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July 04, 2012



I add my appreciation also


I just went out and posted my flag on the front of the garage wall it is well lighted.

Old Skool

Very apropos.

Old Skool

CDB's Southside on Westshore seems to be the home of some of the Cane watch parties in Tampa

8th Man in the Box

God Bless America,our soldiers and their families!


Happy 4th to all especially to all veterans who risk/risked their lives much love


Happy 4th everyone, another great day to be a Miami Hurricane!!!

Hey Soup, is your email still [email protected]?


Posted by: IraqiCane | July 04, 2012 at 02:51 AM


Happy 7/4 everyone.


The U.S. Flag is flying high in Winter Haven, FL.



Iraqi...YES, the email is correct.


Happy Independence Day! Thank U to all of those who serve/have served our country to protect us and our Freedom! We love U!

Also, glad to see Lockhart impressing. Not surprised at Duke or TH, since U all know I picked TH to win every possible freshman and All-American award lol


Happy Independence Day from Lizard Land!

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

To All Who Serve and Have Served...

Our house Thanks U
Our House Loves U
Our House Prays for U

God Bless America, Home of the FREE Because of the BRAVE!!!

We Got This................................


Not surprised at Duke or TH, since U all know I picked TH to win every possible freshman and All-American award lol

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 04, 2012 at 10:59 AM

As Da Skreetz would say: Way to step up your game!

That's the way that it is done son.


CDB's Southside on Westshore seems to be the home of some of the Cane watch parties in Tampa

Posted by: Old Skool | July 04, 2012 at 05:59 AM

That is correct. The UMAA Tampa club has their game watch parties there and the Pres of the TB UMAA is the owner of CDB's.


To find a UMAA club and game watch parties in your area of the Country, click here:



UMAA Tampa Bay Area Club:

Remember all UM Alumni, Hurricane Club members and Hurricane Fans are welcome to come to our 2012 Hurricane Game-Watches at CDB Southside, located 3671 S. Westshore in Tampa.

This is our 4th year at the same location and will be our home for all the games for Canes Fans this year. For more information on the restaurant you can visit their website at http://www.cdbssouthside.com/index.htm

ALL games will be seen! We have PC hook up and cable so we will get the game on! CDBs has added tvs in all areas of the restaurant so whether we have 30 people or 200 the games are live at CDBs. You never have to fight to see our games and you can come to a place where everyone is wearing Green and Orange!


Fran...good to see U up and around EARLY in the AM! Hope U are feeling better from your recent medical issues.

Email me at: [email protected]


We Got This...

Posted by: OCALACANE | July 04, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Indeed we do!


Freedom is never given, it is earned.

Thanks Canespace! Let's remember those who died so that we may be free and prosperous.

God Bless America. Happy July 4th!


Dammit, I wrote on the old blog

Old Skool and 86 nailed it

Canealum1984 | July 03, 2012 at 09:24 PM

The "official" place for the Tampa Hurricane Club is ..

CDB's Southside
3671 S. Westshore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33629
(813) 805-2327

There is an upstairs bar/dining room with little patio out front above the restaurant

Sometimes they'll have one of the bigger rooms downstairs sectioned off just for the Canes games

Italian food

There's generally about 20-25 people there for games

Don't go to Lee Roy Selmon's next to Raymond James Stadium - that place is filled with Sooner fans

There's a bunch of other sports bars in Tampa that generally will put the game on if you ask, some places you'll even have your own little cubby hole to watch - which is nice to get away from all the Croc and Nole fans

Buffalo Wild Wings is good about turning on whatever game you want to whatever TV you want

You want a real nice relaxing spot to watch the games, The Brickhouse on Dale Mabry (literally right next to 275, near Westshore Mall) - I go there a lot. I sent a bunch of Canes fans there before/after the USF game and they all loved it. Has fireplaces, big ass comfy recliner chairs, etc

You're generally in Croc/USF/Nole country in Tampa

Just like there are a ton of Yankee/Red Sox fans here as well


Happy 4th

One of my favorite lines from a movie I love, "Act of Valor" -

If you're not willing to give up everything, you've already lost. You live your life by a code. It's your shoreline. It's what guides you home. And trust me, you're always trying to get home.

