .. something like, 2008

Who did Miami lose to that year - Stanford .. another private school .. whose tuition is just as high as Miami .. and it's not a school for dummies either (not saying their student athletes are scholars, but the reputation of the school is pretty damn high academically)

In 2000, LSU beat Stanford for the title

In 2001, Miami beat Stanford for the title

In 2003, Stanford beat Rice for the title

Only team in that sequence that isn't a private university and aren't as pricey to attend - LSU

All those teams lost recruits to the MLB draft as well


Six...where do U get this stuff? Damn son U rock!


Good stuff six! I like facts.


Is there anything more MEANINGLESS than the first half of a basketball game?



Posted by: CEO | May 28, 2012 at 10:01 PM

We should just watch the last 2 minutes...

Willie Will in Nashville

I wonder how much the heat paid the refs today???


I wonder how much the heat paid the refs today???

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | May 28, 2012 at 10:27 PM

Not half as much as Yahoo.com and Shapiro's lawyer paid Clint Hurtt.


CEO do you think Clint Hurtt is the guilty part who will get away with murder with the NCAA in exchange for his informations...

If you know a little more about it, let us know.

What do you think the sanctions will be like?

Clint Hurtt should be suspended if he is among the rotten aples. No deal with the NCAA.


The Heat on a mission! I love it!



Willie Will in Nashville


Lmao. Now I know how to get info from, I just need to talk about the heat lol.

I wonder if the nba will give the heat another title like they did last time?? Lol

Willie Will in Nashville

^^**info from you**^^


I have info that Hurtt is a snitch. I can't tell U all of it but let's just say that he is not doing UM any favors.

If U ask me, that is where ITU is getting their info. But they are wrong.



Take that old, smelly, green Celtic azz home.



bubble screen


From Susan D. Miller

The Canes have not been to Omaha since 2008.

They have lost 11 consecutive games to the Gators and have been eliminated by them in each of the past three postseasons. There was a chance UM’s regional bracket could have been paired with Florida’s, creating a possible collision course for both programs.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/28/2821601/tournament-grants-university-of.html#storylink=cpy


I actually wish the regional was @ UCF then RaizeCane, OGV and I could go to the games.

Posted by: CEO | May 28, 2012 at 09:14 PM



What's baseball?

Seriously, though... I'm giving major love for Canespace. I've never seen such dedication to a university while at the same time giving constructive criticism. You deserve to be proud, CEO.


NCAA better drop the guillotine on Clint Hurtt if not someone needs to plant drugs on this fool and tha cops when he is recruiting in south Fl


and CALL tha cops when he is recruiting in south Fl, typo


Former CANES need to unite and call snitch A$$ Clint Hurtt out, where is Warren Sapp when U need him :(


I say remove Clint Hurtt from the stat book!

I forgot Hurtt sucked as a player nothing to remove


The Hurricanes are back in Coral Gables as an NCAA baseball regional host and will face No. 4 seed Stony Brook at 7 p.m. Friday.



So clint hurtt is the one diming the canes,wouldn't he have talked to the ncaa about a less servere punishment for him to do so?


As i understand it there are to be a few more guys asked to leave the team.Could AG be trying to get a full class of 25 if possible,or close to it.

3G Cane

I wonder how much the heat paid the refs today???

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville
Not enough. They should be getting more calls!


CGNC - Were you serious that the U has a hockey team?! I am assuming a club team? I have not looked it up yet, but that is something else!

I was actually watching a MN Gophers hockey game a couple of years back and they showed a teenager in the stands wearing a Canes hockey jersey (yes I know, sweater is the proper term, but I can't imagine most other readers would know too much hockey terminology). Seriously, I almost dropped my beer as the odds for seeing Canes gear worn at a Gophers' game has to be out of this world!

Anyway, I then read that Monty played hockey in South FL (Coral Gables?). That's awesome!

My love for Canes football is bigger than all my other favorite sports teams, but I can't see the day when I am a fan of Canes hockey: ). The Gophers have that place in my heart.


Six I agree with you, I also think it is time for Morris to move on. The past 3-4 years his teams have been horrible defensively and fundamentally. Also look at how we have matched up against FSU and UF the past several seasons. Time for a change.

Posted by: canesteeler | May 28, 2012 at 04:56 PM

Six, Canesteeler and others - Not as big of a fan as you all are, however, I do casually follow the BB team. There is no doubt that your case on Morris is undeniable. It's unfortunate and for him and the rest of team and univ, I hope he figures it out if given the opportunity.

I noted above that I am a huge Gopher hockey fan and Gopher hockey has a storied program much like the Canes baseball team. The Gophers went through the past seven to ten years much like the Canes football and baseball teams. Having won back to back NC in '02 & '03 their decline began and within a few years they were just mediocre.

They still were able to recruit high profile players, but the vast majority bolted early for the pros and due to the lack of success, the coaching staff was highly criticized for not being able to develop talent and keep it around to be able to win.

The HC was on a scorching seat. To most, hockey is "whatever", but to those in parts of the country where it is big, it is BIG. The now outgoing AD gave a short extension to the HC three yrs ago which infuriated most fans.

However, after firing one assistant and bringing back another that coached during the NC seasons, the team quickly had two of its strongest recruiting classes in its history and the team went from not even making the NCAA tournament two seasons ago to the making the Frozen Four this past season (April 2012) where it lost to the eventual NC.

