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July 21, 2012





I've been in Cincinnati for the past couple of days. Can somebody tell me what's going on with the news?


You know... The usual.. apparently Miami has commited recruiting violations.. Not to mention somehow Clemson got the #1 player in the nation.. Over everyone.. No joke. Joepa is just as dirty as sandusky.. And Tremaine Mack coaches my cousins jv basketball team im seatac, wa


I can't wait until kick off!


funny how uncle luke calls sean allen and asked him if he had done an interview with yahoo....allen said no...


Nice update Q...

The Dude

Q, if you wanna pay for the pics, caneshooter.com has a lot of great pics.



Miami vs. Couchburners from West Virginia

Tremain Mack almost takes the ball off the foot of the punter

Miami wins



One of the greatest games ever!
Thanks for the memories.



Miami vs. Couchburners from West Virginia

Tremain Mack almost takes the ball off the foot of the punter

Miami wins


Posted by: Six | July 21, 2012 at 07:54 PM

Sometimes I wonder if the guy that scooped and scored is Skreetz. If not, CEO needs to get in contact with Him for an interview, He's on FB...



Miami vs. Couchburners from West Virginia

Tremain Mack almost takes the ball off the foot of the punter

Miami wins


And I'm proud to tell them that every day.


Six- that game made me believe in miracles.



Best part about it, the television announcer even says to look out for Tremain Mack at :07 seconds into the clip

and then Tremain runs in there untouched

j.w., that game was great. Think I lost my voice when I saw Mack break free


The T-Mack block:



Anna Maria Island is where I wanna be!

orange 'n green in the vein


This sums up why the program has failed to get a jump start on seeing any payoff to the rebuilding job post Coker. Basically, win the games you're supposed to with some regularity then work on increasing those upsets in frequency when you're a underdog instead of being the worst team as a favorite in the nation the last three years. Golden actually has a pretty good record against the spread but his outright upset numbers and record as a favorite aren't much to write home about yet as a coach.

The What

Reading the Phil Steele stats is depressing.

I just want to win again and consistently. I'm tired of the off the field drama of player suspensions, expulsions, of NCAA allegations, of coaching changes and of losing. I just want to win! This program has been battered and bruised for the last few years and has gone through more tough times than any other program in the country (except for PSU).
We clearly have many enemies as I think yahoo sports is getting tipped to this stuff from former coaches who are now at other schools.
Let's just rally around our coach and team and kick the living s#%%#% out of every team on our schedule. Even if we lose the game lets play so physical and so nasty those teams will never want to play us again.

It's all about the U


Well, I guess I should respond. HATE doesn't win football games. Jimmy Johnson defined road trips as business games. Why? Because when you have the better talent, you don't need hate. I would argue that FSU lost more games in this series because of hate than talent. When you line up for the game winning kick, and you know your team mates hate the opponent, it creates added pressure. You miss wide right or wide left. If you line up on a business trip, you make the kick.

You win close games on the road not because you hate the opponent but because you KNOW you are better than the opponent. I would argue that what has been lacking at UM is not the hate factor but the CONFIDENCE that we are the better team each and every time we line up.

That belief begins with the coaches and trickles down to the players. Jimmy KNEW he had the better players. Except for the Notre Dame game, he fielded superior talent, and he had no need to channel HATE. Al Golden has very good players, but he doesn't have the depth. But he will get there.

If anyone thinks that FSU or UM players lack the HATE factor going into a game, you are delusional. Even when we lost 47-0 to FSU, every UM player on that team hated FSU. HATE doesn't win games. Talent does. And Al Golden has us on the right track. And the Yahoo story is completely and total BS.


Basically, win the games you're supposed to with some regularity then work on increasing those upsets in frequency when you're a underdog instead of being the worst team as a favorite in the nation the last three years.

If you have CONFIDENCE you win these games. You EXPECT to win. If you hope to win the games, you sometimes don't win them. During our prime we didn't hope to win anything. We expected to win. And although a little hatred didn't hurt, it was our confidence that each and every member of our team was better than each and every member of the opponent that led to that confidence. When you practice hard, you expect results. But only excellent practices produce results. This has been the real issue.

