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August 25, 2012


orange 'n green in the vein

86, first of all, I expect them to win the national title every year or else it's a disappointing season. Now I foresee a disappointing season in store for 2012 and when it's all said and done, 6-6. 2-10 is in play though and that worries me because that would imply to me . . . a failure in leadership.

Yes I typed it!


Legends of the Fall - Michael Casagrande

Offense: Mike James

Defense: Anthony Chickillo

Freshman: Duke Johnson

Coach: George McDonald


2-10 is in play though and that worries me because that would imply to me . . . a failure in leadership.

Yes I typed it!

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | August 26, 2012 at 02:01 PM

I'm sure if U keep hoping and wishing then someday your dreams all will come true.

If a 2-10 season and proving that Golden is a failure as a leader is what makes U happy then I feel sorry for U.

What do U wish on people who U really hate or have given U reason to dislike them?


Lengends of the Fall - Gary Ferman

Offense: Phillip Dorsett

Defense: Ladarius Gunter

Freshman: Duke Johnson

Coach: Michael Barrow


Legends of the Fall - Brandon Odoi

Offense: Kendall Thompkins

Defense: Kelvin Cain (super sleeper)

Freshman: Tracy Howard

Assistant Coach: Terry Richardson


So who's the canespace legends of the fall?

Offense- Hassan
Defense- DTX
Frosh- 4-Real (U still f*ckin suck b*tch! Lmao j/k)
Coordinator- Solar

Sorry CEO... Picking you is like picking Schnellenberger


It's been a long offseason for Notre Dame football. Quarterback Tommy Rees and linebacker Carlo Calabrese were arrested in May and suspended. Starting corner Lo Wood tore an Achilles tendon in fall camp, making a thin secondary that much thinner. Adidas's newest entry in the "Shamrock Series" of alternate uniforms was pretty much the worst thing ever. Etc.

But with less than a week before the Fighting Irish's season opener against Navy in Dublin, Ireland (9 a.m. ET Saturday on CBS), that offseason has somehow gotten even longer. NBC's Inside the Irish reported Saturday that starting running back Cierre Wood is suspended for the season opener and will not board the plane to Dublin with the rest of the team.

Sources told reporter Keith Arnold that Wood could be facing a suspension of multiple games, though a reason for the suspension was not given.

Rumors have swirled around a possible disciplinary issue with Wood for some time, and per Arnold, the suspension is not a new development within the program. Coach Brian Kelly has been preparing for Wood's absence throughout fall camp, Arnold reported, with most of that extra preparation falling on the shoulders of new presumptive starter Theo Riddick.

Riddick, a senior, ran for 63 yards last season on 14 carries and has 252 career rushing yards. Sophomore George Atkinson is also expected to play a major role against the Midshipmen after seeing spot duty in 2011.


Cocane...I like your selections for Canespace LOF but I think OhioCane and Hassan are the offense and defense selections with LB as the Freshman and Solar, do to his recent triumphant return to the blog, is the Coordinator choice.


I also like OGV as Coodinator as well?


86, just sent you a message -- host@canespace.com. Btw, please forward addy. I'd like to buy a t-shirt.


My final season predictions. Fresh off my black crystal balls... Ha haa!

@BC - W
Bethune- W
@GT- W
@ ND- L
@VA- L (This slip up will be the last time they beat us for a decade)




Wise choices bro. Of course this is the Legion & there is no wrong. Feed in to the bias!

VA Cane

Watching college gameday....very bad to hear the guys talk about Bama, USC, Oregon, OK, LSU, Georgia, VT, WVU, FSU....etc and we are not even mentioned. I do not like to face the truth about us sometimes....but right now we are pretty irrelevant in CFB. Just the truth. However, you have to start somewhere, so0 we got to take em on one at a time and do the best we can. I like being relevant!!!!


Break out ballers:

Stephen Morris
Mike James
Maurice Hagens
Duke Johnson
The entire O-line
Allen Hurns
Phil Dorsett
Rashawn Scott

Yes, the offense will be top 3 in the ACC

Amp Chickalo
Shayon Green
Denzel Perryman
Brandon McGee (I got faith in my Lauderdale peeps)
Ladarius Gunter
Tracy Howard

All of these ballers is why I say 9-3. If we had 1 dominant DT, I would say 11-1...


Thanks COCane

University school playing some ohio team on ESPN right now


Fa sho Hassan...

Too bad I'm at work. I would love to see J. Cunningham do his thang :-(


T.O cut from the Birds


Dolphins trade Vontae Davis for a future 2nd rd pick. Which they will probably draft a kicker or something......l This team is the dumbest I have seen


university School, bain playing OL. SOPH Jordan Scarlett is a beast. not much from Cunningham so far


Ha ha. T.o. Is a bum now. And I live in Seattle and i'm a ravens fan.


V.Davis didn't mesh well with coach philbin from what I seen on hardknocks.

Yeah Seattle fans are like fsu fans feel they are the best in the west


Just met Ladarius Gunter's dad here in Montgomery! Super nice guy and of course I gave him the low down on the space. He might pop up with some comments, but will def be reading!

Tsully, I live in capitol heights right by downtown montgomery, but I run a furniture store so I generally work all Saturday rather going to watch parties, I try to watch on the computer at work!


U know U got it goin on when u get a LOF vote & the CEO ain't got one !


roach sorry,

The kid that works for me may be right i might have "oldtimers"

I guess it's alpharetta that has a son at GT

respect brother


Watching ACC kickoff Logan Thomas looks like an o lineman he is just scary.

NCST David Amerson cb 13 picks, NCSt 27 interceptions last season, thats like a decades worth for our d backs.


NCST David Amerson cb 13 picks, NCSt 27 interceptions last season, thats like a decades worth for our d backs.

