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July 20, 2012



Wow... AG says it all...


"The inferences and suggestions in the Yahoo! Sports story that my conduct was anything but ethical are simply false."

He's the man!

I hope this sh!t gets put to bed quickly...


Go canes ! I hope coach golden stays at um forever !


BEEP Ya That's My Coach man

I love him and I stand by my team. With that said as Skreetz said the stuff we did we will get punished for it but Golden will turn this around.


In my line of work, I would file a demurrer to these accusations- basically saying anything Peewee said, taken as literally true, still don't amount to a violation. 1) Despite what Peewee thinks he was doing, this doesn't sound anything like recruiting. Showing kids a weight room? Giving them a pair of used gloves? Please, anyone can do that or get those. 2) Wow, his telephone was used to call recruits during recruting times. I'm sure Golden's secretary, wife, gardener, and 10 other staffers can say the same thing. This isn't 1991, people do use more than one phone at a time, and I'm sure Peewe was one of many on the transition team that knew how to make a call. 3) Knowing Robinson's love of receipts, where are the strip club and dinner receipts for Chikilo? And when exactly did he decommit, I don't remember that. 4) Got any proof anyone knew Peewee was driving recruits around? I doubt it.
Really, Peewee's testimony sounds like what we've all done on a resume, we inflate our own importance and give credit to ourselves that most wouldn't. If this testimony were so earth-shattering, why did everyone in the South Florida media miss it? The BK proceedings ended months ago, there's nothing to indicate the transcripts were sealed, and, if it is depo testimony, I can't believe Shapiro's attorney didn't release it, she never misses a chance to be on tv.
Lastly, as a Cane fan, I honestly hope Robinson keeps writing. Everything he has released since his big report last year has done nothing but undermine his own credibility. This article written by a junior Yahoo writer might have made some waves, but from the self-titled "senior investigator? Not so much.


Charles Robinson not my favorite person. He should transfer from yahoo to the Weekly World News with his B.S. a few phone call records from a guy that he PAYS to get his info lol, he needs to have full disclosure. that is like the prosecution giving immunity to some witnesses in order to get "testimony" against the others they are hunting down.


I love how they quote an anounmous "Former Miami Staffer"

Do people put "Snitch" on their resume now days? How much do punk ass snitches make these days, I am willing to bet it could be as much as a low level staff makes in a couple years


Much a-do about nothing.

Joe Pa - glad he's dead and was exposed for what he was. A pedophile.


j.w. Charles Robinson is "award winning" according to their page - LMAO!


Award-winning? Well, I once won an award in 5th grade for writing on the school newspaper. Everyone else did too, but still, it was an award! :) LMAO is right.


You know how I know this story is complete B.S

Cause NO BODY eats at Dan Marino's lol

The What

For anyone questioning why there is hate week at the space this is the reason why. Everyone hates the canes and their fans and they all hope we get the death penalty.

I'm disappointed in what Ryan hill had to say. Ray ray may have been his boy but golden gave him multiple opportunities and he failed everytime. Golden is the man and I have full faith he will clear his name.


Hasaan...U know I love U brother and really appreciate your comments but PLEASE try to stay positive and stick to the FACTS!



It was somewhat surprising that Hurricanes CB Ryan Hill didn’t receive an invitation to the Senior Bowl last month.

It’s completely baffling he wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine.

The names of more than 300 college players appeared on the official list received Monday, including nine Miami Hurricanes.

Hill wasn’t among them.

Either there’s some bias against Hill for some strange reason, or the selection process is straight up stupid.

He wasn’t worthy enough of an invite? Really?

DeMarcus Van Dyke, who Hill supplanted as starter opposite Brandon Harris last season, received a late invite to the Senior Bowl and will also be at the Combine Feb. 23 in Indianapolis.

Van Dyke had 20 tackles, five pass-breakups and two INT last season. Hill, who started 11 of 13 games, had 51 tackles, eight pass-breakups and a team-high tying three INT.

I’m not trying to hate on Van Dyke, who deserves to be there. I’m just trying to understand why Hill was left off the list. [Note: I've gotten some emails/comments about this, so I wanted to clarify: I by no means gave this example to try to disparage DVD for the sake of building a case for Hill. As I wrote, DVD, who I personally like a lot, deserved the invite. And Hill's comments weren't related to DVD. I simply asked him about not being invited. We didn't discuss the invitation of DVD or any other player]


“Initially, I was kind of shocked,” Hill said of not receiving an invite from the NFL. “There’s a lot that goes into making the list, I guess. I don’t know if it was predetermined as far as preseason hype or whatever, but you know…there are going to be guys that go to the Combine and don’t get drafted and some guys that don’t go to the Combine and get drafted.”

