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May 21, 2012



j.w..I hope so..I am almost 100% sure I am going to the GT game. Atlanta is only 2 hours from me and I have a buddy who is a GT fan and we have committed to going to every game in Atlanta. Most away games are close (well, closer than the 12 hours it would take to get to miami lol) so I hope to get some a couple


The smart sharp people that used to post here would have called you on it. That's why they're no longer here. They weren't going along with the dishonesty and the insanity

Posted by: CaneTruth | May 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM

I don't post that often but read everyday since this site started. I can tell you about the "Smart Sharp People" that use to post on here quiet awhile ago that I met at a game with my family and let me just say this I am glad they are banned, I was actually embarassed by the way they conducted themselves in public at the game and at the hotel while other people were around listening. So if this site is so fake then why are you here??????


Whether the Skreetz is fictional or real, who cares. I find it entertaining reading, especially during some boring times. Now CaneTruth, you may have a hard time understanding his improper grammer and this might frustrate you. I'm sure there are more than just a few headscratchers like yourself on here, that are saying "what the hell is he saying"! Mind you, this is just pure speculation on my part.


BTW...in case U were not aware of this new UM CB Nate Dortch was verbally committed to North Carolina and Butch Davis before the NCAA hammer came down and Butch was ousted.


Don't feed the trolls...

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 22, 2012 at 12:52 PM

Agreed. Eventually they will eat each other

Posted by: CGNC | May 22, 2012 at 01:36 PM

Or just die from starvation.


This stuff is going to keep up until September. We're nuts for college football.

The new Raising Canes video is out, by the way. Some new footage, kind of short. Focuses on the JJ/Reed/Irvin visits and expands on JJ's a little, giving some new bytes. I have a feeling they're releasing something special later.

Maybe "what freshmen go through at UM 101."


Just for the record there are at least 10 people who KNOW that Da Skreetz is for real.

I could go on and on about the original insider info that he has provided and those that have read the emails know that as a fact. As a former player who actually attends UM practices (unlike the good folks from ITU) and works out at UM he knows stuff before the media knows it.

I'm jus sayin...


SwagGirl...Thanks for the comment above. U know that I know that U speak the truth!





OrangeBloods reporting FSU, Clemson, VTech & Miami have made informal contact w/colleagues in B12 to gauge interest in possible expansion.

http://OrangeBloods.com is a Rivals affiliate & focuses on the Texas Longhorns. They are basing their report on 2 sources. Let the games begin.

Old Skool

I can vouch that the Skreetz is real. Believe it if you wish. If not, there are plenty of other sites to get less accurate, timely and inside info.


Phil Steele's 2012 All-ACC team:



Just saw that, Ohio. Not sure who initiated the contact if true or how serious it is by anyone. I'm still not sold on the idea of any B12 expansion just yet. If the Longhorn network doesn't pan out for Texas, then we'll see if they are interested in getting bigger.


I'll say this to those faithful Spacers who may have read what the Troll wrote:

This info (the emails) is out WAY before anyone else even imagines it. It's just not ALL public, and rightly so. So if Skreetz isn't real, CEO is the insider.

I don't care where the info comes from, as long as it's legit, and it's MORE than legit. EVERYTHING he's said has later come out publicly, and been spot on.


EVERYTHING he's said has later come out publicly, and been spot on.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 22, 2012 at 02:56 PM

Sometimes MONTHS later, FYI.

orange 'n green in the vein

CGNC, if that is the problem with Morris, I have faith that somebody who does give a something for the baseball program would quietly take him aside and have a stern talking to, whether a member of his family or his BOT allies. Barring that, when you have half the titles the program has ever won, you've earned the right by me to call your exit from the coaches' office as you see fit.