Some great pics as well -


Flying above Pakistan border


Same guys here on the ground



Six...Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July! God Bless America, greatest country on Earth!!


I still hate OSU


Al Golden was born on the 4th of July? How fitting.


I still hate OSU

Posted by: Keoki | July 04, 2012 at 03:44 PM

Even more than before? LOL


Happy Independence Day to all!

I cannot thank enough all of the men and women in the armed forces!

May God Bless each and everyone of you and may God Bless America!


OGV - Well, Minnesota landed Parise...and Suter, too!! I dropped my remote control in disbelief!

Of course, the task now shifts to the ice where it needs to happen. But hey, it's a great start!

Ironically, a state known for ice hockey has been baking the past week or so. It's been 100+ degrees with dew points in the 70's and most of the days were without much of a breeze.

Crazy to think that there are 130+ degree differences in temperatures between January and July!

Happy Birthday Coach Golden!

The Dude

Happy 4th to all the Spacers! Be safe, Go Canes!


Thanks for the Tampa area info everyone!


Steve Nash to Lakers


My father was also born on the 4th of July.....




JUST SAYING THO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSYG1M5LNqY


An open message to one of the stooges on deck:

Dear Notre Dame,

I offer warm congratulations to your program.

Congratulations on your television contract. Despite your many losses, you still can be seen on television... much like a monkey can be seen throwing doo doo in a cage.

Congratulations on your excellent recruiting classes. They have provided you much joy, no? After all, they have given three coaches pink slips.

Congratulations on your 89 losses since 1994. You are still the pinnacle of college football despite averaging 5 losses a season. Yet, your facilities and infrastructure are as limitless as your unwarranted ego.

Though you did get a top 10 finish in 2005. However, it looks a little marred with 3 losses.

Congratulations in getting a spot in the playoff picture and former BCS scenarios. After all, you have been titleless since 1998 when you beat up on a bunch of depleted hillbillies.

You are also 1-9 vs. archrival USC. How would you define a rivalry?

At least you have a a decrepit old fart with visions of his past channeling his inner Miss Cleo. Doctor Leo's continual predictions of titles have gone well, no?

Do the world a favor and join the MAC with the have-nots. Maybe then can you get a title or two.

Your Touchdown Jesus history is weird. Your fans are paranoid and delusional. Your uniforms are as dated as your success. Oh, and you smell.

No one likes you. Go home.


Posted by: canezilla | July 05, 2012 at 06:26 AM

Man we used to play some football.


Man we used to play some football.

But now . . . .?


Posted by: LB | July 05, 2012 at 09:35 AM

Awesome post!!!


"since 1998"

Correction: 1988. You've sucked so much the very thought of that awful program you gave me a 10 year delusion.

That's what happens when Notre Dame crosses the brain. The more thought goes into them, the less interesting they become.


Update on one of the members of the MIA NW Class of '08 looking to make it in the NFL:

Bubble Watch: Marcus Forston

July, 5, 2012
By Mike Rodak | ESPNBosto

NAME: Marcus Forston

POSITION: Defensive tackle

AGE: 22

2011 STATS: 3 games (all starts), 5 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble -- with Miami (FL)

INJURY STATUS: No known injuries


WHY HE SHOULD MAKE IT: Forston is an intriguing prospect at a position where the Patriots have more question marks than quality depth. One of the nation's best at his position coming out of high school, Forston was set to enter the draft after the 2010 season, but decided to stay in Miami for his redshirt junior campaign. ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper rated Forston the second-best junior defensive tackle last summer, and he was on preseason watchlists for several college football awards. However, Forston was suspended for the first game of the season along with 11 other Miami players for receiving improper benefits while being recruited, and later suffered a season-ending knee injury. Should he emerge during the preseason, Forston could earn a role with the Patriots at a position the team didn't address through the draft or free agency.

