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June 03, 2012




Possible replacements? Hard to say without knowing who's in play. Off the top of my head my wish list would look something like this:

The first to come to mind would be Gilmore at Coastal Carolina. They have built a first rate program from modest beginnings. I recently had a conversation with a neighbor whose son attended Coastal but transferred to a JUCO. He is a lefty in the mid to upper 80's but can't get to the bump because Gilmore has his share of 90 mph lefties.

By way of analogy, getting 90mph lefties to go to Coastal Carolina is more impressive than getting 5 star football players to go to Temple. It's a sign that this program has arrived. I can't help but hope that Miami remains an attractive step up from Coastal. And if he can do that there, what could he do in the Gables?

A somewhat obvious choice would be O'Conner at UVA, although that may be a tough sell, and would require some serious graft. Does UM athletics have it in them to fish in deep waters? If so, he'd be a real coup.

For a third choice, Rich Hill has done a heck of a job at San Diego. It's been a rule of thumb in college baseball that it's not a good idea to bring a West Coast guy to the East. Not sure those old wive's tails hold true any longer, though. A guy can either coach or not, IMO. And he can coach.

I've always preferred a coach with head man credentials, so I would generally avoid hot assistants, like the pitching coach at South Carolina. Can't recall him name at the moment but they are two-time defending champs, and primarily due to pitching. However, given UM's penny pinching penchant, he may be a more attainable choice than the others. And I doubt he'll be in Colombia much longer, so they will need to move quickly to get him.

The one thing I don't want is some legacy with no proven track record. We need a Golden caliber hire for this tradition rich program. Let's go admin-get it done!

Posted by: Mephistopheles | June 03, 2012 at 03:58 PM


A Black T-Shirt would be cool if i deserve it. If not the white will be just fine.


Meph - I just believe that a real coach can coach anywhere, no matter what coast or coordinates on the earth

Gary Henderson blows that myth out of the water about moving from one coast to the other and I'd love to have him at Miami ... but that isn't going to happen any more than George Horton coming to Miami - and that sucks

Hendo goes from Fullerton & Pepperdine (private school), to UiF (helps them get to the CWS twice), then back to Oregon State (crucial in recruiting, helping them go back-to-back National Champs)

The guy is a great pitching coach and up there in recruiting as well

I'm interested in seeing how Dave Serrano does at Rocky Top - he's moved from the West Coast where he was at Fullerton (where he was under Horton as Pitching Coach/Recruiting Coordinator) and then at UCIrvine (where he led them to their 1st CWS) and then went back to Fullerton

Given his track record as a Pitching Coach/Recruiter, he'll do well, esp. since he was at Rocky Top before he went to Fullerton the 1st time and they went to the CWS

Cohen at Miss State is another coach who can get it done, excellent hitting coach and can assemble a nice assistant staff as well

Problem with those guys I just mentioned - would it be almost a lateral move for them in their minds to go from where they are presently to Miami

Agree with the interest in Gilmore from CCarolina

Still have interest in Prado as well from USF b/c of his track record at my alma mater and also what he did at Louisville to help them


Mephistopheles if you read my posts from yesterday Gilmore and O'Conner would be very good candidates. But O'Conner at Virginia would be a very very long shot.

I have been a Jim Morris supporter from the beginning until 2009. Not sure what Shawn Eichorst and Donna will decide but there is no need to humiliate Jim Morris in firing him. If big Jim is no longer their man just ask him privately to step down. But maybe Jim Morris will come up with a new plan to impress his AD and his president...Who knows?


If you missed it, excellent interview by Dan Sileo with Al Golden last friday.

Sileo said during the interview that he spoke with NCAA president Mark Emmert.Sileo said the sanctions for UM won't be as bad as most people think.

Listen from the 5:00 Mark



Stony Brook beats Mizzu St. 10-7.

The Brook will face UCF at 7 PM for the title. UCF needs one win The Brook needs two (Monday if necessary).


Sileo Interview Quotes:

Last year 1600 HS players attended Golden camps last year.

This year there will be five camps in June. First one in Sunday June 3rd (today).

Cost of camp is $59 and walk-ups are welcome.

Golden is happy with ACC as a conference and the TV coverage (ESPN) they will get is REMARKABLE.


Sileo: Biggest challenge at UM?

Golden: Creating a new culture, work ethic and mentality. And building competition and unity into our cluture.

Golden: "Kids in this class are going to challenge. They have that look in their eye."

FIU, FAU and other colleges will be at the Golden camps to recruit players who do not get UM offers.