Now that Torts let off a little steam at Deboer over the bench partitions while getting run off last night, he's not at meltdown point anymore, but losing game 5 would put him right back on the brink. Should be a fun best of three that New Jersey is better equipped for at this point, they just need to score three goals in a game twice more and not have Lundquist steal two out of the three single hand-idly like he has in preventing a sweep through the first four. By the way, have I mentioned I passionately hate the Rangers recently? Just checking.

orange 'n green in the vein

Now as for the virus that is the black hole exploit kit of Skreet (non-)existence rumors;

"Posted by: SinisterCane | May 22, 2012 at 01:06 PM"

LOL. Fantastic. We're alright, you and me Essex, this funny zinger gimmick you've developed in the wake of Jacory's graduation is much more entertaining than the counting his career interceptions gimmick you had going.

"Posted by: UMike | May 22, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Posted by: UMike | May 22, 2012 at 02:02 PM"

Both excellent points and I second that sentiment in the second post UMike.

"Posted by: SwagGirl | May 22, 2012 at 02:12 PM"

You don't say? I actually don't think any are 'banned' more so than they all moved on to somewhere else en-mass for their own individual reasons, whatever those may be, but if you can't follow simple posting guidelines furnished by the website owner and operator, there's really no point in rolling out the red carpet for anybody's exercise of the their keyboard keys no matter how much they claim to enjoy UM athletics.

I have a premonition this whole repetitive cycle will not end until we're all forced to step forward one after the other and claim that, "I am Da Skreetz," like in the last reel of Spartacus, minus the roadside crucifixion to follow of course.


Newest Raising Canes for those who haven't seen it from Saturday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_Vrc0yYykl0


This is what will happen to Texas IF Miami goes to the Big12:



Unedited Kehoe interview at AllCanes: http://blog.allcanes.com/kehoe-unfiltered-on-allcanes-radio-canesfix



BTW...Clint Hurtt is a sellout. Remember where U heard that.

orange 'n green in the vein

CEO, look at the comments section of the Youtube post you made, first comment and it's from . . . has to be you know who, right?

I'll say this about Clint, I know from personal experience he thought the rules didn't apply to him in college, not much has changed apparently and he still doesn't know when to shut up.

Da U N Houston

Can't wait to see a team full of Hammers (like in the video) instead of a team full of Nails (see 2008 - 2010).......difference between the two you may ask....WEIGHT ROOM!!!!!


SiriusXM Sports: Miami Head Coach Al Golden tells The College Football Playbook about his goals for "The U"



OGV...I guess it has to be him? That is too funny, I had no idea that was there. LOL

The What

BTW...Clint Hurtt is a sellout. Remember where U heard that.

Posted by: CEO | May 22, 2012 at 03:25 PM

That comment worries me. I'm assuming hurtt gave up a bunch of info to save himself? If miami gets punished and nothing happens to hurtt or the other coaches If I were Miami I would sue the NCAA. This whole investigation annoys me and the sheer idea that Clint hurtt and the other coaches would get out unscathed infuriates me.


Lots of Fins and UM notes; Philbin discusses QB battle and Ross prediction; S. Rosenberg news


Note: We'll add a few Heat notes after Tuesday's Game 5.

Lots of Dolphins and UM notes, from Tuesday's Dolphins practice and UM availability this week:

### Former UM coach Butch Davis’ son, Drew, has strong interest in walking on as a quarterback at UM, the family confirmed. But it's not definite yet; he hasn't enrolled. After North Carolina fired Davis last summer, the chancellor said he was upset that Davis offered Drew a scholarship without the school’s permission. A lightly recruited, two-star prospect, Drew Davis threw 16 touchdowns and seven picks last season at East Chapel High in North Carolina.

### UM had 28 catches from tight ends last season, and offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said he has added "more schemes to get them involved [more] because of how young we are at receiver." He's determined to raise the number of tight end catches to the 60 range… Cornerbacks finished spring in this order in the staff’s eyes: Brandon McGee ("definitely ahead of the others," defensive backs coach Paul Williams said), Thomas Finnie, Ladarius Gunter, then freshman Larry Hope. “At least two of the freshmen will play,” Williams said. Tracy Howard assuredly will, and Deon Bush has a decent chance.

