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July 19, 2012







Daaag cocane! Thought I had an Allen hurns on yall. Guess ill have to settle for a Willis mcgahee and a randall hill.




And I thought 7:53 was early.......


Soup when U go to crystal river make sure U stop into Dan's Clam Stand on 44 just east of the city....small hole in the wall with good food.


Well I remember seeing that interview during canespace of araviois. He said "ray ray just wants to be ray ray.. I dont wanna be Sean Taylor" which is fine. He just joins the list of top rated players that didnt pan out. He was my favorite cane. Im wishing him the best but Sean Michael Taylor was one of a kind.. 86, can you ask him how the defense is looking.. ? I believe this group will have some growing pains but next year.. Acc's best


Sean Michael Taylor was one of a kind

Posted by: Q | July 19, 2012 at 09:09 AM



Well done, CEO!


Good luck Ray Ray sigh :\


Only people that are sad are OCoordinators in the ACC b/c they might have to actually consider not using playaction or any kind of play where the halfback gets the ball on a sweep & then throws it to someone downfield as much anymore

Posted by: Six | July 18, 2012 at 12:40 PM

I agree with this post by Six yesterday, I DEFINITELY won't miss Ray Ray getting toasted on PAs. I definitely know that they love Him in the state of Virginia. Especially VT, where the Coale kid beat Him on the SAME! route two years in a row, HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN!!!

And don't even get me started on the half-back pass in the UVA game. Even Pop Warner kids know not to come up and play the run, UNTIL! the ball CROSSES! the line of scrimmage.

Yeah, I definitely won't miss that part of His game. And let's face it, RR wasn't disciplined enough to produce at FS, wasn't athletic enough to play CB, and He wasn't stout enough to be a hybrid SS/OLB. At the end of the day, RR was a TWEENER...IF THAT!!!


I can't wait for the book to come out: ) ! - You've got to love the title!

In five years I can see that there will book on the NY Times best seller list with this title!

In all seriousness, it is a shame. And even more unfortunately, his story is only one of many that share the same story.

Hell, not even being a wise a$$, I honestly cannot remember the second member of the "Sanford Trio" who committed to the Canes.

To me, this only solidifies the fact that 18-22 yr olds need definitive direction from a respectable leader(s). To a large degree, that was missing throughout the coaching staff BG (Before Golden).

Just as importantly, competition cannot be overvalued when it comes to a high caliber HS athlete realizing his full potential. It may be antithetical to human behavior, but if you are going to remain focused and committed day in and day out, there is nothing that can duplicate the effects of competition. PED-type temptations aside, there is really not a down side to it. Well, unless you are the one who gets left in the dust, but unless Sean Taylor was in front of you, if you keep pushin', you will only become significantly better and reap the rewards sooner than later. Your time WILL come.

But this is a Fast Food, need it now world and you can connect the dots.


Dyron Dye


Dyron Dye's bio:



Here's the third member of the Sanford Trio:


I thought he had not done much but after reading his bio he appears to have been the most productive of the three players.


Dyron Dye is a machine


Big Ten officials are still in the early stages of debating how to handle fallout from the scandal. Among other ideas, the league’s presidents and chancellors could consider removing Penn State from the conference, one Big Ten leader told The Chronicle.

The Big Ten Conference Handbook, which governs the league’s operations, does not contain language addressing a situation as egregious as what happened at Penn State.

But the conference’s bylaws prescribe potentially severe penalties for member institutions that break lesser rules. Any Big Ten university that employs or retains workers who intentionally falsify or deliberately fail to provide complete and accurate information during an investigation may be required to “show cause why its membership in the conference should not be suspended or terminated,” the Big Ten’s 2011-12 handbook says.

At least four top Penn State officials—including Graham B. Spanier, the former president, and Timothy M. Curley, the athletic director on administrative leave—failed to paint an accurate picture of how much they knew about Jerry Sandusky, the former coach convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse, according to an independent report released last week. Both Spanier and Curley were part of a culture that tried to “actively conceal” abuse by the former coach, the report said.