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff 86. Thanks for the shirts they rock. 41 days until season opener. 55 days till home opener. Btw the Kansas State game will be an noon eastern/11am central kickoff on September 8th. Coach Golden seems to be an excellent closer so I see our Canes with another top 10 class come February.

Miami knights

So it seem Sean Allen is not a rat...
Robinson some how attain his tape
at Sharipo trial........

Yeah this guy has a AXE to grind with UM ......


### So what led to former equipment manager Sean Allen's testimony against UM, more of which came to light in Friday's Yahoo piece? Days before UM's part of the bankruptcy case was settled last December, Nevin Shapiro's attorney, Maria Elena Perez, subpoened Allen, eager to obtain incriminating information that would corroborate Shapiro's claims against UM.

The deposition did nothing to advance the bankruptcy case - according to people directly involved - but Perez made sure the NCAA got the tape. (Whether she gave the tape of the deposition to Yahoo's Charles Robinson, as many suspect, has not been confirmed, though Perez told me previously how much she likes Robinson.)

The bankruptcy trustee never even got a copy of the deposition, though an attorney for the trustee did listen in via conference call. Perez has not subpoenaed any former UM players.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/07/barry-jackson-buzz-for-sunday-scatter-shooting-on-dolphins-issues-with-training-camp-opening-friday-most-inte.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy


Maria Elena Perez Pa
145 Madeira Ave Ste 310
Coral Gables, Florida 331344520
United States
Phone: 305.4613100
Fax: 305.4613444
E-Mail: mari2much@aol.com


Posted by: TJL | July 22, 2012 at 09:15 AM

I think she is sleeping with the midget


86 - interesting article

The What

If the NCAA would finish their investigation we can put this and these poisonous cast of characters behind us.

I know kicking ray ray off the team for lying seems small. But. He's dating someone in the sports marketing or agent business. AND HE KEPT TWEETING ABOUT IT? It's like he was daring the coaching staff to suspend him. If the NCAA wasnt up our a#% he probably would not have gotten kicked off the team. But Fridays yahoo article shows, you have to be extra cautious and can't have the coaches running after you making sure, what your doing is on the up and up.

The What

NCAA is gonna have a news conference about Penn State on Monday at 9am. Something tells me al golden won't be as swarmed with reporters as we thought on Friday :-)

The What

Per a CBS report NCAA is gonna hand down unprecedented penalties against penn state. GULP. I do feel bad for the football players and vendors and small businesses that earn a living though the football games. Oh and the coaches that were recently hired. Best of luck to all of them.

oh and yes I do think she is sleeping with the midget.

The What

Penn state took down paterno statue. This is a snippet from the WSJ (free section).

Workers lifted the statue off its base and used a forklift to move it into Beaver Stadium as the 100 to 150 students watching chanted, "We are Penn State."


Posted on Sunday, 07.22.12

UM football
New allegations might hamper Miami Hurricanes’ recruiting

UM currently has eight recruits committed in its 2013 class — three of whom are from out of state. Quarterback Kevin Olsen, the younger brother of former Hurricanes tight end Greg Olsen (Carolina Panthers), is the most highly touted among them. The 6-3, 196-pound senior at Wayne Hills High in New Jersey is the eighth-best pro-style quarterback in the country, according to Rivals.com.

Olsen couldn’t be reached for reaction to the latest allegations, but Fishbein believes there is a good chance Olsen will stay committed to UM because of the family’s connection to the school.

“He’s a good quarterback they desperately need,” Fishbein said. “As far as I guys they’ll lose, South Plantation running back Alex Collins will probably end up at Florida State or Wisconsin. As far as pickups, I think you’ll see them add Miami Southridge safety Jamal Carter, Miami Northwestern cornerback Artie Burns and Fort Lauderdale University defensive tackle Maquedius Bain.

“I don’t think they’ll get offensive tackle Denver Kirkland or outside linebacker Matthew Thomas out of Booker T.”

Burns, considered the 13th best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com, is supposed to choose between UM, Louisville, Florida, Florida State and LSU on Monday. Carter, considered the 18th best safety in the country by Rivals.com, has also said he’ll make his decision soon.

