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May 21, 2012



Jacory is now a free agent. Eagles released him.


ray ray was wearing the canespace sean taylor shirt...I'm almost positive

Posted by: UMike | May 21, 2012 at 04:08 PM



One quarterback conundrum was solved before the start of Organized Team Activities which begin Tuesday at the NovaCare Complex.

With only so many reps to be distributed, the Eagles released rookie free agent quarterback Jacory Harris. The Eagles will have four quarterbacks for the start of the OTAs: Michael Vick, Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards and Nick Foles. There is now one spot open on the Eagles roster which currently stands at 89.

The Miami, Fla. product was signed prior to the start of the rookie camp on May 11. He was a three-year starter for the Hurricanes and compiled 8,826 passing yards and 75 total touchdowns (70 passing). He was second in school history in both categories.

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: Six | May 19, 2012 at 05:45 PM

Yes, thank you Six, that's who I was thinking about. The fact I even have heard about a high school upperclassmen for more than a year now enough to know his name is both a miracle and so stupid.

For the record, I support Jim Morris even if he can't get a deep postseason run manufactured this year again. Let the guy decide when he wants to go, he's built up that much capital with me when I was in school.


The offeseason additions of wide receivers Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan could pay big dividends for Redskins’ receiver Leonard Hankerson.

With Garçon, Morgan and Hankerson among a talented nucleus of receivers that also includes Anthony Armstrong, Santana Moss, Terrence Austin and others, some experts — like ESPN’s Mel Kiper — think Hankerson could be primed for a breakout season as a serious deep threat in 2012.

Kiper recently listed his players “prepped to make a leap” in their second year in the NFL for a piece with ESPN.com. The 12 players who made the list, Kiper said, didn’t have a “really great rookie year,” but could “make a big jump in their second year.”

The lone Redskin on Kiper’s list was Hankerson, the 6-2 receiver out of the University of Miami.


For the record, I support Jim Morris even if he can't get a deep postseason run manufactured this year again. Let the guy decide when he wants to go, he's built up that much capital with me when I was in school.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | May 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM

I second that emotion.


Over the last decade in Washington, the standard for receivers has been set by Santana Moss and tight end Chris Cooley.

Collectively, the pair has appeared in 212 games for the Redskins, catching 916 passes for 11,429 yards and 70 touchdowns.

But for the first time in their careers, both were missing from the lineup at the same time in 2011, derailing a promising start for the offense.

In 2012, the pair knows that they will need to stay healthy if they want a roster spot, and will also need to produce in order for this team to win.

"Moss has come in in excellent shape," head coach Mike Shanahan said. "He’s 15 pounds lighter than at the end of the season. He’s come in probably as good as shape as he’s come in during the last few years."

Last season, Moss missed four games with a broken hand, sustained in Week 7 against Carolina. Moss returned to the field in Week 11, but his four weeks away from practice hurt his conditioning down the stretch.

"I realized that I was playing heavier the last couple of years than I had played at earlier in my career," Moss said today after practice. "I'm down closer to that weight now."


Baltimore Canes/Ravens News:

Wide Receiver: The first two receiver spots appear firmly in the grasp of Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, but after that there are five players vying for the third and fourth receiver jobs.

Free-agent acquisition Jacoby Jones, Tandon Doss, LaQuan Williams, David Reed and rookie Tommy Streeter are all competing for time. Jones is the likely favorite for the No. 3 job, but a strong camp from the other candidates could make this one of the most tightly contested positions battles of the offseason.

Running Back: Ray Rice has the starting running back position locked up, but behind him is a different story. After Ricky Williams suddenly retired this offseason, the No. 2 running back spot will be a battle between second-year backs Anthony Allen and Damien Berry and rookie Bernard Pierce.

All three backs bring different running styles to the mix, as Allen is a power runner, Berry is more a speed back and Pierce has a slashing style. None of the three appears to have a leg up in the race right now.


Click here, read this:



It looks like UM's official site has the new guys up with numbers.

Bush- 2
Hamilton- 99
Howard- 3
Duke- 8
Lewis- 9
Lockhart- 6


Hope and Ryan Williams! also are sharing #11.

Jenkins and Dortch are 29and 35, respectively.

