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May 14, 2012


Sarasota 'cane


Sarasota 'cane

Man it's been a long time since I hit a "1st"! I'd first like to thank all the "little people" for making this moment possible...

Go 'canes!


Lol, nice one, Sota!


"The MRI on Chris Bosh revealed a strained abdominal muscle. He is out indefinitely."



Can't wait until Six reads the blog! LMAO


"He is on his way to UM. ;-)"

I like the sound of that.


RIP...... Paul Dee

Sarasota 'cane

As far as the Big 12 rumors go I can't see how joining the Big 12 would bring in more revenue once you factor out all the expenses for travel for ALL sports as well as a 20+ million dollar exit fee for leaving the ACC.

And why would FSU want to go play 3rd bananna to Texas and Oklahoma? My feeling is that FSU is just trying to start the "musical chairs" again to get the SEC to make an offer. FSU is a natural fit for the SEC as is Clemson.

I'm not sure where UM fits anymore.

Go 'canes!


UM and FSU to big 12 would make it stronger than the SEC. Can't Miami move its football to the big12 and keep all other sports in the ACC? That new ACC contract sucks when compared to the other conferences. Would love it if it happens.

Posted by: TheWhat | May 13, 2012 at 02:07 PM

Sarasota brings up some good points. Why do you think Nebraska left? Because Texas runs the Big 12 and and they control everything. Hell, even the Big 12 Headquarters is located in Texas. The Big 12 was almost dead not once but twice recently. I don't think that would be a smart move by FSU or Miami.


Ray Lew working with Streeter:

"Tommy Streeter will never forget the pain he felt the weekend of the NFL draft. Projected by some analysts to be a second-day pick, Streeter remained on the board until late in the sixth round. But shortly after the Ravens ended his disappointment, his phone rang. Linebacker Ray Lewis was reaching out to the Miami Hurricanes wide receiver and welcoming him to the family.

“I basically told him that I was ready to make that next step, ready to train,” Streeter said Sunday, the final day of the team’s three-day rookie minicamp in Owings Mills. “He took it upon himself to extend that invitation. He stays probably 40 minutes away from me in Miami. He just invited me to come over, work out. I accepted it and we’ve been on a roll ever since.”

Since draft day, Lewis and Streeter have pumped iron and worked up a sweat together in Florida. Steeler, who at 23 is 13 years younger than Lewis, marveled at his new teammate’s work ethic.

“It’s been tough. He pushes his body to the limit,” Streeter said. “It’s no surprise that he plays the way he plays on game day and why he’s been playing so long in the NFL."
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Standing tall at 6 feet 5, Streeter was easy to spot during Sunday's practice. His size and speed are his most enticing attributes, but the deep threat has a long way to go to become a complete receiver. Streeter had 52 catches for 967 yards and nine touchdowns in three seasons at Miami.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh provided this scouting report: “First impression, he’s really tall. Second impression, he’s really fast. I’d say third impression, he’s going to be a good player.”

Streeter isn’t the only Ravens rookie who is being mentored by one of the team’s Pro Bowlers. Safety Christian Thompson, a fourth-round pick, has been getting advice from safety Ed Reed.

“Being a DB, you always want to play under the best players and Ed Reed, to me, is the best,” Thompson said. “Being able to play under him is a blessing. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

Streeter said he would always remember how 31 teams passed on him, but he, too, feels blessed to be given the opportunity to be with the Ravens and around Lewis, a former Hurricane himself.

“I kind of felt like a lot of people didn’t believe in me even though I believe in myself. I thank God that the coaches believed in me and gave me this opportunity,” the introspective Streeter said. “Ever since I got that phone call on draft day, I had the mindset that I was willing to work.”

He couldn't have a better mentor on how to be a Pro's Pro.


FSU is just trying to get some leverage against the ACC. I don't think that they are going anywhere and especially without Miami going also.

I also do not think that it would be wise for UM or FSU to go to the Big 12. But hey, that's just me.


Paul Dee funeral arrangements from UM:


Wednesday, May 16, 2012
5:00 - 8:00 PM
Van Orsdel Coral Gables Chapel
4600 SW 8th Street
Coral Gables, Florida 33134


Thursday, May 17, 2012
10:00 AM
St. Augustine Catholic Church
1400 Miller Road
Coral Gables, Florida 33146


Thursday, May 17, 2012
Newman Alumni Center at the University of Miami
6200 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Chris Freet
Associate AD for Communications & Marketing | University of Miami Athletics


CEO, Stanford just offered the local LB/TE I told U about that U passed on to UM people.

