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July 05, 2012



Go Canes!


Tyriq played in high school at around 235 lbs., so a couple of sessions of UTough, kid is going to be scary

Posted by: Six | July 05, 2012 at 09:54 PM

U got that right!

Da Skreetz has already said that Barrow has pronounced McCord as the fastest off the edge since Danny Stubbs.

Who got next?


I personally like...."why don't we get drunk and....."


The Feeny call -


Oh wait....wrong last name :-)



1. Tryiq Da Freak IS the quickest off the edge we seen in a few. I tried tellin you foolies but f nah them peoples wouldnt listen lol. Also Barrow sayz dont try and run away from boi cause he will getcha.

2. I'm goin straight at you Ohio Cane pimp so that grill you seein is this boi lol. TH3 aint goin all freshmen mode without Tryiq and my boi Jelani skeerin the f out them QBs.

3. Peoples that called for Gabe (Terry) to be a ballah made them a good call. Boi so da&@ raw though but WILL be a name maker durin his career. Looks good out there peoples.


Tyriq is kind of athletic as well

Kid that size .. jumping up like this to try and block a field goal


Every Jefferson game I went to last year, every coach from the opposing side and scouts were all paying more attention to him than anyone else on the field


Good photo six

So if Tyriq gets 10 situational snaps per game and rushes the passer 70% of those is it not unreasonable to expect that 7 times out of the 84 plays he sacks the qb a .0833 sack rate maye 7 more hurries. Skreetz has me convinced he will have a role and help us win games.


If McCord is half as good as advertised in making the quarterback uncomfortable, he's a nice pickup. Add in Hamilton and that's a nasty little combination with Chickillo.

I hope they're up to stopping the run.

The What

I think by the end of the season our defense will be phenomenal. A few speed bumps due to lack of experience but as the season wears on they are going to be very scary. I'm excited. Is it still July?


Recruiting is hilarious...

"Robert Nkemdiche says his Clemson commit is "done deal" ... IF Tigers offer another HS teammate: http://bit.ly/NG4iTh"

Da U N Houston

^^^^^^^^ "Buy" one get one free


JUST SAYING THO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3Kbc1UC8FY


When will the new depth chart be released?


Dumbo Sweeney is an idiot... the guy is creating more holes on his team than actually helping his team by getting RN and his boys. This is straight ridiculous, that this panzy of a coach would allow that. Can't wait to beat on Clemson again when the opportunity presents itself. Hate Saban all you want but if he says no thank you to a player whos a so called "star" then you know there's a big problem.

orange 'n green in the vein

pre83, what a coup. Now that Kovy has showed more loyalty to the Devils than Parise, Lou signed a bunch of 40 year old players and let the in his prime All-Star slip through his grasps and the ownership is desperately trying to shore up the financing of the franchise, I'm rooting for a work stoppage. It's not like a third one in Broduer's career will keep him from setting those career numbers high enough on the shelf out of reach to last forever anyways so might as well.


UMike - Congrats to U! Have a drink on me this weekend!

OGV - Yes, I agree. My thoughts about the Devils were that if they do not keep ZP, then things may go south in a hurry considering the financial stability of the franchise. In all honesty, it really surprises me as it has been quite a successful franchise and I hope things turn around.

The Wild now have to translate the acquired talent to wins on the ice or it will be considered the biggest bust in NHL history.

As for the for the talent that AG has recruited - If nothing else, training camp this season will be more interesting than in recent years. It's great to hear about the individuals making an impression so far. The reason that excites me is that this is what leads to competition and when that happens, things get amped up REAL fast!

Go Canes!


OGV - I thought about that ^^. Maybe things in NJ are worse on the inside and that's why Parise left?

The What

Recruiting is hilarious...

"Robert Nkemdiche says his Clemson commit is "done deal" ... IF Tigers offer another HS teammate: http://bit.ly/NG4iTh"

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 06, 2012 at 09:19 AM

Dabo is such a tool for even allowing this kid to make that kind of noise. The cancer that kid and his friends will spread in the locker room will be fatal. He is heading down the urban Meyer road of coaching let players run wild. Unfortunately for him he isnt going to have the same success. The funny part is, it's not just one player. Clemson has I believe 5 players from that school signed up. And that's not enough for him. He needs one more to feel secure. It will be fun watching Clemson self destruct over the next couple of years.


Vernon Hargreaves hurt his ankle this morning at The Opening. Don't know severity.


^^^ From Josh Newberg: Vernon Hargreaves ran a 4.42 in the 40 and a 4.1 in the shuttle before spraining his ankle. Out for the day. http://ow.ly/c44P6


There is nothing wrong with getting players from the same school. Johnson and Flowers (Norland), Witt and Isidora (Cypress Bay) and Howard and Lewis (Miramar) are examples of that.

However, if it is a 5-star dictating getting players from the said school... that is a HUGE issue.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I also see that UM didn't offer any of the committed players from the said school in Georgia. That's enough for me.

