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May 24, 2012


Mcginns ale house

First drunk


NICE...Have a drink on da house!!!


McGinns...we know from other sources and interviews about Bush being the MOST ready but your confirmation of that fact is very appealing and much appreciated.


Full story on UM baseball game:



Wake Forest beats NCST. Good news for Miami.

Miami plays wake tomorrow in a MUST WIN situation. If UNC beats NCST I think that Miami advances to the tourney championship?


Maria and I are BOTH sick with the flu. When we get well I'll call U to set something up.

Posted by: CEO | May 24, 2012 at 09:09 PM

Sorry y'all are under the weather, if you get to feeling better We've got a house just north of dead dog bridge for memorial day weekend come take a boat ride and stay over!


Wade is TORCHING the Pacers!!






Native...would LOVE to but it is cough and hack and blow followed by much of the same.

If we have a moderate recovery before Sunday AM I'll call U.

Mcginns ale house

Goodnight canespacer 's--- will try to come
Up with some scoop. ?? Who knows,. Keep believing
In the canes we are heading in the right direction!!
Have a little non confirmed Info. For tomorrow. On another
Note a cane brother is taking a beating over
His daughters at uf. I know the real story and
The gators are full of shit!!



1. This boi got into it with Trel for yappin and not doin. I dont know if that big azz fool is ever gonna get it. Aint no f n way I would put him in over that boi Flowers, hes 100% better in pass protection.

2. EJ is just a freak of nature bruh. Most athletic LB on Miami. Un f n real how quick he can make up ground.

3. Everyones boi, Duke is killin sh$# on catches out the backfield. McGee dropped 2 more ints. and it sure the f wasnt like it would of been great catches. Right in boiz chest. OT made some decent catches but dropped 2 wide open.

4. Sit Maq the f down until he can understand to stop goin for the pump fake. Sh$# gettin tired with that same sh$#.

5. Al needs to put a cage around that boi Ports to make sure hes healthy. What an f n monster he is. Plug and Ports are a badazz duo and both strong as f.

6. These rook WRs have to step up and ball and I mean ballout. Glarin dropoff after the top 3.

7. As nasty of a weightroom freak the Manimal is, he wouldnt be top 10 on this years team and thats an f n fact. This team has bout 5 ballahs that could top combine records when their time comes. Yah, I said it and stand by it.

8. Butchy was dead on bout Nate, really fluid out there with solid fundamentals. Glad Butch got the hammer so Miami could step in lol


People are down on Coach Morris, but I like him. His recent problems might be a personal issue. I heard that in his early 60s, he got married and became a first-time father. That certainly will take away your focus on baseball.

In the words of a famous blogger...I'm just sayin'



1. On Jelani Hamilton: Yah, da&@ straight I told him I yap at some peeps and they sayin he aint goin to be a factor at Miami lol. So f yah I called out them Space goons and the CEO for doubtin on boi lol. Your boi knows what it takes to focus ballahs. Might even tell him when his 4 years up and he gettin his pro preperation flow goin to give the Space a shout by sayin I told you doubters at Canespace I was goin legend flow.

2. Sh$# let me slide over to get at RaShawn and let him on them bandwagon fans he gotz.

3. Or does this boi slide over and get at Mansion (Bunch) and tell him to hit the Incredible Hulk up to give that green lookin goon advice on how to get stronger lol. And with the next pick in the 1st round (enter team name)select Mansion Bunche.

4. Yah, I said it, who got issues with it, come get some cause this boi gotz his Cane Thug flow goin on full tilt lol

Willie Will in Nashville


You think you slick, tryna talk up that game 7 crap to get the Heat to win lol


Hung out with Chase Litton tonight while at his Spring Jamboree - he wasn't cleared to play b/c of the injury to his throwing hand

3 Croc coaches there to watch VH3 ... Kentucky Coach and Syracuse Coach as well to try and pick up some talent. Ronde Barber was there as well, hanging with one of the Croc coaches

VH3 is playing Safety - not Cornerback .. they also had him playing QB

Chase said being a Cane would be a dream come true. He also said he buys all his clothes from AllCanes. He went down and worked out with Coach Fisch, said that Fisch is cool as hell, that he's like a big kid

Also went to the Armwood Spring Jamboree game. Matt Jones was there hanging out, so was Josh Grady (Vandy). 3 Vandy Coaches there and made sure they hung around Leon McQuay 3rd .. the Croc coaches made their way to the Armwood Jamboree as well to check out the talent

Remember when I said that Leon McQuay 3rd was really shy? The kid did an interview after the game with his helmet on, ala Ricky Williams almost .. maybe some anxiety issues?

They had McQuay 3rd running with the offense at WR in the slot - kid can fly down the field, but too bad he can't catch the ball. He was wide open 3 times. Dropped one of them. Couldn't find the pass on another one. Was underthrown on the 3rd one, but could've made the adjustment

Oh, and Men In Black 3 was great - highly suggest it


"5. Al needs to put a cage around that boi Ports to make sure hes healthy. What an f n monster he is. Plug and Ports are a badazz duo and both strong as f."

I like the sound of that.


You think you slick, tryna talk up that game 7 crap to get the Heat to win lol

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | May 25, 2012 at 01:12 AM

I'm no Pat Riley, but at least I try. LOL


Six...thanks for the 411, good report.

Is Miami recruiting McQuay? Does he have interest in UM or is he a Gator guy?


Great info from DA SKREETZ as always...

2. EJ is just a freak of nature bruh. Most athletic LB on Miami. Un f n real how quick he can make up ground.

I like hearing that... I commented after going to the Ft. Myers Bishop Verot scrimmage that EJ 44 would have had about 4 sacks from his OLB spot that night. LOTS OF ENERGY AND TONS OF SPEED. (Nice combination.)