That makes his offer list at Stanford, BC, Bowling Green, Duke, Marshall, Notre Dame, Ohio, Virginia and Wake.

Ohio State is also evaluating him right now. I'm assuming they offer him.


We need to start winning some ACC ships before we even consider another move, however, if the Big 12 were to somehow want us, just think of the big time games: Oak, Tex & Oak ST. real football towns & national appeal. Aside from Va. Tech & FSU, there's not much appeal to the ACC, from a football standpoint.

orange 'n green in the vein


Technically, 32 teams passed on Streeter, thus the round by round free-fall.

On the Big 12-3+2 with more Indian impersonators and some one else;


Dodd's a goof that can't stop choking on the chokies egg laying organs, but I find two things ironic about this article, the first being that adding a school that has only gotten blown out for a national title once in its history and the school that blew them out for their second title is some kind of football power, "consolidation." The other is that somehow when the ACC was the Indian impersonators abusing the eight little dwarfs while winning the league for a half decade straight, it was proof of football superiority but if Miami where to run the table over a 12 team ACC with Pitt and Syracuse replacing the defectors it's now not going to be a sign of the same? Talk about a glaring double standard.

Ultimately though I tend to think raize is right, Big 12-3+2 serves Bevo's interest first, and second and third, foremost, then everybody else gets a second class treatment so unless the contracts are renegotiated upon expansion to ensure equality, it's a sucker's bet to lash your future to that ship.


CEO, also, I hate that last video U have on this article. Every time I refresh the page, it plays a 30 second advertisement.

Made me think I was losing my mind for a while because I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from lol. I was looking for pop-ups, etc. Haha!


OGV...U took the words right out of my mouth. I was just gonna say the EXACT same thing! LOL


Miami to Face Michigan State in Annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Miami will host Michigan State on Wednesday, Nov. 28



I thought my computer got possessed when I heard that autoplay video.


There were as many 5-Star guys drafted in the first round as 2-Star guys..4...along with 13 4-Star guys and 9 3-Star guys



1. Ite CEO, your boi cant let this comment go without sayin somethin. I heard you standin strong. This is for them peoples thinkin an f n * means hes a ballah when they aint seen nothin but hilites against teams that none had more then 3 wins.

2. Theres 5, yah 5 recruits that I been hearin are must gets for Miami (all experts please send your app to Al lol) have 0 chance of inkin with Miami. Sh$#, they will not even be offered. I wont front street any of them boiz cause they dont deserve that. 2 of them would be Canes but that pimp Al wont even hand them a pen to sign the LOI.

3. Sure the ballahs are pizzed off and yappin off bout Al and sh$#. Fans dont like it then go root for them m fers in Tally, them b!tches say no to nobody. I aint bout to feel bad for ballahs even though I know a few boiz parents.

4. Turn everything off and read this slowly lol. My jr year in HS I was told what I HAD to do to play for the team my pops raised me to ball for. I did EVERYTHING and more to make sure that U was on my helmut. I was straight up honest with the men recruitin me. You either want to ball here at Miami or play around and see where that f n gets ballah.

5. This boi done been around many coaches and recruiters and aint 1 more prepared with knowin everything bout ballah on and off field. He even knows family members names that ive known for years and I didnt even remember all of them.

6. Miami just had a boi ball here that has a lil bro 12 years old that we been callin Jukie since he was put in this hood. While Al was at a HS checkin things he asked the coach how Jukie was doin and is he still workin hard in school. That boi Jukie not only called his bro tellin him Al asked how he was but even slid through the gym with momma hyped as he!! that Al asked. That my friends is how you build a program and community around here. Al wants a ballah from the wall of Miami he WILL get them.

7. For that Ohio pimp sayin prop Al for this new class, im with him until I seen the full comment on it. How the f he gonna roll with the etc. blast without my boi D'Mauri comin before that etc. sh$# lol. Cmon pimp, dont be hypin your boi and leavin D'Mauri out like that. Oh yah, put that boi Danny D in there. Dont be dizzin your boiz lol


Sarasota brings up some good points. Why do you think Nebraska left? Because Texas runs the Big 12 and and they control everything. Hell, even the Big 12 Headquarters is located in Texas. The Big 12 was almost dead not once but twice recently. I don't think that would be a smart move by FSU or Miami.

