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August 16, 2012



First again?

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Your boy just recieved his tickets for the UM vs BC game!!!!!!

them eagles better tighten up there's a bunch of hurricanes coming their way.

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Sad to say, I'll predict that Henderson is a non factor this season. Too many issues for just too long. Wish him well, but we need to move on to someone who's ready to be on the field.


Out to slay some lobsters. C YA!


stanley shakespeare!




We Got Some Canes Over Here!!


From the last blog on why we all need to be realistic about this season...

Well considering that they lost their best defensive player (Spence) and have first/second year players and walkons all over the D then I would say that it will be worse. Lost their best 2 offensive players in Miller and Streeter and Jacory was steady last year. I can't see how the team will be better. Listen, there is no one else who wants to see this team be better than I do, but those are just the facts...

Posted by: THE MAN | August 16, 2012 at 04:05 PM

Not to mention all the scoring in the scrimmage (15 TDs). I know it was a scrimmage, but normally the D is way ahead of the offense. Again, hopefully I am dead wrong on this, but I'm trying to see the reality of the situation so it will save my sanity during the season...

orange 'n green in the vein


THE MAN gets it.

86, keep sharp objects away from your eye at all times, you think mask defogger hurts? Try a lobster spear.


I'm taking the under promise over deliver approach... Hopefully


Best company name of the decade

DNA testing company

Whose Your Daddy


I dont think the scrimmage td numbers are realistic..if you line up on the 5 yard line 20 times, your gonna score some..it was situational stuff, not long drives resulting in 15 td's..imo

orange 'n green in the vein


Wow, that's pretty hideous. If we lose to a team dressed like that even in their backyard of Chicago, that's going to be tough to swallow. Seriously, this is Terp opener last year bad with the helmet.



It is official next year we are getting new Uni's

orange 'n green in the vein


In this pencil-necked geek's opinion . . . 4-8 overall, 3-5 in conference play.

At least guys can bench press now, that should be good for a couple point swings over the course of the season (in 2013) right?


Some of U irritate me at times. Yes this team needs a lot of work but in no way can you say that we were better off last year. Sometimes people forget who our QB was. Watch the canefreak highlight reel of the Miami against FSU game last year and watch the blown throws and wimpy effort on #12's part. Give me a break I will take this team 7-5 over anyone of #12's teams.


U on fire Ogv!! Anything under .500 will result in Golden makin a few budget cuts. I truly believe we can win AT LEAST 8 games if these guys can stay FREAKIN HEALTHY 4 a change!!



RAYLEW3 new rap video


OGV...the eye is fine, the lobsters never stood a chance. 4 today for me, six for my buddy. Going again tomorrow!


Jacory went from 88th in the nation in pass efficiency as a jr to 19th in the nation as a sr his oc and qb coach were the ones that sucked


The Florida keys are the next target for the Canespace summer slam. I got this!


Ken dorsey's best Pass E year he was 19th in the nation btw


jacory threw 20 tds and 9 picks as a sr

Dorsey threw 28 tds and 12 picks as a sr, playing with the most talented team in college history something jacory didn't have around him
dont blame everything on jacory for a really shiddy canes team

Dude on a Pale Horse

As soon as the Irish take the field in those uniforms we will deserve victory. Where did it say we are getting new unis?


From the last blog on why we all need to be realistic about this season...

Well considering that they lost their best defensive player (Spence) and have first/second year players and walkons all over the D then I would say that it will be worse. Lost their best 2 offensive players in Miller and Streeter and Jacory was steady last year. I can't see how the team will be better. Listen, there is no one else who wants to see this team be better than I do, but those are just the facts...