“Getting both of those guys would be huge for UM after they did so well to get Tracy Howard and Deon Bush last year,” Fishbein said. “Most fans think they’re going to solve all the problems in one year. But it’s going to take two to three good recruiting years to clean up the mess they had here. Hopefully for them, this news doesn’t push Burns or Carter away.”

REST of article here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/22/2906173/new-allegations-might-hamper-miami.html#storylink=cpy


Golden needs to make a strong and a loud statement tomorrow against some new allegations. In doing so he won't go into details in respect to the ongoing NCAA investigation...But big Al will need to clear the air somehow...


I see there is a lot of national attention on this story and I'm glad for the quick resolve of this heinous act by so many in the Penn State situation as it affects the lives of many...

BUT, why can't they move this fast on something such as the Miami situation? I mean really, I don't know about anyone else. I want closure. I want to move on, no matter the punishment. I'm sure there are many of you, the players and the coaches. The fact that our investigation has taken this long is rediculous. Period.

PS - I agree, she likes to sleep with the midget.


I see a big change in society from the old days. There is a lot of negative competition. Im trying to figure out why the NCAA is using discipline in such a destructive way. I guess its just like all the other areas of society. There are so many laws and rules that its become destructive. They actually prevent people from moving on and rebuilding their lives.

These kids are not doing any crimes. They are not any different than the other kids attending these universities. What is the definition of slavery? Its using people by violating their rites as american citizens for the purpose of profit.

You know that people are mesmerizer by this process of the "i got you". They do not consider the big picture as to how they are gonna encourage these kids through positive reinforcement. They are only thinking about the impact its making on all of the corporate entities and the bottom line. With this unconstitutional authority people are losing their freedoms more and more.

The What

I agree Hawaiicane. This has now affected a whole season and two recruiting cycles and is affecting our ability to rebuild. Just get on with it.

This may be one way the NCAA punishes. It took them 3 or 4 years to "complete their investigation" in the USC case. No way it took that long to investigate even if USC didn't cooperate. The cloud of uncertainty can really hurt a program and I believe that is one of the tools the NCAA is using.


Guys I am thinking PSU gets KICKED OUT of the NCAA, kinda worse then death penalty, your thoughts?


... Miami Norland football coach Daryle Heidelburg said he isn’t buying that Allen had any sort of influence in getting Johnson, his former star running back, to go to Miami.

Heidelburg said he can’t imagine Golden directing Allen or anybody to recruit for him.

I’ve had a lot of interaction with Al Golden over the past year, and I find it pretty hard to believe he would ask some equipment guy to do him any favors in recruiting, Heidelburg said. His whole deal from Day 1 was getting away from those type of people.
As for Duke, he was UM from start to finish. He didn’t even take visits to other schools. Golden didn’t even need to recruit him.
Heidelburg said the only times he saw Allen, who has several local high school players listed as friends on his Facebook page, were during camps and team activities at UM. Heidelburg said Allen had a reputation for hanging around players and trying to befriend them even going so far to show up to Pop Warner games when Johnson played at Liberty City Optimist.

Duke told me that guy tried to be like a mentor to guys, Heidelburg said. Duke knew better than that even then.

According to Yahoo!, Johnson called Allen on June 15, 2011.

Duke told me the reason he called him that day was just to find out if he could borrow something with UM on it for his trip to the Nike combine up in Oregon, Heidelburg said. But he never ended up getting anything from him. Duke always bought his own Canes gear. In fact, he and [Louisville linebacker] Keith Brown used to have a competition to see who had more Canes gear when they were both commitments. They used to buy it all online on my computer.

Finnie, a former standout at Miami Central who is now a sophomore at UM, spoke to Allen the day before he switched his commitment from South Carolina to the Hurricanes, according to Yahoo! But Finnie’s father laughed at the insinuation that his son picked UM because of Allen.
I did that totally myself, Finnie Sr. said. I spent half an hour on the phone with Al Golden the day before my son was set to leave for South Carolina. In fact, he was at Chickillo’s house. Every time I tried to tell him my son was going to South Carolina, he refused to take that for an answer.
I’ve spent 28 years coaching. I know those type of guys and how to stay away from them. The only persuasion for my son to go to Miami came from me and my wife.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/21/2905169/coach-parent-deny-wrongdoing.html#storylink=cpy


Well the public outrage has this Penn State thing on the fast track. There was a plane flown over that said "take down the statue or we will". I can only imagine the threats that they are getting.....they don't need any caped crusaders throwing tear gas and firing randomly......


