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August 10, 2012







Solar...U must have magic powers or something? LOL


I'll take silver medal.


hi soup,

It was pure luck i was swiping free fonts for the new cutter and saw the new cs article onanother window

we will be rolling out new canespace decals and giveaways this time saturday a week
cutter coming in monday mrs solar is a peach as you already know
i'll send you some sample art and you dream up some stuff you want, signs, stickers,bail money, watever


you are gold , im on lifetime ban from my firsts being recorded, nice work!


Thanks everyone, Cancer is a B. I really hate that B

Here is some news about a SFLA kid, tough break for him

Coach Charlie Strong said Harris was injured in practice Thursday.

Harris tore his right ACL in December and had been attempting to fully recover in time for the season opener against Kentucky on Sept. 2. The sophomore from Miami was the team's second-leading receiver last season with 37 catches for 455 yards and two touchdowns.

A favorite target for high school teammate and current Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, Harris had been expected to be one of Louisville's starting receivers. It is his fourth knee injury while at Louisville.

Strong says Harris "provides so much energy to the team."


Poor micahlee (spellcheck) tough break. 4 knee surgeries. Wow



Lost my mother the same way last November. Happened so fast. Sending you positive vibes Brah.


I hacked the CEO's account to say . . .


Pravda, for the people.


That was OGV sneaking on my computer from Crystal River. He now knows that Gray Crow is for REAL and he can't handle the truth!


friday practice




Whats up solarcane, your located in ATL right? got a question for you...whats your email address?


im about an hour and fifteen minutes n of atlanta i don't know too much about the city



Hassan, really saddened to hear of your dad's passing. Stay strong, remember the best times and let this place be your respite from everything else that you have to deal with.


21 Days


Hassan, very sorry to hear that.

UpNorth - I have been donating to this organization every year - check them out


Sorry about your father Hassan. Praying your you and your loved ones


I'm in Miami for thru Wednesday, they scrimmage tomorrow I just read. Does anyone know if it's open to the public? If so cost? Also where am I going?

Don't get the chance to be in town too much so hope to see the canes.


Women's Dutch field hockey team!! something about hot blondes in all orange!


I am sad to report that this morning my father lost his battle with Cancer. He was only 65 and was diagnosed only 2 months ago. He passed in his sleep this morning.

Posted by: Hassan | August 10, 2012 at 01:51 PM


Hassan - Sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad in February to cancer as well so I know what you are going through.

To whoever questioned about a cure. I think there is one. But providing one would mean billions of lost revenue......such a shame.


In other news, the Eagle-roast is fast approaching. May the Bostonian knuckleheads fall like rats.


Torch the Eagles. Fear the Tie.


Practice 8/11/12 


Dorsett seems to be the first option at punt return. He was getting most of the reps there with Duke backing him up.

Finnie and Larry Hope were the gunners on punt team.

We were running various audibles with the field goal team with Botts lining up at QB and throwing the ball to Dye and Asante.


Seantrel participated in some soft contact drills (the players were only wearing helmets and soft shells). After some drills that he participated in, the team came together for a team stretch and Seantrel was riding the bike for the majority of the rest of the practice.

Taylor Gadbois got really heated with a coach (one of the strength trainers I believe) while running sprints after practice. Taylor was the slowest by far and the coach was in his face the entire sprint.


McGee and Howard both were in black jerseys.

Gunter is the best CB on the team right now IMO. He had great coverage and always seemed to be in position to make a play on the ball (breakup). He has good size and runs really well in coverage. Looks very natural.

Howard is much more physical than I anticipated. His hands are very active in coverage. He was all over Jontavious Carter on one play and JC swung at Tracy. Tracy was swinging right back and the coaches and players had to break them up. JC was heated.

Vernon Davis jumped a route out into the flats for an Int.

Antonio Crawford was impressive in coverage as well. I think him and Davis look great for our future.

Brandon McGee actually had some good coverage but the kid cant make a play on the ball for his life. He dropped an Int that hit him right in the chest and than goes celebrating like he made some play. 