Isidora is 63.

Crawford 39.


...and #19 is for Kevin Olsen.



19=Johnny U


Notre Dame sues the President of The United States. When was the last time a University sued the U.S. President?


Out here in Austin the talk continues to be about FSU joining the Big 12. A lot of patting each other on the back on how the Big 12 came back from near extinction to a point where they may be poised to raid the ACC.

That said, is there any inklings about the Big 12 making any inquiries about MIAMI to the conference? Being out here, I would love to see Miami play UT for the following reasons:

1) UT plays a home schedule that is generally softer than a jellyfish. I would finally have a reason to go see them play

2) UT fans have still not gotten over the Cotton Bowl beating from Jan 1991. And neither have I. They still haven't paid enough for that garbage that "The Sheriff" was spewing before the bowl game.


Why not join the big 12? The ACC is dead.


Hankerson had a great game before getting injured and looked like he finally caught up with the pro level so I do believe he will break out and have a great season. I believe with Robert Griffith throwing them the ball moss (as he has his whole career) and hankerson will have great numbers.

PlayaCane aka Rashad

Courtesy of ESPN.com

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded tight end Kellen Winslow to Seattle and signed veteran Dallas Clark to a one-year deal.

The Seahawks sent an undisclosed 2013 draft pick to Tampa Bay for the 28-year-old Winslow, who said earlier Monday he'd been told the Bucs were planning to cut ties with him.


I think if Clemson and FSU leave then Miami, VT, and GTech will seriously consider it. Evidently the difference in money between the ACC contract and Big 12 can go as high as 8 million plus. At least that's what I've read. if that's the case then travel costs, etc would be a non factor. I think the Big12 will get Clemson and FSU and will see if the pressure on the other three ACC football schools will budge (I think they would). Besides if enough ACC schools go to the Big12 it's ranking in terms of education would go up. But with college football who knows!


Would the Big 12 really take 16 teams?

There was talk this morning about the Big 12 getting Notre Dame to join in basketball.


The B12 still hasn't sold Texas on the need or desire to expand according to Mr. $EC. I hate the SEC as much as the next guy but that blogger knows his stuff.


J.W - I just read the Mr.SEC blog. He really does know his stuff. He made a comment that if Miami FSU and Clemson improve their football programs there will be no talk of defections. The quote is below and rirgs very true.

For Florida State, Miami, Clemson or anyone else hoping to leave the ACC for better television money, the better goal might be to improve your own football programs first.  John Swofford’s league controls just about every major television market up and down the East Coast.  The only reason his league can’t equal the other leagues in football TV money is the lack of performance by the three schools mentioned above.  If the Noles, Canes and Tigers had just strung together — say — six BCS titles in a row, the ACC would be rolling in mucho dinero.


Seahawks are dumb, now they have to pick up K2's salary when they could've waited

Bucs are also dumb and lucky that the Seahawks did what they did. Telling K2 to not even show up to OTAs let all the other teams in the NFL know that they could just try and pick him up later, rather than making a trade for him and picking up his tab they have to pay

Dallas Clark was at OTAs trying out before they even signed him

Don't like the fact he's turning 33 this next month, is coming off a broken leg and has a injured wrist ... also, does anyone really know just how good he is? He's had Petyon Manning throwing him the ball in the Colts offense for how long now?

Also, the Bucs offense is supposed to be run similar to the Giants offense - the Giants TE was around 9th in the NFC when it came to receiving yards, probably would've been lower if Olsen/Shockey weren't both in the Panthers O .. they were just below the Giants TE Ballard in yards, but Olsen had 1 more TD and Shockey had the same amount of TDs

Don't understand it, but, Schiano/Butch Davis are in charge so for now I trust them


Also, at least 8 people were shot in Oklahoma City a couple of blocks away from the arena during the celebration after the Thunder won the SEMI FINALS? The SEMI FINALS?

Imagine if they win the Western Conference or even God forbid the Championship?

Dumbazz Okies

"OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Oklahoma City police say at least eight people were shot late Monday blocks from Chesapeake Energy Arena after the NBA playoff game between the Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Capt. Dexter Nelson said some scuffles broke out in a crowd of people walking east toward the Bricktown district, a popular nightlife area.