The What

LB I agree with you but I think if you get a group of players/friends from the same school in the same recruiting class then you create cliques in the locker room. So these 5 or 6 or 7 or however many from the same highschool that Clemson is picking up for this one guy are going to form their own group and destroy that locker room. 2 maybe 3 from the same school is ok but more than that and you create false leaders in the locker room. This kid is a leader among his friends because of his talent. Is he a leader in general, from his actions I highly doubt it. So by having his 5 friends in the locker room with him, he will become the defacto leader and unfortunately for the rest of that team it won't be good leadership and that's. That's why and other reasons as well, in my opinion having so many players from one school in one recruiting class is a problem. If it were just one friend of his cool. But he wants Clemson to take 5 guys. That's going to backfire like no other.


When will the new depth chart be released?

Posted by: LB | July 06, 2012 at 11:11 AM

It came out yesterday and U were NOT on it.

The What

Where's 4-Real? Wasnt he upset that Clemson got this 5 star talent lol. Just kidding.


"It came out yesterday and U were NOT on it."


Seriously. I found something interesting. Even our rivals given Golden respect. Check out this little gem from the "Chopping Block" (I guess they like vegetables).

"Look no further than the Hurricanes’ own coach for reasons why Miami could become a popular pick in the ACC’s Coastal Division at some point during the season. Golden took the ugliest, most bruised and beat up lemons last season and turned them into a slightly watered down lemonade. That’s to say, given the outside circumstances at play, 2011 had a chance to be a two- or three-win type of season for the Hurricanes. But, with Golden at the helm for the first time, Miami eked out a six-win tally that could have been seven had administrators decided against going to a bowl game due to the university’s pending punishments from the NCAA’s investigation into an improper benefits scandal. Thanks to what seems to be a renewed spirit of toughness and competition in Coral Gables, the Hurricanes could be a team to watch in the ACC this season."


Pretty cool, I think. Pretty freaking cool.


The Canespace Summer Slam has been confirmed for the weekend of 8/10-12 at the Best Western Hotel in Crystal River.

Friday: Tubing/kayaking the Rainbow River.

Saturday: Scalloping just offshore of CR.

Sunday: Springs diving and/or fishing.

Old Skool, NativeCane, OGV and me are confirmed for the trip. Others are welcome to join in if U are interested.

orange 'n green in the vein

CGNC, if you listen to Parise and take him at face value, he said the Devils finished second, that the money wasn't a problem with the offer, it was the fact he wanted to play for the hometown franchise. Just another Devil's captain who let personal considerations dictate where he inked, at least Lou could attempt to acquire Rob Niedermayer, he wasn't moving the franchise to Minnesota and Weber said he had no interest leaving the western half of the league. These cap numbers basically have made the Wild a win in five years of bust proposition with those two as nobody in their right mind will touch either contract at 7.5 a year on the downside of their career under the current CBA structure.

orange 'n green in the vein

86, that's funny, just went and scouted out your three proposed booking locations yesterday, took pictures and was going to send them to you in an hour or so, but you probably choose most wisely all things considered, especially if you got the 90/night rate.


OGV I didn't hear anything Parise said so you know better than I do. I do know sometimes those contracts are front loaded so in the latter years they are not making nearly as much.

orange 'n green in the vein



Lou's version.


Parise's version. They about match up.

I'm sure the NHL will be invalidating the contract real soon now ala Kovalchuck.

Wait? What do you mean they only pull that stunt on cheat contracts when the Devil's do it?

Next you'll tell me the Kings got favorable ref treatment on their march to the title.


OGV...send them anyway just for future reference. And yes we did get the $90 rate. We also looked at the Days Inn and two other local places but didn't want to go there site unseen?


OGV - For the record, I was upset with the fact that the NHL nullified the Kovy deal. If both parties agreed, God bless 'em and good luck.

However, for a guy whose team nearly held up the Cup, you seem a bit bitter still. The Devils have always been unorthodox in the way they operate and as I stated earlier, have been one of the more successful franchises in the NHL. They will be a factor.

The Wild - well, since mediocrity has been the height of accomplishment for the majority of its existence, I can't say I am overly excited - I believe most Canes fans can relate after a long stretch of ho-hum seasons - but I am excited at the ownerships attitude about the desire to produce a winner.

At least the next few months will have a sense of hope for the first time in a while - for both the Wild and the Canes.


Ahhh, Josh Newberg

If he only spent as much time giving attention to his girlfriend as he does stalking these high school kids, almost pedo-style (and yes, they get annoyed as hell with him)

...... I'm just saying. I see her out ... a lot

orange 'n green in the vein

pre83, it's not a well kept secret certain owners with more pull in the Atlantic (*cough* Flyers *cough*) than New Jersey's owner have Bettman's ear when it comes to the league flexing its oversight muscles on stuff like this. Some of those exact same owners have done the exact same thing to boot, which is the definition of irony, or collusion, or something akin to the two.

What will be really interesting to watch is the Wild's owner try to plead poverty at the collective bargaining agreement table when HE JUST SPENT ALMOST 100 MILLION FOR TWO PLAYERS OVER 13 YEARS! Watch, it will happen, he's got a seat reserved already to do so.