Therefore, my 2012 LOF for DEFENSE- Eddie Johnson!

(Yeah, I know we haven't "officially" called for LOFs yet, with baseball still alive and all... but what the heck... )

AND, since I'm a Miami Norland grad... I have to go with- Duke Johnson on O.

There you go... "JOHNSON & JOHNSON" O & D LOFs in 2012 for Roachcane77... That has a nice ring to it... VAULT IT!


Spring football: Dwyer answers many questions in 43-26 victory over Fort Pierce Central

Thursday, May 24, 2012
by Jeff Greer

With an already-loaded defense, Dwyer needs to find consistent quarterback play and a solid offensive line to help get the ball in the hands of its talented receiving corps.

However, if Thursday night's 43-26 win against Fort Pierce Central is any indication, the Panthers will be just fine this fall. They looked smooth and in control in front of more than 20 college coaches from schools including Miami, USF and Wake Forest.



Clemson does not have a viable offer to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference, but the university's Board of Trustees would consider one if it was presented, the panel's chairman said Thursday, according to a report by The Associated Press.

"We've not had any contact from any league," said board chairman David Wilkins. "If we receive a viable option, a viable proposal, that is presented to us by any league, we will consider it."


So the skreetz are saying Seantrel is garbage, huh. Say it ain't so...


Roach...Johnson & Johnson? I like it!


Roach...Johnson & Johnson? I like it!

Posted by: CEO | May 25, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Ditto! For more than just the name!


CoCane...I don't think he was saying he was "garbage" just that he has to apply himself MORE and work harder than what he has been that's all. Kehoe has said about as much recently also.

While Bunch has used the offseason to get U Tough and become one of the strongest Canes on the team Henderson was recently quoted as saying that he was not a "weight room junkie". The reality is that just because you are as big as a house doesn't mean you are a great football player.


Big as a house & over rated to boot!


Big as a house & over rated to boot!

Posted by: herbieibis | May 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM

I wouldn't go as far as to say over-rated...

To me, over-rated is someone who's just not as good as advertised, even with putting in the work to keep up with the pace of the others improving.

Seantrel has the size and skills that are/were advertised. He just isn't putting in enough of the work to keep up with everyone else improving, IMO.


^^ Just to add to that, he's been injured. While that's an excuse and I hate excuses, that's a pretty good one considering his position and the nature of the injuries (Hip and Back)


Explaining to non-UM fans what made the Canes so good isn't hard. It's about an unrivaled work ethic and a nasty attitude on the field. Compared to that sort of disciplined ferocity, size is really irrelevant.

Garbage? That's a stretch. If he was, do you think that Golden would have him on scholarship? Seriously?

It's all about upstairs.

I think the real story here is Bunche. That's a 6-7, 325 of a pancaking, gummy bear annihilating, mother scratching, weed eating beast of an o-lineman. He's buying into the work, and it's paying off. It's little wonder he can bench Delaware.

Golden is recruiting those type of dudes. I think Linder and Flowers are cut from the same cloth. And if Porter and Smith are as good as advertised (see above), our line has some real problems. Oh, and not to mention #71.


Seantrel has the size and skills that are/were advertised. He just isn't putting in enough of the work to keep up with everyone else improving, IMO.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 25, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Makes me wonder if Golden even would of offered him if he was coaching here then


Spence finding his way in the NFLU:



Apparently Phil Steele has North Carolina winning Coastal this season. Slight problem -- they can't go to Charlotte.


Papa Cane - Congratulations to UM RB Randy "Duke" Johnson - He has been named Miami Herald Male Athlete of the Year for 8A-6A.


Papa Cane - Congratulations to 2012 UM signee QB David Thompson - He has been named Miami Herald Male Athlete of the Year for 5A-1A. 3-time winner


ACC Sports Blog interviews The Beast on Miami football:



Jon Bastian recruiting recap: http://www.caneinsider.com/content/1833-weekly-recruiting-wrap-5-25.html#axzz1tZzjn7UH

Olsen on his commitment status:

"This is it," Olsen said. “I am firm. I am not a believer in switching schools and saying it is a soft commitment. Unless something drastic happens, this is it."

On why he committed and the future of the program:

“I really, really like everything,” Olsen said. “I don’t dislike anything about Miami. I feel that Coach Golden is getting that program on track right now. I feel in a couple of years they will be the Miami of the past. At the end of the day I want to be part of that.”


86 - Everyone wants McQuay3

Vandy is pushing real hard, using his former teammate Josh Grady as well to recruit him

Grady was on the sideline last night, head to toe in Armwood gear, helping coach the players. The Armwood coaches don't mind, kid was smart as hell and a true leader on that team, so that's one less thing they have to worry about when Grady is there talking with the players during the game - they can move on to other players that really really need to be talked to during the game

James Franklin did a pretty damn good job his first year recruiting at Vandy - the guy flipped 5 kids from other schools and that was without a lot of time to work with

None of the other college coaches got a chance to go over and talk with McQuay3 - the Vandy coaches made sure to go over no matter what, before the team got onto the bus and talk with him

I can't state enough how shy the kid is - he might as well be a mute sometimes, he just smiles a lot

Athletic as hell though when he's on that field, rangy


Gorten - UM AD Shawn Eichorst says in statement Canes have had no formal or informal talks with any conferences and are happy with staying in ACC


Chris Clark from Gamecockcentral.com - #Miami has offered Chaminade-Madonna 2014 DT Khairi Clark.


GT up on FSWho 12-5


^^^ up on UVA****


GT now needs a single to 10-run-rule UVA. Impressive. Don't see that too often.


Home run with 2 on. GT wins 17-5. Wow.


What's going on with GT? And what happened to UVA? WOW!



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