WHY HE SHOULD NOT MAKE IT: One major storyline that will continue through training camp and into the preseason will be the use of sub packages on defense, and how that affects playing time of defensive linemen. If the Patriots are comfortable with having defensive ends Jonathan Fanene and Brandon Deaderick slide inside in the event of an injury to interior linemen Vince Wilfork or Kyle Love, there will be less of a need to keep more than one or two reserve options at defensive tackle on the roster. This will put on a squeeze at the position where Forston would be better served on the practice squad, with more experienced players such as Gerard Warren or Myron Pryor grabbing the few roster spots that may be available.

CLOSEST COMPETITION: DT Ron Brace, DT Gerard Warren, DT Myron Pryor



Notre Shame since 1980"

1981–85 Gerry Faust

5 seasons 30 wins 26 losses .535 W/P

1986–96 Lou Holtz

11 seasons 100 wins 30 losses .765 W/P

1997–01 Bob Davie

5 seasons 35 wins 25 losses .583 W/P

2002–04 Tyrone Willingham

3 seasons 21 wins 15 losses .583 W/P

2005–09 Charlie Weis

5 seasons 35 wins 27 losses .564 W/P

2010–Present Brian Kelly

2 seasons 16 wins 10 losses .615 W/P


Well..got a good offer on our business...I want to take it and run, my wife want to counter..decisions decisions lol


UMike...counter offer, but be fair, always negotiate, U never know until U try! U can always take the initial offer if necessary.


Rest of BJ's article that I posted on previous blog:

## Players have noticed this is a particularly conscientious, mature group of freshmen. Both Golden and Hagens have used the words “very serious” to describe them. As Hagens said, “They don’t want to play around.” All business, in other words.

### Fisch is carving out a diverse package for Johnson to take advantage of his unique talents, both as a runner and receiver. “Every time he runs, there’s a certain level of excitement,” UM running backs coach Terry Richardson said. “You look at the balance, the change of direction, the vision, the multiple ways he broke tackles” at Miami Norland. “You don’t always have to line him up in the backfield. You’ve got to get him the ball in different ways.”

UM’s other tailback signee, Danny Dillard, probably won’t know for awhile if he will be cleared academically to enroll. Other than receiver Angelo Jean-Louis, every other recruit has been cleared academically and is enrolled, UM says.

### Because there's no experienced depth at defensive end beyond Anthony Chickillo, Shayon Green and former linebacker Kelvin Cain, at least one freshman must emerge among Jelani Hamilton (“a game changer,” according to linebackers coach Micheal Barrow), Tyriq McCord, Dwayne Hoilett and Jake O’Donnell, with linebacker Gabe Terry also factoring in as a speed rusher (ran the 100 meters in 10.9 seconds).

Chickillo predicts McCord will help immediately: “He’s going be a contributor to us on third down.” With Chickillo and McCord, this staff is making strong inroads in the Tampa area.

### UM is optimistic at least one tackle will help immediately from among Earl Moore, Jacoby Briscoe and Dequan Ivery. “Ivery is going to be an incredible nose guard for us,” Golden said. “Same with Briscoe.”

Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said “Moore will be ready to play. He’s really strong.”

### UM is hopeful Raphael Kirby, off an impressive spring, can make the type of immediate impact that Denzel Perryman did last year. “He’s going to be tremendous – explosive with a great change of direction,” Barrow said.

UM is curious to see what it can extract from Perry, who was "a true under the radar kid," Barrow said. "He came from Nebraska to Palm Beach in August. Shane McDermott said, 'We have a guy at my school who's pretty good.'' Josh Witt and Jawand Blue (the former Virginia Tech oral commitment) will also get a look at linebacker.

### Among January arrivals, nobody drew higher praise than Norland offensive tackle Ereck Flowers. UM coaches believe that eventually, he’s going to be exceptional.