Derrick Rose re-injured his ACL in rehab this morning. An MRI confirmed he needs to have another surgery.

Wow. Bulls are screwed for a couple years.



1. By just goin off what ive seen through the way Deon trainin hes goin to be put at safety. They will give him time at CB in case of injury or passin teams that tossin it most the time. Not enough boiz showinout at safety to be solid backups. AJ showed some skillz back there but that about it.

2. At CB I would say goin into these live practices comin up Gunts, TH3, Fins, McGee and maybe Hope but I aint sold on that boi yet. Between Tonio, Nate and Vernon they will all see action, it all depends on their run tacklin support. Thats why its so nice to have Deon cause he could slide right in if the others aint ready for the bright lights.

3. The secondary is in much better shape then I thought it would be at right now. IF McGee could just get into his f n head that it aint illegal to actually catch the ball then I actually would be higher on the secondary. Ballah is finally usin his speed to play CB not to just challenge everyone in the 40 lol. Anyone in the state of Florida will be hearin Coach D and Al scream at least 5 times durin the live practices for McGee to just catch the da&@ ball.


Derrick Rose re-injured his ACL in rehab this morning. An MRI confirmed he needs to have another surgery.

Wow. Bulls are screwed for a couple years.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 06, 2012 at 04:22 PM

Never mind. Was a fake Broussard account on Twitter...


OGV - The sad part about that whole thing is that a contract can be nullified by the league. I mean, let's be honest, how in the hell is that not an item not spelled out in very definitive terms.

I have been a sports fan my entire life, and until just recent years, I don't recall commissioners negating trades (NBA) or contracts (NHL).

You don't have to be the smartest rube to realize that a better arrangement is sorely needed as the current one only breeds problems that can't be kicked down the road forever.


Can we please sink McGee below the depth chart:/


"1. By just goin off what ive seen through the way Deon trainin hes goin to be put at safety."

They need it.


Canespace 2012 T-shirt updates:

1. For those who sent their donations: THANK U!

2. For those I think I still owe T-shirts I have Terrance, CGNC, and Canesteeler.

Am I missing anybody else?


BTW...if I told U that there are several players' parents that read Canespace, would U believe me? Well U should!



need one shirt at longtimecanefan....


Why wouldn't they read superior journalism? Their kids are smart enough to be Canes, no?

Hello to Canes' family!


Longtime...email me at:



Ray Allen to Miami!!! Yaaaaa!!


Ray Allen to Miami!!! Yaaaaa!!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 06, 2012 at 10:11 PM



Miami Heat bolsters lineup with addition of sharpshooter Ray Allen


Ray Allen rejects a larger financial offer from the Celtics to join the Heat – a move that boosts Miami’s bench and weakens one of its chief rivals.

A splendid summer just got even better for the Miami Heat.

Ray Allen, the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point field goals, is leaving Boston to join the NBA champion.

Allen rejected a two-year, $12 million offer from the Celtics to take a two-year, $6.3 million deal from the Heat – a move that bolsters Miami’s bench and weakens one of its chief Eastern Conference rivals.
The news was broken Friday night by Heat owner Micky Arison, who got a call from team president Pat Riley.

“It’s 2:30 a.m. in London and I was just woken up with great news,” Arison posted on Twitter. “Welcome to the family, No. 20.”
Allen’s agent also confirmed the news. Under NBA rules, Allen cannot sign with the Heat until July 11.

Allen turns 37 on July 20 but shows no sign of diminished skills. He set a career mark by making 44 percent of his three-point attempts two years ago, then topped that by shooting 45 percent on threes this past season, which ranked fourth in the league.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade lobbied Allen to join the Heat in recent days through Twitter, and Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra made a convincing sales pitch to the 10-time All Star during a Thursday meeting at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Allen was very impressed and also felt a comfort level with Heat officials while dining with several of them Thursday night at Il Gabbiano on Brickell Avenue – a group including Riley, Spoelstra, CEO Nick Arison, Andy Elisburg and Alonzo Mourning.

Allen flew home to Boston on Friday morning, then made the decision later in the day.

According to Yahoo!, Allen’s decision was significantly influenced by a deteriorating relationship with Boston point guard Rajon Rondo, , and also hard feelings about the fact the Celtics nearly traded him to Memphis in February.

REST of the article here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/06/2885419/micky-arison-tweets-that-ray-allen.html#storylink=cpy


The nba needs to contract and ASAP. With all these stars being concentrated on a few teams it's time to eliminate 4 or so teams. Bobcats, kings, wizards, hornets. As big time players consolidate into super teams there will be more and more teams playing bobcats type basketball eroding the quality of the nba.

Willie Will in Nashville


TheWhat, exactly. That's why the nba isn't fun to watch anymore. This is the nba not wwe where everybody should be tag teaming. What happened to the days were the best players played against each other and only teamed up for all-star games and olympics?????


Ray Allen - http://yfrog.com/o02rvpqgj

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