### UM offensive line coach Art Kehoe predicted this week: “We’re going to win like crazy. I know what’s expected of this program, and it’s coming. Trust me on that. I don’t know if it will be this year.” Kehoe said the culture “is not remotely close, anywhere near where it was” when Golden hired him.... Among the 10 players who enrolled this week: Howard, Bush, elite Norland running back Duke Johnson (who will make an immediate impact), and receivers Robert Lockhart and Malcolm Lewis.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/05/lots-of-fins-notes-from-practice-philbin-responds-to-ross-claimum-new-gig-for-sid-rosenberg.html#storylink=cpy


Part of Manny's new article.

Canes are seeing results in the weight room, closing in on 40/10 goal

CORAL GABLES -- The last thing Al Golden said at the end of the 2011 season was that he wanted his team to get stronger.
"There are too many times when you look on the field, we're getting pushed around," Golden said in November. "... we have to get that fixed."

Looks like that's really starting to happen for the Hurricanes.

Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, whose had the team since spring football ended April 14th, said Monday the Hurricanes have made drastic improvements in his weight room -- and credits Golden for a lot of it.

According to Swasey, UM currently has 36 players who are bench pressing 225 pounds (the NFL combine testing standard) 20 times and seven more who are doing it 30 times. A year ago, Swasey said, he only had 11 players on the entire roster who could produce 20 reps of 225 pounds. The goal, Swasey said, is for the team to eventually have 40 players who can do 20 reps of 225 and 10 who can achieve 30 reps by the time fall practice begins.

That's why players were wearing new U Tough t-shirts Monday with the numbers 40/10 across the front of it.

"All of us are shocked how strong we've gotten," said senior BEN JONES, one of the seven to achieve 30 reps. "Everybody is buying into the program now and believing in what coach is saying and are ready to just go for it. I wouldn't say it wasn't happening before. But it's just a new energy around here."

That new energy, Swasey said, has to do with the level of competition Golden has created with the off-season programs. Swasey the combination of the Fifth Quarter program (extra workouts), the competition to wear black jerseys (starters) and now having players get tested in what they would do at the NFL combine has created a year-round competition for starting jobs and kept the team hungry.

"I think everybody needs rewards and challenges," Swasey said. "I've been with four different head coaches... this reminds me more of how Butch [Davis] did it. With Butch we had the morning runs. Here, it's U tough... Competition and development -- that helps guys strive for things and challenges them."

Jones agreed. "Everybody cares a lot because they know all this means something," he said. "You have a chance to compete for a starting job. Everybody wants to go hard to reach the black shirt, go for the most on 225 [pounds], U tough and everything they can so they can stand out and say 'Coach I'm ready for this opportunity.'"

Read the rest here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/05/canes-are-seeing-results-in-the-weight-room-closing-in-on-4010-goal.html#storylink=cpy


Posted by: CaneRock | May 22, 2012 at 05:31 PM

The surprising thing about that article is to discover that Ben Jones actually TALKS! LOL


You'd think that the Tampa Bay Times would be able to at least get the name correct when speaking of the kid ..

"Gray" Crow

not "Grey" Crow

Then again, they also did an article about Jordan Sherit (Eduardo Encina is the writer) and he said verbatim ..

"One of the Tampa Bay area’s top Class of 2013 recruits, he is also in Hillsborough’s International Bachelorette program and carries a 5.6 grade point average."

So, apparently Sherit is somehow/someway a transgendered person and is leaning toward his female side to be able to compete in the "International Bachelorette" program

Awesome reporting/writing at its finest


Love the Haslem foul. You wanna dish it out you better take it when it's thrown right back at you. Love Haslem.


Love the Haslem foul. You wanna dish it out you better take it when it's thrown right back at you. Love Haslem.

Posted by: TheWhat | May 22, 2012 at 08:57 PM



Heat up HUGE in the fourth. Me likely!



Denzel Perryman ready to be Miami Hurricanes’ man in the middle
By Christina De Nicola

Sophomore Denzel Perryman is expected to
extend the legacy of the Miami Hurricanes’ linebacking corps.