The Big Ten’s 12-member Council of Presidents and Chancellors must approve any decision to suspend, expel, or place on probation any member of the conference. According to the conference handbook, expulsion requires a vote of not less than 60 percent of the full council (a Big Ten spokesman said that figure is actually 70 percent, or eight members, which will be reflected in the 2012-13 handbook).


Dubose has been an under achiever at Flo.
Dye, can't find a position & stay there.
Armstrong, falls by the wayside, just like Willie Williams, Latwan Anderson,Ryan Moore & Marcus Forston. The list of flops just goes on & on But who knows, he'll probably be an all pro because that's what we do at the "U", produce pro players.


Miami 6: Over

If you expect any improvement at all in year 2 under Al Golden, then there's your 7 wins right off the bat. Perhaps my biggest reason for being optimistic about Miami this season is that all 6 of their losses last season were by 1 score. Nobody was blowing them out, and if the players grow in the system their 2-6 record in 1 score games should move toward .500. I also don't imagine they'll lose to Boston College this year, and wouldn't be shocked at all to see them upset Florida State or Virginia Tech, both home games.


Kevin Olsen shining at the Elite 11!!! the most impressive QB during day 1....

Cnt wait to get this kid down at the U..


I like Highsmith! Second generation CANE nuff said.



Ahhhh, the great Duron Carter escapade. The son of Cris Carter transferred to Alabama from Ohio State in April of 2011, but had trouble getting any closer to game action than the practice field. A few weeks into the season, Nick Saban noted Carter might not make it out for the year at any point, and then spring ball also came and went without him.

And now this:

"That guy refuses to buy in to what we teach and what we value to be succesful. He will not play for this football team. Period," Nick Saban reportedly said at a gathering.

Carter was rated a four-star recruit out of Fort Lauderdale by Rivals, making him the 11th-best receiver in the country. The 6'3 possession man mustered 176 career yards for the Buckeyes in 2009, and that's been his entire college career to date.


Duron Carter, son of NFL great Cris Carter, has applied to FAU with hopes of joining the football team, according to a high-level school source.

Carter is also hoping to receive a transfer waiver — on the grounds that he is moving closer to his South Florida-based family — which will allow him to play the 2012 season.

If he is not granted the waiver, but enrolls at FAU, Carter will have one year of eligibility remaining.

His application to FAU is still pending.

When reached by phone, Cris Carter, who lives in Boca Raton, said only: "I'm sure it will all be resolved soon."

If Carter does enroll at FAU, it would be his fourth school in as many years.

A 2009 graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas, Carter started his college football career at Ohio State, before academic reasons forced him to transfer to Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College. He then transferred to Alabama in 2011, but his academic woes did not abandon him.


Canes on pre-season watch lists:

Biletnikoff Award: WR Allen Hurns

AFCA Good Works Team: RB Mike James

Ray Guy Award: P Dalton Botts

Lou Groza Award: K Jake Wieclaw


JC Shurburtt: "Kevin Olsen looking good in a drill with combo routes. Easy to tell he's able to make quick decisions, sees the field, etc."


solar - I will definitely check that out. I bought basically a mini-keg of some crazy hot sauce from Tijuana Flats

For those of you that have been to Tijuana Flats, then you know their hot sauces have 3 different faces attributed to them

:) - won't make you cry

:| - will start somethin in your belly

:( - you're about to cry & will spend a lot of time on the pot later

This hot sauce has the :| face on it. I don't feel like having fire butt at work

Again, good to have you back brah


Carter needs to go to West Virginia and major in milking cows or burning couches, or even trailer park living 101


11 hours. 52 minutes.

Dark Knight Rises in IMAX

Pre-purchased saved assigned seats. That's right.


I love Saban.

