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September 10, 2012





Sat, Sep 15 2012 12:00pm Bethune Cookman vs Miami on ESPN 3


If there are 20K fans at that game it will be a miracle...


Carlos? What's up big guy!


Do other teams come out with a new depth chart after every game?


I don't know about the sky falling, i know our defense is not that bad. I am certain our defense is not as bad as giving up 500 yards generally we could do what we wanted until the score started to get out of hand and it started to get predictable. That was not help by the defense allowing K State to score on every drive.


It's definitely a hard pill to swallow. But the more I stop thinking with emotions the more I realize that this loss will only help the young kids..they now know what it's like to be embarrassed. Most of them until this point in high school and Boston college they have always been held up and better then everyone. It's like getting your first big pop by a linebacker..welcome to the big leagues. I've had time to chill so I'm not going to jump off a bridge now..LET'S GO CANES!!


Another masterpiece 86. See ya Friday. Great point Panamacitycane.


Confident that Al Golden won't fire his homeboy at defensive coordinator no matter how bad things get.


Duke Johnson is

3ed in rushing in the ACC
2nd in kick return avg.
1st in all purpose yds


We make every QB we play a Heisman candidate. Let´s see how many yards BCC make this week. They say this is a game of inches...we make it a game of yards.


So, why isn't Duke the first team running back?


So, why isn't Duke the first team running back?

Posted by: nemo2002 | September 10, 2012 at 04:34 PM

cause Mike James is a great kid thats been through alot?


All i know is that i better hear that there was some fighting going on at practice today. After they got their butts handed to them, there better be some pissed off players.

If practice goes as usual, then that confirms to me that this team is not ready to take the next step.


Great article soup. I'm on board. I've set my emotions aside and will go along and believe in the process. I do believe golden can turn things around. I just hope I'm wrong about Dnofrio.
Go canes


from the last post. Chavis at LSU is replacing alot of stars which year in and out they do but they are replaced by VHT (very high talented for those who dont read phil steele)

Miami almost the same thing. D'No has the bodys maybe not the exp but he can do something. Against BC he knew the offensive co from his temple days and they knew him well enough to spot the weakness in his zone. When Miami blitzes you see gaping holes so Rettig killed them and the no pass rush helped so much.

Against KS they knew that if they wont the battle upfront on O it was gonna be their type of game. Run..run and pass on first through his weak zone. Tracy Howard giving up that long 27 yard pass and Highsmith and McGee giving up that TD that can be coached honestly. He needs to stop the zone crap cause it aint working. 3 man fronts when you have a undersized DL isnt either


and Golden can fire D'No. BFF or not. Look at Holt as UW get stomped in their bowl game agaisnt Baylor and RG3 and he and his team were packing their bags in Seattle let another gaudy performance happen at NCSU or better yet ND. I dont believe Miami will lose to GT just for the simple fact that Miami hasnt lost to Paul Johhsons triple option since year 1 of the trickery and the fact that Golden and D'NO saw this 2 times a year at Temple


I am not at the point of canning AG or MD just yet.

However, I asked after the BC game if AG sat w/ each coordinator one on one to watch the film of the game.

I asked to simply make a point that I find it almost impossible to believe that AG doesn't know the defensive philosophy his DC wants and is responsible for implementing.

To me, for the moment, that is the magic question - What is the goal of this defensive scheme and how does MD intend on achieving that goal utilizing his scheme???

I've read virtually all of the four digit posts on the Space since the BC game and I have yet to find one post that can explain MD's objective with his defensive philosophy - NOT ONE!

Has any beat writer bothered to ask this question of either AG or MD?

Put it this way, if he had to answer that question for an interview for the same position, what would be his answer?

And for the record, I have no clue - unfortunately, it appears as though neither do the defensive players on the field.


Gametime of Miami v. Ga. Tech will be 3pm on RSN aka Fox Sports South or Florida or whatever part of the nation u live in. So its 3pm eastern/2pm central. From Bad Street Atlanta, Ga. Lol


Im no defensive guru by any means, but some things appear to be simply common sense things. If you have a quarterback who is running it himself every other play, perhaps bring a safety up to spy, or a LB. And WHY int he world are the DB's so far off the WR, especially if your having trouble getting QB pressure? IMO, we let our DB's play man coverage and we bring them up close, let them get physical. The DB's are talented enough to make plays imo, but not when they are so far from the ball and the QB has all day. Bring the DB's up, blitz a LB etc. Also, was is Eddie Johnson NOT starting? Kid is quick and is always around the ball. IDK which LB he spot he plays, but if it is anything but MLB, he should be starting. I just dont know how a professional coach lets a team beat them over and over with the SAME play and SAME player!