Posted by: solarcane | August 26, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Yeah, I want their D-Backs coach. 27 INTs that UNHEARD of!


FMCane thats cool man. yes Capitol Heights is just North of downtown. awesome u met Ladarius dad. 6 days to Gameday. 86 what sizes do you have available in shirts. I want to buy some for friends as gifts.


4-Real...CEO ain't eligible, but don't forget U do still owe me the $75 for letting U stay on Da Space! LOL


Sully...I just placed a new order for more shirts and they should arrive in about 10 days. I only have XL and 2XL right now.

OcalaCane and I are launching a privately labled Canespace line of 5 different coffees next week. We will offer some gift packages and special deals where U buy like 3 lbs of coffee and get a Canespace coffee mug and get a FREE T-shirt (plus shipping).

Details later this week here on the blog.


The first person to buy some Canespace coffee will get a SPECIAL (signed by the coach himself) autographed bag of "The Kehoe Kup" coffee blend.


86 that's awesome. FMCANE the Boston College game comes on ABC locally and the Kansas State game comes on FX locally. obviously the Bethune Cookman game will be online man.



Lmao at 4-Real...

QB- Upgrade: Morris is better than Jacory
RB- Even: The loss of Miller will be offset by the tandem of Mike & Duke.
WR- even: Haven't seen enough of them to say they'll be able to replace Streeter & Benjiman but I have a good feeling about them
TE- upgrade: Only because of experience & better conditioning
OT- upgrade: Seantrel & Bunche is healthy plus Flowers. Nuff said
OG- upgrade: Feliciano is at his true position & Linder. MOVE BIATCH! GET OUT DA WAY!
C- Upgrade: McDermott is more athletic & better conditioned than Horn

I can't wait to see these boyz do what it do...


I have enjoyed reading the "five questions" series this year. Canespace is a great site to read, write and analyze all-things-Canes. Great job, 86!


As per ESPN:

Boston College receiver Bobby Swigert will miss the season opener next week against Miami with a left knee injury, coach Frank Spaziani announced Friday.

Swigert was hurt during the team scrimmage Wednesday after making his only catch. In the announcement, Spaziani said Swigert will be out for several weeks. Expected to start this season, Swigert appeared in all 12 games last season and led the Eagles with 44 catches for 470 yards and three touchdowns.

Injuries are really mounting for the Eagles, who will be without at least three starters against Miami. Tight end Chris Pantale (foot) and cornerback Al Louis-Jean (foot) also are out for the Miami game. Running backs Rolandan Finch, Andre Williams and Tahj Kimble also have been banged up during preseason camp


We should beat BC by 14!!


Great job, 86!

Posted by: BigWIndyCane-Forecast1 | August 26, 2012 at 05:15 PM

U are very welcome.


We should beat BC by 14!!

Posted by: Jack | August 26, 2012 at 06:15 PM

I had the same dream!


We should beat BC by at least 3 tds. They're without their best DB, 2 top skill players & Keuchly gone. If we only win by 14, we're officially babbage & K State will molly wop us. Imo


artie burns talks his canes commitment


burns in action




Ojomo might make the team

VA Cane

Boss, I will drop you an e mail in the morning to be sure I have your address, will send you a check or a $10 whichever you indicate. How about a 5 Questions with The Great Mandingo? I really like Manny, hes a great guy!!!! Hope all of you are out of harms way, please be safe if you are in the hurricane area. I pray you all will be safe!!


I think Tyler Horn was a good player, very smart and might make the falcons but Mcdermott seems more gifted athletically. Horn would always get pushed back by bigger tackles, he is def a smart player and I think Mcdermott was able to soak up a lot of knowledge from Horn. They are about the same size, Horn measured in his pro day at 6'3.5 and 298 UM list Mcdermott at 6'4 and 295, Horn did 19 reps of 225 and MCdermott is over 30 with a 400 lb bench press. I believe Mcdermott will play well this year, he also has been practicing against much better and bigger DT's then last year's group.


VA...U can send cash, just wrap it in a blank sheet of paper so it is not visible from the outside.

I am waiting patiently for The Mandingo to respond to his FIVE questions. He has a new baby girl (1 yr old?) that occupies a lot of his time these days as U can imagine and respect. Hopefully early this week.


Hassan...good work on the blog today. Appreciate U!



Dortch Came in at 152 lbs!! He has gained 23 lbs since arriving.

You can see that the coaching staff is unlike the previous regime in that they have a detailed nutrition and S&C plan for each player, you see weight going up in some and down in others and all in a positive direction.

Ivery down from 331 to 303 losing that baby fat and getting quicker.
Isodora down from 345 to 312 same thing. Hamilton is up to 271 so he can play all along the DL if he gets much bigger. O'Donell is 243 now and on his way to being big enough.


Hassan...I have heard GOOD things about Dortch from U know who. The S&C and nutrition program is a complete night and day difference from before.


Hassan, the trade of Davis means that next year, in addition to picking an offensive lineman in the first round to protect Tanneyhill, they will use their newly acquired second round pick to draft....get this....a cornerback.

Dolphins are like a hamster...running all night on the wheel but not making progress.


Posted by: Hassan | August 26, 2012 at 09:20 PM

Hmmm, I thought the exact opposite about McDermott, seemed like Porter and Smith were just manhandling Him in the Spring. Physically, I think Wheeler is better than McDermott, but you're right, McDermott may have the mental side down more.


Glad to see Isaac was a dud for eveyrone, back to regular business tomorrow with Manny next?


Glad to see Isaac was a dud for eveyrone, back to regular business tomorrow with Manny next?

Posted by: j.w. | August 26, 2012 at 11:26 PM

I'm in Houston until Sat. I'm not convinced Isaac is not headed here. That track keeps pushing further and further west with each update.

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