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June 28, 2012



I wouldn't worry too much about Rayshawn Jenkins back there at Safety

Kid isn't going to do any worse if he plays in his Frosh year than the two Safeties we've seen back there the past 3 years who came in highly acclaimed

Armstrong and Telemaque

Rayshawn is a straight up athlete


Rayshawn is kinda a forgotten man. He is nearly the athlete that Deon is and Skreetz raved about him awhile back.

orange 'n green in the vein


Posted by: 4-Real | June 29, 2012 at 07:14 PM"

OF YOU 4-Real! I mean, it's definitely not because of the athletic department under Special K, we can eliminate that one right off the bat.


UM Canes Ray-Ray Armstrong and Seantrel Henderson are the subject of rumors -- again

A briefing for those of you wondering about the status of University of Miami senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong and junior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson:

I had originally heard rumors that Seantrel and Ray-Ray were dismissed from the football team, but those are apparently false. When I called UM to ask about those rumors, I was told by Chris Freet, the UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, that UM declined to comment on anything regarding that subject and Al Golden was on vacation and could not be reached.

I also reached Ray-Ray Armstrong's dad, Albert, by phone a little while ago, and he told me he knew nothing about any Ray-Ray news.

Here's what InsidetheU is reporting:

"Armstrong discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter and the coaches have suspended him indefinitely, but as of today he has not been removed from the team. However, this situation should be closely monitored as there is current discussion within the coaching staff about his future with the team.

"In regards to Henderson, the players were given time off in between first and second summer sessions, but were expected to be back by Tuesday. Henderson arrived a day later on Wednesday and is currently serving a punishment, but is expected to return to the team in the near future."...


MORE from the article here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/06/breaking-news-um-canes-seantrel-henderson-and-ray-ray-armstrong-dismissed-from-football-team.html#storylink=cpy


Ogv is always right!! U HAVE A GIFT MY FRIEND!!!

Swami for CEO


Posted by: 4-Real | June 29, 2012 at 07:14 PM

1. Six years straight of HARD work.

2. Real passion for the Canes.

3. Great bloggers and Canes fans out there.

4. A very understanding and supportive wife!


Can we ever get that interview with Swasey? Or can da skreetz maybe talk about how some of the guys have done in the summer program in the weight room? I wonder how big is Kirby now and What kid of baseline did guys like Duke and T howard come in with? How does our conditioning this summer compare to last summer?


Who cares about RayRay? He is worthless and a waste of space.

He is the college equivalent of Ryan Leaf.

Swami for CEO

He is the college equivalent of Ryan Leaf.

Posted by: BEERicane | June 29, 2012 at 10:50 PM



Da U


The only problem with Skreetz is that when real info comes out that an insider would have at least some insight on, like the alleged Seantrel and RayRay rumors, Skreetz is nowhere to be found.

He could at least be saying no this is no big deal or something. Anything. But he remains stone silent because he would be too easy to bust otherwise.

Sadly, Skreetz is just a scam to con low-IQ gullible readers into thinking this is a valuable site.

Sota cane

The only reason you are posting to discredit anybody is because u know canespace is where its at. Haters these days. He must not have gotten an insider email when he thought he deserved one lol


Skreetz must have slept with Scummy's Mummy :)

Swami for CEO

Scummy...I can't believe I am gonna waste my time answering you but here goes:

What U don't know is that way before yesterday we had been getting news from Da Skreetz about the players in question although NONE of it was about them transferring or being kicked off of the team. It was more about performance and some other minor on/off the field issues.

In addition there were several emails exchanged behind the scenes ALL DAY LONG between Da Skreetz and the insiders here at Canespace. Some info we do NOT make public to protect the players and especially negative info that could hurt their reputation. Don't believe me just ask any of these people and they will tell U:


Swami for CEO


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