Posted by: THE MAN | August 16, 2012 at 04:05 PM

What walk-ons do we have on D??? Our db's last year was mike williams and mcgee, and you're saying we were better last year. Let me name players we have this year that are better than mike william since mcgee is back anyway so he has to be better this year than last year, Gunter, Howard, Crawford, and Davis to name a few. The only real linebacker contributors last year wuz Spence and Perryman, and Perryman is back and better and will pick up where Spence left off. I believe that Perryman is already bigger and stronger than Spence. Streeter had his first year last year so last year was basically his freshman year so he was in the same position that Lewis, Lockhart, and Waters are in right now. And I'm sure you was probably saying that Streeter should have stayed cuz he wasn't ready yet but now you saying we need him. I guarantee that Morris will have a better year than Jacory did last year and he should have been starting last year. Not tryna knock J12 bcuz I feel like it was the coaches that ruined him and he did have a better year last year but his year wuzn't great neither last year, the ohio game he should have had at least four picks that the db's just dropped. Miller, everybody said last year that he couldn't break a tackle but the same people wish he stayed, so Da Duke can replace him. The offensive line is bigger stronger and better, and the TE's are better.

Its MORE talent on this team this year than last year

orange 'n green in the vein

elliot, a tl;dr dissertion on Harris being sandwiched between a Heisman winner and two time finalist with two championships and two title game losses went here, but solar summed it up more succinctly.

Does that clip video have the poor option calls on the goal-line ran by Morris on there too? You know, the type of plays people swear he would have punched in against K-State on fourth down instead of that dastardly #12 and his taller frame after his TE dropped the pass that hit his hands the snap before? Because if it does I'll know exactly what to look for to know Jedd's getting a little too cute with his play calls for my liking in the opener.

86, way to keep the dangerous end pointed at the lobster. Now I'm wondering two things, how's the sunburned dome and what would Old Skool's key lobster impersonation look like? Funnier than his mullet or is that impossible unless he's got some frum soaked ruit in him? LOL.


most improved uni over last year has to be maryland. they dropped all that state flag crap and redid their entire look. can't say too much for the formula one headgear stripe though



cane concept helmets we will never see


Dude on a Pale Horse

Its funny to me how so many know what is going to happen in the future.

orange 'n green in the vein

solar, that formula one headgear stripe IS THE STATE FLAG CRAP that screwed up their look so bad last year too. The turtle shell helmet is an improvement over that flag garbage.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I think Morris can have a year similar to Jacory's last year. He needs some guys to step up and replace some 4 year guys. Dorsett has to be the deep threat that Benjamin was. Golden said he is playing really fast right now. I dont think it would be crazy to expect Dorsett to be as effective. He probably doesnt have the top gear Benjamin had over the safeties, but I think he has enough. Dorsett is also thicker and can do more things after the catch. I think Hurns can be the third down guy. He has soft hands and is just quick enough. If he can play the roll that Hankerson did then we will be pretty competitive. With Jedd's focus on throwing more to the TEs it should help give the WRs more 1 on 1s with the CBs on 3rd down. But then you need a TE to step up and I'm not so sure we have a guy there reliable enough to warrant anything but a LB covering them. Hopefully it all comes together. There are peices to work with scheme wise but The U will be depending on alot of what ifs.


OGV...the dome is still tagged but I Got it covered with multiple layers of screen and hats even when under water.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I mean numbers wise when comparing Morris to Jacory. Numbrs dont always tell the truth. 20 Tds to 9 Ints is good. What those numbers dont tell you of course is that Jacory threw alot of Ints in crucial situations.

Old Skool

Scalloping one weekend. Lobstering the next. What's next truffle hunting in Tuscany?

Actually, if you go crabbing and shrimping
you got a shellfish grand slam

Damn. I'd forgotten or repressed the mullet. As for lobster impersonations ... hiding under rocks and waiting to be tickled ain't gonna happen.


Its MORE talent on this team this year than last year

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | August 16, 2012 at 11:01 PM

This year's team is much better because of coaching and player development.

QB - Morris is better than Jacory was last year. He has a stronger arm and with another year under Fisch's tutelage, you will see an efficient qb who can also go deep when necessary.

RB - Miller was good, but James will also be a very good RB, who will gain a lot of yards this year. The Canes will be deeper at RB. If Duke can stay healthy, he will be the king of break away threat in the open field that Miller was not. If the defenders can touch him, they will also find that arm tackles will not bring Duke down.