McGee was playing in the nickel spot with Howard and Gunter out wide.

Vaughn Telemaque has def put on some bulk and finally looks like a full safety out there. He dropped an Int as well.

Kacy Rodgers looks the part and is always in the right position. He just needs to get some gametime experience so he can get over the hump and starting making some plays, but he looks promising right now IMO.

Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush both could step in a play. Both are physically impressive. Bush is crazy athletic.

AJ Highsmith just didnt catch my eye today. Dude looks small and got burned by Dorsett (hard not too) on one play.

IMO its Kacy and VT at safety. VT was very vocal. Kacy is way ahead of AJ.

Ladarius Gunter was the most impressive DB out there today.


Dorsett got a lot of deep looks but was overthrown most of the time.

Expect Robert Lockhart and Malcolm Lewis to contribute immediately. Both are ready to contribute right away IMO. Lockhart is a smooth route runner as well as Waters.

Malcolm Lewis has great ball skills and makes some very acrobatic efforts. He puts himself in great postion to catch the ball.

Lockhart was faster than I thought he would be and caught some balls out there.

Allen Hurns runs great routes and showed reliable hands.

Kendal Thompkins dropped three passes right in the hands. He came around for a reverse on one play.


Asante is our guy. Catches the ball, runs smooth, and is a big body.

Clive Walford dropped some passes as well as Dye.


Denzel is a monster. PERIOD. Dude is a bull

Tyrone Cornelius lined up in the middle for the nickel package and would drop back into coverage with DP to his side filling the middle and RB lined up off the edge.

Gionni Paul was in a red no contact jersey and was limping really bad. I would assume that he will be out for a little bit longer then Golden said in his last interview (Golden said he would be back hopefully by tuesday). GP wasnt putting any weight on it at all. Walking with a big limp.

Gabe Terry was getting some burn and looked good. I think he is still getting a hang of the scheme.

Tyriq McCord would line up off the end and drop back playing some standing LB

RB dropped an Int on an athletic play.


Olsen Pierre is a large dude. Looks like he will contribute.

Shayon Green is a warrior. Looks the part and seems to be very physical.

The DL looks big and strong. Couldnt do too much evaluation bc they werent in pads.


Duke will contribute this year and will not be limited IMO. He got the ball more than any of the other RB's today in various ways (he caught several passes out of the backfield). He has put on solid size.

Dallas showed some burst and caught some passes as well. I think he may contribute more than we think

Clements looked solid as well as Mike James but neither stood out as much to me as Duke and Dallas.

Didnt see Danny Dillard too much


The QB's couldnt hit the deep ball all day. They were overthrowing everything.

Morris looked sharp throwing to the short routes and across the middle. Also made some nice throws on some corner routes.

Ryan Williams didn't participate in practice bc he was a player coach today.

Gray Crow got the majority of the second team reps and actually impressed me with his arm. Made some bad decisions throwing in the middle of the field but had some nice passes.

Overall the defense outplayed the offense most of the day making plays on the ball and getting some pass breakups. The DB's had solid coverage forcing the QB's out of the pocket with the DL closing in. There wasn't a moment wasted in practice going from ST to position drills, back to 11v11 then to 1v1's and back to skeleton (7v7). Coach Ono was intense and getting a lot of guys in the mix.


Hassan prayers out and up for your family.


Telemaque will have a good year.


Who erased my comment?????????

The Dude

Slow day?


Stephen Morris!


Thanks again everyone


Based on what I'm reading about practices, it sounds like the defense is looking tougher than last year. (I like the sound of that!)

Consensus on Duke is he's the "real deal," and based on what I saw at the FL State High School Finals game, (and if he's indeed bigger NOW), he could give us those breakaway plays that have been missing the last few years. The type of plays that change close losses into wins!

I'm actually kind of glad I'm hearing we're NOT hooking up on bombs to the WRs right now... we've wasted WAY too many downs and stalled WAY too many drives in the last few years going for the huge bomb instead of continuing to use the variety of plays that got us moving along before killing the momentum. (No, I'm NOT saying we don't need a deep threat, and no I'm NOT saying it's not exciting hooking up on the big plays... ), just saying, we might be better served to NOT RELY on those plays to the extent that we did in the "near" past, where our successes have been "limited" at best.