Posted by: raizecane | May 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM

You are right raizecane and Sarasota Cane. I didn't factor in the exit fee and the travel costs etc. In the end it would probably negate any extra money brought in by the Big 12 contract. I do hope the ACC brings in Notre Dame (according to previous rumors) and another big football school though. Then they can renegotiate the contract and potentially get more.

I don't believe FSU is going anywhere. From what I've read, their president actually cares about academics so I believe they will stay in the ACC.


The key seems you have to go to the Al Golden camp if you are a borderline prospect, or if you are a prospect where you are overhyped and there is concern of your true commitment to wanting that offer. Deeb is a great kid, his take on it is basically there is about a month of spring practice and if the U does not offer after seeing him all spring why would he come out to the Camp? I see his point of view but what he did not realize is that the Camp he will be put in different scenarios then spring practice and the U wants to see as much as they can. Which helps the U not miss on guys and helps them build a championship team.


7. For that Ohio pimp sayin prop Al for this new class, im with him until I seen the full comment on it. How the f he gonna roll with the etc. blast without my boi D'Mauri comin before that etc. sh$# lol. Cmon pimp, dont be hypin your boi and leavin D'Mauri out like that. Oh yah, put that boi Danny D in there. Dont be dizzin your boiz lol

Posted by: CEO | May 14, 2012 at 02:24 PM

Man, Skreetz is always on me! LOL

I just didn't feel like typing any more man! Haha


hassan...i agree...Miami wants to see you up close..not only that, if we know were gonna get hit with scholarship reductions at some point, we got to make these offers count. While I can see Deebs point, he is the only kid Miami coaches have to watch during spring ball, and if he wants to be a Cane, wants an offer, he would go to this camp, what does he have to loose?


If what Hassan says is true, and Deebs' attitude is" "I will NOT go to camp UNLESS I get an offer" then me NO likey.

I'm jus sayin...


I've come to this conclusion...everyone on the UM staff knows WAYYYYY more about the players than I do. Just because I see a 4-star guy on Rivals from the Miami area, doesn't mean Miami NEEDS to go after him, especially not just because i THINK they should lol...until I become a member of the staff, I will let the coaches do what they get paid to do and seem to be doing a good job at


UMike...U are wise beyond your years young Danielson. ;-)

3G Cane

I've come to this conclusion...everyone on the UM staff knows WAYYYYY more about the players than I do. Just because I see a 4-star guy on Rivals from the Miami area, doesn't mean Miami NEEDS to go after him, especially not just because i THINK they should lol...until I become a member of the staff, I will let the coaches do what they get paid to do and seem to be doing a good job at

Posted by: UMike
You're missing the whole point of the computer chair quarterback!!! LOL


Problems at Armwood High. 5 kids eligibility being questioned/investigated. Some seniors, some juniors.


^^^ Armwood presser underway. Initial FHSAA findings in. It involves eligibility of 5 players, county superintendent says. Penalties have not been revealed yet. Armwood has 10 days to respond.


^^^ More Armwood:

The FHSAA has found that five Armwood football players apparently had forged addresses in order to be eligible to play for the Hawks.

The school district will now investigate those charges and have 10 days to do so they may or may not appeal

We do not know what the penalties are just yet, but there is little question Armwood is probably going to be stripped of its state title


You're missing the whole point of the computer chair quarterback!!! LOL

Posted by: 3G Cane | May 14, 2012 at 04:40 PM

Good one 3G! Here is what it comes down to:

1. Fans need to STOP worrying about every recruit Miami gets or does not get, especially in the middle of Summer for crying out loud. There are so many things going on behind the scenes that are beyond your pay grade or your control that it is simply an unproductive waste of time.

2. Focus on the results with the players at UM and their play on the field. The bottom line is that in the next 2-4 years Golden and Miami will return to elit status or not. Either way what happens between the sidleines on Staurdays is ALl that matters.



Ohio...about the Armowood issue I'll say this: When I play golf with my brother he ALWAYS says:

"If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying hard enough."

This situation at Armwood is NOT surprising and has been to be dealt with once and for all by the FHSAA.


Whether Miami returns to elite status in the next 2-4 years is not as important to me as what Golden is doing now, that being building the entire program to where it should be. I'm talking about training table, nutrition, strength and conditioning, overall toughness, and most importantly, getting athletes into the program. His recruiting has been awesome under the circumstances.

I think he's done all the above extremely well. It will be elite in these areas, which are the foundation for winning.

As to whether all this gets the program to winning at an elite status level, I don't know. Golden has yet to prove he's a good game coach, and whether he can win in a big program against big opponents. What he did at Temple, only proves to me he can take a program that's down and bring it into the 21st century. That's what we need right now.

