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September 24, 2012


Old Skool

Roscoe Parrish is now a Buc


Is there anything new on Kevin Olsen's broken foot?

Posted by: IraqiCane | September 26, 2012 at 03:41 AM

It is still broken, he is trying to come back towards the end of his season Nov.


Thanks Hassan


I'm hoping to see a BALANCED attack against NCST on Saturday:
3 running TDs, 3 passing TDs, and one each from the defense and special teams.

Anybody have a problem with that?


Fortson is released....


Anybody have a problem with that?

Posted by: nemo2002 | September 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM

A problem? Absolutely not.

In fact, that's almost the exact score total I predicted our Canes would score a couple days ago when I was asked if I had sipped some special Kool-Aid that morning. ;-)


Fortson is released....

Posted by: Hassan | September 26, 2012 at 12:40 PM


Jimmy Johnson was out fishing today. U know, in his normal, every day attire.



Fortson is released....Posted by: Hassan | September 26, 2012 at 12:40 PM CAN WE GET HIM BACK?

Posted by: canezilla | September 26, 2012 at 12:43 PM

For what, to stand on the sidelines?? Lol



Butch to arkansas?


I think U Tuff is working, except on Curtis porter, cuz usually we would have about 20 players out wit upper and lower extremities lol.


Butch finally retruning home, good for him, bad for Bama, hopefully no difference for us.



Anywhere butch goes in college means trouble for us lol. Considering I'm sure he'll be still recruiting heavily in our backyard no matter where he goes. Even though golden is putting a fence up butch will be leaning on it applying pressure


BTW anybody thins Strong will be taken away from Lville? I know if Im a top notch program I would go after him.....maybe a place like Tennesee hell if I was GT I would get rid of Johnson and do everyting to get Strong...your never going to win playing that offense the ACC has caught on.


Total yards - 35th
Rushing - 58th
Passing & Receiving - 27th

Kickoff return yardage - 2nd
Field goals made - Tied for 11th
Punting net yardage - 79th

Total sacks - 94th


Canes last 3 opponents.

Rushing attempts - 171

Passing attempts - 45

Will be interesting to see how they respond to 25+ passes in one game.


Canes have offered 2014 TE Bryce Dixon from St. Bonaventure. 6'4, 230.


The Dude

Sebastian is ranked #1 on Capital One mascot ranking but is losing to Ms. Wuf from NCST. Sebastian is one of 3 unbeaten mascots this year.

The Dude

Ohio Cane, did you see my earlier post? Was that about right?


Just back from Bradenton. What did I miss?


The Dude, I missed the earlier post but just went back and looked. Let me see:

We really dont have but a few more spots left.

1 QB Olsen
2 RB Collins
3 RB Lewis III
4 FB/TE Johnson
5 TE Standish
6 OL Kerr
7 OL Gall
8 OL Kirkland?
9 WR Jean-Louis
10 WR Cunningham?
11 NT Bryant
12 DT (Bostwick?)
13 LB (Thomas?)
14 LB (Grace or Ngakoue?)
15 DE (I dont know)
16 CB Burns
17 DB Carter

Looks about right, Dude.

A couple notes:

- Kirkland: loves Canes, but FSWho lurks.

- Cunningham: I have no idea on, except Bama, ND, OK St and Stanford are in the mix.

- Bostwick: Yes, we get him, IMO.

- Thomas: Boy I hope so, but this will probably be a :wait-and-see till signing day" type deal

- Grace: Yes, all Cane, IMO.

- Yannick Ngakoue: Toss up. Just decommited from Maryland and is high on Canes, but no idea with him. We'd be lucky to have him tho.


Why are we recruiting 5 te's ? We dont even throw to them !!!!


If Miami pressures glennon he will look soooo normal. But if let him have time.... BC alllll over again



The Brown Recluse

NC State game "should" be a win for the Canes. As I read over the blog, I see how everyone is ignoring the twin 800lb gorillas in the room. Problems with the secondary and special teams.

The GT QB Washington toasted Rodgers or whatever DB it was at least twice...and he would have had two more long completions if he had not overthrown the receiver. I hope No' D is fixing that, as well as coming up with some exotic blitz packages. Go back and watch the game again and you'll see that it was actually passing that got GT back in the game.

NC State knows that the Canes front four is suspect, and even though Glennon is big and slow...don't be surprised to see some QB draw plays to keep the chains moving. Fisch needs to run more RB screens to James and Duke, and forget about the WR bubble screens.

My Canes...your Canes will not be victorious if No'D runs that pathetic "prevent" style defense on Saturday. Grind it out with James and Duke to keep Glennon off of the field, and eliminate our own turnovers while creating some on NC State should give the Canes a win. Forget the GT win guys, that was last week. That was a game that the Canes should have won 47-14!!!


see ball, get ball

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