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August 08, 2012



Golden: http://ufootball.tumblr.com/post/29050674149/head-coach-al-golden-talks-to-the-media-prior-to




Manny - Seantrel Henderson story takes another strange twist http://bit.ly/NKFolX


Guess what's rolling out today, #CanesFam? A new season of Raising Canes will premiere today at 5 p.m., featuring freshman DB Tracy Howard



Man..JUST when I thought things couldnt get worse!!! OK..I was all set and ready to coach football this year..after my first year last year I learned so much and was so excited....well I recently had to take on a normal job (I previously worked from home) and I work the weekends..so I had to give up the coaching...so Tuesday I go to my sons practice and can you believe it, the new coach had on all FSU gear!!! I almost hung myself lol


Brandon Odoi - Keep an eye on linebacker Thurston Armbister. He's emerging according to coaches and could see some significant time due to injuries at LB.


If we don't have anything else, we have motivational speakers and also it's funny how we are always in some kind of video, pumping football. At least we can stay somewhat relative, until football gets back to where it needs to be. I'm a little worn out hanging on to memories & listening to Babs sing, "The Way We Were".
Is Armstrong out side his mind. Why did it take him three weeks to think up this idea of reinstatement? He had his chance and numerous ones at that and didn't produce. He should of thought about major college football and the pros a little more while he was out enjoying the night life and living care free with his Squaw!
Somethings always wrong with Hindu. How the hell does he have a concussion, when he hasn't even practiced. They ain't nobody that tall to slap him upside his head.
I'm not going to get to high or low about what these dudes are doing in camp. Seen it & heard it before. I want to see results on the field, starting in Sept. I'm still not sold on the defense, we have some names but those names have to make plays. We should be able to take care of B.C. no matter where we play them and if we play down to their level it will be one long season. We are too green and that being said, not ripe enough to be anything better than 7-5 or 6-6. To all Canes fans here's hoping I'm wrong. The Herb has spoken!


SOUP i think you can pencil in Duke as the LOF for the freshmen category loll....Dude is shaking and baking out there ruthless baller...

Im glad Gionni Paul is fine though were going to need him..


Willie Will i had to throw up the picture of my daughter from months ago after seeing your beautiful baby in canes gear......

orange 'n green in the vein

Henderson, and this is all purely speculative on my part, let's get that out there right now, could have gotten dinged up in those physical, pad-less, linemen summer run through sessions we were hearing about, add in a significant traveling by plane or long car rides at night with lights coming head on at him and no diagnosis until camp starts and you could have a lingering effect still hanging around.

Whatever the true nature of the injury, I'd rather have him needing to shake off a mild concussion than trying to play through a gimpy back this year.


Damn SMD

It has been reported by the Miami Herald that LB Gionni Paul had suffered a “severe knee injury” on Wednesday and possibly tore his ACL. This is not the case as Golden expects Paul to resume practice in two or three days. “From what I understand of it, everything is good,” Golden said. “It’s not going to be a long-term thing. It’s just a function of getting up and getting going again. We’ll hold him out today, but try to get him circulating and running. The good news is that everything is in good shape in terms of his injury.” The Herald also reported that the injury happened on a Duke Johnson “fakeout”, but that was not the case either. Yes, Johnson had the ball on the play during a drill called ‘Category 5’ in which there is a running back with an offensive lineman, tight end, wide receiver, two linebackers, and a cornerback. Johnson broke free from Paul’s tackle, then somebody hit Paul’s leg while he was on the ground. As Johnson escaped from the crowd he had CB Larry Hope one-on-one and shook him for a big gain. Teammates erupted in excitement after the play.


Recruiting Update: Miami has offered 2013 LB Oren Burks, 6'4'' and 190 lbs, from Lorton, VA. Highlights - http://ow.ly/cQXPU

3G Cane

@accfootballnews "Duke Hurns", huh? LOL
To put it nicely, Ryan's "Preview" needs a little work ...


To put it nicely, Ryan's "Preview" needs a little work ...

Posted by: 3G Cane | August 09, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Just a tad. Lol


Manny - D'Onofrio: UM's veteran corners need to be careful about how many days they miss http://bit.ly/MU2xnA


Paul is ok and my LOF pick stands.


Jon Bastian - 2014 commit Travis Rudolph said he is still a solid commitment to The U.


I told coach TP that my commitment to the "Space is still solid : )


d backs



WVUM Sports - Source confirms Seantrel Henderson's possible concussion is from a car accident


Willie Will i had to throw up the picture of my daughter from months ago after seeing your beautiful baby in canes gear......

Posted by: UpNorthCane | August 09, 2012 at 11:15 AM

I thought so lol, but thanks. She's cute, what's her name? I have my first daughter on the way next month, I want to name her Miami but my wife for some reason won't let me


Football tonight!


WIllie will that bond with a daughter is crazy that Papa bear feeling comes quick lol.. Her name is Alexia and her middle name "MIA", i had to get Miami in their some way some how loll...


Her name is Alexia and her middle name "MIA", i had to get Miami in their some way some how loll...

Posted by: UpNorthCane | August 09, 2012 at 04:13 PM

ALMOST named my daughter Mia. After quick consideration of my last name, I decided against it.

My last name is Stoner. Might as well have named her Ima. LOL


GOLD for US Women's Soccer!! Wooohoo!


and another gold for Bolr..in the 200





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