My 2 biggest concerns with him are can he win with big time talent against big time talent and his longevity if he has even a little success. I see him as someone that will bolt at the next big opportunity he's offered which probably won't be for a couple of years. That's ok if he does, as long as he continues to build us a solid foundation like he's doing now.


FSU Pres response to allegations of them leaving to the Big 12

I want to assure you that any decision made about FSU athletics will be reasoned and thoughtful and based on athletics, finances and academics. Allow me to provide you with some of the issues we are facing:

In support of a move are four basic factors argued by many alumni:

1. The ACC is more basketball than it is football, and many of our alumni view us as more football oriented than the ACC.
2. The ACC is too North Carolina centric and the contract advantages basketball and hence advantages the North Carolina schools
3. The Big 12 has some big football schools that match up with FSU
4. The Big 12 contract (which actually isn’t signed yet) is rumored to be
$2.9M more per year than the ACC contract. We need this money to be competitive.

But, in contrast:

1. The information presented about the ACC contract that initiated the blogosphere discussion was not correct. The ACC is an equal share conference and this applies to football and to basketball ­ there is no preferential treatment of any university with the exception of 3rd tier
rights for women’s basketball and Olympic sports. FSU is advantaged by that aspect of the contract over the majority of other ACC schools.
2. Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M left the Big 12, at least in part because the Big 12 is not an equal share conference. Texas has considerably more resource avenues and gains a larger share (and I say this as a former dean of the University of Texas at Austin – I watched the Big 12 disintegration with interest). So, when fans realize that Texas would get more dollars than FSU, always having a competitive advantage, it would be interesting to see the fan reaction.
3. Much is being made of the extra $2.9M that the Big 12 contract (which hasn’t been inked yet) gets over the ACC contract. Given that the Texas schools are expected to play each other (the Big 12 is at least as Texas
centered than the ACC is North Carolina centered), the most likely scenario has FSU playing Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, and West Virginia on a recurring basis and the other teams sporadically (and one more unnamed team has to join to allow the Big 12 to regain a championship game), we realize that our sports teams can no longer travel by bus to most games ­ the estimate is that the travel by plane required by FSU to be in the Big 12 appears to exceed the $2.9M difference in the contract ­
actually giving us fewer dollars than we have now to be competitive with the Big 12 teams, who obviously do not have to travel as far. Any renegotiated amount depends not just on FSU but the caliber of any other new team to the Big 12.
4. Few believe that the above teams will fill our stadium with fans of these teams and so our lack of sales and ticket revenue would continue.
5. We would lose the rivalry with University of Miami that does fill our stadium
6. It will cost between $20M and $25M to leave the ACC ­ we have no idea where that money would come from. It would have to come from the Boosters which currently are unable to support our current University athletic
budget, hence the 2% cut in that budget.
7. The faculty are adamantly opposed to joining a league that is academically weaker ­ and in fact, many of them resent the fact that a 2% ($2.4M) deficit in the athletics budget receives so much attention from concerned Seminoles, but the loss of 25% of the academic budget (105M) gets none when it is the most critical concern of this University in terms of its successful future.

I present these issues to you so that you realize that this is not so simple (not to mention that negotiations aren’t even taking place). One of the few wise comments made in the blogosphere is that no one negotiates their future in the media. We can’t afford to have conference affiliation
be governed by emotion ­ it has to be based on a careful assessment of athletics, finances and academics. I assure you that every aspect of conference affiliation will be looked at by this institution, but it must be a reasoned decision.

Eric Barron


Miami, FSU, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Virginia and Georgia Tech (after they get rid of the joke that is the triple option) should form their own conference and add Oklahoma, OK State, Notre Dame and West Virginia lol. Then negotiate with NBC and get 40 mil per school and your travel for over half your schedule wouldnt be bad at all. I kid of course but it would be a lot of fun to watch.

If we would build high speed trains (as they have in europe and asia) connecting many cities throughout the US, travel costs could be significantly reduced. It would be reduced for all travelers not just football teams.

orange 'n green in the vein

So what the president of F$U's email says is; our fans are know-nothing, loudmouth, blowhards with no sense of perspective about anything they talk about.

Tell us something we don't know Eric.


Guys im in miami!!!! Where do i go to buy hurricanes stuff? Please give your suggestions for family places to visit and best wings and grilles out here!!!