Let's use our offensive weapons and "wear down" our opponents, (AND use some clock!)

Our defense should be stout... but, if our offensive keeps going 3 and out, (going for the BIG play too often), they will wear out.

Not rocket science, or any great insight... JMHO.

Let's Go Canes!


he could give us those breakaway plays that have been missing the last few years. The type of plays that change close losses into wins!

Posted by: roachcane77 | August 11, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Lamar gave us those last year



Wow there he goes


The Dolphins need to cut his stupid ass!




We, meaning Old Skool, NativeCane, OGV and I MAXED out on the scallops today in the Crystal River area. We cleaned them, cooked them and enjoyed them over pasta tonight.

As someone who is very wise once said:

"Go outside and play!"


CEO, I'll be leaving for our honemoon in Riviera Maya tomorrow morning from Pittsburgh airport. Won't be on the blog much or at all this week. Be home late Friday night.


^^ no idea why I said which airport. Probably because everyone keeps asking where we're leaving from lol


DE Tyriq McCord has gained 16 pounds since arriving at Miami this summer. He ran a 4.59 in the 40-yard dash, the fastest among the defensive linemen and improved his bench press reps of 225 pounds from 11 to 16.

• Perhaps no player has made the strides LB Raphael Kirby has on the bench press since he arrived at UM in January. Kirby could only do nine reps of 225 pounds then, but now can do 27.

McCord is already faster then Vernon who i think he compares to

orange 'n green in the vein

CEO, decided to let the sunburn heal instead of going for another peeled layer of skin this morning but thanks for all the fun, sun, and memories from this weekend. NativeCane is as genuine country azz cane as he's advertised and he and his family get my highest compliments and appreciation for enabling the entire crew to have as good a time as it turned out for all involved, while Old Skool is just as fun and quirky in person as his blog moniker spelling hints he might be, plus he makes as great a bay scallop dish with one too few burners working as you'll ever have IMO, great guy in book.

I hope the football team outdoes most others', including my own, expectations for them this year so I can justify the expense of getting down to Sun Life for more games than I plan to see now and catch up with my new friends from on here during the season instead of having to wait to go collect at least 51 or more scallops in '13 with them instead.




STICK IT! Graphics, rises from the ashes,

one of the first raw sticker/tee shirt designs for Canespace 2012



I envy you and the boys, great to hear you guys rounded up a limit of those rowdy scallops.

play outside indeed


Scrimmage today, right? Looking forward to hewaring how the teawm looks, especially the LB and DB


Papa Cane - Why so much stress over LB Matthew Thomas? Sure, he's visiting FSU but he's been to UM like 7 times and loves the Canes. Breathe.


It has been a great experience getting to work with the older guys like Rashawn Scott," Jones said. "I know what it takes to go to that next level. I know right now I am not that good as far as where I want to be. I am just learning different aspects of the game each day that I am taking notes from."

One of the biggest adjustments for Jones has been the strength and conditioning program at Miami. Jones admits the program was mentally tough to push through at first, but he has already experienced results from that hard work.

Jones estimates he has gained close to seven pounds since he arrived at Miami and he has seen his 225 pound bench press reps go from three to six.

Well Jones will be a beast but he sounds like a RS will be good for him.


What time is today's scrimmage?


11 am


I am pretty sure most sprinters are doping


Great piece on ray Lewis from bleacher report..



coach golden today



I envy you and the boys, great to hear you guys rounded up a limit of those rowdy scallops.

play outside indeed

Posted by: solarcane | August 12, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Hey Solar, the smart ones will bite you and run. LOL

Really enjoyed the weekend with fellow Canespacers.
CEO, OGV, and Old Skool dont have an ounce of quit in 'em when it comes to pursuing tasty bi-valve mollusks!

Large Time!!!

Go Canes!!!

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