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September 16, 2012







I am going to hold out hope for the GT game. Its all about assignment football, so the young Canes will just need to understand it. Its troubling that the major weakenss of this D so far has been missed assignments and lack of communication. Hopefully, Golden will get that fixed.


I like what Duke has done so far but lets wait til he busts loose against legit competition before we annoint him... ijs


like what Duke has done so far but lets wait til he busts loose against legit competition before we annoint him... ijs

Posted by: CoCane | September 16, 2012 at 11:03 PM


I would call K-State legit....others so far, not so much. G-Tech has improved on Defense but still not one that should be feared so lets see how it goes.


SarasotaCane and and any other Canespacers who will be in da A this Saturday as our Canes play Ga. Tech. Ya boy gonna be in section 131. Holla at me I will be reppin the Canespace gear. Go Canes. Wreck Tech.


Anyone have a highlight video of the BCC game and/or footage of Lamar Miller's 1st TD?

Posted by: Zakkee | September 16, 2012 at 08:54 PM

Lamar Miller TD:

BCC/Miami (Mostly Duke) HLs:


As great as duke is...the blocks he was getting set him up..that will be the key..he can do this against anyone..question is can the blocks be there against top D's? I hope so because they weren't against KState. We all know how to beat GATech. I'm just not confident these freshmen will do it..but I will remain positive we will be 3-1. LET'S GET IT CANES!

The Dude

So I was thinking... before the season started, I think I had the Canes at like 8-4. I no longer think that prediction is realistic. Now I am thinking somewhere at 5 to 6. That being said, it is absolutely imperative that we make 6 wins so we can take another bowl ban. The next and more important point I wanted to make is this: We have to get somewhere between 15-18 damn good recruits to commit here and also have the best damn U Tough we can have. I will be SO pissed if we dont make 6 wins and take a bowl ban! Its all about next year for me. Hopefully we improve as the season goes on so we can into next season on an high note. That means Duke is our bowl game this year guys and gals. Based on what I am saying, we need 4 more wins and this weekend is one of five more chances I see at getting there. After that, maybe we beat N. Carolina @ home in game 7. Maybe we beat Virginia on the road in game 10. I think we should beat USF at home in game 11. Lastly, we should beat Duke on the road for the last game of the year. What scares me about this senario is that it may require us to string together 3 wins to end the year. That's why this weekend is HUGE! Its a buffer for needing only 3 more wins.


Just continuing from the last blog, there have been either delayed or blocked entries on this blog that have left some of us concerned about the analysis we offer. Additionally, and I understand it completely from UM's perspective, there is a sense that they don't want criticism, even when it was warranted. You agreed and wrote a puff blog on their behalf.

But the criticism is warranted. The defense is just plain aweful. We are 100 out of 120 teams in total defense, 102 in rushing defense giving up a whopping average of 205 yards per game, 85th in pass efficiency defense (helped only because of the fact no one has to try to pass on us when they can run so well and the fact that our fbs opponent was aweful in the passing game. We gave up over 400 yards to BC and over 240 yard in the air against K State). Our defensive coordinator is the worst at Miami since the 1960’s but happens to be Al Golden’s college buddy. It is a plain joke what is going right now on the defensive side of the ball.

On offense, Stephen Morris has struggled to find his very young recievers. We are 79th in passing offense. Mike James hasn’t produced as a runner who can break a long one. Although we showed some improvement against our FBS opponent, the offensive line is adequate at pass protection but hasn’t been dominant in the running game. We have a special player in Duke Johnson who has flashed some brilliant plays in our two wins. But Duke is a small back who hasn’t developed physically enough to handle the work load at this stage in his career. We are 68th in rushing offense and 83rd in total offense. GT is 3rd in rushing offense, 113th in passing offense and 17th in total offense. They are 34th in rushing defense, 22 in pass efficiency defense, and 18th in total defense. We probably have an edge in special teams.

This is not Hurricane football. As a blogger, on your site or others, I think I have a right to say it without posts being delayed so I can interact with my fellow bloggers. Maybe that can convince me I am wrong. I know you take heat from UM but sometimes you just have to say to them prove my bloggers wrong. Put up or shut up. Cause until they do so, this place isn't for real. I also doubt any of this comment will be here tomorrow.

The Dude

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | September 17, 2012 at 12:50 AM

I think your analysis of where the team is at is spot on right. Not sure about the other stuff though.


Thanks Canerock!


