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September 09, 2012



Jig...here U go:



I don't know if you guys are seeing what am saying but until we get proven Co-ordinators we will keep going in this cycle and the excuses either going to be we are young or the system is new.

Posted by: Jiggafras | September 10, 2012 at 02:20 PM

Yes I get it. And you are right.


In addition Miami cannot be viewed as an elite program anymore. We all need to face that fact. No team respects them anymore, no reporter, analyst, coach or anyone for that matter. Playing games on FX at noon? Why would anyone view them as elite? Look what they have done the last 5+ years. They have literally shown ZERO improvement in 5+ years and arguably have gotten much much worse. Oh yeah, but they are FAST! Who gives a crap how fast they are if they can't catch, see a hole, tackle, or create turnovers. Every single team is as fast or faster than Miami. I don't get how there are so many things wrong with this program for YEARS now with no end in sight...


I bet Jon Gruden is seeing this and thinking myyyyyyyy laaawwwwddd


I've refrained from posting for a while BUT damn all the excuses are just SAD. Is the third stage of grieving - bargaining, aka we are young. I saw a James Franklin coached Vandy team play with S. Carolina. No way my Dores have the same level of talent as the Canes. Since Franklin got there, they simply bring heat plan and simple. D'Onofrio is not even an average middle school coach. His arrogant a$$ comments--he's going to find out quickly this ain't Temple dumb a$$.

On a another note, there is a certain D coordinator is at a BS school that may be willing to come down and consult to rebuild his image. Sean T was his favorite player and Gregg Williams may be receptive if asked. Al Golden is showing that he is not that smart..book sense vs common sense. Give the common sense guy b/c he is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to succeed. The book guy thinks he is smarter than everybody else. JJ and Schnelley and probably Erickson were combos. I hope Bethune WINS on Sat just so the D'Onofrio thing ends and gives addition by subtraction. Yeah I said that..


Posted by: herbieibis | September 10, 2012 at 02:31 PM

I don't understand you anology...of course none of these guys are All conference, does that mean they have no talent...hardly. They haven't perform most of them but that doesn't mean its because they have no talent. We had to fight hard to get some of those guys from top schools, as soon as they reach Miami they have no talent. Telemaque was all conference 2 seasons ago, he has disappointed since...doesn't mean he has no talent. When Randy got fired he was one fo the bright spots that season. H ewa sbeing coached to play in a man scheme for 3 seasons, now he is forced to play in a zone passive scheme. You can see the conflict can't you? That is just an example. These don't come to campus as All conference, they are are coached to be ones. And btw teams are not just about star players, its about the unheralded guys stepping up and becoming household names when no one knew about them in the beginning. Stop saying we have no talent. Here is another statement for you....while Butch was the coach at UNC not once did they have a better recruiting class than Miami and don't give me the recruiting ranking blah blah, most of Miami players were recruited hard by other top programs like Bama UF and FSU, therefore they had to be something. Flip it around and look at the players Butch put out on Saturdays and compared ours. Its not a talent thing, the NFL alone says that is a lie. You know like Sam Shields who had all those mental errors at Miami but is able to pick up the scheme of the Super bowl champs in one season after playing CB only one season before that.


..the sky is falling because our fresh/sophs lost to a bunch of 24 year old 6th year players..anyone know if this weeks game on TV?
If not- I'll drive south and support my team


Canes are on ESPN3 only this week, I believe.





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