Posted by: pre83 | September 10, 2012 at 05:02 PM

What i see from No'D is he is hung up on the points we gave up LAST year. He keep saying that we were 17th in points per game. What he fails to point out is we had the least amount of plays on offense because we can't get off the field and it has continued this season and only because we have been running the hurry up offense.


Cont'd ...only because we have been running the hurry up offense have we been able to increase our plays per game. We probably would benefit from a huddle since we have so many young guys. Therefore i think he is more concerned about the points per game and like i said thats really only half the story as time of possession is also very important for the offense and giving the defense a chance to rest


The Miami Hurricanes’ Sept. 22 football game at Georgia Tech will be televised live at 3 p.m. EDT on Sun Sports in Florida, the Atlantic Coast Conference office announced Monday.

The game will also be available on FOX Sports South, FOX Sports Carolinas, Comcast Sports Net Mid Atlantic and New England Sports Networks as well as on Watch ESPN. Additional regional sports network affiliates will be announced leading up to next Saturday’s contest.

With Monday’s announcement, Miami’s first four games will air on either regional or national TV. Miami’s home opener Sept. 15 vs. Bethune-Cookman will be carried on ESPN3.

Season and single-game tickets for the 2012 football season are available online, by phone at 1-800-GO-CANES (1-305-284-2263) or in-person at the Miami Athletics Ticket Office, which is now located on the bottom level of BankUnited Center.

For the latest information on Miami Hurricanes Football, follow @HurricaneSports on Twitter and the official blog for Hurricanes Football, www.theufootball.com.


Looking at fox sports NCAA rankings. I read this and get angry.

"New coach Jim Mora promised that the Bruins would play with more heart, soul and emotion this year, but let's not underestimate the coaching acumen of the Bruins boss and his staff. THEY MADE SCHEMATIC ADJUSTMENTS against Nebrask's QB run game in the second half and helped tilt the contest in their favor with a safety of elusive Husker QB Taylor Martinez. The biggest win for the Bruins in a long time..."

Now let's read what he says about KSU ranked 12th in his poll.

"The biggest mover in my poll, and why not? 52 points laid on the once proud Miami Hurricanes?! The worst loss for "The U" since 2007?! K-State scored those points with 498 yards of offense, and QB Collin Klien continued to show his new, improved passing touch (9 for 11, 210 yards) to go along with his usual stellar ground game (3 rush TDs). And defensively they held Miami to 40 rush yards on 29 carries...."

Ah the injustice of it all. Had Dnofrio stayed to coach temple what could have been?


on The Sedano show they have Crowder and Clinton Portis telling stories pretty funny stuff.


Eddie Johnson #44 started the KS game. He was all over the field but many times Klein gave him the shimmy and he was lost.

Tyrone Corneilius may be wearing S.Spence #31 jersey but he looked very small out their.

Gaines was terrible had one good tackle.But whiffed on many others. I belive D'No scheme is a mixed 4-3 scheme zone. And he trys to keep implementing that 3-4 zone and that is whats getting Miami killed. Corners playing 20 yards away from the reciever and the safetys are 30 yards away from anything.


I am very sure that Coach Golden and the rest of the defensive side are figuring this out. Because the D is playing very soft and the scheme isnt aggressive enough. Yes Miami is a young squad on both sides of the ball but the youth is full of young men that almost everybody in the country wanted. Throw them out their..

I was watching The U earlier and remember when Miami lost to Ty Detmer and all the old players called and came back to Miami and let them have it. After 2 straight games and about 1000+ yards some should be making their way back to greentree. The team should be holding another "secret" meeting and saying something idk ..


Ummmmmm..... I'm concerned that bcc is going to be more of a battle than we expect...

The Dude

Posted by: Laquinton | September 10, 2012 at 06:24 PM

My wifes uncle was the DE at BYU for that game. He LOVES to talk about that game whenever we talk football.