By Christina De Nicola
Special to The Miami Herald

Each day when Denzel Perryman puts on his jersey and shoulder pads, he looks at the No. 52 on his chest. The historical significance of that number at the University of Miami doesn’t go unnoticed by him.

“I always look at 52 like, ‘You know, Ray Lewis had this number on, so I’ve got to go out there and play hard and do what I do,’ ” Perryman said.

A few months after earning freshman All-American honors, Perryman was asked to fill the void at middle linebacker with the departure of NFL-bound Sean Spence.

Linebackers coach Micheal Barrow said the transition has gone well, pointing to Perryman’s progress during the spring. In the second scrimmage he intercepted two passes and recorded a sack, reassuring coach Al Golden of the decision to place a sophomore at such a crucial spot.

“The sky’s the limit for him,” Barrow said. “The only thing that can stop Denzel from reaching his potential is himself. He just has to detail the work and make sure he’s ready. He’s definitely got all the athletic ability, and he’s a great kid.”

Last season, Perryman finished second on the team with 69 tackles and third with 6 1/2 tackles for a loss in 12 games, including five starts, at weak-side linebacker. He registered at least seven tackles in four games and registered a career-high 14 against Boston College.

To build on that success, Perryman has been watching film to improve, particularly getting off blocks quicker. At 6-0, 225 pounds, Perryman would like to gain five pounds. He weighed 218 last season.

“Starting last year helps me get a feel for the game more because at the beginning of the season when I got in I didn’t pretty much get that full feel of the game,” Perryman said. “When I started starting I was like, ‘This is the proper speed, this is how it’s going to go from the first quarter to the last quarter. This is what I need to do.’ I just got the feel of the game.”

And thanks to junior Jimmy Gaines, sophomore Gionni Paul and the man he replaced — Spence — at linebacker, Perryman is more comfortable in the middle.

Read the rest of article here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/22/2812553/denzel-perryman-ready-to-be-miami.html#storylink=cpy

3G Cane


The What

Rule #1 in basketball. If you are gonna play the rough late 80s, 90s style basketball then don't get out physicaled by the opposing team. That last elbow that the Indiana player took without reacting is embarassing. You think Charles oakley, Anthony mason, bill lambeer, Anthony Davis, or any of those guys would have taken that? I think not.

Tyler Hansborough is a tool lol.

PS. Anyone that obsesses over someone elses blog and tries to ruin the experience and insults people is a loser in every sense of the word.


Miami Dolphins

Former Miami Hurricanes Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon turning heads with Miami Dolphins

Former UM players Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon bring speed and potential play-making ability to the Dolphins.


There’s an appropriate quality to the jersey numbers selected for rookie camp by the Dolphins’ 2012 draft picks from the University of Miami.

Running back Lamar Miller wears No. 44 on his jersey, double the No. 22 worn by Reggie Bush.

Defensive end Olivier Vernon wears jersey No. 50, 0.5 off of half of No. 99, retired Dolphin Jason Taylor’s number.

What Bush and Taylor share is what the Dolphins want from Miller and Vernon: a propensity for obvious, pivotal, huge plays.
“They have some natural snaps and some natural pop in their bodies, some natural quickness or twitch, whatever word you want to use to describe their movement,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. “I think they have that acceleration, that quickness off the football.”
When coaches talk about “fast-twitch” players, they’re not talking about guys who move the chains. They’re talking about guys who move the scoreboard.

Miller certainly looks like that when he is hitting the edge or sprinting downfield in practice. Of course, there’s the caveat: it’s shorts in spring. Nobody has run a play at NFL speed or taken an NFL hit. Remember Lorenzo Booker, 2007 third-round pick out of Florida State? He looked like Reggie Bush in the spring, yet might as well have been a rose bush come the autumn.

Expect Miller to be used everywhere the Dolphins can find a place to get him the ball in space, including punt returns.

“Lamar is a very fluid player,” Philbin said. “I think he has multiple skills, I don’t think that he is just a runner, I think he is a guy that can catch the football, and [we will] move him around.”