TE - Tight end will be better and deeper by leaps and bounds. Asante and Clive are both healthy and more experienced. They are also very talented, as the college football world will find out this year.

Offensive line - much better,stronger, deeper and experienced than last year. This OL might be one of the best OLs in the ACC.

Defensive Line - certainly a concern at DT, but certainly better and deeper than last year. Chick will be a beat at DE, and the young players at DE can make an impact. Given that the DLs are healthy and not serving any suspensions like last year, they will be much better.

LBs - Cookie is back and he did not play last year. Perryman will be much better than his freshman year (scarry thought). Spence will be missed, but overall, this corp will be deeper and more experienced.

DBs - Clearly better, since they were not very good last year. One more year under Paul Williams, and they should be capable of making more plays.

I am not concerned that the Canes are worse than last year, because Golden is a good coach and I have seen they players they are developing and its a great story that is unfolding there in Coral Gables.

My biggest concern is their lack of experience, which can always create a problem when you are trying to win a championship. Still, I think Golden's Canes will surprise a lot of people this year and we will start to see it on the field in Boston.


"This year's team is much better because of coaching and player development."

QB- If Fisch can turn Jacory into the most improved player in the NCAA (and the assumption holds that Morris > Harris at this point), I look forward to seeing 2012. Morris also seems to be taking this team by the throat, which I love.

RB- Mike James is a beast. Watch him shock the world. The Clements/Duke/Dillard combo can only help. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Hagens is a blocking freak.

WR- Not sure here. I see a group effort more than a dominant WR. Good for the future, not so good for this season. A solid #1 needs to seize the day, and from the reports... I don't see it.

TE- I hope you're right, BigWindy. Else it'll be a hard year.

OL- I love Linder, Bunche, and Flowers. Mean nasty dudes. I don't know enough about McDermott and Feliciano's attitude. I don't think Henderson will end up starting, but he's an excellent 6th or 7th guy.

DL- If one of the freshmen makes the 4 deep DE, I'll feel good. If not, this could be problematic.

LB- I hate that Kirby is out. Honestly, he excited me more than any of the 2012. He also seemed ready to start. That HURTS a lot. Armbrister, Paul, and Johnson better knuckle up... we'll need them.

DB- Telemaque is the most experienced safety in the conference, and a second year under Golden helps a bunch. I'm not sold on the corners, but I've heard Deon Bush & Howard are maniacs and workers. I've always liked Finnie. I hope he gets his shot.

ST- Golden better have a replacement plan after Wieclaw and Botts, else 2013 is going to go up in smoke. They are an awesome combination and will win at least a game or two by themselves. Dorsett and Duke are lethal. The kick coverage is phenomenal. I think this is the strength of the team.


big windy, lb good posts,
you both point out reasons to be optimistic about this season. I'm excited about the attitude of the current players as much as anything else.


yea I realized the helmet graffiti was a compressed Maryland flag, I dig everything else about the changes they made.


With only two players donning first-team black jerseys Thursday — punter Dalton Botts and defensive end Shayon Green — Golden had little to praise. But his eyes finally brightened when a reporter mentioned fullback Maurice Hagens, wearing the orange jersey that first-team players on offense are given.

“Tremendous,’’ is how Golden described Hagens’ improvement from last season. “I just said to him [Wednesday] night in the hallway the same thing. He’s had a great camp. He’s catching the ball well out of the backfield, he’s blocking well and his mistakes are minimal.’’

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/08/17/2955444/miami-hurricanes-maurice-hagens.html#storylink=cpy


"I'm excited about the attitude of the current players as much as anything else."

If Morris can handle the turnovers in the starting two away games, we'll be fine. That way defenses won't put 8-9 in the box and limit the run potential.

10/6-11/1 is a brutal stretch, but I think we've got an upset in there...

...gobble, gobble.

Get to the last three games. Murder three in a row and enter 2013 on a high note.