The Dude

He seriously says, 2 things happened in that game. Ty went off, which didnt suprise BYU and Miami didnt try alot. He says they were on the bench like "this is Miami?"

The Dude

Corners playing 20 yards away from the reciever and the safetys are 30 yards away from anything.

That's a serious exaggeration!


I don't know if any of you watched the Gator / A&M game but the Gators did something at half time that we have not done in a while....MADE ADJUSTMENTS.

A&M was going up and down the field on the Gators. Come 2nd half, i think they ran for only 10 yards or something along those lines. They held a Kevin Sumlin team scoreless in the 2nd half....very impressive depsite not liking the Gators.


Many of those breakdowns came on defense for a second straight week. The Hurricanes allowed 1,035 yards in two games and rank 114th of 120 FBS teams in total defense.

Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said he's been through two rebuilding projects before. He helped bring young defenses along as an assistant at Rutgers (2001-03) and Temple (2006-10), so he knows the process.

Youth is a factor with 17 freshmen and sophomores on the two-deep, he said, but not an excuse.

"When we get this thing turned, these guys are going to be good for a while," he said. "We're working each day to get it turned. And when we get it turned, there's going to be nobody leaving the team for a while."



All i know is that i better hear that there was some fighting going on at practice today. After they got their butts handed to them, there better be some pissed off players.If practice goes as usual, then that confirms to me that this team is not ready to take the next step.

Posted by: raizecane | September 10, 2012 at 04:44 PM

Yeah that's right, the players need to kick d'no's ass


Everything i read says that we need to put the KS loss behind us.....we can't think about......blah blah blah

HOGWASH (when was the last time you heard that term?). If i was AG, I would be showing that game film everyday. I would put the final score all over the locker room and scoreboard. These kids need to know that if you make mental mistakes (coaches claim they were mental), you will get your ass handed to you. Someone needs to keep reminding these kids just that....putting it in the past won't help in the future.

BTW - were there any fights at practice today? I sure hope there was.


When it comes to fixing UM's defense

D'Onofrio is thinking long term, not immediate

Here is the longer version of my story set to run in Tuesday's paper.
They rank 109th in pass defense and scoring defense, 89th against the run and 114th in total defense out of 120 teams in major college football.

Hurricanes assistant head coach Mark D’Onofrio is well aware just how awful his unit has looked. UM has given up 1,000-plus yards and 84 points through its first two games. The Canes haven't been lit up like this since they were coming off probation in 1998.

UM fans have roasted him on the radio and on internet message boards. Former Canes -- like Clinton Portis, Warren Sapp and Calais Campbell -- have taken to Twitter to express their embarrassment.

"I can't worry about any of that right now,” D’Onofrio said Monday of the criticism he’s received since Saturday’s 52-13 loss at Kansas State. “The only fans I need to worry about are my wife and my kids. As long as they still like me, I am in good shape."

Here’s something that might make UM fans like D'Onofrio a little less: he didn't offer any quick fix remedies Monday. Instead, he basically asked for more patience, and compared Miami's defensive mess to a reclamation project, like the ones he undertook as a linebackers coach at Rutgers and then as defensive corodinator at Temple with Al Golden.

There, D’Onofrio mixed what little talent he inherited with a lot of freshmen and sophomores. Eventually, the garbage was weeded out, and the defenses improved. With 17 freshmen and sophomores on the Canes' two deep on defense, the plan here is essentially the same.

"Go back and look at his statistics; His statistics say it all," Golden said of D'Onofrio. "We finished 17th against the score last year, 15th the year before at Temple. Again, is it what we want right now? No. But who is more upset than we are?

"I appreciate everybody's passion, but there were too many players out of position and too many plays we didn't execute, and too many times where we just didn't have 11 guys doing their job [Saturday at Kansas State]. We always look at ourselves as coaches first so we know what we need to calm down and what we need to call more of and what we need to eliminate based on what we're seeing."

"There's no panic button right now. We're in it for the long haul. We'll get this fixed. I've seen this before. I've seen this drill before, trust me."

As for the immediate future – including this Saturday’s home opener against Bethune-Cookman – D'Onofrio said he's trimming the rotation. Golden said 26 players have gotten into games on defense.

"It is not going to be like Pop Warner football where everybody gets in," D'Onofrio said.

