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July 08, 2012



Excellent article!


OK, all the NBA basketball talk was good and fun but it has to stop here. NOW BACK TO HURRICANE SPORTS...

Willie Will in Nashville

OK Soup sorry, but everybody kept pickin on me :( lol


There is a 4th Cane (former Cane) Reuben Ross
(Diving) from Montreal who will be at the olympics for team Canada. Ross has a very good chance for a medal at the London games.




WVUM Sports ‏@WVUMSports

Looks like @RWi11iams and @ochocinco are organizing to workout together. Follow their tweets for the cool exchange

If this is true...I just hope it's not against NCAA rules.


Stanley Shakespeare!

Willie Will in Nashville


When u said back to hurricane sports, u meant football right?


A couple of points to make, i think it is lost on most fans and our recruits how impressive it is to have AMY DEEN coaching up track stars in the Olympics, that shows alot about how good she is. If you are a FB/Track guy you might want to take notice that.

Ok next point the NBA model is completely broken, I honestly for the life of me do not really get why you have to play in NYC to be in commercials and make marketing opportunities, this is not 1960 this is 2012 and it honestly should not matter what market you play in because you are on national tv every night in the nba and every market knows about every other markets stars. Heck the NFL does not even have a team in LA and they best teams recently have been Green Bay and even Indy as a small market teams. The NBA has a broken model where a few guys all get on one team and makes about 27 other teams irrelevant, the 82 game schedule becomes pointless.

Case in Point the Magic just resigned a hasbeen Jameer Nelson who is past his prime and who is a major reason why Dwight wanted to leave because he wanted Chris Paul or another big time point guard to play with so they resign him when there was really no market for a 5'10 PG who could not guard a fat lady in a phone booth. Then their next brillant move was to trade their next best player on the roster to Charlotte today for a washing machine or something, I mean really the f'ing Bobcats was the WORST team EVER last season and why on earth would you want one of their sorry players for your 2nd best player? To be honest our best asset was SVG, if they did not want him they should have at least traded him instead of firing him, a great coach has value, the Raiders got a 1st round pick for Chuckie the year he took the Bucs to the Superbowl. SVG is a top 5 nba coach is is certainly worth a high draft pick. These moves do show that Dwight is gone because Anderson was the kind of player that is made to be around Dwight, this shows we are moving in another direction.


1. The 4 x 100 relay Is your last, best chance to win an Olympic medal.
2. Don't drop the baton!
3. Flash the U.


Hassan: Great post!

I would also like to know why it is the NBA where you find players saying they have to play with so and so and only in such and such city. It only reinforces the fact that I could care less about pro basketball - And to think I truly loved it once upon a time.

Man, when I saw 86 post - NEW BLOG IS UP, I'm not sure if I've ever been more thankful: )

There are no bounds to the Space - or where you will find Spacers making an influence. From Casagrande's blog at the Sun-Sentinal:

July 8, 2012 at 4:57 pm
Welcome to Miami.
You will have to earn your stripes with the 83 to 2001 fans that believe Miami football was and always will be the premier team in America, I’ve been a die hard fan since 76 and I I’ve sat and watched the good the bad and the ugly versions of the U.
No one here cares if you wrote about or even quarterbacked the tide, just relate what you see and hear from Miami players and coaches honestly and accurately and you will be fine. Start enlightening us about your take the president, civil rights, the SEC etc. and you will understand why U beat writers last about as long as a Mike Shula coaching career


Forgot to mention -

Monty - Great catch on the Canadian Diver!


Whatever happened to Solarcane. Why doesn't he post anymore. Was that really him on the Sentinel?


The new journalist comes from Alabama's world, so at least he is equipped to deal with the demand. I'm fairly sure that given such, he's also willing to cope with gazers, realists, the naive, and diehards alike. He did set some extremely lofty expectations in terms of quantity.

"I plan on covering the Canes on the same level as a pro team or the White House. Seriously, there will be no lack of coverage around here."



Hassan...Just in case I checked the spelling and it is DEEM:



Nemo...I think your reading comprehension skills need to improve:

"Williams was the top American finisher in the women's 100m in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, winning a silver medal in Athens."


Hey, any and all legit info about the U, (NOT rumor and speculation), is a welcome addition as far as I'm concerned.
I just feel for this new guy when the Gayturd trolls start highjacking his U site. He's gonna see what Soup and the Herald have had to deal with...
I wish him well.


