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August 21, 2012





Deon bush !


man 4-8???


Man 4-8???

Posted by: solarcane | August 21, 2012 at 09:05 PM

YUP...Odoi said after the Spring game that IF Golden wins 6 games or more this season that UM should give him a LIFETIME contract.

Seriously he said that and he meant it too!


I'l stick with 6-6
and an optimistic 7-6

nice work here btw


stanley shakespeare!


Smh at the 4-8 prediction. Our Hurricanes haven't been that bad since the 70's. I think Canesinsider need their heads examined. I got a feeling they and Sports Illustrated will be eating some crow sandwiches by November 25th.

orange 'n green in the vein

LOL, Odai no-sells the GRAY CROW meme from the CEO with a total on the level response. Now back to finish the rest.


Portis is a stud. best blocking RB nearly his whole career.


Sully...I ain't taking sides on this one because I have to let it play out just the way it falls. Someone will be right and someone will be wrong that's just the way the ball bounces.

orange 'n green in the vein

I hope you're right Terrance.

solar, we both know that if UM goes 7-5 or 6-6 in the regular season there's no toilet bowl being accepted to help self-penalize for the coming NCAA infractions. Who really wants to go to Shreveport or DC in late December anyway?

From this interview, the fact Odai still picks the O with all those early entries missing as the stronger side of the LOS and the fact he had to pick a corps not a position for the strongest position on the team tells me . . . Golden's not getting another extension and Odai should never be allowed to be an AD.

To think people will still curse the legacy of Paul Dee to this day for daring to hand out an extension to a 9-3 coach with a national championship and a career winning percentage north of .800%? Now we've got .500% seasons for under .500% lifetime coaches getting them five more years and then lifetime extension recommendations? Appalling.


OGV...what U didn't like my little innocent GRAY CROW plug? LOL

Let me tell U a little story about Gray Crow's parents and how they met OcalaCane at Fan Fest. Let that marinate for a while and I'll get back to it...


nice work here btw

Posted by: solarcane | August 21, 2012 at 09:13 PM

Much more to follow. Here's the lineup for the rest of the week for FIVE questions with Canespace:

Wednesday: Gary Ferman from Canesport

Thursday: Michael Casagrande from the Sun-Sentinel

Friday: Chris Whittyngham from WVUM

Saturday: Manny or Susan from the Miami Herald


Exactly 86. Totally respect that. OGV I just feel our overall team will be better. If our Canes have a losing record I will be the first one to apologize and eat crow sandwiches. I just feel at worst we will go 6-6 and at best 9-3. Vegas has our over/under win total at 7. So Vegas thinks our Canes will go 7-5. I will go with 8-4.


So Vegas thinks our Canes will go 7-5.

I will go with 8-4.

Posted by: Tsully76 | August 21, 2012 at 09:48 PM



From this interview, the fact Odai still picks the O with all those early entries missing as the stronger side of the LOS and the fact he had to pick a corps not a position for the strongest position on the team tells me . . . Golden's not getting another extension and Odai should never be allowed to be an AD.


lol, agree.


go canes


I never submitted my LOF, here they are:

D - D.Bush
O - Hurns

8-4, yikes. I'll go into the season optimistic so ....

Boston Colleg-w
Kansas State-L
Bethune Cookman-w
Georgia Tech-L
North Carolina State-w
Notre Dame-L
North Carolina-w
Florida State-w
Virginia Tech-L

8-4, quite a few games could go either way but I'll remain an optimist for now.


B Cook--W
NC State-W
N Carolina-W
V Tech-W


3G Cane

Brandon is aware that we have only played sub .500 football TWICE in the past 30+ years right? Yet he thinks this team will be worse than the one who disgraced the old girl's retirement party???

Please o please let all five of the questions you ask Susan be about Seantrel ;-)


Papa Cane - Must Read - Palm Beach Post: Ex-Palm Beach Central Star Gabe Terry Quickly Makes Impact At LB for Miami. http://t.co/t1d1VynM @caneswatch


Boston College (W) 28-27
Kansas State-(W) 38-35
Bethune Cookman (W) 51-20
Georgia Tech (L) 21-42
NC State (L) 21-28
Notre Dame (L) 17-45
N Carolina (W) 17-10
FSU-L (L) 7-35
V Tech (W) 17-16
Virgina (L) 17-24
USF (W) 24-17
Duke (W) 35-21



Please o please let all five of the questions you ask Susan be about Seantrel.

Posted by: 3G Cane | August 21, 2012 at 10:44 PM

I'll work on it! LOL


I have Casagrande (Sun-Sentinel), Ferman (Canesport), Whittyngham (WVUM) all locked and loaded for the next three nights. There is some REALLY good stuff!


God made Notre Dame #1, Miami made them #2, and Adidas made them look like vomit. http://t.co/kSHh7pXX


Ouch with that 4-8 prediction. Hope my 7-5 is closer to reality. :D OGV: not sure about your bowl ban prediction. If UM thought we would get hit with a 2 year ban I think we would have already seen the announcement. My prediction is we accept if we are eligible and the NCAA has not ruled.