Hill did play in the Eastham Energy All-Star Game in Tempe, Ariz., last month and had an interception and three tackles. He said he spoke to every team, and was encouraged by several of them expressing interest.

Hill, who is training in Boca Raton, said he’s focused on “trying to surprise a lot of people” during UM’s Pro Day March 10. He said three NFL scouts told him if he can run the 40 in 4.4 seconds at his weight, he can be a second or third-rounder. Hill is shooting for the second round.


Miami cornerback Ryan Hill's college football career came to an end with the team's loss in the Sun Bowl in December, but like many Miami players before him, just because he'll no longer be suiting up for the team on Saturdays, that doesn't mean he's going to stop caring about the program. In an talk with the Miami Herald, Hill expressed his concerns over the state of the program, and what he thinks will need to change under Al Golden if the Hurricanes are ever going to climb to the top of the college football mountain once again.

Hill first expressed his feelings following that Sun Bowl loss when he said that Miami had a lot of players that "act like little boys." He expanded on those comments in the Herald.

“When I made that comment,” he said, “what I meant is some guys are really immature.”

How many? More than a dozen, Hill said.

“In my early years at UM, there were guys who were freshmen who acted like adults — Jon Beason, Teraz McCray, Greg Olsen,” Hill said. “When I was a senior last year, some sophomores and juniors acted like freshmen. Guys would do silly stuff like pulling their pants down, wearing crazy stuff.

“Guys would come late to meetings. They would schedule appointments and not show up or listen to iPods in class. I was always told by academic advisors to talk to [teammates]. Some kids got worse after they got here. People were purposely doing stuff to mock Randy Shannon or do their own thing.

“Coach Shannon tried to make sure guys went to class and presented themselves well. But as soon as he turned his back, they would do what they wanted. There are a lot of guys who didn’t produce, and how they act off the field has a lot to do with it. That has to change.”

The low point was the Sun Bowl.

“I don’t want to name names, but there were a couple of receivers having a snowball fight on the sideline when we’re down 21-0,” Hill said. “ Brandon Harris and I got upset. We were already upset because we’re losing, and now we’ve got to go over and break up a fight. These guys have to grow up. I hope Coach Golden is instilling that. Without growing up, you will never be successful.”


Manny's latest:

So far, I'm scoring it Golden 2, Robinson 0.


2011 REPORT: Rookie defensive back Ryan Hill was waived by the Minnessota Vikings. Hill didn’t play a lot this pre season but when he did, like in the final pre season game for the Vikings, he performed well leading the team in tackles. The Vikings had Hill listed as a safety.


86 we are good this is just C rob trying to save his lil story. i was kidding about dan marino's just trying to make light of it all because this story is honestly muchadoo about nothing. C Rob times this stuff to try to hurtus as much as he can


Story is cracking already




C Rob discussing his latest crap story


Hassan...agree 100%. I was just trying to show motive for Hill's remarks ($$$). Let me "speculate" it this way and trust me this is ALL conspiracy theory stuff (no evidence) and maybe even WAY beyond anything U have come up with so far:

Hill fails in the NFL. He decides that Yahoo and a former coach can spin him 50K to spread some bad news about UM. So where does that $$$ come from? Deep pockets like FSU, UF and maybe Clemson and OSU.

Like I said ALL speculation, and no facts, but very, very interesting don't U agree?


Food for thought: Local Transportation

Staff members may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes on an occasional basis.


Boosters are prohibited from providing any type of benefit to a current or prospective student-athlete. NCAA Bylaw prohibits preferential treatment, benefits or services because of the individual's athletics reputation or skill or pay-back potential as a professional athlete, unless such treatment, benefits or services are specifically permitted under NCAA legislation.

The only exception to this rule is if there is a clear preexisting relationship between the booster and the student-athlete. The NCAA membership services staff reviewed the application of NCAA Bylaw as it relates to factual situations in which an individual (student-athlete or prospective student-athlete) has received benefits prior to collegiate enrollment from someone other than a family member or legal guardian, and agreed that the following objective guidelines generally should be used in determining whether such benefits are contrary to the legislation:

Did the relationship between the athlete (or the athlete's parents) and the individual providing the benefit(s) develop as a result of the athlete's participation in athletics or notoriety related thereto?
Did the relationship between the athlete (or the athlete's parents) and the individual providing the benefit(s) predate the athlete's status as a prospective student-athlete?
Did the relationship between the athlete (or the athlete's parents) and the individual providing the benefit(s) predate the athlete's status achieved as a result of his or her athletics ability or reputation?
Was the pattern of benefits provided by the individual to the athlete (or the athlete's parents) prior to the athlete attaining notoriety as a skilled athlete similar in nature to those provided after attaining such stature?