“We have a base line to go off of good, bad or indifferent,” D’Onofrio said. “We have some guys that are playing well. We have some guys that haven't rose to the occasion. And we have some guys that are playing like their youth. A few more guys came to battle this week. I though [freshman safety] Deon Bush played well. [Junior safety] A.J. Highsmith played well. [Redshirt freshman linebacker] Eddie Johnson played well. We’ll just keep trying to building our team.

“I am sure Al has spoken about it, 17 of the two deep are freshmen or sophomores and the juniors are Shayon Green, Kacy Rodgers, and A.J. Highsmith. And you have seen how much they have played. That's where we're at. That's no excuse. But when we get this thing turned it is going to be turned for a while. We're working to get it turned. When we get it turned, there is going to be nobody leaving the team for a while and that is what we are working on what we are trying to do."

As for practice, the focus has turned to the basics. Coaches are preaching: fill the right gap and wrap up. The playbook? D’Onofrio said he has simplified his defense and kept the plays he knows his unit can execute. The rest get thrown out.

“My general rule of thumb is that if we aren't running it well by the end of Wednesday, I throw it out,” D’Onofrio said. “Just leave that burden off them. I try to keep it as tight as I can with this group.”

Unfortunately, D’Onofrio can’t do the same to the offenses UM is facing. D’Onofrio admitted Kansas State, a veteran team loaded with juniors and seniors, baffled the Canes’ last Saturday with different formations and personnel packages.

“I think the multitude of formations right now has guys seeing a lot,” D’Onofrio said. “The next time they see it, hopefully they play it better."

If there were encouraging signs from Saturday's loss, D'Onofrio said, it's that his players didn't quit.

"I have been in games like that where you get manhandled and guys lay down," D'Onofrio said. "We tried to put it on their fullback. We tried to put it on their quarterback. There were guys trying to be physical. I am encouraged by that."

Simple answer get used to more of what you saw the last 2 weeks. I need a drink. No excuses right? These guys just need to shut the hell up in the offseason.


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Simple answer get used to more of what you saw the last 2 weeks. I need a drink. No excuses right? These guys just need to shut the hell up in the offseason.

Posted by: Jiggafras | September 10, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Lol. Jigga what? Jigga who? Lol


Kelley has gained national attention for his unorthodox coaching methods at Pulaski Academy. He has turned the Bruins into a football powerhouse by eschewing punts and going for it on fourth down more than 99 percent of the time. Since the start of the 2008 season, the Bruins have punted only three times, while converting on fourth down more than 50 percent of the time.

Pulaski Academy is 105-20 over the past 10 seasons and has won three state championships, including an undefeated record in 2011 while, of course, punting only once.

"We don't do things like everybody else," Kelley said. "I came across studies and they said people should go for it a lot more than they do -- but maybe not as much as we do."

A couple of years ago, Kelley befriended Louisiana-Monroe offensive coordinator Steve Farmer, who recruits the Little Rock area. Warhawks coach Todd Berry also made a couple of recruiting visits to Pulaski Academy, most recently in January, and was intrigued by Kelley's unconventional philosophy.

"Everybody knows what we do," Kelley said. "When you come recruiting, you don't ever get to see the kids [because of NCAA rules]. You sit and talk to the coach and we talk about our philosophy."

Kelley also shared his statistical data with Berry. As difficult as it might be to believe, if a college team faces fourth down at its 5-yard line, according to Kelley's research, there actually isn't much more risk in passing up a punt for another offensive play.

According to Kelley's data, college teams are likely to net 30-35 yards on a punt from the end zone, and teams have a 77 percent chance of scoring a touchdown from inside an opponent's 40-yard line. The odds of giving up a touchdown from the 5-yard line are about 92 percent, so Kelley figures there isn't much more risk in going for a first down.

"Even if there's only a 33 percent chance you'll make it, the numbers still say you should go for it," Kelley said. "If you get to the point where you know you're going to go for it no matter what, you don't even get in that situation because it changes the dynamics of the play-calling. We don't have to throw on third-and-6 because we know we still have fourth down."


I hope Bethune WINS on Sat just so the D'Onofrio thing ends and gives addition by subtraction. Yeah I said that..