''Some girls got into it with a group of guys, and the guys opened fire on the women,'' Nelson said."

Some girls got into it with some guys, so the guys pulled out their guns and shot the women?

Nice. Real manly of ya'll, yee-haw

Let me change the "Dumbazz Okies" to "Useless Piece of Garbage Okies"


If the Noles, Canes and Tigers had just strung together — say — six BCS titles in a row, the ACC would be rolling in mucho dinero.

Posted by: TheWhat | May 22, 2012 at 12:48 AM

There IT is right there.


From the Tampa Bay Times:

Q: You had a strong showing in the Tampa area in recruiting, signing Countryside QB Grey Crow, Admiral Farragut safety Rayshawn Jenkins, Plant defensive back Antonio Crawford, Jefferson end Tyriq McCord and Hillsborough defensive tackle Earl Moore. Could any of them play this fall?

Golden: I expect Crawford to come in and help right away. I expect Tyriq McCord to come in and help right away. I think Grey Crow's going to have something to say about it, and to be honest, Earl Moore's going to have a great shot, too. Our defensive tackle depth is not what it needs to be.


More from the Times article:

Q: For a while now, you've dealt with the looming sanctions from the NCAA relating to the Nevin Shapiro investigation. How important is it for you to find out the penalties you'll face, sooner rather than later?

Golden: The biggest thing is it's going to take the ammo away from our opposition. It's one thing to recruit against the University of Miami. We understand that. Teams have been recruiting against the University of Miami for a long time. To give them ammunition is another story. I think the fact that it's not settled yet is allowing them to play on the fears of young people and their families. We all know, based on what the findings are, we believe because we've done such a great job academically, because we're among the nation's elite in graduating student-athletes, that the threat is far worse than the sanctions will be.


Members of the freshman class have arrived on campus. Ten newcomers are enrolled in classes for Summer I. Below is the list of student-athletes with their jersey number and position.

#2 Deon Bush, DB

#39 Antonio Crawford, DB

#35 Nate Dortch, DB

#99 Jelani Hamilton, DL

#3 Tracy Howard, DB

#63 Daniel Isidora, OL

#29 Rayshawn Jenkins, DB

#8 Duke Johnson, RB

#9 Malcolm Lewis, WR

#6 Robert Lockhart Jr., WR


From Say Campus Life Blog:

Unhappiness with a conference may not be enough to get FSU to leave the ACC. With the ACC, FSU is geographically close to many of the member schools, not so with the Big 12. The Big 12 fields teams located primarily in the nation’s mid-section, which would require FSU teams to travel hundreds of miles. Indeed, a contest in Lewis, Iowa, would take the Seminoles 1,162 miles from Tallahassee, maybe not a problem for football or basketball, but a steep traveling expense for field hockey and other sports.

FSU Options

Likely, the FSU’s blustering will have the ACC revisiting its member payout, perhaps immediately or with a promise to do so within two or three years, not 15. The good money is on FSU staying in the ACC with perhaps Louisville and Cincinnati poached from the Big East Conference to fill out the Big 12 Conference.



1. Al needs to just come out right now and tell Miami fans that Deon WILL be a starter lol. Boi lookin like a jr. out there. Aint nothin fr. bout that ballah.

2. This is straight from my mane Butch to just reinforce what was said earlier on CEOs pimp site. Nate (Dortch) will be a solid to great 4 year ballah at Miami. UNC wanted him after his soph year but of course lost him once the ax dropped.

3. Read this slowly Space peeps, the depth chart has/will change like a mutha with a group like this rollin in. It aint bout boiz slippin its all bout these goons bein that f n good.

4. Ssssshhhhhh dont let that Ohio pimp hear this. Our boi RaShawn got 1 for 6 on that boi TH3 sssshhhhh. TH3 gotz some quick azz break on that ball though. He can actually catch the f n ball which is more then I can say for that slip fingers McGee lol.

5. LG (Ladarius Gunter) still looks f n great ballin at CB. Put on an extra 5 lbs durin this break and can play the ball better then anyone.

6. All Miami fans as well as the rooks really need to thank Mike James for bein such a special ballah. He IS what bein a Miami Hurricane is all bout. So f n proud that boi is passin that meanin along to the rooks. Its been way to f n long since Miami had this type of leader on and off the field.