It's still a good schedule, even with the early road trips. I strongly disagree with 4 wins. Strongly. That is too low a floor, especially with that schedule. FSU and VT are at home. The ACC is a crappy conference. Coaching alone beats that floor.


Let the Herb chime in on what team was or is going to be better.
Jabboney was an average QB who found a way to choke in big games. I swear the dude was color blind. Did he leave here with good overall numbers yes he did, as far as total yds & TD passes, but he probably threw the most int's over the last 4 years, in college football, at least top 10 in that category. They caudle Morris to much last year but we have seen glimpses of what he is capable of doing but he to is or has been int. prone.
The offensive line will be about the same as last year, unless everyone's hero Trell comes back and plays like the prima donna he's supposed to be.
The WR's will not be as producctive as last years group but next year, watch out!
The RB's will not be as good as last years as far as numbers but there is hope in the future with the DUKE!
The DE spot will not be as good as last years because only Chick has seen any action.
The DT spot has some numbers, unlike last year but I'm not sold on any of our 2 starting DT Porter & Smith but next year watch out.
Aside from losing Spence the LB core has to be better than last years but depth of overall talent is a concern.
The DB's have got to be better than last years, although we will be young as far as depth is concerned.
Our Kicker & Punter had good seasons last year and they should be better.
The overall team should be better because it's year 2 of the Golden one. We definetly will be stronger & bigger but this team is at least another recruiting cycle & year away from being a potential 8 to 10 win team. We should of won 10 games last year.
We need at least 5 play makers in the next recruiting class and most need to be at the LB, DL & one more good RB. Did I miss anything?


What I don't understand is how everyone thinks certain players are "going" to better than players from last year when they haven't even played yet. Again, I hope you are right, but let's be realistic. Let's wait and see if they produce on the field before saying they will be better than what actually produced. I know this year is another year and everyone has improved, but let's see it on the field for once! Remember Ray Ray? EVERYONE thought he was going to be a game changer and he ended up being NOTHING when he stepped on the field so with that said lets wait and see how all these young players produce first.

orange 'n green in the vein


THE MAN gets it, again. Lots of assumptions being made with little evidence or what evidence there is being contrary to the assumption being made instead of supporting it.

At least with expectations so low this year, it'll only take a winning record to far surpass them. There's a joke about that being just like at Temple and Golden feeling right at home not winning the division in there because of that, but the weekend's about to start so why lay that on here with only two weeks and a wake-up to go until the season starts?


Has anyone here seen Ray Lewis III new rap video?? OOO man i wonder what Coach Golden and the other guys gonna think about it...

Here it is people...


calGary Cane

Posted by: THE MAN | August 17, 2012 at 10:12 AM

I think that if everybody follows your "rules" this site would be really boring with nothing much to read.


Saw the Ray Lewis III video and was shocked he wasn't strongly advised by Lewis Jr. to take it down/not do it at all.

I'm curious as to how this shakes out.


Oh gawd what is ray 3 doing? At least don't throw the U up in there like that. I don't mind rappers throwing up the U but when your a future player??!! I mean it's not like he is breaking the law but this make him look bad. I have a feeling dad is busy with his work and hasn't seen it but will and he will get it taken down.


Best company name of the decade

DNA testing company

Whose Your Daddy

Posted by: solarcane | August 16, 2012 at 05:57 PM

Solar - I almost sprayed the beer I was drinking all over my computer! Too funny!

If these players want to be ready come the first snap, they will be ready. They have put in a ton of work that they now have to make pay off. When you have done something of significance, moving forward, the last thing you want to do is piss it all away. Make it pay off.

Of course, a ton depends on coaches doing their job, and that is not a side note. However, as far as the players are concerned, they have to bring the "hate" (ok, for the pc lovers, the "attitude") and want the world to discredit them and go out and do your thing your way. Time to take it and make it happen. Not tomorrow, not next season. Right now. One play, one series, one half, one game at a time.


Good to see you posting somewhere again Solar.

Hope you and the Mrs. are doing well.

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