86 good questions.

Last answer should be 8-4 my optimistic prediction lol...

New USC center

The new McKay Center at USC is a jaw-dropper. Dennis Dodd



Monty...I am trying to get it right. Thanks for the support.


I think we'll be 7-0 going into the FSU game. FSU and VT will be our only challenge this year.


I don't get how some of these teams we're playing suppose to be good????? Like unc, va, va tech, bc, notre dame, nc state, I don't get it???????????????????



I agree, I don't see these other teams as threats


With us sitting at 82 schollies do we self impose a 3 schollie reduction starting this year for 3 years, It would help. We could do one more bowl ban assuming that we win 6 games. I think if we ban the bowl this year and start the self imposed bowl ban we should be over halfway thru our sanctions. I think we get a 2-3 year bowl ban and about 3 schollies for 3 years.


“He’s our ball-disruption king,” said UM middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. “[Last week], he had eight sacks. In one practice.”




"Please o please let all five of the questions you ask Susan be about Seantrel.

Posted by: 3G Cane | August 21, 2012 at 10:44 PM

I'll work on it! LOL"

1. What kind of shampoo does #77 use?
2. How about his favorite Marvin Gaye song?
3. Can he salsa?
4. Since he's from Minnesota, does he ever "go-pher" it?
5. Tighty-whities or boxers? (TOO MUCH)


The negative recruiting seems to be catching up to Mr. Muschamp, at least in the short term.




Hampton Inn - Plantation

Good morning 'Canes fans! Susan from the Hampton Inn here to ask for your support in raising money for breast cancer awareness.

I will be walking in the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Cancer" walkathon on October 13. I am a breast cancer survivor and this is the third year that I will be participating in this event.

If you can support me (even as little as $25 would help!) then just click on my personal page link below to donate via check or credit card on line.



Hampton Inn - Plantation

We look forward to having the Canespace Crew at the Hampton Inn in Plantation once again this season and hosting your special events like the "Party on the Patio" after every UM home game.

You can make your reservations on-line by using the Canespace Corporate ID 0002702804 or by calling me or the hotel front desk at 954-382-4500. Make sure to mention the special "Canespace Rate" for college football games this year.

Thanks again for your business and all of us at the Hampton Inn look forward to seeing all of you crazy orange and green Miami fans once again this Fall.



Hassan, agreed with taking the second bowl ban. Depending on how long the investigation takes, if I were UM I would consider skipping the next 3 bowl offers before feeling that they were in the clear.


Ray Lewis' message to UM players and fans:


orange 'n green in the vein

Bowl ban is a risk reward type of transaction to me, if you're in a top ACC tie-in game, take the exposure and the relatively minimal financial loss and play in it, but if you're just barely qualifying, self impose a ban again, save the money, and yes, consider, depending on who you think you have a shot at signing, a 3-6 scholly reduction 3-4 years. You always want to come up just slightly short because you know the NCAA isn't going to tell you that's too much self imposed punishment Miami, you're good as it was. Aim for five or less extra scholarship losses in this case because this team isn't competing for anything big right now.

Willie, in order of your team's that are 'better than UM,' question;

Veteran QB with four OL back with a coach known for blowing up scoreboards, the same minus the scoreboard destroying coach and they beat us last year, based on defense returning nine starters and the QB ate D'No alive last year, they're not but saved the coach's job with the upset last year, it's a long trip to Chicago and they have much better regarded recruits down the board than UM, again seasoned QB who's a big time NFL prospect and four linemen return.


Seantrel just walked onto the practice field.

Rumors may shut up for now.


Hey guys, love the feedback. Remember my primary goal is to cover the team, not necessarily predict their performance. Having said that, I feel like I can measure some factors having an up close view on how they look. Appreciate those who agree and disagree with my outlook. I'm also factoring in the distraction a notice of allegations from the NCAA will cause when it drops in the middle of the season. So keep that in mind.


Also s/o to Canespace for a job well done.


86, well done. Great questions, great article.

Brandon, well done with the answers as well. However, I'll respectfully say that you're NUTS if U think this team will only win 4 games.

7-5 is worst case scenario, IMO.

The []_[]

Something may be up with Eddie Johnson and not in a good way. Wait and see how it plays out.


Seantrel Henderson cleared to practice, Al Golden said.

Golden: Eddie Johnson is inside right now. He should be outside shortly.


Golden indicated status of Eddie Johnson is unchanged & he's on team. We still haven't seen him.


SMD - Seantrel is out here practicing. He has been cleared. Still no sign of Eddie Johnson.

SMD - at UM practice: no one wearing yellow limited jersey and no one wearing red no contact jersey


"Seantrel Henderson cleared to practice, Al Golden said."



4-8 is lunacy.

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