Zakkee: since you're a Clevelander, what are your thoughts on D'Qwell? Guy has long-term Derrick Brooks caliber LB on him. Had what 4 sacks, INT today? I really love the youth on Cleveland but you are right that there are a lot of jobbers on that roster.

And that one TD by Trent Richardson was unreal. broke six tackles?


Imagine if we had Lamar Miller and Duke this year...whoa.


Olivier Vernon

Brandon Washington

Marcus Forston (made Patriot's roster)

Ray Ray


D'Qwell is the best player on the defense but he doesn't really have star power in Cleveland sports circles or w/fans because we lose so much. His efforts get overshadowed by the losses and he's under-appreciated for sure. He's like the defense's safety net ala Denzel Perryman for this season's Canes. He's the one constant on the defense--reliable, solid, and durable.

I'm loving the Browns coaching staff though (except Whipple of course). They are coaching the kids up and they're excited to play every Sunday. Thats important because Cleveland fans deserve at least a competitive football team that leaves it all on the field. thats the character and work-ethic of the city, so it'll garner a reaction (ticket sales) from the die-hard fan base.

The Browns are 1 turnover a game away from a win and a 2-0 record this season. Their team goal should be no turnover next week. This week it was a costly fumble--Weeden did well.

Travis Benjamin is still trying to run efficient routes (depending on technique over natural speed and agility to get separation). his college work ethic won't get him on the field with these Browns coaches--you know Whipple is probably supporting him with the other coaches.


D'Qwell could have star power on a better team and in a bigger market.


Vernon, Porter, Forston, Chickillo

Buchanon, Perryman, Kirby or Eddie Johnson

Finnie McGee, Howard, Rodgers

Ray Ray, Telemaque, Bush

Add Streeter to the WRs core

Add Lamar Miller to the backfield

Add Brandon Washington to the OL

= a different team

+ No'D and Fisch = damn!


Can't we just start U Tough now and use the games for practice so we can try to be ready for next year


And another thing..I don't live in south Florida so I don't have access to any insider stuff. But are there any talks of a stadium? I know you all know that playing at sunlife is horrible.. I really think if they built a small maybe 60,000 person stadium it would be beneficial. And Minnesota had their students pay 12.50 each semester towards their stadium and that raised abofut 650,000 dollars a semester towards building a stadium. Hell if only 12,000 students paid an extra 50 dollars that's 600,000. And as expensive as UM is, what's an extra 50 bucks? And with all the NFL players maybe some could throw in some money?

The Dude

4 more wins WW. Then back to U Tough and recruiting. We NEED Matthew Thomas. I wish we were getting Kearse, but am still happy that Jean-Louis will be here and maybe Cunningham who looks good at times. U Tough has to bulk up the DEs so they can get past guys. I'd really love to get the 2 RBs from Delray Beach, Bryant and Provo. We only have 1 OL right now Kerr makes 2. Would like to see 1 more big guy come on board. Bostwick would be real nice too and some of those nose tackle types out there. We got our QB so we are good there.






Some of you guys just don't get it. "UTough" is simply hype, like "flipping the switch," "black shirts," "the 305 [blah, blah, blah]," "fear the tie," "changing the culture," "Canes thing," "turning the corner," "right direction," any phrase with the word "Temple" in it, etc.
Don't believe the hype! Believe game day results! Nothing else matters (except recruiting).


Canezilla thats all 13, I would of guessed 21 point dog. Their strength is our weakness! Without Perryman, Buchanon, Telemac And Porter! Those guys were all our veterans on D! I watch a ton of college football and no one is playing with as man freshman and soph as UM. Unfortunitly We are in BIG trouble against GT. Now, once we have some experience we will shut them down, we have beat them the last three seasons. speed and discipline on D kills the option!!


Nemo "U tough" is working! I see a bigger stronger team out there. Just too many mental mistakes. I believe in the Hype!


Jack, we aren't getting manhandled in the trenches (especially on defense) due to mental mistakes.
"U Tough" isnt a magical elixir that somehow gives us a competitive edge on game day. All major teams place emphasis on state of the art weight training programs. Al Golden coined the term "Temple Tough" at his former job, where he had some game day success. So, when he came to Miami he simply changed the color of his game day tie and the name of his "tough" weight training program. Big deal! Unless and until the U starts dominating teams again I say DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.


I also doubt any of this comment will be here tomorrow.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | September 17, 2012 at 12:50 AM

And U were saying?

