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August 23, 2012



The Grove Spot (@GroveSpot), located at 3324 Virginia St. in Coconut Grove, will be the new location for the Hurricane Hotline, which begins Tue., Aug. 28.

Fans are encouraged to join second-year head coach Al Golden, various assistant coaches and players each week during the 2012 football season. The Hurricane Hotline, hosted by Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr., will air from 7-9 p.m. on WQAM – players from 7-7:30 p.m., Coach Golden from 7:30-8:30 p.m. and an assistant coach from 8:30-9 p.m. The Grove Spot is always available for reservations at 305-774-6696.

Season and single-game tickets for the 2012 football season are available online, by phone at 1-800-GO-CANES (1-305-284-2263) or in-person at the Miami Athletics Ticket Office, which is now located on the bottom level of BankUnited Center.

For the latest information on Miami Hurricanes Football, follow @HurricaneSports on Twitter and the official blog for Hurricanes Football, www.theufootball.com.




Tue., Aug. 28 Boston College Coach Fisch

Tue., Sept. 4 Kansas State Coach D’Onofrio

Tue., Sept. 11 Bethune-Cookman Defensive Line, Coach Franklin

Tue., Sept. 18 Georgia Tech Wide Receivers, Coach McDonald

Tue., Sept. 25 NC State Linebackers, Coach Barrow

Tue., Oct. 2 Notre Dame Offensive Line, Coach Kehoe

Tue., Oct. 9 North Carolina Defensive Backs, Coach Williams

Tue., Oct. 16 Florida State Tight Ends, Coach Carroll

Tue., Oct. 30 Virginia Tech Running Backs, Coach Richardson

Wed., Nov. 7 Virginia Quarterbacks, Coach Fisch

Wed., Nov. 14 USF Special Teams, Coach D’Onofrio

Tue., Nov. 20 Duke Seniors


Great job MC and 86. Thoroughly enjoyed the perspective.


Great Q & A session tonight.......


Sully and Raize...U know I got this! MC was one of the BEST ever in his first appearence on The Space.

Manny confirmed for this weekend and Susan had already agreed this week. WVUM tomorrow night and he gave the most detailed info of ANY of the media types.

Trust me U don't wanna miss it!


Lance say it aint so


Lance say it aint so

Posted by: solarcane | August 23, 2012 at 11:44 PM

He did lol

orange 'n green in the vein

I wish they had replaced OKelly right away with Cassagrande instead of the milk-shaker over at TOS. Does Michael know the back-story about the 'Space's big bang history from there?


I'm a big Howard stern fan..love that he threw a baba boooey in there hahaha....I think I like this guy


Damn, that was a heck of a chat! Thanks guys, wish I could have joined it but my fnatasty football draft was scheduled several weeks ago.


Road games at Boston College, Kansas State and Georgia Tech could easily come and go without wins.



Damn. I missed the chat.

I was busy watching Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce and didn't have my PC on.


Strongest position? It's hard to say. I really want to see this team play twice before making judgments. I'm strange. I need eye-ball evidence before putting my reputation on it.

Posted by: ByCasagrande | August 23, 2012 at 09:38 PM

I can respect that. I have an optimistic view because I watched the team play last year and I also watched some of the current players play in high school, and I believe they can really play. Last year, the Canes were in every game and they played hard. I was particularly impressed with how they played in Blackburg when they did not give up and gave the Hokies everything they could handle on the road. The Canes OL dominated the Tech DL for the entire game. They lost, but in my view, Golden had them playing well in a hostile environment (unlike Shannon's performance two years earlier).

As for Morris, I saw both Jacory and Morris play live, and during the spring leading to Jacory's senior year, I thought the competition was fairly even. I saw Morris make some deep throws but also some mistakes and I thought it was a coin flip.