Posted by: dg | September 10, 2012 at 02:50 PM

No true cane fan thinks this way its unexceptable.1-1 is better than 0-2,we will know where the team stands in a few more games give it time have some faith


Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 10, 2012 at 07:50 PM

This guy and even Golden are boasting that No'D had us at 17th in scoring defense last season and Temple was 15th before. That is the definition of mediocrity. They fail to mention that we were dead last in number of plays ran last season primarily because we could not get off the field to save our lives. Golden will find out soon enough that honey moons down here are over pretty quickly. Everyone bar a few was with Shannon until he started making excuses. Sure way to get the fans on your back...quite hard to get them off your back when that happens.



True. The scoring average was low bcuz we tried to run out the clock every possession


I believe coach D and the players will get this turn around what else am i suppose to think.the season just started and your lying if you thought the D was going to come like gang bangers their are none and won't be for a minute.i would like to see fisch get more aggressive down field and use the YOUNG weapons to his advantage.i'm not buying Porter-Robinson-Grimble-Pierre-Smith being to small in the trenches the game plan needs to be more creative and aggressively thought out.this team can play and be a lot better than what was shown on saturday.



I like what you said except the second sentence lol. Up until the spring game everybody was saying the d would have to lead the way for the offense and their were the better unit wit more talent but now everybody is saying there's no talent on the d¿¿¿


Posted by: myndraize | September 10, 2012 at 08:17 PM

No one is saying the D was gonna be great.....they are not bad, they are not average, They are terrible....Savannah St terrible. If we were playing a team that could throw the ball they may have put up 84 points, K State was running most of the time and they almost got there. Over 500 yards per game against a terrible Boston College and K State. The great Chase Rettig after putting up over 400 yards throwing on us, had 219 yards and 50% completion against a great Maine Team. Lets not talk about Missouri St who held K State down for 3 qtrs the week before. The terrible defense is affecting the offense by forcing them to score every single time. K State had a chance to score a TD on every single drive in the first half and only didn't score once on a missed FG.

orange 'n green in the vein

Yeah, I disagree with everything in this article 86, but we are still friends.

I get it guys, look what you did at Temple. I did, I wasn't impressed. 10% chance BCC wins the game. 0% change Golden fires his college roommate if they do. There's a major problem with both those percentages.

D'No's philosophy on defense is to make the offense beat themselves by chaining long drives together to score. By avoiding the big play (which they haven't been doing for 14 games now) you force the offense to not shoot themselves in the foot with penalties (for reference; Duke game last year), turn the ball over (BC this year), of fail to convert on third down, (GT last year, OSU last year).

There you go pre83, sounds weak as hell to me too now that it's out there for everybody to read.


Remember when Mike James was out running our entire defense and guys were catching a couple tds apiece each practice ? I'm jus sayin

Our scout team qb has to be exhausted after each practice


I hope our linebackers are watching ray Lewis...dude is a monster..he is in on every single play..I mean everything! This is how you play linebacker!


OGV...How can U disagree with "cognitive dissonance"?

Account Deleted

One look at the depth chart and you know it's going to be a long, long way back. Just too many missing pieces. One DL, one LB and maybe 1-2 DB's is not enough to win with. The O is ok, but not enough to offset No'D. You can't expect these kids to win against teams with more talent, depth and experience.

Odds are in 2 years many of the freshman and sophomores listed on the depth chart won't even be starters. I'm a cane fan, but let's be honest with ourselves. We're a bottom 25-30 team right now.

Even if we have the right coaching staff it will be difficult to string together enough recruiting seasons/players to become a top 25 team again without making some mistakes.

And with that it mind, what are chances No'D and AG can last that long before the losing takes it's toll. I'd offer not high.

Like many programs, in the end AG may set the table for the next coaching staff to succeed. Time will tell.

Let's just hope we don't stumble again BCC, or lose any more of the team to injuries in what should be an easy win.




Ed rrreeeeeeeeeedddddddddd int for a td!!!!!


Who is this Ed Reed guy? I know I heard of him before but I can't seem to place him?

orange 'n green in the vein

LOL solar, remember when we kept saying that you should be worried by the scrimmage stats and that all those yards running and even the short TD's were a cause for concern because the offense shouldn't be in front of the defense? Smash going for a TD from half a field out should have been the giant red warning light with accompanying buzzer and intercom announcement about impending self destruction like the last reel in Alien before Sigourney gets down to the cotton white panties. But hey, D'No's family still likes him, so screw the paying customer, who cares?