### Defensive backs coach Paul Williams believes four incoming cornerbacks will be in his top six. Howard, assuredly, will be one, and early arrival Ladarius Gunter was UM’s third-best corner this spring behind Brandon McGee and Thomas Finnie, Williams says. Larry Hope, Vernon Davis, Nate Dortch and possibly Bush will also compete here. While Bush could play either position, UM sees Rayshawn Jenkins as its one definite safety in this incoming class.

### UM has high hopes, eventually, for quarterback David Thompson, who will miss three to six months after shoulder surgery. "It was a huge shock to David and his family and coaches," said his father Ed, who said the tear likely occured during a practice for the Semper Fedelis All-American game.

Thompson, as you know, will try to juggle football and baseball after he gets healthy. Only a limited number of UM athletes have been able to pull that off especially well (Jim Maler, Maurice Crum, among them) and none recently.

“Obviously, it’s not the easiest thing to not practice in the spring,” Fisch said. “It will be a challenge. He is going to have the handle the learning curve of playing quarterback. He’s a good decision maker and I like a lot of things about him.

### Realistically, there will be serious challenges for UM this season after the departure of a dynamic running back, two solid receivers, an exceptional college linebacker (Sean Spence) and four key defensive linemen, among others. These freshman cannot be expected to lead this program back to where the Canes want to be in their FIRST year. But the hope, internally, is they will form the nucleus of a top-20 caliber team in a year or two, and lift UM in ways the top-rated Class of 2008 could not. Time will tell.

### One other UM note: In the wake of an InsideTheU.com report that senior Ray-Ray Armstrong has been suspended indefinitely for discussing interaction with a booster on Twitter, his father Albert said he was told his son “is definitely” going to be on the team this season. “And he’s not turning pro.” Besides, the deadline for next week’s NFL supplemental draft has passed. Albert Armstrong said his son has not mentioned the suspension to him, and UM isn't confirming or denying the report, with staff on strict orders not to discuss it.
Seantrel Henderson also disputed Internet speculation, insisting he’s not suspended and not in trouble. Henderson reportedly arrived one day late to the start of the second summer session, which isn't exactly egregious.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/07/um-freshmen-already-impressing-heat-free-agent-update-dolphins-marlins-notes.html#storylink=cpy


### "Realistically, there will be serious challenges for UM this season after the departure of a dynamic running back, two solid receivers, an exceptional college linebacker (Sean Spence) and four key defensive linemen, among others. These freshman cannot be expected to lead this program back to where the Canes want to be in their FIRST year. But the hope, internally, is they will form the nucleus of a top-20 caliber team in a year or two, and lift UM in ways the top-rated Class of 2008 could not. Time will tell."

I think this quote from BJ is right on, what say ya'll?


UMike...counter offer, but be fair, always negotiate, U never know until U try! U can always take the initial offer if necessary.

Posted by: 86Cane | July 05, 2012 at 12:13 PM


But make sure the counter isn't drastically different. Some people will withdraw their initial offer if they feel you're trying to take advantage of them by going way over their offer.


Sean Spence and Jacory Harris hurt the most.


I have no concerns about defensive end. We've needed a DT since Wilfork, so the struggle inside is nothing new.

From everything I've heard: Buchanan, Gaines, Perryman, Kirby, Johnson, and Paul make a hell of a group.

The starting safeties are experienced, but there is no depth whatsoever. If Telemaque or Armstrong gets hurt, we'll need a Deon Bush or Rayshawn Jenkins STAT.

I'm sure we'll find one descent corner from the bunch. Two? Unsure.

Duke Johnson and the emergence of Clements will help take off the sting (if not all out improve) on the numbers lost from Miller.

Quarterback and tight end scare me the most. Though I think Ryan Williams will start, I don't think he is the transcendent player we need. See my previous 100 comments about tight end.

Floor: 6. Ceiling: 9. Great schedule at the end of the season...

8-4, and I'd love it.


Good day, folks- CEO- look for an article in the next couple of days.


LB...9-3 and I'd LOVE it!


JW...I'll be here. Write it up as a Word document and then email it to me as an attachment, OK?

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