The difference between Jacory's junior and senior years was that Jacory realized what throws he could make and could not make. Jacory was a very efficient QB in 2011, but when you watch him throw, you could always see that he left some big plays on the field for his inability to make the long throw. In the few occassions he did throw deep, the crowd in the stadium would gasp. I think Fisch knows what he is doing, and perhaps allowing Morris to sit and watch Jacory lead the team will help Morris understand the importance of the QB intangibles he needs to take the Canes' QB play to the next level.

The freshmen I saw play were really good in high school, and I see how they have grown physically since entering the program over the summer. If they continue to develop as they have, the Canes will have a great year and great future.

Again, we all will know a lot more about this year's Canes after Boston College, and the season will be on a trajectory when the Canes play NC State. Under Golden, I think the Canes will improve as the season goes along as long as they can minimize the impact of injuries.


"My big plan is to carpet bomb you people with everything I think you'll find interesting. Video, pictures, practice notes, Springsteen lyrics, it'll all be there."

Just read the chat w/ MC. I love this guy. Jesus, can we get him a long-term contract?


Does anyone know when they release the official list for referees for the first game?

I hope to God we don't get Ron Cherry. We don't need that terrible nonsense. I've rarely seen worse officiating or a man so in love with himself. Once you hear the accent, it'll haunt your nightmares.

Don't know who I'm talking about? It's this guy.





Who would have thunk??? incredible!! didn't see this coming!!



Damn. I missed the chat.

Posted by: LB | August 24, 2012 at 07:17 AM

Great Q & A session tonight...

Posted by: raizecane | August 23, 2012 at 10:57 PM

Damn, that was a heck of a chat!

Posted by: j.w. | August 24, 2012 at 01:16 AM

That is why U have to stick around and pay attention. U never know who might show up around here or when they may drop in!

It was kind of a last minute deal so the advance notice was minimal. But the outcome was awesome. Casagrande is the real deal, many thanks to him once again.


""As I had indicated previously, if there are changes in the charges against Storm, I would re-evaluate his status," Meyer said in a school release. "The charges that would have violated our core values have been totally dismissed".

LOL didn't know Oscar had any core values.....



Posted by: canezilla | August 24, 2012 at 06:26 AM

I agree IF we do not beat BC and GT things are going to get ugly around here, and quick.


TGIF party people!

Hampton Inn - Plantation

We look forward to having the Canespace Crew at the Hampton Inn in Plantation once again this season and hosting your special events like the "Party on the Patio" after every UM home game.

You can make your reservations on-line by using the Canespace Corporate ID 0002702804 or by calling me or the hotel front desk at 954-382-4500. Make sure to mention the special "Canespace Rate" for college football games this year.

Thanks again for your business and all of us at the Hampton Inn look forward to seeing all of you crazy orange and green Miami fans once again this Fall.



Sorry I missed the chat. Like another said, I had one of my fantasy football drafts last night.

That said, I really like Mikey's honesty and humor. He said it perfect, "I'm covering kids playing a game". More should take that same approach.

He'll do great things for the fans.


Streeter scored a 33 yard touchdown last night in garbage time.

3G Cane

"The charges that would have violated our core values have been totally dismissed".

LOL didn't know Oscar had any core values.....

Posted by: CGNC
That quote is vomit inducing coming from that scuzzball, plus he needs to remove any and all Golden-isms from his vocabulary.

Old Skool

6' 11" 500 pounds. Are we recruiting him?


Line him up, let him fall on the DT. After one series, the opponents will be calling out the second string.

Old Skool

Pity he's not a high school student anymore.


Ohio...check Twitter. Lots of things happening!

Here is the weekend lineup for FIVE questions:

Friday: Chris Wittyngham WVUM Sports Director

Saturday: Susan Miller-Degnan Miami Herald

Sunday: Manny Navarro Miami Herald

Monday: Chris Freet UM Associate AD

Tuesday: Chris Yandle UM Director of Communications


Why Sid Rosenberg is the best. He and Al Golden give the absolute best radio imaginable. Personal, touching, brutally honest.

I hope he never goes on Joe Rose again. The show is awful and the host is even worse. Go with Sid. He's the best, and UM deserves the best.