Stony Brook University
Regional Press Conference
Head Coach Matt Senk

On his team’s “never‐say‐die” mentality:

“One of the things that makes us such a strong offensive team is our credo is don’t strike out and hit balls hard. He [Schumacher] is a tremendous talent, that whole Missouri State team, their pitching staff, you can see why they had the best ERA in the country. For us to do what we did against that young man requires sticking to the plan, and he had his share of strikeouts. We had some long at‐bats gainst him, we got his pitch count up, and we really did a terrific job of that. Our guys believe in each other and believe in the plan and they executed that.”

On the team’s potential going forward:

“This is not easy. This is going to be a huge challenge. We knew the whole regional would be a challenge. Obviously, from our own conference tournament being double‐elimination, we know how important that second game is. It requires discipline and mental toughness, and that is one pitch, one inning and one at‐bat at a time.”


@SaveUMFootball: Al Golden Camp Attendee Lands Offer: 2013 Athlete Brisly Estime, 5'9" and 175 lbs, won Camp MVP and landed an offer. Likely to commit.

@SaveUMFootball: Athlete Brisly Estime's Highlights: http://t.co/91OS1Tse


@Romarley: ( <---- Yes, that's Rohan Marley) Congrats to my Son @Nico2Marley " bringing home the best linebacker award #UMcamp #LionOrder


Ohio, whadda u think bout that Brisley kat?


Ohio, whadda u think bout that Brisley kat?

Posted by: 4-Real | June 03, 2012 at 08:25 PM

I'll give U an answer after watching his tape:



I'll give U an answer after watching his tape:


Posted by: CEO | June 03, 2012 at 08:30 PM

Pretty much this.

U know from last years Golden Camps what the MVP is about, right?

Who's got a list of last years MVP's?


George Williams sayin screw the U ?

Da U N Houston

Brisely: #1 is fast! Not a lot of shake n bake, just get it and go. #2: tackling needs a lot of help. He does a lot of ankle tackling, won't work at the next level (trust me on that). He seems to be a good fit at corner (due to lack of tackling skills) I'd like to see film with him playing corner to see his hip movement.

Just me take on the highlight film!

Da U N Houston

Guess the check that the Heat gave the refs tonight bounced lol lol


86 that was a really good synopsis. Did he really say "the fans are really spoiled and we expect to go to Omaha every year"? Jeesh I think he is a little out of it. I don't expect that, it would be alot, but I do expect that we should be doing better than we are. We won't win any recruiting wars like this

Willie Will in Nashville


It didn't bounce, its already cashed


Guess the check that the Heat gave the refs tonight bounced lol lol

Posted by: Da U N Houston | June 03, 2012 at 10:24 PM

74-74 now.



Willie Will - don't be a hater LOL

H E A T!

Willie Will in Nashville


Also heard that Brisely will play slot at the next level not db

Willie Will in Nashville


LOL. I love everything about Miami except the Heat then baseball and then the Heat again lol.

Willie Will in Nashville


Lebron fouls out for the first time in 2yrs?????? Lol


Heat loses to the Celtics.

Series is tied 2-2.


If I was a bettin' man, I'd say that Bosh comes back for game 5 or 6.


Bosh is a p*ssy. If he's hurt, it's not an abdominal strain. That sh*t takes a week at the most to heal. Smh


Cleveland Gary!!!



I guess I picked the right way to go on a Disney cruise (no internet, barely any college baseball coverage on ESPN).

The What

Lebron fouled out? This is why basketball will never be as popular as football. I'm betting lebron doesnt have more than 3 fouls in the next game. Nba officiating is the worst in professional sports. It's a joke.

Ken roberts

I know i,m being proactive here, but there will be a lot of pressure to nominate Gino as the next head coach. He needs to be heavily grilled on his willingness to travel=recruit.

When he left he said – “I have really enjoyed my 12 years on the Miami coaching staff. It’s been a tremendous opportunity being able to coach at my alma mater. I have a wonderful wife as well as young daughters, and I wanted to spend more time with them. College baseball is a great sport, but we as coaches have to make some sacrifices when it comes to traveling and being away from our loved ones. I felt like this was the right time to be more accessible to my family. Miami has a great baseball tradition. I have been honored to work with some of the best college baseball players in the country. I wish nothing but the best for the program and can’t wait to follow its success in the future. This is not bullcrap.”"

So whats different now.

Miami needs a young head coach, head coach at his previous position, who is willing without-a-doubt to hit the recruiting=travel road. Not a recycled assistant who has already expressed uncertainty about travel=recruiting.

I have been advocating brian up at UVA (actually just 35 miles down the road). He is the type of person we need. Head coach, successful, good recruiter abd at a non-baseball school who has done-what-he-needed-to-do.

UF looked at him, but it was premature.

UM will have to spend the $$$$$' which is what they might NOT want to do.