Listen I have MUCH respect for your comments and do not recall deleting any that may have been offensive like others that have been. Your comments and criticisms are always well thought out and well said so I have no problem with them.

Now there are certain words that are PERMANENTLY blocked through Typepad (blog service provider) so IF U use one of those words the comment does not publish and/or self deletes. When U hit POST it appears to post to the blog but it does not.

And U have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of the blog and our relationship withn UM. Let's just say that there is very OPEN and honest communication back and forth between the blog and the school as OGV, CGNC and SolarCane can all attest to.

Do we run critical pieces? Sure we do.



Do we run "puff" pieces? Sure we do.


In the end we try to be fair and balanced in our coverage and analysis of the Hurricanes. There is a LOT of work that goes into running this blog. So if everyone isn't happy ALL of the time well then that's prolly just par for the course.

Trust me when I tell you that it is NOT easy being me.


Duke's post game interview is now available in the blog article above.


As for Duke being "great" or not I have an answer for U: HE IS! Will he score 4 TDs every week? Of course not. Will some teams limit his yards and score? Sure they will. That happens to every great back ever at UM or anywhere for that matter.

But his early success as a TRUE freshman is undeniable and should be obvious to all. He has the balance, vision, acceleration, speed, cut back ability and decision-making that all GREAT backs have.

Sure blocking is always a BIG part of any RB's success but utilizing that blocking properly and scoring from distance whenever U have the chance is what separates him from the other RBs on the roster and any other average college RB.

In case U were wondering Mike James has the same blocking that Duke does and when James busts one it goes for 12 yards. When Duke does it goes for 45 or 60 yards and a TD.

Ask yourself this: Where would UM be right now without Duke? No need to answer that one, just let it marinate for awhile...


"Even when he was in high school wearing #8 and playing with future UM offensive tackle Ereck Flowers (#75 below) he showed some of the same incredible skills."

Just to make the article 100% accurate, Duke wore #3 in high school. ;-)


As great as duke is...the blocks he was getting set him up..

Posted by: Panamacitycane | September 17, 2012 at 12:03 AM

Absolutely, but he also set his own blocks up for where he wanted to go. Without his vision, I don't know that those 4 TDs happen. Watch the replay of the screen especially. He set up 2-3 blocks there that broke him free.


Back from vacation. I've actually taken on two other jobs (which bleed into my weekend) for financial purposes, and I only got to look at it last night.

Offense looks good, and will improve with time. Morris is solid. Duke is great. Period. We need Hurns now.

Defense is a mess. Perryman injured is the worst possible blow.

Special teams is very good.

Luckily our opponents have weaknesses, too. I really dislike the prospect of shootouts, but it seems like we're moving that way.

Kansas State was an awful game. It could be telling, but it is also early. A win vs. Georgia Tech is CRITICAL.


Ohio...Thanks, I fixed it. It was a "mental error". LOL


LB...Morris is solid? Not against BCC he wasn't. He was erratic at best.



• True freshman RB Duke Johnson is the first Miami player to score four TDs in a game since Tyrone Moss in 2005 against North Carolina. Only four players in the NCAA had recorded four TDs in a game in 2012. Johnson is now averaging 14.5 yards per play.

• In the first quarter against B-CU, Johnson returned a kickoff 95 yards for Miami’s first score of the game. The return tied Tremain Mack (at Syracuse, 1996) for the eighth-longest kickoff return in Hurricanes history. It was Miami’s third kickoff returned for a touchdown since 2005. In 2005 against Temple, Devin Hester had a 100-yard kickoff return and Lamar Miller notched an 88-yard kickoff return at Ohio State, Sept. 11, 2010.

• Johnson ranks second nationally with 212.67 all-purpose yards per game. That total is 67 yards per contest more than Maryland’s Stefon Diggs, who ranks second in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

• Johnson’s 643 yards on the season account for 40 percent of the Canes’ 1,602 total all-purpose yardage. In FBS football so far this season, 833 players have at least one touchdown. Of those, only two have scored more than Miami’s Duke Johnson.

• In FBS football so far this season, 833 players have at least one touchdown. Of those, only two have scored more than Miami’s Johnson. Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas Fresno State’s and Robbie Rouse each have seven.*

• Johnson is the second player to have a receiving, rushing and return TD in a game this season. Giovani Bernard (UNC) also did.*

• The 2011 Hurricanes’ defense/special teams scored a total of four touchdowns from 50 or more yards. After only three games, Johnson already has four 50-plus yard TDs.*

• Against Boston College in the season-opener, Johnson became the first UM freshman RB to rush for 100 or more yards in first college game since Clinton Portis in 1999.