Can you imagine walking down the street in America and seeing someone who you are forced to avoid not by any crime? Its like living in the old Soviet Union.

Youve got to ask how do people get this much authority over other people?


Posted by: mi@mic@ne | July 22, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Not entirely. The mindset of people has changed. My grandparents used to tell me about the Great Depression and how it was embarassing to go to the food lines, but there was not any other way. Today, everyone has their hand out for something not to mention corporate America which does not take care of its own.


Posted by: CGNC | July 22, 2012 at 11:29 AM

I think we are talking past one another.

I agree with you. What happened to these definitions in our identity as fellow human beings? The very people who are movers and shakers in society who can set and example are forced to avoid these kids. But yet they have all the power of the discipline because of their gifts to the university. Its just a crazy upside down world.


Just chiming in so don't shoot me... I'm privileged to have family and friends within the immediate Cane Athletic family is all that needs to be known. So take it as is or don't take it at all... Just my opinion.

Much of this recent Yahoo situation is the result of Michael Barrow and a few select others trying to get things done behind the scenes without Golden's direct knowledge and implicating Coach whatsoever I believe. ALL ALLEGED but still damaging nonetheless. Basically the Yahoo.com allegations are this in a nutshell 1.) Trying to cut recruiting corners by giving multiple illegal transportation and rides to certain local kids to visit during down times which could constitute Illegal unofficial visits. 2.) Taking kids to restaurants and strip clubs, buying drinks n meals exceeding the amount of money allowed during those visits... 3.) Former Equipment manager "Pee Wee" giving facilities tours and handing out gloves, and Cane gear which is illegal. 4.) And MULTIPLE illegal texts n phone contact during recruiting dead periods exceeding those limits. Now, I hope these things aren't true but it's these "little" things that other Programs can practice at times and not have to worry about major sanctions if caught. If schools that are in good standing with the NCAA got in trouble over reported "rumors" like these caught the NCAA's ear, they would simply self report and the NCAA would take minor action and probate them further if there were anymore violations within a certain time period. Problem is, we are STILL under MAJOR investigation ! Really doesn't matter if they're true or not now. The damage is done. And I do think Barrow was probably not just trying to do his best, but by almost any means possible, within reason, he could to get Duke, Howard and Chick and a few selected others to sign on the dotted line. Sure, nothing major, but by the NCAA's guidelines, impermissible nonetheless. Not to mention, arguably a further lack of institutional control I'm afraid. That's why I feel bad for Golden. He is doing everything he can as far as total compliance with the NCAA. I can see Barrow telling him, "Coach, we've done this type of little stuff minor recruiting tactics for years here." I can only imagine what Coach Goldens's reply would be...
As Canes we must remember this. We've been under the NCAA's Microscope for a few too many years now. We need to walk the straight and narrow in all aspects of the entire Athletic program. The powers that be are ready to pounce on anything we do. Obviously so is the National Press. The Basketball, Football, Baseball programs all the way down to the tennis programs. It's the NCAA sandbox and we're just allowed to play in it as they see fit. Fair or foul, right or wrong, good or bad. It's not a Democracy. It's their club. And an extremely powerful one at that fellow Cane Fans. The one thing they hate more than anything is this. While under investigation, get your house in order and comply. PERIOD. And I know in my heart of hearts that Al Golden is doing everything within his capabilities to do so. It's the little things outside his control that worries me.

In conclusion, I can only hope for this. The NCAA finds us less guilty for the whole Shapiro mess. These recent accusations are proven miniscule. And the fact that we could be found as habitual offenders with multiple Major sanctions within a 10 year period from the 90's doesn't further incite them to bury us up to Ur necks in the little sandbox... Right now, I'll take up to our waists with the abilty to dig out in a few years.


ps- Let's try not to shoot the messengers... Especially our own local ones who's job it is, is to report and opine. News is not always facts. Unfortunatly.