1. Have no clue if offered by Miami YET but I gotz me 1 to go see ball again. Lemond Johnson, remember the name cause that ballah got some crazy game in him. Put boi in 5 different positions and he will ballout in each one. He straight up freaky bruh. If he somehow lands in Miami that boi is down for my freak of the class. Yah, I said it and aint budgin off it lol and I dont give a f who else comes to Miami, they wont be as all around ballah as that boi.

2. Miami fans should jump off the ship if he aint got that glow ratin though so expect hate with that lol. Maybe that 1 pimp that only wants Al to get "big names" will jump ship forever or at the very least his head will explode lol. Gotz to love some of them "diehard" fans huh?


If he's hurt, it's not an abdominal strain. That sh*t takes a week at the most to heal. Smh

Posted by: CoCane | June 04, 2012 at 12:24 AM


Apparently, U've never had an abdominal strain and then tried to play a sport.


That kid does have a serious number of offers


MLB draft is today. This will determine QB David Thompson's decision of coming to UM or not.

Regular Joe


Apparently, U've never had an abdominal strain and then tried to play a sport.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | June 04, 2012 at 10:06 AM



The Coral Gables NCAA Baseball Regional's No. 4 seed, Stony Brook has now beaten every team in the region with its 12-5 win over second-seeded UCF in Game 6 at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

The UCF loss was the first of the tournment for the Knights in the double-elimination format. The region will be decided Monday at 7 p.m. in the seventh and final game.


ESPN and the Atlantic Coast Conference have agreed on a rights deal that extends through the 2026-27 season and will mean additional football, men's and women's basketball and Olympic sports coverage on a variety of platforms.

When the ACC adds Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the conference will play an 18-game regular-season men's basketball schedule -- and ESPN networks will show an additional 30 regular-season games, plus two more conference tournament games. The new deal also adds 14 more football games, including three Friday night games (one of which, hosted by Boston College or Syracuse, to be played the day after Thanksgiving).

ESPN will televise a number of regular-season ACC women's basketball games, plus the entire conference tournament and will increase its coverage of Olympic sports, highlighted by baseball, softball, lacrosse along with men's and women's soccer.

Games will also be shown on ESPN3, ESPN Mobile TV, ESPN 3D as well as a number of other ESPN-branded networks both in the U.S. and internationally.

ESPN's original deal with the ACC was through 2023.


Any Camp Updates?


Chris Nee - Miami (Fla.) North DB Troy McCollum competed at the Al Golden FB Camp Sun. Said UM coaches supposed to let him know about offer this week.


Chris Nee - Another prospect that I was told did well at Miami's camp is Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas RB Mardre London (2014).


Chris Nee - Saint Cloud (Fla.) Harmony ATH Riley Nicholson (2015) worked with rising seniors some at #UM Camp. Coach Barrow showed lot of attention.


^^ Also with regards to Riley Nicholson, he will be at Kissimmee (Fla.) Osceola for the upcoming football season.


Martin, 68, has 1,716 wins at Florida State, but has never won a national championship despite 14 trips to the College World Series in Omaha.


Hey CEO, at FSU (like UM) lots of fans want the baseball coach to be replaced. But he isn't because his team beats the U a lot, it is highly ranked nationally, and it tends to WIN it's regional tournament. Some FSU fans are down on Coach Martin for not winning the CWS (and for some other reasons too). But no one contends that the FSU baseball program is moving in the WRONG direction (unlike UM).



Four SEC teams, four Pac 12 teams and one ACC team and two smaller schools have made it to the Super Regionals so far.

Five teams still TBD after today's championship games.


Posted by: The What | June 04, 2012 at 08:16 AM

LOL - hockey is like that too. They will give a team "make up calls" sometimes. Of course, they would NEVER admit to that, but still, that is what it is


So whats different now.

Posted by: Ken roberts | June 04, 2012 at 09:50 AM

LOL maybe the wife is a nag and the kids are now older

Ken roberts

Ok - maybe. But 3 years older seems like they would want dad home more. Hell, in another 3 years they,ll be little league.

I jusy don,t like assistants to move up. Looks a lot like Coker to me. He was a nice guy for sure, but couldn,t recruit. Result. Into the tank year 4.

Gimmie a head coach at a non-baseball emphasis school that has demonstrated recruiting ability and that other schools have looked at.

Actually the coastal carolina guy sounds great, and would be less $$$$$ than Brian for sure. Virginia has serious baseball $$$$$ thru the book writer ( who built the stadium).

Ken roberts

John grissom, author, stadium builder and ongoing fan. I hear his son was on the UVA team a while back. He built a hugh little league park in south county.

Incidentally, based on super regional attemdance, is the ACC overrated in baseball. Why do they crap out when they see 'tuff schools. UVA crapped out yesterday for second year in a row, which may make Brian available.

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