Listen now.

Notes in brief, but listen to it all.

- Golden's going nowhere.
- Both had a great laugh when they mentioned that personal business is being played out in public.
- The victims of the Penn State scandal are foremost in his mind.
- UM is highly conditioned and very mature, though perhaps not yet at the level Al wants. If not, they're close.
- Kendal Thompkins & Luther Robinson were first mentioned as the surprises on offense and defense.
- Dyron Dye is emerging.
- Roster will have longevity (2 senior starters on offense, 2 on defense).
- More PCP (players coaching players)
- Linder, McDermott, Morris, James, Chickillo, Perryman, Gaines, Buchanan, and McGee are the leaders of the team.
- Golden is highly confident in Williams as the #2.
- Morris exudes command and confidence, and demonstrates quality football IQ.
- Mike James is Miami football. He will be the star of this team.
- The tailbacks are still competing for roles.
- Golden exhausted every opportunity for Armstrong. The relationship isn't at all adversarial.
- Golden is certain that Lewis, Flowers, McCord, and Duke will come through and make a great team.


LB...just listed to the interview between Golden and Sid. GOOD STUFF!


"LB...just listed to the interview between Golden and Sid. GOOD STUFF!"

Ain't it grand?

Tell UM to send them over to Sid, and nowhere else. 30 seconds of Sid was more insightful than 5 years of Joe Rose.

I like Golden even more after listening to him.


Sid can be an ass but he is the best sports talk show host in this market.


Week 1 news: BC's most productive WR Bobby Swigert is out several weeks due to a left knee injury.


"Week 1 news: BC's most productive WR Bobby Swigert is out several weeks due to a left knee injury."

For a team that was 100th in passing last year, missing Swigert and the tight end isn't doing them any favors.


2012 FL HS football class 8A-2A State champions predictions by Larry Blustein:



For a team that was 100th in passing last year, missing Swigert and the tight end isn't doing them any favors.

Posted by: LB | August 24, 2012 at 02:45 PM


Now, I never like to hear about kids getting hurt, regardless of team they play for, but this helps the Canes. LOL


Papa Cane - Boston College Update: WR Bobby Swigert injured his knee (out vs. UM). Add TE Chris Pantale & CB Albert Louis-Jean. http://ow.ly/ddksK

Old Skool

It should be interesting for play by play announcers next year when we play
BC if Albert Louis-Jean has to defend Albert Jean-Louis.


if Albert Louis-Jean has to defend Albert Jean-Louis.

Posted by: Old Skool | August 24, 2012 at 03:11 PM

*Angelo* Jean-Louis.

But ya, will be hilarious!


Just watched Denzel's interview. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Wow, he's way bigger than last year...


Ohio...I think Denzel took his shirt off just for the interview on purpose. That dude is ripped.

Just like me...well not so much. LOL


If I looked like that I'd take my shirt off for no reason too! LOL




Zilla Gone Wild!



The five question interview and chats are amazing.
You have succeeded in your promise over five years ago to someday have newspaper writers blogging on Canespace rather than Canespacers blogging at newspapers.

I'm proud of you and happy your never ending work here is being recognized as relevant by the writers.


Posted by: solarcane | August 24, 2012 at 05:43 PM

Yes! Well done!


I hope the NHL can reach a new CBA, the longer this takes, the less optimistic I am.


If these so called experts had this formula, there's no way anyone would predict this team to finish 4-8...

Compare the players that left last year, to the ones that have replaced them in the 2 deep for this year. Then rate them as an upgrade, downgrade or even. Next, think of the returning 2 deep players & have they progressed, regressed or stalled. If you think they'll break out to all acc or all american status put a star by thier name...

Then you can make a wise projection. Imo


Junior alexis is no longer with the team...... That is 17/18 for next year we are at 81/82 overall.

The Dude

Agreed Solar,
Well done SOUP.
No way we lose to BC.
We will win that game. We will start 1-0.
My opinion.

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