Manny, Susan and are others are doing their objective best.


Good comments by all today.


mi@mic@ne -

I agree with you in principle. Frankly, it irks the hell out of me that the belief is that you make make a rule or law in reaction to every little hiccup in life and well, the "wonderful" politicians have done their civic duty.

WTF, start by enforcing the million laws already, and far better yet, start purging some of the ridiculous bs laws. Have the citizens take their own responsibility/allow them to work out issues since you can't even piss w/o a permit these days.


TIL...go easy man.

The What

WGT22 - good post. I have a question though. If barrow went to golden and told him he committed violations wouldn't golden have let him go especially since UM is under investigation? Also since UM knew about these allegations and from shalalas email it seems the NCAA knew as well and already investigated doesn't that mean that barrow is clear?

Or is it more of a case where barrow did something wrong it was investigated and put behind until the article comes out and now with the spotlight on UM again, barrow will be let go to appease the public?


Source: PSU not facing 'death penalty' Monday



Great posts today. Looking forward to hearing from Golden today,got a feeling UM has him prepped well


All of these things have consequences. Al has a personal relationship with his athletes.He is the adult who is responsible for the kids. But the kids are also adults and responsible for their own behavior. And each one should be given the least amount of restraint since they are free to have their personal preferences. As well as laws there also are restraints that make it immoral to get into someone else business... train someone else who has individual rites to do things that violate those rites in order to make a profit.

What this does is it puts Al in a position of having to disclose information in which he has the respect and personal responsibly in gaining the trust of these kids. Who have committed no crime. A relationship to a girl? Paleasse... like mommy telling you you cant go out with that girl. Not even parents who do this are respected. And so the question is not whether how much negative tampering will be withheld to lead to good and keep the trust. But its showing a lack of respect for the authority these coaches and the college have for these people. PERSONS!!


I have a lot of respect for Al .. i dont want him to be dragged through the mud. If there is any coach in college football who has shown that he is trustworthy and a real leader.. this guy has been nothing but sterling. Any kid who would not jump on board is his loss.Ive been involved with this stuff since the early eighties and i will not be happy until we have our foot on the the throat of this monster. Keep going Mr Al!!!!!


I hope you see i havent bought into all this bull@##$ 2012 talk !


With all this oversight for the last 25 yrs ...about the time Paterno was hiding the rape of young boys... yea really effective. I guess the next step is to get cameras and put them in all the locker rooms.. lol... maybe the system is broken... maybe the kids are being taught anti social behavior by being treated like a commodity.


Regardless if the statements are true or not in the NCAA eyes were are a dirty no good program full of street thugs. Also after playing NCAA 2013 it is apparent that we SUCK. Not to sound too harsh but this current roster is a joke other than the defense which looks to be better than expected our offense sucks. We have no good QB,TE, and maybe one or two good WR's and that is it. Our O line will suck again and we will not win more than 7 games this year. The way it is looking now we will probably be lucky to win 5 games. I love the CANES and always will be a fan but as I have gotten older I have became more in tune with reality and I no longer sip the kool aid. The kool aid was too sweet anyway....

6-6 Miami 2013 record.........


By the way OhioCane.....

How in the world did you go undefeated with Miami in NCAA? We really suck on the game so bad that I enjoy playing with other teams.


I dont believe in defeat. Im a Cane. I dont forget what it was like to raise my fist... laugh at the unman tiling of the opponent.The reason that we are winners is because we do not accept losing. Losing is having losers on the field and on the staff. Those people need to find another program.. get a degree in sowing.

Canes dominate..take no prisoners...party like hell and boast like they are on top of the world. Thats where my energy is focused with i go to games.. watch these kids. I do not waste my time. I know for sure we are gonna turn this around. Because we are winners.


WGT22 - good post. I have a question though. If barrow went to golden and told him he committed violations wouldn't golden have let him go especially since UM is under investigation?

Posted by: The What | July 22, 2012 at 12:22 PM

I think we will know something about Barrow and this whole situation much sooner than later. Coach Golden will prove that he, and only he is in charge when it does I've no doubt.

Have a great day 4-Real and Go C.A.N.E.S.