But hey, D'No's family still likes him, so screw the paying customer, who cares?



Let's not forget that Bill Snyder is a HELLUVA coach and Golden is on his way to being one...


Get used to it... this is not in the Jimmy mold... more like Don Shula and Bill Arnsbarger....its the personality... it was just as effective back in the day.
Davis is a Jimmy guy.


Forced fumble by ray Lewis!!!!! Them U boys showing out!!! Damn I miss this kind of defense!


Its more cerebral... maybe down the road we get a Marino...and our d might be the killer bs on d. lol


Going back for 5 seasons I was trying to make a list of Canes that really looked like losing tore their hearts out.
Figure about 65 to 80 players a game and these are the only guys I ever saw weep, or throw things or be ready to throw down, there has to more than just these guys.

Brandon Harris
Craig Cooper
Damien Berry
Matt Bosher
Sean Spence
Colin McCarthy
Jimmy Graham
Lamar Miller

honorable mention Duke cause he knows if he goes down its over for everybody else


So, why isn't Duke the first team running back?

Posted by: nemo2002 | September 10, 2012 at 04:34 PM

Age and pass protection experience, IMO


good points ohio


I dont think Al has evolved yet.. hes still young...its gonna be interesting to see if he can a dade player to change ...put his mark on dade hs...


I have read this type of blog for the last 5 or 6 years! please give me your take on why Miami Hurricanes have been rebuilding since 2008?? We are right back to the 2008 excuses; were young, we have potintial, depleted depth...... We are dangerouly close to becoming Noter Dame..


Ed Reed now has more INT return yards than anyone in NFL history.

That's what's up!!


Im just trying to keep your from banging your head against the wall.. this is a different philosophy... just look at Erickson with the one back...it was totally different ... the only difference is Erickson was given the keys to a porche


Purdue QB Robert Marve has another ACL injury http://t.co/j6qv7LL7


OK, that is it!

The comments about the KSU game are over. Time to move on and focus on the next game.

It's a long season, pace yourselves.


Ravens with Lewis and Reed KICK AZZ!

Raiders and Chargers are next?


OK, that is it!



Solar...U are correct, the old Esteban rule has been put into effect. U get 36 hours to moan and bytche and then it is over!


I understand the need to stay positive in the blog article. But this notion that we are just a bunch of inexperienced players just isn't true. Here is a wikipedia link to the defensive depth chart from last year. You may have to scroll up or down to see it.

The following players are still on the team from the 2 deep depth chart from last year. A J Highsmith Jr, Kelvin Cain Jr, Denzel Perryman Soph, Vaughn Telemaque Sr, Jimmy Gaines Jr, Gionni Paul Soph, Kacy Rodgers Jr, Darius Smith Sr, Anthony Chickillo Soph, Shaylon Green Jr, and Brandon McGee Sr. Counting Buchannon Sr and thats 9 who are not freshmen or sophmores who were on the two deep roster last year.

Now yes, the very talented younger players should play if they are so clearly better than these experienced players. But if you choose to play freshmen you do a couple of things. First, they don't develop physically and are at a competitive disadvantage against their older, more experienced opponents. That is what happened to the 2008 recruiting class. Second, you hurt the players by forcing them to be immediate stars before they transition into college life. You should never play a freshman unless he is 100% needed, ala Duke, or Bush or Howard. You do them no service by forcing them to play early and you hurt your program in the long run. Third, you burn out the kids. That 2008 class couldn't leave UM early enough. Fourth, you don't set your team up to be the Virginia Techs of the world who let their kids develop and when the seniors graduate, you plug in another senior. Finally you avoid giving up 500 yards defensively each week.

You can't play everyone and have continuity in what you are doing. That has happened defensively. There have been several players who have played this year who are young and have no business being on the field. It is almost like the defensive staff has decided that player development ends after the youngsters 2nd year if they are not all ACC. I think we are the worst team at developing the talent in the nation. We just fall in love with some new recruit and never develop what we already have and make the recruit wait his turn.

This is the real problem at Miami. Our coaching staff for several years tries to win with freshman and sophmores instead of trying to develop a system where we develop the players gradually so that when they are juniors and seniors, they are ready to be the next man in. And I think Randy's recruits were rated high enough during his tenure that many of those guys are fully capable of stepping up now. But if choose to play freshman, and not develop your juniors and seniors, shame on the current staff. Just my opinion.