* (thanks to AP writer Tim Reynolds, @ByTimReynolds, for the note)


Longsnapper McNally out for season...


Morris needs to play like Testaverde this weekend and not Kenny Kelly---Is it possible to trade for Geno Smith?


Didn't see film for BC. Saw extras for K. State.

Sorry for confusion.


Miami at Georgia Tech--Sept. 22, 2012
FS South ........................................Ga., Ala., Miss., Ky.
FS Carolinas ..................................................... NC, SC
Sun Sports .........................................................Florida
CSN Mid Atlantic ...............................Virginia, DC, Maryland
NESN ........................... Massachusetts, Connecticut
Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
FS Arizona ........................................................Arizona
FS Tennessee ..................................Tennessee
FS North Plus .................Minnesota, North & South
Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho
FS Houston ......................................................... Texas
FS Southwest ........................ Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico
FS Prime Ticket ................ Southern California, Central
......................... California, Southern Nevada, Hawaii
FS San Diego........... San Diego, So. Arizona, So. Nevada
FS Wisconsin .............................................. Wisconsin


Canespace vs Payspace

To have a sports blog that anyone in your family can read and post on 24/7 365 days a year without wading through politics, porn,bullies and trolls is a very good thing.
To have it as a free gift to us is even more amazing.

No one on this blog now or ever before has been as critical about certain things here than I am with Tom both in private emails and right here on the blog.

Even though I don't always agree with some of Tom's opinions I have utmost respect and gratitude for the things he has done with this blog 99% out of his own pocket for over 5 years.

We all grate on each others nerves at times mostly because we all love the Canes and right now the Canes aren't loving us back


Kansas State was an awful game. It could be telling, but it is also early. A win vs. Georgia Tech is CRITICAL.
Posted by: LB | September 17, 2012 at 09:07 AM



We all grate on each others nerves at times mostly because we all love the Canes and right now the Canes aren't loving us back.

Posted by: solarcane | September 17, 2012 at 10:56 AM

There IT is right there.


86 gives us Canes fans a forum to express ourselves and some people are gripping about that. In freaking believable. Tom is a super cool dude. So get off the guy back for Christ sake. Panamacitycane its nothing wrong with Sun Life we have a small true die hard fan base of about 25,000, then we anithi 20,000 that like the Canes. after that its either our opponents bringing in a gang of fans. Ohio State, Florida State, etc. Or its Florida, Florida State or a big time game. Then the South Florida want to be scene crowd shows up. Thats just keeping it real.


Fortunately, GT is one team D-No might actually have the right scheme for! IF we do not get #52 back it will hurt, but I do like EJ44's speed at the LB spot, and we seem to have DB's that can actually tackle. I think we need to be aggressive early and try to build a lead and force them to throw.


GT always throws alot the first series of a game and then runs runs runs


GT always throws alot the first series of a game and then runs runs runs

Posted by: tjl3909 | September 17, 2012 at 11:46 AM

That's generally to try and sneak out to a lead because that type of offense isn't built to come from behind to win. It's built to hold a lead though.


and we seem to have DB's that can actually tackle.

You are right Mike,
Stone Mitts McGee has been hitting hard and seems to be in the frame more and way more physical


Wow I feel like people get a little too defensive on here sometimes. I understand duke is a good running back. And better then any in recent memory. Yes better then Lamar. I was trying to say we need to be better at other positions and blocking is one of them. But it's his third game, if he is all we are going to say is good then who cares if he is the best we still gonna lose. Look at the kstate game he had the big kickoff return but that was it. And that was probably because they had backups getting playing time by then. We have to open our eyes and see that we are screwed for a while. Trust me I want this team to succeed as much as everyone else and I have faith they will. But I'm not confident we will and if we have to rely on one guy like we do every year then we are done. It's been the same lame excuses for years now... oh we r young, our coach stinks, shalala, our qb stinks, just excuses for the blind that don't see we are heading to the bottom and I don't know if we can get back out because their is no local support for them at games, if I was in high school I want to play to crowds not a few like it was in high school.


More TV coverage for GT vs UM:



This is a perfect game to step up. We are back to square one, everyone down on the team. This should let us know if these kids are ready to fight, win or lose or will they lay down and take it. We will see if Golden is changing the mentality.

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