@FlaHSFootball: "Reading this Armwood report is literally crazy. I don't know what to say, but I feel for the kids who ACTUALLY have done NOTHING wrong!"


By Steve Gorten

University of Miami forbids agent contact until football player's eligibility expires...

Sun Sentinel

5:02 p.m. EDT, May 14, 2012


Miami Hurricanesfootball players can no longer have any contact with agents until after their eligibility expires, according to a new policy instituted by the school.

UM informed agents of its new policy early last week.

For a player in a final year of eligibility, their eligibility would expire after the last game of the season, a bowl game if the team participates in one.

It comes on the heels of a record five Hurricanes underclassmen running back Lamar Miller, defensive end Olivier Vernon, receiver Tommy Streeter, offensive lineman Brandon Washington and defensive tackle Marcus Forston declaring early for this year’s NFL Draft. All five signed with Miami-based agent Drew Rosenhaus.

UM’s new policy, which the Sun-Sentinel obtained a copy of, states that football players, along with family members, are prohibited from in-person contact, as well as communication via phone, text message, email, social networking site or any other means with an agent.

Exceptions can be granted if a player submits a request to Coach Al Golden, and a committee including Golden, athletic director Shawn Eichorst and associate athletic director for compliance David Reed approves it.

In that case, any meeting between a player, his family, friends or associates and a covered individual allowed before the end of the student-athlete’s senior year of football must take place at an on-campus facility with Golden and/or Eichorst present.

Golden and Eichorst, attending the ACC meetings in Amelia Island, were not available for comment Monday.

Chris Freet, associate athletic director for communications and marketing, said the new policy was made as UM reviewed its own internal policies and those of other colleges while developing the best practices for our institution.

Freet added that, the goal of the policy adjustments is to provide greater structure, controls and education for our student-athletes and their families as they make important decisions related to their professional careers.

Football players were already barred from attending draft functions honoring or celebrating former teammates due to the likelihood of agents, their associates, financial planners and/or covered individuals attending the event and in some cases financing the event.

They also weren’t allowed to attend social functions such as Super Bowl parties, private gatherings in hotels, bars or restaurants for the same reason.

According to regulations, penalties for violating the new policy include, but are not limited to, suspensions from practices and/or games, loss of scholarship, dismissal from team and other unspecified disciplinary measures.

Penalties will be determined by a committee including Eichorst, Golden and Reed or designees for all three.

UM’s new policy also comes in the wake of the NFL players’ union voting in late March to repeal the Junior Rule that prohibited certified agents from having contact with college players until the student-athletes have been out of high school for three years.

UM has had at least one player with eligibility left declare early for the NFL Draft in 15 of the 18 drafts since 1994. Vernon was drafted in the third round, Miller was drafted in the fourth and Streeter and Washington were drafted in the sixth. Forston was not drafted.


RIP Paul Dee only 65


@FlaHSFootball: "Armwood could be forced to forfeit at least 21 games from the past two seasons. Just the details in the report are nuts."

The What

Al golden asking a kid to come to a camp is like an employer calling you in to interview. Sure they can look at your resume and contact your references but they will never get a good idea about you until they see you up close and personal. It's how the world works. Go to the camp and prove the hype correct or remain defiant and watch as someone else takes your spot


The Seventh Floor ‏ @TheSeventhFloor
Rosenhaus and the term "good agent" should never, EVER, coexist.


Here's a link to the letter from the FHSAA to Armwood HS: (The early stuff in italics is all procedural rules.)


And here's an article from the Tampa Bay Times:



Roach...Yeah, but what about the title of the blog? LOL

Old Skool

Regarding wings, it depends on what kind of wings you like. I love garlic wings made with lots of real garlic bits. None of that powdered stuff. In that regard, I can say Wing N Curls on Hollywood Boulevard had the best out of a number of places I tried.

As for family places to visit. Venetian pool in the Gables is cool, haven't been to the new Parrot Jungle. As for beaches try Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne. Less T&A for the kiddies to oogle and fewer guys in thongs looking for action. If you can sail, renting a hobie along the Key Biscayne Causeway can be fun


UpNorth...go to All Canes on Ponce De Leon Blvd next to the UM campus and basball stadium to buy stuff.

Then go to lunch at Deli Lane on Sunset Blvd. in South Miami.

Then go to Monty's on the Bay in Coconut Grove for happy hour.

Then go to South Beach for the night life.

orange 'n green in the vein


Excellent suggestions in these last two posts.

In other news, I passionately hate the New York Rangers.

That is all.

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