Temple senior reciever last year is a starter for the Raiders. Hmmm...

and yes over the ksu game. nothing we can do but look forward to BCC


I like it soup
First 12 hours of ranting
12 more hours of us explaining what went wrong to everyone else
12 more hours of us explaining why everyone else's reasoning is stupid.



aight I,m out



...my bytching is over......

Oh 1 last thing.....remmeber when No'D said there will always be 11 man around the ball....he was correct. Only problem was it was the K-State offense that had 11 men around the ball...... bwahahahahah


Posted by: raizecane

lmao.ok.. that was a good one


Coach O Nofrio is my coordinator i will back him til he is no longer here but some things to note, no one else in the state runs this style of D. Really no one with FLA talent runs it as I do not see his scheme being much like Bama's to be honest. Anyone with a lot of football IQ can tell you that on most plays we are beat before the snap and out schemed out coached. The offense for the past 14 games ALWAYS knows what to expect against us and our piss poor execution compounds it. Anyways here is some X and O's for u



Man our basketball coach is old!!! Sorry guys. Gotta complain bout sumthin.....


Most of the people in the 2 deep didnt play last year. Yes D.Smith was a starter but after losing 40+ pounds wasnt fit. Perryman,Chick and Gaines was their first year playing and McGee its his first full season as a starter and Telemaque hasnt done much in 3 years. Other than that you do have alot of youth.


Well it has been football 101 that when the offensive line has 6 guys on the line, with a running back and a running quarterback (thats 8 guys by the way), you need 7 guys defensively within the hash marks (we lined up with only 6). That repeatedly did not happen against K State. And you don't run essentially a 4-2 defense on your own 5 yard line which Miami did in that K State game. But we are done with K State so I won't say anything else.



• Saturday will mark the second series meeting with Miami winning the first meeting, 45-14, in 2011.

• In last season’s meeting, then-freshman DE Anthony Chickillo made his first career start against the Wildcats. He recorded 1.5 sacks and ended the game with four tackles, 1.5 of which were for five lost yards.

• LB Kelvin Cain picked up his only career interception against B-CU in 2011 and returned it 59 yards for a touchdown for the Canes.


• Give Miami a 65-21 record in home openers.

• Improve its record to 5-0 in home-openers at Sun Life Stadium.

• Improve its record to 5-2 over non-conference opponents under Al Golden.

• Improve its record to 9-1 all-time over MEAC teams.


• In Miami’s second game of the season, 13 freshmen including 11 true freshman played at Kansas State.

• True freshman OL Ereck Flowers made his second consecutive start at right tackle. On the defensive side of the ball, redshirt freshman LB Eddie Johnson made his career-first start, notching a career-best seven tackles.

• S Deon Bush also recorded seven tackles in the contest. DB Tracy Howard, DB Rayshawn Jenkins and DL Earl Moore each tallied a tackle each.

• For the second consecutive game, true freshman RB Duke Johnson has led the Canes in all-purpose yards. After totaling 214 total yards at Boston College, Johnson added 178 more at Kansas State, bolstered by a 77-yard fourth quarter kick-off return.


• Miami’s visit to Kansas State’s Bill Snyder Family Stadium was the first in program history.

• DB Brandon McGee intercepted his first pass of the season, when he picked-off KSU’s Collin Klein in the third quarter. It was his first interception since facing USF in 2011.

• Redshirt sophomore QB Ryan Williams made his Hurricane debut in the four quarter. He connected on both of his pass attempts, including his first touchdown pass, a 2-yard strike to TE Clive Walford.


• Miami has 12 different players that have at least one reception in the first two games of the season.

• Allen Hurns, Rayshawn Scott, Phillip Dorsett, Clive Walford, Malcolm Lewis, Duke Johnson, Devon Johnson, Mike James, Asante Cleveland, Kendal Thompkins, Eduardo Clements and Herb Waters each have at least one grab through two games.

• Junior Allen Hurns leads all receivers with 10 catches and 113 receiving yards on the season.



It is about choices isn't it? Develop your experienced players are 20 or 21 year olds who have been in the system a few years or develop the kids just out of high school and ask 18 and 19 year olds to beat 22 year olds. I prefer the idea of equally aged kids taking on equally aged and developed kids over relying on 18 year olds to beat 22 year old kids.