Ooops...The new guy at the SS blog got the spelling wrong:

"Miami track and field coach Amy Deam will also serve as the U.S. coach in London."



Roach...it will be interesting to see how reality matches expectations at the SS blog with "the new guy" in place. Let's hope he can bring us the news we can use. We are now following him on Twitter and we ALL wish him well!


The oddsmakers at Cantor Gaming must have read a copy of Phil Steele’s 2012 college football preview magazine.

Cantor released over/under win totals for 54 college football teams on Friday, and two of the biggest differences compared to offshore sportsbooks are with Florida State and Kansas State.

The Seminoles, of course, are Steele’s pick to win the 2012 national title, while he expects the Wildcats to regress from their 10-win season a year ago.

Florida State’s win total is at 9.5 at most offshore sportsbooks, but Cantor has it at 10.5.

Kansas State’s is at 8, but Cantor has it at 7.5 (with the under juiced).

Cantor is obviously taking a position against the Wildcats, expecting—like many—that they can’t duplicate both their high turnover differential (+12) and success in close games (seven wins by a TD or less) from 2011. Kansas State defied oddsmakers and public bettors alike last season by winning six games outright as underdogs.

Miami is pegged at 6.5 wins for 2012.


2012 predictions from one of the betting sites:

Florida State 8-0
Clemson 7-1
North Carolina State 5-3
Wake Forest 2-6
Boston College 1-7
Maryland 1-7

Virginia Tech 6-2
Georgia Tech 6-2
Virginia 5-3
Miami 4-4
North Carolina 3-5
Duke 0-8

They have UM losing to GT, FSU, VT and Virginia.


Summary of betting house predictions week by week for Miami:



I wouldn't bet on us either, until we can become consistent from week to week!


Paterno's rep taking another beating in the media:



Disagree on the floor at 4 wins.

The ACC as a whole is weak, and doesn't look to improve. BC lost their cornerstone on defense and their offense is overrated. Bethune Cookman. NC State's current foundation is built for upsets only. North Carolina is in MAJOR transition. We almost beat Virginia Tech, and at this point... we both look equal. While Virginia has good coaching and a descent run game, the Cavaliers don't score well. South Florida is a one man show. Duke is still a basketball school and probably should be in another conference.

I have no delusions about FSU, Notre Dame, or Kansas State. However, they are somewhat spread out and are all out of the way before October ends. The last three games in the Canes' schedule look excellent.

UM was a weaker team last year (despite losing Harris/Spence/Miller) and could have fallen off the cliff. Every game was close (no larger than 8) despite monumental turmoil. Now that the lineup is stable and we have a full staff in consecutive years, that can only mean positives.

Coaching is excellent. I expect an upgraded pass rush. It is reasonable to expect a meaner Miami defense, given the competitiveness at linebacker. Experience at safety. Mike James is a solid scoring threat. Oustanding special teams. Many of the competitors have far fewer positives.

While the transcendent QB and no tight end threat will keep them from double digit wins, there is too much in favor to keep this team at 4. 4 wins is absolutely ridiculous.

Old Skool

In other news, OJ turns 65 today.

Kato is 53. That's the same age Nicole would have been.


Very good research and interesting read from the master:



Recruiting news from The Opening:



Recruiting news from The Opening:


Posted by: 86Cane | July 09, 2012 at 11:27 AM

"Of all the tight ends, Miami commitment Johnson may have had the softest hands. The 6-foot-4, 230-pounder made a number of receptions over a three day period and never was there a threat of the ball getting to his body."

That's great news!


Ohio...go read Twitter DMs.



1. What the f is this PC tellin me bout someone havin Miami over/under on Ws at 6.5? Da&@ straight this boi puttin pocket on that on the over. You can never have enough flip when slidin through SOBE lol.

2. Even though Miami aint gotz the O weapons Fisch wants, you cant underestimate his plays for certain ballahs and we da&@ well know the D bout to lock sh$# down. Go ahead on and hype up FSU cause they goin to crash their azz and fail again to match the hype.

3. This boi has yet to by the sands without seein at least 20 ballahs runnin and grindin and that boi Dallas aint missed any of them dayz. Pierre, 3GC, Zel, Prince look to be in even better shape then they were in spring and thats sayin alot.