I hope mike james is our next 1000+ yard rusher


I like what Golden said in an interview...he said "I didn't come here to coach guys who its like pulling teeth to get them to work hard, or to run full speed on kick offs"...that tells me he will recruit kids that want to work


Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | May 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM

I second that emotion.

Posted by: CEO | May 21, 2012 at 04:49 PM

I dunno. I see where you are coming from but IF complacency is the problem and you are hired to put a good product on the field and are failing, why pay someone for that? LOL my boss wouldn't let me hang around. Seems like he is maybe not bad enough to fire but not good enough to keep? It seems like someone higher up needs to give a flying you-know-what about the baseball team, not just the fans.


OGV - LOL I am counting the days until Torts has a media meltdown - LOL


Welcome the newest Canes to the family!

Deon Bush, Antonio Crawford, Nate Dortch, Jelani Hamilton, Tracy Howard, Daniel Isidora, Rayshawn Jenkins, Duke Johnson, Malcolm Lewis & Robert Lockhart Jr.



Errors & inconsistent hitting have been the albetros of "Da U" the last three years. What has anyone done lately, baseball or football. It's like we are stuck in a freaking time warp, 10 years or so, anyway. The football team is on the long haul back but the baseball team is just plan stuck in mediocricy. If we get hosed quickly in the ACC play-offs, something then needs to change.


Jon Bastian - Booker T Washington Head Coach Tim "Ice" Harris said OL Denver Kirkland and LB/DE Matthew Thomas are coming along nicely. UM offensive line coach Art Kehoe has been by Booker T to evaluate Denver Kirkland. He is high on Miami's list.


I would actually like to see Tom talk like that in person..would be pretty funny lol


Posted by: CaneTruth | May 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM

If you're all about honesty then say who you really are.

Go Canes!!!


I'm not sure what the point would be of faking this. If Tom had all this information (not just what you see here, but what is in the e-mails) then he could simply call himself an insider and give us the info, there would be no reason to do all that would be needed to fake this lol...if you have ever meet and spent time with Tom, you would know there is no way in hell he could pull off any sort of "hood" talk lol


Don't feed the trolls...


Ohio..you going to any away games this year?


Ohio..you going to any away games this year?

Posted by: UMike | May 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM

U know, I was HOPING Pitt would be on our schedule for this year with them joining the ACC soon, but they're not. So I'm probably not gonna be able to since the rest are at least 6-7 hours from here and I'll have a 1 year old and will still be paying off my wedding from July. Lol


Show us on the doll where Streetz touch U


Good advice, Ohio.
Thewhat- His advice is spot-on, we need the three schools to step up. Va T is a good program, but with Clem, FSU and UM down, they have proven time and time again they are not going to be a national power. The ACC just needs to see the three traditional football powers (yes, I'm being a little generous with Clemson) step it up on the field and then we'll see the tv money.

The What

If Miami and FSU can renew their rivalry that would bolster the ACC in and of itself. I remember I believe it was back in 1991 or 1992 can't remember which exact year but I remember people (might have been celeberties) trading their future super bowl tickets for tickets to the miami FSU game. Bring it to that level and the ACC will be in the convo again.


Don't feed the trolls...

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 22, 2012 at 12:52 PM

Agreed. Eventually they will eat each other


Tell me one piece of information that isn't available elsewhere. Just one. It's all either very general stuff that anybody can come up with, or things that are already known and aggregated from reading around the Internet.

I can understand Skreetz as a funny fictional character to bring interest, but it's just crazy that there are people on here gullible enough to fall for him being a real person. Come on, Mike, you're smarter than that. You know it's not true

Posted by: CaneTruth | May 22, 2012 at 01:44 PM

I could..I absolutely could share some information that I was given months before it came out, however I made a commitment to keep that information and whatever I get confidential. I, or we, do not have to prove anything to anyone. I don't understand why it even matters to you or why you're here reading the blog and commenting, why does it bother you so much?


UMike- Are you going to any road games this year? I'd love to, but it's never easy. K State is the closest game to me, but time and the family's other activities are always the big problems for me.


UMike...doesn't it just wanna make U LOL?

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