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August 30, 2012



86 I agree no more than 2 NFL preseason games.


UNC and the NCAA make your own opinion...




I hope not with kendal thompkins or Allen hurns on it lol. I heard that players would find out Wednesday who was starting??



Players were warned what would happen and they didn't listen, so you don't wish bad on em but you don't feel bad for em either. IMO the players left early bcuz they were lazy and didn't want to go thru U tough. Cuz how else do you explain declaring to leave before you hear back from the draft evaluations??


OGV...I am not sure about the QB rating for Ricky Town but I do know this: Miami Killian 42 Homestead 21 - FINAL

Posted by: 86Cane | August 30, 2012 at 09:40 PM

how bout them cougars!!!


I'll keep it 100 as a fan & say I wanted them to stay to see them maximize their development. Sh*t... The team would be loaded right now had they stayed...

orange 'n green in the vein

86, I'm pretty sure my post hoping for somebody to get injured would have made some waves when I put it up here previously, except for the fact it, of course, never happened. Dreams die every day for all kinds of reasons and the fact that Sean got his name on a pro contract means he was a pro player even if he doesn't get to be the next Ray Lewis. How important that fact is to an individual is up to them. The post that started in on this whole difference of opinion of what professional sports is really worth to the people that play them and a society that bankrolls them was SJM's saying it was 'appalling' to mention the guy received a quality education. So it's ok to mention that up until the point he gets hurt? How about up until the point he gets his brain turned into the equivalent of an 80 year old's at half that age while the NFL denies a clinical link between head trauma and CTE? Oh, that's right, that's the real appalling little subplot to this whole thing, but hey, I'm callous because someone not playing a regular season game in a sports league I don't watch that cannibalizes it's participants long term health and a pretty decent rate isn't a big deal to me.

As for the new poster who can't wait to fire off the lame personal attacks like a child because our opinions on pro sports happen to place different values on them, I'll reiterate, you have no idea what kind of heart, empathy, clues, or anything I have or don't in regards to anything, this situation we're discussing included. Keep balling so hard superstar, maybe one day you'll kill enough brain cells doing it that you'll be able to convince yourself you're right and I'm wrong when it comes to our matter of opinions on this.

You're a real dullard.


Damn fellas relax.


I agree with canesteeler let's all chill..first game is tomorrow let's all come together as Miami fans and support these canes! They need all the support they can get....IT US AGAINST THE WORLD BABY!!!


Kinda have to agree with OGV on this one. He never claimed that Spence's injury was deserved or that he found any pleasure in it. He was simply using this injury to point out that most people are concerned with one's athletic value and argues it really has no inherent value to society beyond entertainment at the expense of at least a risk of detrimental impact on long-term quality of life. He would rather celebrate one's academic achievement which presumably gives him the tools to make more worth contributions to society as a whole.

I feel he is also subtly implying that the fans of this form of entertainment are responsible for the long term effects of the players as they ultimately determine incentive structures the athletes enjoy via their consumerism. Clearly, rather than contribute to the perpetuation of such a practice, OGV admirably chooses not to contribute to the system by removing himself from the market.

Do I think OGV was being malevolent? No.
Could this have been done in a more tasteful way? Probably.
Does OGV have a point? Yes.

That being said, pay the doctors more!


Ain't about stats Beer!!! It's about the fact that Ogv has yet 2 WISH SPENCE A FULL & HEALTHY RECOVERY!!!




A tip of the cap to Marcus Forston. I know he has received his fair share of criticism during his time at the U, however, tonight, he gets to celebrate being part of the 53 man active roster of the Super Bowl contending New England Patriots.

For those who don't recall, he went undrafted.

From ESPN Boston -

Defensive lineman Marcus Harrison: Harrison flashed a quick first step during camp, but didn't do enough to outshine a number of young linemen on the Patriots' defense, including Marcus Forston, the undrafted rookie out of Miami.

Defensive tackle (5): Vince Wilfork, Kyle Love, Brandon Deaderick, Ron Brace, Marcus Forston

I wish him the best.

Unbelievably, if I recall correctly, the first former Cane to be cut was Roscoe Parish - Earlier this week.


Sorry, but I just couldn't read all the back and forth comments re Sean Spence's injury.

However, if Beer's summation is accurate, I have to side with OGV.

BTW, thanks for the summary, Beer - yeah, I know, that took a lot to give a Hawkeye fan some props!


Noticed that this comment didn't make my copy/paste to the previous post:

Forston, a rookie free agent from Miami, might be the most surprising addition to initial roster. Didn't see that one.

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