Said Bush of Miller: “He seems like he’s eager to get out there and learn. He’s listened to some of the guys, he’s getting the plays down pretty well at a fast rate. He’s obviously a smart kid.”

Smart enough to know the first improvement he needed to make in his game was to be “more physical in my pass protection, just knowing where I’m supposed to be at all times. Not making little mistakes, holding onto the ball, catching the ball.”

With a new offense that takes small, quick bites at the pace of John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, two full tiers of skill position players easily could see significant playing time.

“No huddle. Up-tempo, fast-paced offense,” Bush said. “That means our conditioning will have to be high. We’ll run a lot of plays in real games. That’s something we’ve got to prepare for.”

As for Vernon, “[Olivier], we liked his physical toughness coming out, we liked his energy, we liked his motor that he played with, and he is a young guy that we think is going to get better,” Philbin said.

Vernon’s rawness isn’t as much physical as mental.

“I’ve got to learn football,” Vernon said. “I’m still in the learning process. I don’t know that much about football. I’m still fresh and new at it.

“I started playing football when I got to high school,” he explained. “And all I was playing was defensive end. So when I got over here, learning formations and personnel [groupings] like that, I never had to learn that before. Now, it’s getting a little easier.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/23/2812639/former-miami-hurricanes-lamar.html#storylink=cpy


UM vs NCST in the ACC baseball tourney today at 3PM. To watch click here:



Ohio..you going to any away games this year?

Posted by: UMike | May 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM

I'm going to do my utmost to get to Charlottesville.


Kehoe is really confident. Most of it would seem like Kehoe-coachspeak-glad-to-be-at-UM, but for one really important thing.

Every piece of the culture has changed.

Considering where it was, that's pretty quick. I'm optimistic. I don't think we're ready to lay down 10 wins yet, but I think 8 or 9 is a good possibility.

Last year, we were close to winning all of them. It's a shame that Golden had to inherit the NCAA mess, but in the end I think it will make a stronger program because it focuses everyone on the prize. I've got a philosophy that everyone has to be put in uncomfortable situations to grow. I don't think UM could be any more uncomfortable about its image, its play, and moreover... its record.

I do think the days where UM slaughters opponents are very close. Getting an elite out of state QB is huge for perception sake alone. I feel pretty good. I'd feel even better if our tight end play starts to break loose.



Quarterback Kevin Olsen will follow in his older brother's footsteps and play for Miami.

Mentor (OH) High quarterback Mitch Trubisky was pursued by Ohio State and Alabama but committed to North Carolina.

There was already a surplus of quarterbacks in Charlottesville, but the Cavaliers added one more with the commitment of Corwin Cutler. Barring any transfers, Virginia will have at least seven scholarship quarterbacks in 2013.


Barring any transfers, Virginia will have at least seven scholarship quarterbacks in 2013.

Posted by: CEO | May 23, 2012 at 09:31 AM

That's pretty crazy. Canes will have 6 in 2013, I believe?




NOTE: Not a single player from Florida has verbally committed to any other ACC Coastal team other than Miami. I'm jus sayin...


"That's pretty crazy. Canes will have 6 in 2013, I believe?"

Morris, Williams!, Crow, Dewey, Thompson, and Olsen.

That's some nice depth.


Tyler Hansborough is a tool lol.

Posted by: The What | May 22, 2012 at 11:24 PM

I agree...however..so is Dexter Pittman..cant stand the guy


FYI, Canes coaches were at Fort Walton Beach High this week.


FYI, Canes coaches were at Fort Walton Beach High this week.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 23, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Good to see the staff is hitting up the Panhandle, there's some hidden gems in that area...


I just got back from my daughters high school graduation at Palm Beach Central. Saw G. Terry get his diploma-he flashed the "U" onstage as he was handed the diploma!!
I didn't see AJL-but he was in the book as a graduating senior


"I just got back from my daughters high school graduation at Palm Beach Central. Saw G. Terry get his diploma-he flashed the "U" onstage as he was handed the diploma!!"



#8 seed GT 5, #1 seed FSU 3

Top of the seventh inning at the ACC baseball tourney in NC.

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