I am in season 7 of my NCAA 13 dynasty....with the canes of course. I play on Heisman with all default sliders. I won 5 ACC titles and 4 BCS titles.
First season i went 14-0 , second season i went 12-2, lost to FSU and Michigan State and played in the sugar bowl and won v Iowa.

3rd season i went 13-1 and national title, lost to texas at in Austin. 4th season i was 12-0 going into the ACC title game, played Clemson, they beat me 55 to 30 lol. I threw 5 picks....5 pick 6s.
had to play in the Orange bowl and won.

5th season I went 13-1 lost to VT in blacksburg 41-40...could not stop the bitches for some reason, and they scored with 3 seconds to go. They were leading the coastal by head to head over me and lost their last game to UVA haha, i went to the ACC title and smacked Clemson ass lol, Won the NT.
6th season i just completed 14-0 first back to back title. I play all my OOC games on the road and v highly ranked teams. I just played IOWA and they were #3 first game in week 2.


Coach Golden will prove that he, and only he is in charge when it does I've no doubt.

Posted by: WGT22 | July 22, 2012 at 02:42 PM

NO!, Coach Golden is NOT! in charge, Shalala IS!

I think after being blindsided with Robinson's last "story", I'll assume that She's on top of things from now on.

I'll take Her word for it that Barrow didn't commit any recruiting violations:

"The Associated Press reported that it obtained an e-mail in which UM president Donna Shalala told trustees Thursday that “someone who had a low level position at one time” would likely accuse Barrow of recruiting violations. Shalala, according to the AP, said it has already been investigated."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/21/2904868_p2/report-university-of-miami-coach.html#storylink=cpy


And somebody said something about Allen telling Luke no as far as Robinson interviewing Him. And from re-reading the story, NO WHERE in that article does Robinson quote Allen.

And since Olivier and Chick being at a strip club was part of Allen's testimony, why WEREN'T Olivier and Chick subpoena'd to testify in bankruptcy court...

Ish just doesn't add up and jibe to me.

The What

So Michael Rosenberg from SI.com (sports illustrated) thinks the death penalty for psu is too severe and punishes the wrong people.

If the PSU scandal has done anything it has shone a bright light on the hypocrisy of our society, especially those with the loudest voice (the media). Yes it is only football we are talking about, but what is wrong with our society when justifications are made on behalf of a school that harbored and protected a child predator for over a decade and yet there is outrage and horror at a school that breaks NCAA infractions that seem so trivial in the grand scheme of things you wonder why they are violations to begin with.

When you defend an institution that harbored and enabled a child predator, or when "journalists" can drag a mans name through the mud without any evidence or clearly omitting information for his story, or when the media shoots more venom at a school for strip clubs, parties, etc, and coddles the school that harbored a pedophile then there is something really wrong with societies gate keepers (the media).

I kept it to football but our media really needs a complete overhaul.


The What, are you sure that The Guardian is not simply referring to the SEC's collective budget for recruiting signing bonuses?


Posted by: The What | July 22, 2012 at 03:57 PM

And notice, NOT A WORD! about the RELOCATION of PaternHoe's statue. But yet, all day yesterday, ESPN had this long ass scroll detailing our latest allegations.




ACC Commissioner John Swofford stands by UM Canes Coach Al Golden

From Susan at the Herald

Here's my story that I just posted online:

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford said Sunday after he addressed reporters during the opening session of the ACC Football Kickoff that he would be shocked’’ if University of Miami football coach Al Golden were personally involved in any NCAA violations.

Swofford was asked by The Miami Herald about his reaction when he read the newest Yahoo! Sports report allegations about Miami.
Well, I don’t know how new they are,’’ he answered. That’s an ongoing investigation.’’

Swofford was then asked specifically about Yahoo! reporting that coach Al Golden had direct knowledge of UM football improprieties after he arrived at UM. What was Swofford’s reaction to that part of the report?
You never want to read any more of that,’’ Swofford said. I’ve seen all of that I want to see. You’re never happy when you read that, but again, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a new part of that investigation. It may simply be something that has been thrown out there that isn’t new. I don’t know. I really can’t comment on an ongoing investigation on a piecemeal basis.’’