The team is VERY young and VERY talented and is poised to start another championship run this coming season.

I see many parallels between the Canes baseball team and the Gopher's hockey team. However, since I do not follow Canes BB like many others, I do not want to voice an opinion on Morris's status. I really hope they are able to turn things around quickly like the Gopher hockey team. Go Canes!


A shout out to a former Cane who is still puttin' it out there trying to fulfill his dream. I wish him well...

Darnell Jenkins learned with legends

VANCOUVER — He’ll be going to B.C. Lions rookie camp, but, at age 29, receiver Darnell Jenkins is expected to have a little more polish than most first-year CFL prospects.

After spending two seasons on the practice roster of the New England Patriots -- one of four NFL organizations he’s spent time with -- Jenkins has had his rough edges worked over significantly by head coach Bill Belichick, offseason training partners Randy Moss and Deion Branch and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady has a reputation for being his own harshest critic. He not only places lofty expectations upon himself, he does so with his teammates.

Jenkins can attest to that.

“He’s very sharp mentally, and he expects you to keep up with him, or you get chewed out,” said Jenkins, one of four import receivers whose signings were announced Monday by the Lions. “He’ll call plays in the huddle, then change it at the line, and he expects you to run your routes properly, or he’ll have something to say about it.”

Even if Brady is one of the most accurate throwers in NFL history, his deliveries are not always on the money -- purposefully so, Jenkins said, to maintain an admirable touchdown-to-interception ratio. So a receiver had better be prepared to field a low or high throw or one that requires him to leave his feet.

“He’ll throw a ball low, to protect the route, and you better be able to get it,” Jenkins said. “He’s very strict about route running and ball placement. You need to be able to make the difficult catch.”

Jenkins was released by the Patriots after training camp last September and spent the winter in Boston training with NFL receivers Moss and Branch, who were equally demanding and gave him an earful if he slacked off. The former Miami Hurricane caught the Lions’ attention at an offseason free-agent camp in Dallas, for which Jenkins was prepped by his college teammate, Lions defensive back Anthony Reddick.

“Anthony told me that Canadian football is a very aggressive game,” Jenkins said. “And I consider myself an aggressive receiver. That’s something that Randy and Deion taught me. I loved working with those guys.”

The Lions other receiver signings include Mike Moore from Georgia, Juan Nunez from Western Michigan and Correy Earls from Georgia Tech. Moore (Detroit Lions) and Nunez (Cleveland Browns) also have some NFL experience.

The search has been on-going in B.C. to find a deep-threat, pass receiving complement to take away defensive pressure from Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce. Jenkins, who also returns kicks, feels he can be that guy.

Rookie camp opens Wednesday at Thompson Rivers University/Hillside Stadium in Kamloops. Veterans report on Saturday.


Al Golden on the ACC-ESPN TV Deal

The new ACC-ESPN television deal achieves many things that are essential to us as a conference, institution and program. The ACC is ESPN’s only all-in conference partner and this provides marquee Thursday and Saturday coverage with the multi-platform promotional power that only the World-Wide Leader in Sports can provide. There is no doubt that national sports fans tuning in to normal ESPN programming will be exposed to more of the ACC brand over the next decade than any other league in the country.

The ACC’s footprint extends from Boston to Miami and, with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, it now encompasses nine of the top 25 media outlets in the nation. This increased TV exposure will help recruits identify with the University of Miami Hurricanes and showcase ACC football, not just to the eastern half of the United States, but to the rest of country as well. The ACC-ESPN television pact is historic in nature and a strong indication of the future of the Atlantic Coast Conference.


Former CANES need to unite and call snitch A$$ Clint Hurtt out, where is Warren Sapp when U need him :(

Posted by: SinisterCane | May 29, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Let's just say that Hurtt better not recruit Liberty City or Overtown anytime soon! LOL


As I understand it there are to be a few more guys asked to leave the team.Could AG be trying to get a full class of 25 if possible,or close to it.

Posted by: myndraize | May 29, 2012 at 10:25 AM

A few more are possible, but that's not really news. That has been true for a while and is the case on most if not ALL college football teams. I don't expect any marquee players to go (ala Storm Johnson a few years ago) just a few non-contributors IF any.


So clint hurtt is the one diming the canes,wouldn't he have talked to the ncaa about a less servere punishment for him to do so?

Posted by: myndraize | May 29, 2012 at 09:58 AM

I am sure he tried to cut a deal with the NCAA. Whether they gave him one or not I have no idea. I do not know if it is their current protocol to grant immunity for testimony from a coach.


CEO U need to spill the beans, something anything man!! it's rainin' like cat dogs and hogs up here in Jax


Al Golden's "take" on the ACC-ESPN deal is spot on, and typical of how this guy can see the big picture. (Thanks for including that Soup.)

Sure, the ACC may not have the most "lucrative" deal out there, but the points Al makes about exposure, and showcasing our schools speaks volumes for this man's grasp of the situation.

He just continues to impress me...


Exposure helps everything.

I see less players leaving UM as a good thing... the team is buying into Al's scheme.


Miami Dolphins will be the feature of HBO's Hard Knocks show this year...

Uhhhh, ok...


New Rivals 100 ranking out.

This from the PBP:


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