And the Sun-Sentinel continues the beatdown on Robinson:


I don't believe none of that crap in that Yahoo! article. And when it's found to be a bunch of LIES, I hope Golden sues the HELL OUT OF THEIR ASSES!!! for defamation. And who hell is uh Ryan Hill, name one thing He did of significance on a football field while He was at UM...CRICKETS. Last time I seen Him, He was getting His ass burned by some NO-NAME WR from USF.


Could be 86, for all i know big time fla schools are paying C Rob. We know 1 big time recruit was worth 180k to Auburn so why wouldn't a couple big schools pay C Rob to burn miami for 30 ships and a few years, and pay C Rob to STAY AWAY from their school. you could def be onto something. lol i am not really a conspiracy guy 86 remember i have been in intelligence and the world i know and the world you are told on CNN are not the same lol but back to football. This story has little subtance nothing too big


And maybe it's Pee Wee, as in Pee Wee Herman. Dude sounds like a perv to me.:

"Heidelburg said Allen had a reputation for hanging around players and trying to befriend them — even going so far to show up to Pop Warner games when Johnson played at Liberty City Optimist."

Terrance Sullivan

Thanks for the updates and insights 86 In Golden I trust. Canes 4 life.


Hassan...we may disagree on the news, and the facts, and politics and our verisons of reality but we agree on one thing:

Canes all day, every day baby!


Terrance...good to see U on the blog. Live happy and enjoy your Canespace shirts!

This too shall pass.


UM needs to turn to its Board of Trustees and its Law School professors to see who is most qualified to file a serious lawsuit against Yahoo. Take ALL their $$$!

I recommend we contact this guy to start:



86 I believe you are on to something. If a school paid C Rob I would not doubt it, Cam Newton got almost 200 k to go to a school, how much do u pay to screw a school out of 30 SHIPS, how much do u pay a guy to STAY away from the evil at your own school lol. On a side note i am not a conspiracy person, i been in intelligence that is something u seem to forget, my info does not come from CNN i know how the real world works


The phone records take this from a "he said, she said" story to one of indisputable fact that communication occurred between Allen, your coach, a recruit, and his mother.

Clear violations of ncaa bylaws.

The timing of this couldn't be worse for you guys.


So a coach can't grab a staffers phone to call a recruit real quick as his phone is way back in his office? Just wondering...

This is a dirty game someone is playing. I thought someone took care of ole Lil' Luke. ;-)


Posted by: Dan | July 21, 2012 at 03:53 AM

Dan,honestly compared to when Yahoo had their day in the limelight with all of this and Shalala was on the cover of USA Today looking at a check with shortie this is water off a duck's back. We know we are going to get sanctioned. In the wake of the Penn State scandal and shooting in Colorado, this is a blip on the radar screen of life

orange 'n green in the vein

Could violations have occurred with the playhouse locker stuffer using his phone to call local high school football players? Sure. Did Al Golden tell him to do so specifically or even Barrow (Hill we know did it right before he took the job at his alma matter, that's a given just as much as him being the unnamed source in this story)? No one really knows as it's a hearsay claim. Is the NCAA going to tack this on to the whole violation allegations letter? Probably. Does that mean the penalties just got stiffer both preemptive and post hearing on infractions? Yes.

Best thing to do now is get Golden to eke out his .500 record again during the season and self-impose another bowl ban and 7 scholarship reductions over four years and see what else if any gets tacked on by the NCAA.

Now, about that statue of the pederast protector who taught Al everything he knows about doing it the right way . . .


OGV the important thing to remember is:


That is all

orange 'n green in the vein


I woke up at 4 this morning and had my cereal then, so luckily I'm eating my strawberries for a lunch now, thus I was able to avoid ruining my computer by LOL'ing my food all over the screen only because it's not a liquid reading that post CGNC.

They raised all that money though, shouldn't we be upset about the NOT part? Oh, that's right, we have conscientiousness and morals about things to go hand in hand with our sense of right and wrong. Forgot about that for a second while mistakenly thinking money equals points scored and surrendered on the football field.