Then Swofford was asked, How about just your own gut and how you feel having gotten to know Al Golden?
Swofford’s response: If Al Golden were involved in anything inappropriate in terms of NCAA rules I would be shocked.’’


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/07/acc-commissioner-john-swofford-stands-by-um-canes-coach-al-golden.html#storylink=cpy


CEO! The God of the Legion. As he giveth, so he taketh away. Lol!

I aint think that comment was delete worthy but your da boss...

Can u at least give me some feedback on my Alex Collins concerns? Thanks




4 Real,

Don't spaz out. Take a deep breath & make sure you're sitting down...

USC just got commitments from 3 more 5* recruits! UNF*CKIN REAL!!! ('o')


Canes at the London Olympics final list...

Randy Ableman Diving USA Assistant Coach

Reuben Ross Men's Diving Canada 3m Synchro

Zach Railey Sailing USA Finn Class

Brittany Viola Women's Diving USA 10m

Murielle Ahoure Women's Track & Field Ivory Coast

T'Erea Brown Women's Track & Field USA 400m hurdles

Amy Deem Women's Track & Field USA Coach

Lauryn Williams Women's Track & Field USA Member of relay pool

Savannah Leaf Women's Volleyball Great Britain Athlete

Ciara Michel Women's Volleyball Great Britain Athlete


Thanks, MC.


CoCane, what da hell u tryin 2 do, drive me 2 drinkin.......more?!!


Charles Robinson is larger than life and he hates the Hurricanes.

It's obvious that Robinson has it's own agenda. He wants to make the Shapiro so called scandal much bigger than it really is.
Robinson only wants to bring more credibility to his own story of last august because he took so many shots since then from other media members and fans.

I just wonder how much time Charles Robinson spent investigating and writting about something much more troublesome at Penn State.


Mike James annd Brandon McGee today at the ACC media day.



If you listen to Mike James, Seantrel Henderson is on the team and will be among the best players on the squad in 2012.


When is our beloved president ( Shalala ) gonna go off & say " STOP F*#!CKIN WITH MY UNIVERSITY!!!? Cuz if it wuz me & all this shyt was just he said I would sue yahoo 4 enuff 2 build UM a stadium! Time 4 the Don 2 step it up a notch!


86----Did you get my check for the shirt? Just let me know.
Great info today. The statue comes down, kind of like Stalin, Saddam, etc. Amazing. Who would have thought a couple of years ago. It always catches up to one when they are a scum bag.


One former Miami target, however, told the Sun Sentinel he didn’t understand why Allen’s alleged actions drew so much attention. Miami Northwestern High product Elston Lane ultimately signed with Texas Southern, but said Allen was more of a buddy than a high-level recruiting influence.

[Allen] had nothing to do with our recruiting. Our recruiting was on us, Lane said. He didn’t pitch anything to any of us on our recruiting. I don’t understand why people be saying he had inside deals on recruiting and all that stuff, when he had nothing. He was the equipment manager at Miami. He was somebody who we’d see and say, ‘Hey, what up,’ not like some recruiter for Miami.

It's all we needed to know!


Who was the last Booker T. kid we got? I wonder if Ice Harris has something to do with it. Can Miami really not get the top players from BTW all of a sudden


Who was the last Booker T. kid we got? I wonder if Ice Harris has something to do with it. Can Miami really not get the top players from BTW all of a sudden

Posted by: UMike | July 22, 2012 at 08:25 PM

Eduardo Clemens I think?


Wedding and reception are finished and I've just recovered fully. What'd I miss?


Kevin Olsen the more you see and read about this kid the more you like him. The Canes will have a shot at the NC with this major upgrade at QB.

From canesport.com

Kevin Olsen , Wayne (N.J.) Wayne Hills : Olsen is yet another big, strong pocket passer to make this list and his potential is easy to see. When he's on and balanced, he makes some very impressive throws and he can sling it and fit it into tight spots. He tends to overstride a bit, which can make his ball sail at times, but he's made many more good passes than poor ones. He is especially effective at throwing to the outside of the hashes and making some of the tougher throws for quarterbacks. His arm strength is very good and he gets the ball out quickly and he continues to fill out an imposing frame.