"That guy refuses to buy in to what we teach and what we value to be succesful. He will not play for this football team. Period," Nick Saban reportedly said at a gathering.



six - your going first class-I am waiting for the matinee tomorrow-its 5 bucks before 4pm


Dyron Dye is a machine

Posted by: TJL | July 19, 2012 at 10:37 AM

HA! Yeah, I remember that one. If you wanna call a Ford Model T a machine, then yeah, He's a "machine" LOL.


Soup... nice title... (even down to the alliteration.)

And I agree, I would pick Mike James as a "teammate" EVERY time over AA.

Let's Go Canes!

The What

If a 3 time NC coach like Saban can't get you to act right, then your just a lost cause. What a knuckle head.


Roach...thanks, I was hoping that U would notice! LOL


TJL... I take serious offense to that statement. As a succesful WVU grad and 'Canes fan, you should be ashamed of the comment. I understand Miami's academic prestige. I hate other schools athletics but to be little an institute just to do so and is completely not needed.



Kevin Beard attended Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida[1] and was a student and a standout in football and basketball. In football, as a junior, he made 50 receptions for 850 yards (17.00 yards per reception avg.) and 15 touchdowns. As a senior, he was a first team All-Broward County selection, a second team All-State selection, and was named by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as a Broward County co-Offensive Player of the Year. In basketball, as a senior, he was a second team All-State selection.

Beard graduated from Plantation High School in 1999 and attended the University of Miami where he played wide receiver.

He now is the Wide Receivers coach at the University School in Davie, Florida.


Top 25 players in FL according to FHSS:


How many will UM land?

Old Skool

Pitt coming to the ACC in 2013



Soup i always liked Kevin Beard. Love the title or your article.

On another note...

The NCAA needs to make a quick decision and allow Penn State players to transfer without any restrictions. The president of Penn State should have the courage to cancel the 2012 season even before the NCAA makes a decision on the death penalty.


Article about the 2012 Canes football team:


3G Cane

Top 25 players in FL according to FHSS:


How many will UM land?

Posted by: 86Cane
4... maybe 5???


3G...I also have it at 5 for now, maybe 6.


Canes at the Olympics...Nice clip on Tera Brown



WEB VOTE Should UM football coach Al Golden ban players from using social medias like former coach Randy Shannon did? 70 % yes

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/19/2900966/miami-hurricanes-dismiss-safety.html#storylink=cpy

orange 'n green in the vein

Still too early in Dye's junior year to write him off just yet but he is in a spot where it's excel at TE or bust for him now. I still have more faith in him breaking out at this point in the game than I did with Richard Gordon at the same point, but Gordon somehow ended up drafted still! Anyone who doesn't think the secondary at UM is worse off today than it was on Tuesday is just hating.


WEB VOTE Should UM football coach Al Golden ban players from using social medias like former coach Randy Shannon did? 70 % yes
you will know we are there when the players and captains themselves vote to ban social media for 15 weeks of THEIR season.


you will know we are there when the players and captains themselves vote to ban social media for 15 weeks of THEIR season.

Posted by: solarcane | July 19, 2012 at 06:47 PM

That's another area the NCAA needs to put coaches and players on notice. When you have players trying to amp people up to "kill cops", then you have a serious problem.


Five-star linebacker Matthew Thomas is in Tallahassee for the Jimbo Fisher Football Camp. His time on FSU's campus has helped a new leader emerge.

Rivals says FSU is now the leader for Thomas


Rivals says FSU is now the leader for Thomas

Posted by: UMike | July 19, 2012 at 09:50 PM

Must be those FSU girls? LOL


Solar...U got that right. When the players are responsible enough, committed enough and have enough leadership to police themselves then we WILL be back.

Old Skool

Oh My God

There has been a mass shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the US state of Colorado, with some media claiming up to 10 people have been killed.

There were reports of at least 20 people being wounded and an explosive device being set off at the showing of the latest Batman movie on Friday night, according to NBC News.

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