OGV I don't know how much conscientiousness and morals UM has but last time I checked the school hadn't been harboring a known pedo for 14 years

And WHAT are you doing up at 4 AM?. Strawberries sound good - going to make a smoothie with them before yoga - see you people later


Are people like Yahoo ever held criminally liable when this type of drive-by media turns out to be completely false?


"The Associated Press reported that it obtained an e-mail in which UM president Donna Shalala told trustees Thursday that “someone who had a low level position at one time” would likely accuse Barrow of recruiting violations. Shalala, according to the AP, said it has already been investigated."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/21/2904868_p2/report-university-of-miami-coach.html#storylink=cpy


If we're cheating, and I'm not saying we are, then it isn't translating to the field, we're still average at best. What I don't understand is why he always reports on Miami. I guarantee the SEC is dirty and he can't find one source for story?


Dan, mere phone calls between staffers and recruits are not NCAA violations. IF steffers didn't talk to recruits, there would never be any recruiting trips and most of these kids would never get their applications completed. Someone has to talk to them to set up travel arrangements, make sure the unvierstities know about medications the kids will need on trips, and it sure as hell isn't an assistant coach. These low-level conversations occur at every school and are not violations.
The violations would occur if Allen really was asked to call recruits to badger them. None of those phone calls look like tht, all appear instead to be Allen calling ahead of a coach to make sure the kid was home. Hardly a big deal, if it is a violation it's at worst a secondary one and I doubt it's taken very seriously by anyone.
And so far, both major newspapers have quotes refuting most of the story. This one looks like Robinson swinging and missing more than breaking news/


Smells like a big ole bowl of denial to me. Delicious, nutritious, and full of denial.

What people on this blog continually fail to grasp is that the burden of proof that exists in a court of law does not exist with the NCAA. What the yahoo report can or cannot prove is immaterial. It comes down to what the COF's "findings" are and what they decide to do about it. Robinson simply got the ball rolling.

The new allegations are another example of phone records and testimony that, collectively, can lead to the COF deciding there is a problem. All the above dismissals just don't understand this.


Tman- the NCAA uses a "reasonable person standard," what would a reasonable person think happened? They don't give credence to every rumor, and typically, though not required, they ask for confirmation of every detail if there is circumstantial evidence. Check out caneinsider's twitter feed if you don't beleive me, they reposted an interview they had with a former NCAA investigator, who knew the lead guy on this (before he retired). Again, this stuff from Robinson is a real stretch.

The What

Here is the thing about robinsons story and the interview that Hassan posted. He leaves out information that disputes his report. So he sensationally says booster affiliated with Shapiro used by golden. He never reveals in his article that Shapiro was not known to have been a rogue booster til August 2011hence making the title more sensational than the facts.
Second he implies that golden knew and condoned what ever Allen did. Again not true. No where in his article does he say golden may not have known.
Third - it seems like he took Allen's words from his federal deposition and didn't speak to him. Looks like he spoke to Aubrey hill or some other former staffer who has an axe to grind. If his source was Aubrey hill then that is hardly a credible source. He left Miami for a rival school!

And whatever violations it's clearly a sensationalist story meant more to get eyes on the article than to get the facts right.

The violations aren't serious, and the fact that this was reported and investigated means it's a story with much ado about nothing. It's a hit job more than anything else on al goldens character. He and the university should look into a lawsuit against yahoo sports.


Does anybody know what site I can get pictures of former players live Vilma,Taylor,r.lewis,DJ Williams.. Etc. thanks in advance


Tman - no one is denying we are getting sanctioned. We are. But you can't take what Robinson says\writes as gospel either. That would be lunacy.


Why oh why can't we just start a season as a normal team??!!! We finally have the right people but he can't be affective with these stories coming out oddly right before the season starts and slows any momentum we have going into the season. Golden go ahead and brush your shoulders off we got this! GO CANES!


The What, Shapiro was known to have been a rogue booster in the fall of 2010. That is when the Sun Sentinel first ran its story on Shapiro's allegations.

What I fear is that the NCAA, unable to technically declare a violation on Penn State, decides to go Roger Godell on Miami and really crack down. A sanction akin to:

- 5 year bowl ban (less 1 year for self-imposed)
- 10 scholarships deducted per year, for 5 years.
- All victories between 2002 and 2010 forfeight
- Miami is obliged to return all money from bowls during this period.
- Probation for 10 years


Whoaaa... Whoaaaaa 5 years... That cant be right..

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