Ray-Ray Armstrong’s dad calls dismissal from Miami Hurricanes team ‘unfair’

By Barry Jackson The Miami Herald

The father of Ray-Ray Armstrong, who was thrown off the team last week, said UM used his son as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ for the NCAA.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/22/2907484/ray-ray-armstrongs-dad-calls-dismissal.html#storylink=cpy


Joe Rose is back on the job at WQAM monday morning. I am sure he will try to interview Al Golden...first thing in the morning...


The truth from Canetruth...

Canetruth says:

July 21, 2012 at 10:26 am
This proves more and more that there is a lot of made up lies. This is why it is taking so long for the NCAA to figure out truth from lies!


Mike James a class act. Smiley will have a great 2012 season.



Joe Paterno was the president of NAMBLA. Penn(is) State was its fondling headquarters.

Willie Will in Nashville


As your agent I order you to stay off the blog for a couple of days, I'll fill in for you, and start working on kid #2 or at least acting like it ;-). But Congratulations!!!!


I use Duke in EA Sports NCAA on PS3

Until my apartment was burglarized yesterday and they took my PS3, took my portable dvd player, blu-rays and printer (but not the cables)

Drove up to my place at 1:30am, saw the bathroom window was broken, called 911, 911 Operator had to remind me a couple of times that I was being recorded b/c of some of the things I was saying, cops came out, went inside and everything was flipped/pulled out/thrown all over, two bottles of laundry detergent were then thrown all over the inside of my apartment, I threw about 75% of what was inside the apartment away after I took a bat to it so that no one else could possibly use it - including tearing apart my box spring and then relieving myself onto my mattress after I dragged it to the outside of my dumpster (I held at least 2.5 hours of 1.5 gallons of Smart Water in me) - so that no one could use it

I was about to burn down my entire former apartment building, everyone in it is a piece of garbage that sit around all day long in the same spot from 9am - 3am, complaining about not having jobs (even though there are 10 places within 2 blocks that are hiring, but the jobs are "below them" to go work at ) ... brag about getting free money from the government .. get into fist fights over $5 on a dice game everyday .. blast music on their Metro PCS phone and make their own "rap" to it while saying that they're rappers .. yell at the top of their lungs about how the government gives each Indian person $100,000 to open stores when they come to this country - but they can't get a dime of it or a job (true statement I've heard plenty of times in the hood knowledge banter being spread) .. drag their feet while wearing sandals, everywhere they go .. eat or drink something, then throw it right out on to the ground or parking lot as they drive off .. etc.

Ya, I'm a little pissed

I have the mentality of Denzel Washington in Training Day, when he and Officer Hoyt disagree on allowing the people on the street kill each other

Denzel: What's wrong with street justice?

Officer Hoyt: Oh, what, so just let the animals wipe themselves out, right?

Denzel: God willing. F*** 'em, and everybody that looks like 'em.

Like Chris Rock said, you can boo me all you want, but you know what I say is true

Apologize if anyone is offended by this post - but you wouldn't be in the best of moods if you came home to that at 1:30am either


Harry Rothwell ‏@mrallcanes

Miami it is TIME to stand up to Yahoo and Robinson. With or without the NCAA approval. They have hurt our coaches, players, staff and fans!

The What

Sorry to hear about that six. Having your home violated is one of those red lines no man should cross. I've experienced it myself so I understand your anger.

Hope things get better soon.

Last scene of training day one of the greatest ever. Love that movie.

orange 'n green in the vein

Six, sorry to hear that.

Does Jacory Harris have an alibi? How about Gray Crow?

mac jo nes of New Mexico?

Look at it this way, you've still got your health and it was just stuff, which you are now free of being owned by.


Six - yo bra.......that sh*t is messed up. Sorry to hear about this. I am glad you are ok. But lord help the perps if they tried that crap while you were home.

My only question is why the F would use use Duke on EA 2013??? LOL. If I can help in anyway, let me know.


ncaa about to give PSU the ax........


1) 60 million dollar fine
2) 4 year bowl ban
3) schollys down from 25 to 15 per year for 4 years
4) 1998 - 2011 all wins vacated
5) athletic dept on a 5 year probation.

among a few things.......OUCH!!!!


The U is next?

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