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August 28, 2012




How am I wrong??? When did I say "sold out" I said "packed". Plus I was just trying to say that u can't really find a top notch program that doesn't have a big crowd at their games. Look at all the top notch programs

Second, I didn't ask u the question in the first place


Some people have to be right, even when they're proven to be wrong. (Shruggs)

Posted by: CoCane | August 29, 2012 at 05:50 PM

True statement, but I was never proven wrong


"A true fan sticks with their team through good & bad. Wins & losses. If this is how U feel bout your favorite team, U are a true fan..."

I can imagine how awkward that would be.

Christmas, 2007:
"Dad, I'd like a Gator jersey for Christmas."
"I thought it was Miami last year, son."
"But Joe Rose is hurting my brain."
"Me too, son... but it can't last forever."
"I had a dream last night. It was this mean golden owl. He came in and tore everybody up."

Boy, did Shannon drag this program into the mud...

...and the rest of Cane Nation with him. That was a rough stretch. At least with Coker and Brock Berlin there was a chance of victory.

And here we stand again, on the cusp of something phenomenially cool.


"Solar...For some strange reason I still love the whole 12%ers vs The Realists arguement even after ALL of these years. It is a really interesting philisophical difference and makes for a good arguement even if it has been done over a few times."

It gets us through the season. At least we break it up, and all can come together to make fun of FSU's schedule. I wonder how many unemployed Blockbuster cashiers that the Noles will beat up on this week.


willie no sweat man,
Do what you do

"Second, I didn't ask u the question in the first place"

If you only knew the countless times I didn't reply to one of your comments only because you were educating someone else on
football logic and I didn't want to butt in and point out something you might have missed.
Its a blog willie, the whole intention of the blog is for fans to comment on what they are reading.


Oh, and Willie Will...

...if we had that cookie cutter of a schedule, I'd take a massive step towards 12-0. Absolutely. Murray State, Savannah State, and Wake Forest in three weeks?





I was just messin witcha lol. You are one of my favorite bloggers and a legend in my book and I'm actually honored you respond to my comments lol. I'm glad you're back

Gin & Tonic

If the Canes want some asses in the seats how about putting a product out that will me drop the $500.00 it takes to go to a game. Not everyone lives in S. Fla. I'm in Central Florida and the last three games I traveled to see are:

48-0 Orange Bowl Blasting
Home loss to USF in Shannon's last game
A 6-3 snooze fest of a win at Raymond James

Hard to convince the kids and the wife that watching that sh!t is more exciting than hanging with Shamu or Mickey the Rat.


if we all agreed on everything this would be boring as hell.

I have told you 12 and ohh guys a million times I admire your passion.
You and raychan are in a tough spot but you stick to your guns, I like that.
You know I have to stick my nose and big mouth in every once in awhile.
Next time I see you drifting into The Bermuda Triangle I'll keep my yap shut unless you ask me my opinion.


Solar...have I mentioned how GOOD it is to have U back on Canespace? Well if I haven't: IT IS!


+1 for bigmouths!


Hint: At 8 O'clock, U will wanna rock and get a belly full of beer.



I only get so much time a week here now so I have to make every second count to annoy as many folks as I can in the shortest amount of time possible


I think we are gonna see a lot more success on offense this year. Weve got to take advantage of the tight man to man coverage. Thats what made our o successful back in the day .. we feasted on the long ball.

Our d line have got to be active. They got to play full speed the whole game.


I only get so much time a week here now so I have to make every second count to annoy as many folks as I can in the shortest amount of time possible

Posted by: solarcane | August 29, 2012 at 07:22 PM

U are doing a FINE job of maximizing your opportunities. LOL


Quality over quantity!

Al Golden!


the Jackson fishing kayak is awesome!! Get it, then let me use it.


U dudes are awesome I agree we wont all agree but we will all SWOOSH SWOOSH M..I..A..M..I



new blob gang

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