4. About them special formations Coach D and Fisch gotz, hell nah I aint dimin them plays out lol. Wake the f up Miami fans sh$# bout to go live real soon. You goons/goonettes tight with that CEO will be gettin sh$# from 1st snap, who shows up eyein Miami (recruits,scouts) to the big hat goin crazymode on his OL to beefin with Jethro when the 1 on 1s start up.

5. Ite Spacers keep up positive comments, you gotz pressure from peoples down here. Dont be goin blastmode on some ballah cause then them peoples hit my email askin if its true or why did they slip on the ballah. This boi can get away with it cause I know all them foolies lol.


86- good find on the Paterno thing. Nothing like having the FBI going through their stuff. Penn State athletics needs to be shut down for awhile, too much bad karma.


Did anyone here know that Steve Gorten at the SS was pulled off the UM beat back in late May? I sure didn't!


CGNC...yeah, it bad and getting MUCH worse now the The Bureau is digging DEEP into the PSU allegations of the cover up.

Mailing your 2012 Canespace T-shirt today!

Canesteeler and Terrance S...your shirts are also going out today.


I think this PSU thing goes way beyond the PSU campus, and a LOT more people were involved in the cover up. Wouldn't be surprised to hear about kids getting pimped out to some rich sickos.


Ohio...go read Twitter DMs.

Posted by: 86Cane | July 09, 2012 at 12:29 PM


And no, I didn't know about Gorten. Wonder if he requested that, or they didn't like his work, or what?


"5. Ite Spacers keep up positive comments, you gotz pressure from peoples down here."

You want positives? You got it.

1. Mike freaking James. 8 touchdowns as a "backup" (7 rush, 1 catching).

2. Telemaque and Armstrong. They've combined for 70 starts. Experience is going to matter.

3. Special teams. Perfection on extra points. Excellent coverage.

4. The linebacking corps. Experienced (Buchanan) and tackling machines (Perryman).

5. An offensive line that averages at 6'5", 315. They paved the way for UM's first 1,000 yard rusher since Willis McGahee. And I've been told they're not even close to reaching their full potential.

As for Paterno, people around here still defend him. Sick.


DC and several others, tweet a lot about working out almost every day. Good for them.


Good day everyone, got tied up with 3 parties and 2 sleepovers for the kids this weekend, CEO, but your article is coming soon.


NCAA 2013 comes out at midnight tonight......


"NCAA 2013 comes out at midnight tonight"

I'll buy it, but not immediately. 2012 was the first game for current consoles (PS3) I've bought. I liked it. The buzz around it is good. Hopefully someone has an accurate roster for download. Please shout out your thoughts about it, especially the Dynasty feature.


Hopefully someone has an accurate roster for download.

Posted by: LB | July 09, 2012 at 02:38 PM

A legit one won't be out for at least a month. I'll post the link when it's up.


NCAA 2013 comes out at midnight tonight......

Posted by: raizecane | July 09, 2012 at 02:33 PM

U silly rabbit, video games are for kids!

I bet we lose half the bloggers here to NCAA 2013 for a few weeks until Fall camp opens. When is that BTW and when is CaneFest?


86, CaneFest is 8-21-2012 from 5-8 PM? That's what the Facebook page says.

Dunno about Fall camp.


They have UM losing to GT, FSU, VT and Virginia.

Posted by: 86Cane | July 09, 2012 at 09:54 AM

The Canes will win 2 or 3 out of those 4 games.

Virginia, GT and maybe VT.


I got to play it already the game is so much such smoother!! The LBs don't jump 100 feet and pick the ball off and passing is so accurate.

UM roster had morris, Williams, Dewey than Crow as 4 had Mike james Clements and than dillard as the third and Duke as 4


DBS where Mcgee, Finnie, Gunter, and Howard I think they got it pretty close, but like you guys said its not with the new roster updates yet.


Please no social medias for the players during the season and fall camp. Just focus an academics and football.


Got to play it already the game is so much such smoother!! The LBs don't jump 100 feet and pick the ball off and passing is so accurate.

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | July 09, 2012 at 03:20 PM


That was my biggest issue is the LB picking off a lob pass over his head. Not to mention when you threw a bomb, 6 defenders surrounded your 1 WR.

And in Dynasty mode, the "fail to transfer file" error was too much that we shut our on-line dynasty league down after only 1 season.


^^ Didn't scan that quote for curse words. My apologies. Got it off IMDB.com


where is the curse word???

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