Very easy Jack.

2006: Coker presides over the collapse of the UM football program. Out-recruited on key offensive players (WR, QB) for several years, a badly depleted UM program grinds to a 6-6 finish.

2007: After a lengthy search that may have seen Bob Stoops turn down the job, UM turns to Randy Shannon. Shannon salvages the recruiting class to some extent but nonetheless the class ranking takes a serious hit. Jon Beason and Greg Olsen leave early, hurting depth.

2008: Shannon's 2008 Hurricane class infuses the team with badly needed depth. For the first time since 2003, UM has more than two QBs on the roster. The majority of starting players are freshment and sophmores.

2009: Shannon loses his 2nd DC in two seasons and fails to land a second consecutive Top 10 class. No wideouts signed due to the oversigning in the previous class. Three quarterbacks transfer, destroying depth and leaving Jacory Harris with little competition. Nonetheless this is the high-water mark for UM in recent years as Leonard Hankerson takes it upon himself to use Mark Duper as a trainer, taking his play to the next level. Injuries decimate the Canes in the second half of the year.

2010: Shannon again does not have a class ranked in the Top 10. The ACC figures out how to defend Whipple's offense. A disappointing start and lackluster, at times emotionless performances lead to pressure on Shannon. A weak recruiting class (in numbers) gradually diminishes to the point of just 2 recruits by November.

2011: Golden is hired and scrambles quickly, but is only able to land a class ranked in the 30s. Brandon Harris leaves early.

2012: A record six Hurricanes leave early for the NFL draft, virtually obliterating senior leadership and depth. Due to recruiting lapses and oversignings in the previous regimes, Golden signs 5 wide receivers and three quarterbacks in route to Miami's first Top 10 recruiting class in four years.


On a much more serious note, it looks like Jerry "the King" Lawler had a heart attack on tonight's episode on Monday Night RAW. He's in the hospital...does not appear to a storyline. Keep him in your prayers.


Honestly this Bethune Cookman game couldn't have come at a better time. Go Canes


Well my complaints weren't really about the k state game its about the d in general since last year, k state was just next in line lol. Next we got a heisman hopeful qb this upcoming weekend that plays for bcc but I don't know his name


Did yall hear sileo on qam this morning? Dude is taking this personally. Thought he was going to bust a gasket!


USA - not a sileo fan anymore...used to listen to him a few years back but all he did was "bash" the canes and talked about how great his team was....which they were but he was no stand out. He just rides the coat tails of the other players....


Tony...good summary over the years. But did U have to remind us? LOL


LOL...sorry. But it really comes down to numbers. Fail to recruit year after to year and you get situations where you are rebuilding every few years. We have to realize that this only changes when we have a coach here for over four years who can recruit well (as Golden appears to be doing).


Great stuff TonyCane.


Tony...good summary over the years. But did U have to remind us? LOL

Posted by: 86Cane | September 10, 2012 at 11:12 PM

Lol. Agreed good synopsis Tony.


On a good note no more dirt at SLS

Sileo does have the distinction of being the strongest Cane ever and he did start over cortez kennedy and russell maryland.


Hassan - he was also a known user of PED's.......just saying


Nice post Tony. That does pretty much sum up the last 7 years.. = mediocre


I am out. Probably permanently. If interested, you can catch my comments elsewhere. If not, no problemo.

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: 86Cane | September 10, 2012 at 09:27 PM

OK, I missed this post. You're right, I do agree with that part of the blog article, the other 99% I disagree with 86.


Hassan - he was also a known user of PED's.......just saying

Posted by: raizecane | September 10, 2012 at 11:33 PM

Yeah true but so was most everyone else.

Sileo is a Cane so I like him, although i wonder how these meat head guys get radio jobs. I mean Joe Rose? Why not an articulate guy who can actually ask real questions?


I am out. Probably permanently. If interested, you can catch my comments elsewhere. If not, no problemo.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | September 10, 2012 at 11:58 PM

SJM - What gives? Not sure if I missed something?

BTW, speaking of missing something - Where in the world is Six?

Seriously, I haven't seen him around in quite sometime. I hope he is ok - His Rays are hanging tough.

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